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A Bloated & Uncontrollable Government It’s the opinion of many, including us

No Matter How Bad It Seems,

You’ve Got a Friend Behind the Scenes at the Samaritans


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Disaster or opportunity? So is the glass half full or half empty? It depends if you were prepared for the economic disaster. We begin April with an opinion piece, “A Bloated & Uncontrollable Government,” about what could have been done to prevent the situation and what we as a nation and local community can do to bring America back. This month we conclude the two-part series about human trafficking in Rhode Island, the other state in the union that allows indoor entanglement. We found few pols in

Little Rhody willing to speak to the issue. Why is that, one has to wonder? With all the bad news regarding the economy, stress is beginning to overcome some folks. The combination of unemployment, mounting expenses, and feelings of desperation has caused a spike in calls to the Samaritans’ hotline. We found out how they began and what they can do to help. But, all is not lost. There is a great deal of money on the sidelines waiting for opportunity, like scooping up a McMansion at a fire sale, grinding a car dealer down to zero profit, or buying luxury items at great prices. This month’s fashion pages highlight

what many women would love to have more of: diamonds! And for fun this month, get to know the New Eagle Jazz Band, learn about the Papermill Theatre in Lincoln, New Hampshire, and of course, find out what is good to eat this month from SOCO’s epicureans. See, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Enjoy! Cover illustration by professional illustrator Frankie B. Washington. Check him out at Photo of Frankie by Crystal Washington. Visit


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102 | Your Health: The Ubiquitous Burrito—Friend or Foe?

i m p r e ssions W ho Wor ks for W hom?


he U.S. financial system is a mess and there is enough blame to go around. Elected officials, the private sector (including banks), insurance companies, brokerage firms, the public, and even the illegal aliens in this country are all responsible for an economy that is bloated, loaded with greed, and no longer operating as intended by its framers. We have witnessed the result of a broken political and financial system, and can only hope that by acknowledging the problem we shall be one step closer to fixing it. It is not our position to place blame on any one political figure or institution with this piece; so many have contributed to the worst predicament since the Great Depression. Rather, we attribute the problems we face to a segment of the public innocently corrupted by the need for instantaneous self-gratification, people who have clearly demonstrated a lack of authentic work ethic. Many believed in a getrich-quick opportunity thanks to a stock market built only on momentum and a housing market built on fantasy. In addition, people simply didn’t, and still don’t, understand the most basic principles of government, yet still cast votes based on emotion or what they perceive as popularity. The truth is we haven’t had a decent field of candidates for a very long time. Compounding the problem is the naiveté of many as to the difference between socialist and capitalist economic systems. With little or no knowledge as to how our country was built—on private production, growth, and investment (differentiated from government control and responsibility for wealth management)—the masses are unfortunately blinded by a biased media, overcome with sound bites and rhetoric, and may now be more confused than ever. While some people wish to be taken care of from “cradle to grave,” they seem to not fully understand the ramifications of such desires. We are inundated by constant thunder and cry from proponents who inherently believe we should tax the rich and give to the poor under the cloak

of taxes. This basically redistributes income and punishes incentive and initiative while simultaneously rewarding opposing personality traits and behaviors. On the other hand, we wish to compliment and congratulate those businesses, politicians, and citizens who saw the crisis unfolding well in advance and decided to live within their means, become advocates for smaller government, and demand that politicians limit spending. In light of this, it was most unfortunate when Governor Deval Patrick, while extolling the virtues of conservativeness, called those same people “cynics and unintelligent.” Here is a guy who had better send his application to Washington because there will doubtfully be a second chance for him on Beacon Hill come election season. The bottom line, as we find ourselves looking for answers and salvation, is that government at every level must stop wasting money. The excuse that we need so many things in our lives doesn’t hold water. The wonderful research, programs, and assistance to non-citizens are extras that we have come to enjoy but can no longer afford. Congress members need to stop giving themselves raises. They need term limits imposed to control what appears to be uncontrollable power and must act on balanced budgets without earmarks. Next, they need to propose tax cuts for all who pay taxes, not welfare for those who don’t contribute. Our government continues to pour money into a dark hole know as a stimulus package, filled with over 9,000 earmarks, a.k.a. wasteful spending. It is all being done with the hope that the hemorrhaging ceases; too bad it doesn’t appear to have any value or substance at this point in time. Of special concern, many experts claim that these actions are in vain and will only increase suffering and layoffs. More than one of these experts claims that any pain put off today will simply haunt us tomorrow. There is no escaping the process. Going forward, our government needs to be told by the public its allotment for a fiscal year. It

can no longer spend to its desire and then dictate to the public what to turn over under threat of retaliation and arrest. This is not government by the people. Our local, state, and national governments need an overhaul, and the first step is to return to representation for all the people, not special interests or voting blocks. We don’t need demagogues who are great orators, who maintain favor with constituents by their patronage or exercise influence that cements their feet in the office they hold. There has never been a better time for real change, since it is starting to look like many lifetime politicians have outlived their usefulness and have finally been exposed as nothing more than empty suits. They have little concern for or knowledge of our current crisis and possess a tireless need for power—at any cost. We face a difficult future, but more importantly, future generations will be subjected to the ills of today. It is now time for each of us to think hard about what really matters. We must finally take responsibility for our own actions, and we must begin to think more about limiting government and taxes going forward. It is time to put government leaders on notice and explain that they represent and work for us, versus us working for them each day. And how do we measure this? When no one shows up at a ribbon cutting, when fundraisers don’t attract crowds anymore, and when the idolization of politicians ceases, many will realize that public sentiment has changed. It is with great hope that we inf luence you enough that you see the reality of what your government is supposed to do and compare it to the results. Are your taxes going up or down? Do you have more or less freedom? And who is gaining in wealth accumulation, you or the government? It’s now up to you to decide who wins and who loses. Just be sure to vote in each and every election because your single vote can make a difference. O

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 9

in the me d i a

W r itten by Paul Simmons

Smoke & Mirrors

never before. You don’t need a media buyer

a window into your location. Show off the

to help you with this one; your sales rep

inside of your office, describe what makes


knows all the ins and outs of this business.

you and your business different, and be

hen times are tough, especially

The only tool you need is the negotiating

sure to post directions to your business and

with small businesses, it’s only

one. Get free spots from your radio or TV

hours of operation.

natural that the wolves (the

rep, but insist that they run from 6 a.m. to

media) come out to prey on those who are

midnight. Don’t bother with the midnight

most vulnerable.

to 6 a.m. slots—they’re useless. Stay away

snail mail, it’s practically free to send 1,000

from on-site, live broadcasts, because they

e-mails to customers. You might not be

organizations, as they always do when there’s

won’t work. Yes, a few people show up for

aware of it, but starting in May, postage is

a recession, are toying with new and exciting

the free tickets and giveaways, but they

going up again.

names, creative concepts, and so-called

won’t buy anything from you.

I’m starting to notice that some marketing

“tools” to separate business owners from their advertising dollars.

5. E-Blasts are replacing direct mail. Unlike

6. Networking is a mixed bag. As for 2. Newspapers are no longer an effective

morning events, the idea of waking up at

means of advertising. In fact, many

5:00 a.m. to address a roomful of people

direct mail is the way to bring in customers.”

newspapers are trying to buy magazines

might be OK for some, but the cost and

“Get free marketing and advertising through

in hopes of salvaging their troubled

inf lexibility of this option is a turnoff for

press releases.” “Buy one; get one free.” “It’s

companies. Newspapers now place banner

many business people who have other

all about the Internet; this is how to do it.”

ads on the Internet; and on any given day,

responsibilities. Some groups are holding

And this is only the beginning. We’re going

they’ll sell you a full-page ad for pennies.

after-hours events, and attendance and

to see all types of propaganda circulating and

Simply put, more and more people don’t

intended results have been remarkable.

causing self-doubt in so many who need real

even read newspapers anymore; they get

They’re usually held right after work,

answers and solid advice.

their news online. And this is a fact.

many offer refreshments, and there’s often

You hear it all: “Save money and get results,

You’d think that shop owners and service providers would do some research on their

no entrance fee. SoCo has hosted many 3. Billboards might be effective, but they’re

after-hours events that have given rise to

own, since they probably have more time

not cheap. But you might be able to cut

a loosely held “community,” who all try to

on their hands than ever before, and figure

a deal by making an offer that you’re

send their business to each other—not a

out that spending money on consultants

comfortable with and holding your

bad idea.

in a bad economy is a foolish idea. The best

ground. And don’t try to tell drivers zipping

advice is to use each dollar wisely and target

past your ad your life story—they’re only

7. Magazines are also experiencing a tough

customers—not “experts.”

going to have about three seconds to read

time, mainly because free publications

your message. This type of advertising is

are more desirable to consumers than

more of a reminder, not a sales pitch.

dropping $5 or more for a comparable

During a retracting economy, avoid pitfalls that could pull you down and result in complete failure. The following tips are some actions that you can take to limit your

product. And research has shown that 4. The Internet is the most important tool

readers of higher quality magazines have

exposure to waste, false starts, and sometimes

you have for the purpose of getting clients.

higher incomes, higher education levels,

questionable practices that take place in

Setting up a website is relatively expensive,

travel more frequently, socialize more, and

developing a media plan.

but you can cut some corners. It doesn’t

have the most disposable income. Research

1. Electronic media has air time available like

have to be elaborate; rather, think of it as

also has shown that magazine readers not

10 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

“A properly produced magazine ad, preferably of the full page variety, gives a small business more only read an issue as many as four or five times, they read the advertising as intently as the articles and features. Reports show

credibility than any other mass medium...” Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing

that these same readers believe that the messages of advertisers in magazines are more trustworthy than other messages sent out to the public. A recent study found that magazines provide the single best solution in driving customers to business websites when compared to all other methods. However, be cautious when deciding in which publication to invest. The most effective magazines in which to advertise are of the highest quality

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s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 11

to hell in a h a n d b a s ke t

By John Chase

Taking a Br eak


hen I have free time, and it

entrapped by a healthcare system like the one in

and internalized, because only then will the

doesn’t happen often enough,

Canada. We are spoiled here in the U.S.

lesson not be forgotten.

I drive to a favorite beach in

Some believe that health insurance

So where does this lead me?

Westport, Massachusetts, and sit near the

is expensive and should be available to

ocean. This quiet time provides an escape, and

everyone—of course, at the expense of the

insurance premium every month. Without it,

by watching the tide rise up against the shore

taxpayers. Others disagree and take the position

I risk everything for which I ever worked and

and listening to the soothing sounds of the

that healthcare, just like housing, food, and

saved. I also believe that it isn’t the employer’s

waves, I often feel as if I am under the influence

education, should be bought and paid for

job, nor is it my country’s job, to pay for my

of a natural tranquilizer.

by the individual.

insurance. I think that it is my obligation to

During a recent visit, I allowed my mind to

I don’t feel like debating the merits of either

I guess to the fact that I am happy to pay my

handle it, just as it is my responsibility to pay

wander as I eyed a seagull performing a feeding

position today, but I will venture to say that,

for my shelter, transportation, entertainment,

ritual, and began an analysis of aging and the

regardless of who, what, when, where, or why,

or education.

subject’s many facets. I can only guess that as

it is our duty as a country to come to the aid of

I wonder if our legislature would ever

one becomes older and wiser (thank god), it is

those in need. But there is more to this story.

consider allowing employers to debit, prior

natural to think about death: death of a friend,

When I look around and see that the

to payroll taxes, employees’ health insurance

of a family member, and naturally your own.

priorities of many individuals rest on material

from their pay, thus putting the responsibility

Having experienced the passing of those close

things rather than basic necessities, I can’t

on the end users. It would certainly convince

to me, I began recollecting how many of them

help but become irritated. I have met many

employees that there is value to the insurance

were unjustly taken at a young age.

individuals who place importance on cars,

policy. They would see the correlation between

clothes, hair products, entertainment, and a vast

hours worked and expenses paid. It seems that

thought about in a very long time, along

array of other costly items over health. It is not

our current benefit system lets employees off

with members of my immediate family, filled

uncommon for some of these same people to

the hook, blinding them to the costs of these

my thoughts. This reflection brought me to

engage in behaviors that pose very high risks

enticements. In the end, benefits are treated

consider the medical advances that haven’t

for future problems. When asked about health

like entitlements.

just extended their lives, but improved the

insurance, they often laugh and say, “I don’t get

quality of their lives.

sick.” I quietly think, “Not yet.”

Peers and relatives whom I hadn’t

Medical advances and treatments are

Maybe employers would rather pay a higher salary to their employees and be distanced from

A guy I once knew remarked to me one day,

the added work and expense of contributing to

being developed at lightning speed and drugs

“Youth is wasted on the young.” I greatly enjoyed

or even paying for health insurance, along with

continue to flow into the pipeline. Many are

that quip and use it now as I move, unwillingly,

the bookkeeping and monitoring of the system.

being kept alive who would have little, if any,

into another decade.

chance of survival if it weren’t for these new

I have dealt with my own issues, but I am

Opponents of this outlandish concept will bark loudly at my even thinking about such

discoveries. On the other side of the coin are

thankful for my health. As a child and adult,

a selfish method of doling out healthcare.

insurance companies, struggling to keep pace

I was always told by my parents that health is

However, I would ask them why they feel

with the expense of treatments, viewed as

paramount—over anything, especially money.

putting the responsibility on the shoulders of the

villains because they are part of a capitalistic

I am beginning to believe that the concept of

system. Knowing what I know about socialized

good health as a priority is not something that

medicine, we are extremely fortunate not to be

can be learned; instead, it must be experienced

12 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

individual isn’t appropriate and necessary? I shudder at the thought of paying for Continued on page 97

Volume 4 | Issue 11 | April 2009


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dr ama versus tr auma


good bet that Bostonians, if

taking food from the mouths

Recently, on the website of the

they want to come down to the

of children in this state. At

Standard-Times website, was an

SouthCoast, will have to use

this point, we’re on a collision

op-ed piece from a writer who

their own cars.

course and no one is at the

It’s curious that the

seemed to have been feeling


rather melancholy over the fact

Middleboro station has been

that a major retail chain was

cutting back routes because the


closing its doors. But more of

number of passengers is down

All of the actions, reactions,

her feelings were related to

significantly. Is this really the

and results displayed over the

some poor soul standing on the

time to build a train?

controversial tearing down

It’s starting to look like the

nearby roadway holding a sign

of a historic mill building in

announcing the going-out-of

SouthCoast might end up with

New Bedford, which is only a

business sale. She seemed to

both an empty train and an

minute drive from a seapor t

empty schooner, because either

struggling to survive, for the

no one needs them or the state

sake of putting in a big-box

won’t be able to fund them.

store and some recognized

Stay tuned for more details.




Gov. Deval Patrick is going

A significant building, with

to put it to you once again.

million-dollar views and

Instead of using tax cuts to

incredible highway access, isn’t

stimulate growth, eliminating

going to be conver ted into

in all ages.

those sinfully high-paying toll-

high-end condos, small retail

collector jobs, and cutting all

shops, and a boardwalk, which


the waste from a bloated state

would have brought wealth to

government, he has decided

a community in dire need of

think this was horrible and that any of us could be there next. The reality of the situation is that we’ll probably always have people holding signs, regardless of any assistance you offer them. We should look at this as a good thing: At least he or she is working. But the jobs lost from this closure will only contribute to the unemployment numbers if these people don’t go out and find new employment. And as far as the conglomerate going out of business, don’t you feel worse when a small, local mom-andpop gets squeezed out by one of the giants moving in? Trauma: We can only guess how devastated the parents are of two young women, Taylor Meyer, a student at Plainville a student at Concord Academy, who recently died as a result of under-age drinking at parties hosted by idiotic parents who seem to believe that under-age drinking is acceptable. And on

a parent was allegedly found attempting to remove evidence from the home in order to avoid arrest and possible prosecution. To add insult to injury in the case of Meyer, the people involved basically got a slap on the wrist for contributing to her death. Stupidity apparently occurs

Will the SouthCoast ever get a train? Perhaps, but on the backs of many who will never step foot on those tracks. Despite the fact that community groups oppose the train running through their backyards and that we won’t see numbers to justify the expense, your hardearned money is still going to

to increase taxes on gasoline.

a change. Instead, slick retail

Since gas has been less than

chains will take even more

two bucks a gallon lately, many

customers away from those

people don’t seem to mind;

entrepreneurs struggling in

however, once the fuel price

and around the same area.

goes back up to four dollars

Shame on all of you: Your

a gallon and this new tax is

insight in turning around the

added to the price, you’re

SouthCoast is myopic at best.

going to see images of Patrick

be taken from you and spent the way the suits on Beacon Hill want to waste it. On top of the multiple studies and the possible lawsuits coming from people who don’t want the choo-choo, who knows how many dollars will be wasted in order to send a few people up to Boston for work. It’s a

1 4 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Top Photo by John Maciel, Bottom Photo by Cole Ong

High School, and Elizabeth Mun,

top of that, in one of the cases,


Need a Companion?

Amy’ s Heart of Love


n March 23, 1995, Amy Johannessen,

fund-raising, and she also

17, of Fairhaven, was diagnosed with

became an advocate for

acute myelogenous leukemia. While Amy was

the National Marrow Donor

suffering the effects of this dreadful affliction,


she and a friend started a support group at

Amy died on July 26, 1999, but her memory

Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence,

and spirit continue to live on because of the

Rhode Island, for teens with cancer. They

tireless efforts of her parents, Linda and Leif

were aided in their efforts with the help of the

Johannessen. In commemoration of this caring

Tomorrow Fund, a group that

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s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 15

This space provided by SouthCoast Publishing Group L.L.C.

Eric, Robby and Danielle

Human Trafficking Part Two of Our Investigative Report

16 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

in Rhode Island: Secrets of the Night from New England’s De Facto Red Light Capital B y R i c h a r d C o s t a | P h o t o g r a p hy by D e n i s Ta n g n ey, J r.

In 1998, the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s decision in State v. DeMagistris was influenced by the 1980 law to legitimize indoor prostitution in Rhode Island.


done by strutting up and down a public street

manifested here in Providence and in other

or calling out to passersby from a shadowed

places? I would bet you most Rhode Islanders

stoop of a privately owned building. The

don’t know the indoor prostitution loophole

statute also applies with

exists. If they did, they’d be outraged.”

equal force to those Johns or motorists who solicit passersby for prostitution or other indecent acts.” Adds Healey during a phone interview,

Healey delineates the attorney general’s role in the matter. “In Rhode Island, we introduce a lot of bills, including Representative Giannini’s

“The court’s decision in 1998 was silent

in 2007, to enforce the laws that are on the

on the straight up or down legality of

books and to advocate for changes in the

ccording to Michael J. Healey, spokesman

prostitution.” He notes that the court did say:

laws. The legislature passes them; our job is

for Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick

“If Josh [DeMagistris] directed recruitment

to uphold and enforce them.

Lynch, DeMagistris was convicted for luring

at public passersby or motorists, we’d have a

women through modeling and then enticing

different case before us.”

them to make more money in pornography,

The reasoning proved sufficient to reverse

“Over time, municipalities have found that maybe the indirect response is better than the direct response,” he continues.

often via phone solicitation. But since the

DeMagistris’s conviction. Presently, the

“You can’t prosecute somebody for indoor

previous indoor prostitution statute was

loophole remains and may not be going

prostitution. A better way, perhaps, is to

upheld, he won the right to continue as a

anywhere soon.

toughen up the zoning of the buildings that house these operations and make it more of

purveyor of prurient interests when the matter went to the Rhode Island Supreme

Enforcement by Proxy:

a building code/zoning issue. I don’t know

Court, provided his solicitations were over

The Devil’s in the

how successful that’s been. But anecdotally,

the phone or indoors. The 1980 decision


that’s what cities have done.” A.G. Lynch supported Representative

to legitimize indoor prostitution wasn’t changed; moreover, the court revealed

Asian Massage Parlors (AMPs), capitalizing

Giannini’s bill, which criminalizes human

in its statements that the main reason

on this loophole, comprise a thriving new

trafficking. Furthermore, Healey says that

for the original decision was response to

industry. There are now 28 parlors in Rhode

Lynch supports closing the loophole, although

public outrage over street prostitution in

Island, and Healey discusses how to combat

his office won’t be prosecuting any related

Providence’s West End in 1980.

the problem.

cases. The crimes are misdemeanors and

Quoting the decision, Healey says the

“The crux of it is: How do you fix the

would be handled by town or city solicitors.

court believes the legislature “enacted the

public nuisance aspect, and I’m using

statute primarily to bar prostitutes from

[those words] loosely, of indoor prostitution

Rhode Island ACLU, spoke to SOCO about

hawking their wares in public, whether this is

versus the huge global problem that we see

how the loophole impedes law enforcement’s

Steven Brown, executive director of the

ability to bust these brothels.

leads to greater prosecution of women.

“It’s a feeble excuse for not addressing the problem, if there is one in Rhode Island,” says Brown. “There are four different felony

“We started with one [AMP] a little over

There’s no great activity enforcing the law

ten years ago,” he recounts of Pawtucket.

on those promoting the activity.”

“We’ve grown to four. Actually, we would’ve

With regard to prostitutes and Johns,

grown to more, but because of zoning

statutes on the books for individuals who

Brown says the women are arrested more

problems they weren’t able to open.”

profit from prostitution. There are federal

than the men. He points to women in the

trafficking laws meant to go after what are

ACI as an example. “The crime for which

otherwise perfectly legal activities. People

most women are serving time in the ACI

The heart of the problem for police is their ability to enforce the law. “We really feel that because of the loophole, we haven’t been able to put as

“The issue isn’t whether the activity itself

much effort as we can into these massage parlors,” explains Kelley. “If there was a law

is illegal, but whether profiteers are engaged

against indoor prostitution, we could do

in activities that exploit people,” says Brown,

feel there’s some form of prostitution in these

adding that the legality of indoor prostitution “doesn’t stop the ability of the police to charge people with human trafficking.”

some undercover investigation. We strongly places. As long as it’s legal, there’s not a heck of a lot we can do.” How AMPs manifest and remain in towns like Pawtucket without massive outcry involves the loophole as well as location. “These places are pretty far away from mainstream residential areas,” notes Kelley. “We don’t get daily complaints.” In

are engaged in slave labor, but the activity isn’t illegal—it’s the individuals responsible who can be held liable for trafficking.”

is prostitution.”

prior years, police did receive calls about

Yet, the ACLU clearly supports harsher

AMPs, especially when the first one opened

penalties for trafficking. The organization

in a residential area. “People were coming

worked with other groups to pass the human

and going and that kind of thing. That one

to work in a factory or as a maid. It is illegal if

trafficking law initiated by Representative

closed,” he says.

that person is trafficked for that purpose.


In other words, it is not illegal for someone

“The issue isn’t whether the activity

As president of the Rhode Island Police

As for combating trafficking effectively,

Chiefs Association, Kelley says that he and

itself is illegal, but whether profiteers are

Brown believes law enforcement already

his fellow chiefs hope to see the law amended.

engaged in activities that exploit people,”

possess the necessary tools. “There’s now

Describing the association’s viewpoint, he

says Brown, adding that the legality of

both a federal human trafficking law and a

says, “We’ve put our energy into things like

indoor prostitution “doesn’t stop the ability

state trafficking law so prosecutors at both

racial profiling and drunk driving. We felt

of the police to charge people with human

levels have the means to use trafficking

this loophole would have been tightened up


statutes against individuals who are engaged

a long time ago. Obviously it hasn’t. What we

in that conduct.”

have to do now is put a stronger force into the

So, what about closing that loophole? “Pointing to the loophole is irrelevant

Police Chief George L. Kelley of the

legislature. We’re going to work harder to get

to whether traffickers can be charged or

Pawtucket Police Department shares his

prosecuted. A prostitution law doesn’t affect

law-enforcement perspective on both the

profiteers. Strengthening prostitution laws

parlors and the loophole.

this thing changed.” And those who wish to see the loophole remain? “If they think they’re helping these s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 19

women out, it’s not a glamorous thing,”

seems to translate to one thing: business

shares Kelley. “Take a walk through a

as usual. Curbing indoor prostitution isn’t

State Department regarding the health

massage parlor and see what it’s like. It’s

possible owing to the law. Human trafficking

consequences of human trafficking for the

an open business and you’re free to walk

laws make enforcement a possibility and

past three years. The international health

through. We’re sympathetic to the problems

promise greater penalties for the traffickers.

implications, like the growth of trafficking

with prostitution to the point that we’ve

Other deterrents, such as stopping AMPs

itself, are gargantuan.

partnered with a program called RENEW.

from opening and closing those in existence

“Obviously, the majority of data out

They have an ex-prostitute who tries to help

via zoning and fire codes, create a strange de

there has to do with sexually transmitted

these women [taken into custody]. Groups

facto enforcement by proxy.

infections. They haven’t been able to

like RENEW can help them go back to

Barrows has submitted reports to the

How all of this legal hairsplitting helps

prove conclusively that sex trafficking was

confront the growth of AMP brothels in

involved. But look at countries like China

Rhode Island is uncertain at best. But legal

and India and look at the history of how

picture: “The prostitution law is an

issues aside, AMPs present a host of other

they began having their epidemic of HIV.

embarrassment for the state. There are no

problems, including the damage done to those

It always begins with prostitution and

standards or monitoring. It’s not only a

trafficked, the perpetuation of a vice, and

always involves some women who’ve

public safety issue; it’s a public health issue. I

associated public health risks. The issue is not

been sex trafficked.”

can’t believe it hasn’t been a large liability for

limited to Rhode Island.

things other than prostitution.” Kelley also elaborates on the larger

Rhode Island not to act on this law. “There are two states that allow prostitution: Nevada and Rhode Island. And even Nevada has its standards. This is definitely something Rhode Island has to deal with.” Kelley says his department will “work with organizations that work with prostitutes,” but adds that criminalization of indoor prostitution is their way of shutting down the

He discusses a specific Harvard study from 2007: “In Nepal, a group of researchers out

Human Trafficking:

of Harvard found these girls are trafficked

The Beast with

at 15 years of age or older [to places like


Many Faces

Mumbai and Calcutta] and have a 60 percent likelihood of becoming HIV positive.” r. Jeff Barrows, a

The girls are then replaced.

semi-retired OBGYN

“They’re no longer any good to the

physician in Ohio,

trafficker after this,” explains the doctor.

became involved with

“They start losing weight; they have no

the subject of human

strength. But there’s a plentiful supply of

brothels. He re-emphasizes the woefulness

trafficking through the Christian Medical

of life for these women. It’s not Pretty Woman.

Dental Association (CMDA) when he

“It really is a sorry sight. Hop down here and

was teaching doctors overseas. A CMDA

and the status of Asian women. Barrows was

[go with] a couple of my detectives to the

representative in Washington working with

not surprised that these women tend to not

parlors. They’re right there, out in the open.”

the State Department accessed Barrows

leave the world of AMPs voluntarily.

The Providence Chief of Police’s office

to research the health issues related to

girls, unfortunately.” Our discussion then turned to Rhode Island

“They’re hardened into the profession. It

wouldn’t return SOCO’s calls (a captain

trafficking with a particular emphasis on the

relates to the whole issue of domestic abuse.

and lieutenant did, but they could not speak

global spread of HIV/AIDS.

Why in 2009 would a woman in the United

without going through the proper channels).

“As I read about it, I realized how horrific

States stay with an abusive husband? Yet,

Mayor Cicilline failed to return repeated

it was and was greatly impressed by its

tens of thousands of women do that. They

calls as well.

prevelance,” says Barrows. “Both those things

feel they have no worth whatsoever and are

drew me in and I shifted what I was doing with

incapable of doing anything else. They’re

the CMDA and focused on human trafficking.”

broken down psychologically—so beaten

The labyrinth of laws and interest groups with conf licting agendas in Rhode Island

20 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

The prognosis for girls trafficked domestically isn’t

have the option of a T-visa, which allows them to stay in the country if they were

much better. “If they don’t get out, they become adult prostitutes and are usually dead by the time they’re 35 to 40,” says Barrows.

trafficked and then freed. The problem with the T-visa, notes Barrows, is that the victims must testify against their traffickers. They may fear retribution or know that their family will be threatened. If they’re unwilling, immigration will send them home. Moreover, Barrows says women who

down by their traffickers, so convinced and

He says some of these female recruiters

return home are often re-trafficked through

brainwashed. They literally have no hope, no

will wear nice clothes and go back to

skills, and will refuse the help because they

impoverished places like Cambodia or

feel that no one wants them.”

Thailand. “That itself gets all this attention.

domestically isn’t much better. “If they don’t

She’ll say, ‘Listen, you want to become like

get out, they become adult prostitutes and

domestic trafficking victims in the U.S.,

me? I’ll take you to the United States or

are usually dead by the time they’re 35 to

such as abused runaways.

Western Europe.’ Many of these girls want

40,” says Barrows. If they do get out, they

to come to the U.S. anyway. It’s very easy to

suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, but may

recruit in that way.”

turn their lives around and sometimes even

He mentions a parallel with female

“These girls will be picked up by people who want to help them, and believe it or not, they want to go back to their pimp/boyfriend.

kidnapping or threats to family. The prognosis for girls trafficked

These unsavory forces shaping the world

Even though they hate the work, they love

of human trafficking help form an argument

him and don’t feel they can do anything else.

against legalizing prostitution.

They’re trapped psychologically.” Likewise, women trafficked internationally

settle down and have a family. The tools used by domestic traffickers are different than those used by AMPs and other

“The best argument against legalizing

brothels around the world. “Most [girls] are

prostitution exists where it’s been legalized,”

not in brothels—I would say the number-

are conditioned psychologically for years

asserts Barrows. “Look at Amsterdam. Right

one place they’re sold is on Craigslist. They

and may then work for their captors.

now the government is trying to work its

won’t say they’re under 18—the key words in

way back out of the decision it made in 2000

the listing might read young, fresh, eighteen,

recruiters,” says Barrows. “They go back

to legalize prostitution because of all the

or nineteen. There are a few of them on the

to their native country and recruit young

organized crime. The city has become an

street. Most are working out of a hotel and

girls out. They know exactly what they’re

absolute mess. Everybody comes up with this

are part of a family of between four and six

recruiting these girls into because they’ve

argument, that legalizing it makes it safer.

girls in the stable of a pimp.”

been through it themselves. Now they’re

That is such a lie. The data from Australia

very hardened and they don’t care—they

and Amsterdam, where it has been legal,

can earn money by bringing new girls in.

shows that incidents of brutality and physical

It’s really sick. Women are very effective

abuse and the mortality rate get worse. You

a growing phenomenon. One of the

recruiters of young girls. In most cultures,

get more trafficked women in and more of

major things that busted it loose, at least

women are hesitant to go with males, but

the worst kind of customers.”

internationally, was, ironically, the fall of the

“Some of these women will become

they’ll go with a female. They think, ‘No

Barrows believes the problem has spread tremendously in recent years.

Amsterdam was one of the first to

“All the evidence points to this as

Soviet Union, which made immigration easy

woman will take me into harm’s way.’ They

legalize prostitution. Now, Barrows says it’s

and created a lot of poverty, especially for

promise money and all kinds of things, but

regretting the decision.

women. It’s the downside to globalization.”

the girls have no idea what lies ahead.”

International victims of human trafficking

Women in these settings are easily trafficked

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 21

by crime syndicates, and trafficking has

in Rhode Island that are as legitimate as an

God—they realized it wasn’t their fault and

exploded from Asia. Barrows cites estimates

illegitimate spa can be,” says Hurley, “and

that they were better than what they were told.”

of annual profits at $36 billion yearly with a

they see themselves as providing a service.

70 percent profit margin. “Drugs can only be

There’s not a Korean mafia. The women

domestic trafficking, like Rachel Lloyd,

sold once; women can be sold over and over

in these spas know each other. I was at one

who founded GEMS (Girls Education and

again,” he explains.

spa—they had an employee who left for two

Mentoring Service) in New York. Kristy

months and bought her own spa.”

Childs founded Veronica’s Voice in 2000.

Other areas under the purview of vice, such as strip clubs and pornography, are

Regardless, AMPs, like much of the adult

Specifically, he mentions survivors of

Both organizations help victims of domestic

entwined with trafficking and prostitution.

industry, operate in a legal and ethical gray

Barrows says strip clubs are often a front

zone. Representative Giannini believes the

for prostitution, particularly for clients with

human trafficking law should be on the

org indicates that South Korea is a place

money, regardless of what the owner says

books with the loophole closed.

where women are trafficked from and also

about the club’s policy. Pornography, he

“When people are saying they’re there

sexual trafficking. Concerning AMPs, Humantrafficking.

a place where women from other countries

notes, uses paid performers, which is like

because they want to be, I don’t believe that,”

(such as Russia) are trafficked to despite

prostitution. He mentions estimates that

says Giannini emphatically. “A lot of people

laws and enforcement efforts to the contrary.

suggest 30 to 50 percent of pornographic

think it won’t happen here. That’s not the

The Congressional Research Service rated

films are made with prostitutes.

case. It will happen here if you let it and close

South Korea as a top-ranking locale for sex

your eyes to it. If we don’t do anything and

tourism, alongside other Asian locations like

leave it the way it is, the problem will grow.”

Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and

Giannini feels great empathy for these

Sri Lanka, according to

( It will accommodate

women who exist in an industry steeped in

A 2002 Time magazine article details the long

up to ten girls to stay for long-term

coercion and corruption. “My heart is with

relationship between American military bases

rehabilitation until they’re 18 or otherwise

these women—I picture if it was my relative

and prostitution in South Korea.

able to move on.

or loved one. I wouldn’t want that for them.

Locally, few are visibly advocating for

I hope this is stopped; it can’t go on like this.

the loophole’s removal, but it’s worth noting

According to what I’m reading, it’s growing

that the absence of a loophole in other

across the nation.”

states hasn’t prevented brothels/AMPs from

Barrows is developing a nonprofit, faithbased shelter in Ohio for domestically trafficked girls called Gracehaven

The Future of


an Illicit Industry: From Asia to the U.S.

For women who are trafficked and escape,

opening up shop.

n the first part of this story, Tara

there is hope, according to Barrows. He

Hurley’s film, Happy Endings,

found that a spiritual experience can make a

trafficking cease to be sex workers when a

revealed that the Providence

substantial difference.

human face is put on them, despite opinion to

Phoenix pays the bills with an adult section littered with ads

“I was at a meeting in Dallas, where there were several victims who have gotten into

The women trapped in all forms of human

the contrary. Every woman in these industries is still someone’s daughter, mother, or sister.

for AMPs. Her film offers views from some

helping others,” says Barrows. “I asked

of the masseuses and depicts a thriving

some of them what key things turned their

problem with many different faces. The

industry that appears tacitly legitimate.

lives around. They said it was a spiritual

solutions, both domestic and abroad, have

encounter. They had an encounter with

yet to unfold. O

“What I’m saying is that there are spas

22 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Human trafficking remains a worldwide

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s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 23


by claire pavlik purgus

Th e S t im u lus Packag e —To S pe n d or No t to S pe n d


resident Obama’s $787 billion

then many more people will likely be out

American corporations enjoying healthy

stimulus spending package has

of work. That’s why there are programs for

profits and financial success, 50 percent of

passed through the House and

social spending. I’m guessing these are the

Americans were living below subsistence

Senate like an asthmatic quarterback with a

programs Republicans want hacked off

levels. With little money even for basic

sprained ankle. Some say the sum is too big.

the bill—as usual, decrying social welfare

necessities, Americans stopped spending

Some say it’s too small. Some say it’s too late.

programs on the one hand and approving

money. Facing a stif led market, factories

Some say it’s pointless.

Christian charity on the other. The price

were forced to lay off workers or, worse, close

tag of $500 billion—admittedly a large

down all together. Layoffs and a shrinking

be done to avert, or diminish, total economic

chunk—is targeted for social welfare

working population meant even less money

devastation. What Obama hoped would be a

programs, such as Medicaid health insurance

for consumer spending, resulting in a

bipartisan-supported proposal ended up with

and extended unemployment insurance for

runaway round of layoffs and factory closings

little, if any, bipartisan support. Republicans

the jobless.

that finally led to the 20th century’s deepest

Most agree, however, that something must

dug in their heels against the package’s

It’s a no-brainer to the progressive minded.

global depression.

spending aspects (it passed with 36% tax

So maybe these programs won’t directly

cuts and 64% spending) while poking and

result in job creation. But what they will do

1934, one quarter of all Americans were

prodding for increased tax reductions (read:

is soften the punches landing on too many

out of work. There was no unemployment

more tax cuts for mega-businesses and the

people, punches taken primarily because of

insurance, no health insurance, no “safety

wealthy). Three Republicans promised their

massive job cuts. Losing a job means losing a

net” whatsoever to catch and cradle those hit

votes if the bill was brought to below $800

paycheck, means losing money for groceries

hardest from the country’s economic crash.

billion, forcing tens of billions of dollars in

and bills, means danger of losing one’s home.

cuts from the bill for state and local aid, new

People are hurting, and until they get work,

At the height of the Great Depression in

Franklin Delano Roosevelt rolled into the White House in 1933 with his New Deal,

school construction, and tax incentives to

they need help. Democrats say help those

determined to build that nonexistent safety

boost the housing and auto markets.

who need it with social welfare programs

net, reform the financial sector, and put

The remaining bunch of Congressional

and policies that encourage job creation.

the economy back into drive. His legacies

Republicans, including John McCain, claim

Republicans say let the economy take its

include the Federal Deposit Insurance

the spending package will do little more than

natural course and the jobs will come.

Corporation (FDIC), the Tennessee

increase government and increase debt. I

Who’s right and who’s wrong? To help

Valley Authority (TVA), the United States

wonder what movie they’ve been watching

answer this question, let’s glance back in time

Securities and Exchange Commission

these past eight years…

to one period that most resembles—and

(SEC), Social Security, and the National

The non-partisan Congressional Budget

unnervingly so—our own circumstances:

Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Office predicts a different outcome, however,

the Great Depression. Much that happened

forecasting the stimulus package will boost

then is happening now. Thousands of

anti-business, that spending through social

the number of new jobs to as many as 3.6

farmers faced bankruptcy and foreclosure,

welfare programs only lengthened and

million by the end of 2010. Obama says 90

farm values plummeted, and banks closed

intensified the Depression and made people

percent of these will be in the private sector.

by the bucketful. By 1929, and in spite of

more dependent on the government.

Yes, the forecast extends to 2010, and by

a general economic boom that saw large

24 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Critics of the New Deal claim that it was

Continued on page 71


by rick costa


Th e S k y is Falli ng ; Th e S k y is Falli ng

elcome to planet Obama, where

interests. So sign on for your piece of the

lending standards, and, with a little help from

the daily read on the stimulus

action, or go quietly bristle in the corner

the Community Reinvestment Act started

bill drama is unfolding like

about the largest hack bill in history.

during the Carter years, gave away the

something out of the theater of the absurd:

If you coerce the unwilling with favors,

farm in the name of diversity, equality, and

doom and gloom, caps on executive salaries,

money, or some sort of protection, you

homeownership for all without consideration

Bank of America bailouts, untold dollars spent

own the world. Likewise, if you create

of the ability to pay for said home.

on digital-television conversion, compulsory

more infrastructure, that is, government

So to you poor fools, who didn’t buy a

green- and renewable- energy incentives, and a

jobs, you create more democratic voters

home, consider this: In a way, you actually

government handout for every person in need.

beholden to the party line for the sake of

did, because you’ll be paying for everyone

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

their own livelihood. We’re getting more

else’s home debt for the rest of your days.

Breaking down the billion-dollar numbers

than nationalized banks and what may be

into their respective millions is another

a mortal wound to the free market; we’re

the experts. Economist extraordinaire

matter altogether; for example, the $335

getting to pay for everyone’s pet project

Walter Williams described the present

million proposed for sexually transmitted

nationwide. The most burdened middle

crisis as compounded by a media with little

disease education.

class now pays for the frivolous whimsy of

understanding about the subject. Williams

the beautiful people. Though the result may

cites a Cato Policy Report that shows the

Porkenstein stimulus package may in fact

ultimately be socialism and the deterioration

amount of regulations averaged 72,844

create jobs. And putting a cap on executive

of the freedoms we enjoy, at present it’s

pages between 1977 and 1980. This average

salaries is specifically aimed at those finance

not. It’s just plain extortion sealed with

dropped by almost 20,000 pages during the

giants receiving stimulus aid, which is a

government approval.

Reagan years, only to increase a little during

Some of the bizarre items in the

good thing. But what are the long-term implications of regulating the free market?

Several politicians and CEOs (who,

But since I’m not an economist, I’ll consult

the administration of Bush Number One

strangely, aren’t on the verge of bankruptcy)

and much more during the Clinton and

were suggesting we not rush into signing

subsequent Bush Two years. So how is the

January opinion piece. In the article is one

the stimulus bill while Obama promised it

lack of regulation a problem?

very telling line: “This is a political wonder

would lead to catastrophe if it wasn’t passed

that manages to spend money on just about

immediately. That’s the hope and change I

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, citing a New

every pent-up Democratic proposal of the

knew he would bring.

York Times story from the late 1990s that

last 40 years.” I fear they are correct.

The irony is that the increased waste and

reported the pressure to expand lending

sweetheart deals stem not from an inherent

to moderate- and low-income people. He

a frighteningly faltering economy, but the

problem with an imperfect free market, but

quotes the defenders of the Fannie-Freddie

added pork serves a host of long-term career

from increased waste and sweetheart deals

racket, such as Barney Frank and Harry Reid,

politicians, lobbyists, and self-interested hacks

positively promoted and sanctified by the

who, in hindsight, were all wrong. Williams

lining up with their respective wish lists.

government itself. Let’s not forget Fannie

makes the strongest case by noting that one-

This isn’t about propping up banks; it’s

Mae and Freddie Mac, the icebergs that took

third of all 2008 mortgages were held by

about getting the money to prop up banks

down the indestructible Titanic. These quasi-

Freddie, Fannie, and other federal entities,

through votes by buying the favors of special

government institutions broke rules, lowered

The Wall Street Journal stated its view in a

The stimulus is designed ostensibly to aid

Williams also rightly notes the abuses by

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It’s Gotta Be Summer Somewhere!

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 27

Always There for Those in Need: the

Samaritans Written by Richard Costa


n 1953, english anglican priest chad varah officiated at the funeral of a 14 -year-old girl who had committed suicide as a reaction to her horrified response at her first menstruation. tragically, this uninformed young woman believed there was something gravely awry.

Del Ferus, executive director of the Samaritans of the Greater Fall River and New Bedford

areas, says that Varah’s response to this tragedy evolved into the worldwide phenomenon known as the Samaritans. “Varah vowed to instruct his parishioners on human sexuality,” says Ferus. “His first intent was to educate and discuss human sexuality, but it broadened into other areas.”

There are, in this world, in every

Varah counseled people about their troubles free of charge, and while they waited for a consultation with him, they spoke with his volunteers, and a remarkable thing happened. The people left. Those whom Varah so wished to help were attended to by his volunteers who exercised a remarkable faculty: listening. Once the people who sought counseling were heard, there was

country, people

no need to remain. So was born the Samaritans.

who seem to be

celebrating its 25th anniversary this month.

ordinary, but who,

concerned about others. Varah was such a wise individual: He started a whole movement with

“Now it’s a movement worldwide in every country,” says Ferus. Locally, the Samaritans are “Our volunteers are wonderful people,” says Ferus. “They give their time, and they’re truly suicide prevention.” The Samaritans of Fall River-New Bedford is located in Westport. It houses these remarkable

when meeting a

volunteers, who otherwise might seem ordinary. Ferus says her organization has 19 volunteers,

suicidal person,

also volunteer in the summer.

and as of this writing, seven new graduates had just completed 32 hours of training. Two students “It’s very good for college students,” says Ferus. “We have three college students who are eligible

turn out to be

for internships. We’ve had students from Stonehill and Bridgewater.”


center at colleges. The organization networks with Corrigan Crisis, in Fall River and other facilities

-Chad Varah, founder of the Samaritans

The Samaritans, although an all-volunteer organization, meets the criteria for a certified crisis and covers a wide area including: Tiverton, Little Compton, Marion, Rochester, Mattapoisett, Swansea, Seekonk, Dighton, Bridgewater, and Wareham. Ferus says that Boston and Cape Cod have their own chapters. Her chapter is funded in large part by the United Way of Fall River and New Bedford as well as through private donations. In Massachusetts, the Samaritans belong to a coalition that enables anyone calling from an outside area code to be directed to the appropriate branch in their location. But it’s the operational, day-to-day calls that really tell the story of the Samaritans. Its mission is frequently misunderstood, because issues pertinent to suicide cover a wide range of things. “Our goal is to prevent suicide,” says Ferus. “Some people are so desperate and have no one to talk to. We’re a suicide-prevention agency and we’re here for lonely, isolated, depressed, or suicidal people. If necessary, we’ll intervene through the appropriate channels. But first we offer help. We try to diffuse the situation. We always ask the question: Are you suicidal? If they are, we do a suicidal assessment.”

It’s not unusual to have suicidal thoughts. According to Ferus and experts in the field, they’re quite common.

are higher if you include those incidents not officially ruled a suicide. According to Ferus, certain demographic

“It’s important that people talk about it,”

groups present growing, or unique risks. “The

Ferus says. “We want them to be comfortable

suicide rate of middle-age men has increased,

when talking, not afraid that we’ll send the

and there’s been a jump in rates of teenagers

police or an ambulance to their door.”

in 2008,” she says.

Volunteers training for the Samaritans are

The rate of suicide is high among the elderly,

asked if they’ve ever been suicidal. “It’s not a

particularly elderly men, and the gay population

trick question,” says Ferus. “It’s a normal feeling

has a high rate of suicide during their teen years.

for people to have.

Statistics also show more veterans committing

“We do 90 percent listening and 10 percent

suicide. First-year college students have a

talking,” adds Ferus. “We don’t judge—there’s

significant risk while they adjust to living

no prejudice in listening. We validate their

away from home. In fact, after accidents,

feelings and invite callers to call us back. The

suicide is the second biggest cause of death

focus always remains on the call. If they’re

for college students.

very distressed, we’ll offer a call back. They

Del Ferus, executive director of the Samaritans of the Greater Fall River and New Bedford areas.

situation in the country.” Regardless of the times, circumstances, or

But with suicide, there’s also collateral

appreciate that someone is interested enough

damage. “For every suicide, there are six to eight

geographic area, the Samaritans have been there

to call back.”

survivors,” says Ferus. “This makes them still

for people in need, whether they’re considering

However, when the feeling becomes chronic

a risk for suicide.” For those recently bereaved

taking their own life or just desperately need

and intense, according to Ferus, the person may

from suicide, the Samaritans offers a support

someone to talk to. “After more than 50 years,

not see a way out of suicidal action. So one thing

group called Safe Place.

this movement is still helping people,” Ferus

the Samaritans look for is suicidal gestures. “A suicidal gesture sends a message. There are

The likelihood of suicide even has seasons. “The suicide rate is highest in the spring,” Ferus

says. “It’s proved its worth.” Locally, the Fall River-New Bedford chapter

signs: At times their entire attitude will change.

says. “During holidays, people are lonelier and

of the Samaritans does plenty of the heavy

They were troubled and now they feel good.

calls increase at that time.” She says there’s a

lifting in helping others in immediate crisis or

They give personal possessions away. They may

suicide attempt every minute and a completed

suffering in solitude. “We’re a small agency, but

even set a date.”

suicide every 16 minutes, giving groups like the

we reach out to a lot of people,” says Ferus. “Our

Samaritans a 15-minute window of opportunity

emphasis is on volunteers. They’ve brought this

to intervene.

agency along for 25 years. Were it not for these

The Fall River-New Bedford chapter of the Samaritans is busy. “Last year, we had over 10,000 calls, not including individual hangups,”

caring people who come in once a week, there

The present economic troubles of both

wouldn’t be an agency.”

Ferus says. “In many cases, a very lonely,

the nation and the world also influence the

depressed person calls and can’t even talk—the

Samaritans demographically in terms of who

person just needs to hear a person on the other

they help. Suddenly changed lives; monetary

organization, appreciates all donations or

line. This year, we had quite a few serious calls;

problems; and an inability to pay the mortgage,

contributions. The New Bedford-Fall River

one lasted for 90 minutes. We talk until the

rent, or other bills create anxiety.

Samaritans are one of eight branches in the U.S.,

caller is comfortable, and some calls are long.”

“We’re getting an increase in callers dealing

The Samaritans, a non-sectarian

all are located in the Northeast. The Samaritans

with financial situations in their lives,” Ferus

can be reached at 508-673-3777 or toll free

Association of Suicidology reports about

says. “They have worries about losing a home or

at 1-866-508-4357. For training, call

33,000 suicides a year in the United States and

losing their job, benefits, and health insurance.

508-679-9777 or visit

one million worldwide. And those numbers

Our calls definitely reflect the economic

or O

According to Ferus, The American

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 29

your mon e y

Tim Geremia, CFA, CFP, is the chief investment officer of Coastline Trust Company and Bob Gaumont, EVP, is the chief fiduciary officer of Coastline Trust Company.

Trading Dow n With continued deterioration of the global economy’s fundamentals, there seems to be little chance of a sustained improvement in the fortunes of domestic and foreign stock markets anytime soon. Some bright spots, however, continue to be the stocks of certain U.S. companies benefiting from this country’s current “trading down” phenomenon. Why buy that bottle of aspirin at the well-known pharmacy chain when Wal-Mart will sell it to you at a steep discount? In a similar vein, why would a couple drop $50 or so for dinner at a popular, casual chain restaurant when a young family of four can dine at McDonald’s for a fraction of the cost? Movies at the local Cineplex or compliments of Netflix? Can’t afford the luxury of a monthly or weekly facial? Perhaps purchasing some relatively inexpensive Avon products makes more sense. Certain beverage and cigarette makers are also reporting stable to increasing sales numbers. There are countless other examples of people modifying their buying behavior to cope with a deteriorating economy or job loss (or the threat thereof). But you get the picture: Cheap is good. While certain companies are currently gaining from this trend, one has to believe they will nevertheless be left behind during the next sustained market rally. In the meantime, for some, a perfect night might just be time at home with loved ones, a bucket of the Colonel’s finest, a decent but not unforgettable bottle of wine, and a free flick on television. O

Th re e In c o m e Ta x L e ss o n s f o r Us A l l Today, it takes more brains and effort to make out the income-tax form than it does to make the income.


—Alfred E. Neuman

t’s the morning after former Senator Tom Daschle and Ms. Nancy Killefer, two nominees for important positions

lobbying income. On the other hand, we suspect that most U.S. taxpayers, even sophisticated ones

in the Obama administration, withdrew

such as Daschle, may be unaware that non-

their names from consideration.

monetary employment benefits, such as

Daschle was President Obama’s nominee for the cabinet-level position of health and human services secretary, while Killefer was

limo service and driver, are reportable as earned income, much like wages. Tax Lesson #1: If you are fortunate

designated to become the nation’s first chief

enough to receive non-monetary benefits

performance officer and deputy director of

from an employer or in your capacity as

the Office of Management and Budget.

a self-employed contractor, be sure to

Both individuals acknowledged income

review the benefits with your tax advisor

tax problems, which effectively ended their

to determine whether or not they are

chances to assume these important roles.

reportable and in what amount.

Their withdrawals followed on the heels

Nancy Killefer’s singular “Nannygate”

of Timothy Geithner’s appointment as

transgression seems relatively modest by

Treasury secretary despite his admission of

comparison. It appears that several years

tax “errors,” most notably the nonpayment of

ago, she bungled and then satisfied the

$35,000 of self-employment tax on income

payment of a mere $298 of payroll taxes

earned over several years.

for her household employees. The actual

We mention the foregoing occurrences

amount she paid was $946.69, owing to the

neither to scold nor to be political. Instead,

inclusion of penalties and accrued interest.

they introduce several possible tax lessons

In any event, the trif ling amount leads

for the rest of us. In the case of Daschle, he has admitted

one to speculate, not unreasonably, that the high-powered McKinsey &

to a series of income tax faux pas: improper

Company executive simply overlooked

charitable deduction claims, failure to report

the nonpayment and then had difficulty

lobbying income, and failure to report as

finding time to cure the oversight. Our

income a limo and driver provided by a good

speculation aside, Killefer had served as

friend who also happened to be a business

assistant Treasury secretary in the Clinton

associate. We leave it to others to debate

administration from 1997 to 2000, so she

whether the former senator and Finance

knew or should have known that failure to

Committee member could genuinely plead

resolve this outstanding obligation, however

ignorance of the need to report $80,000 of

30 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

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508 992 8111 s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 31

S av i n g t h e

Planet One Step at a Time

W r itten by Chr is H assa n Photo by ma r ius

32 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

harmony with the environment and society. Harming any of nature’s life forms is not beautiful. While Aveda sets an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, its customers don’t need a mirror to see how property getting closer to the rising ocean

This April, Aveda won’t just be observing

every year.

Earth Day. Its Earth Fund was created to

For instance, when it comes time to

Saving the planet sounds like a massive undertaking. It’s the type of job usually reserved for someone like Superman, and even he needs help sometimes. The truth is, one person can’t do it alone, but he or she can help, and the effort, no matter how small, can make a difference.

beautiful they truly are.

purchase that next car, instead of going

give grants to nonprofits whose year-round

bigger, consider fuel efficiency or think

work ref lects its key planetary concerns.

hybrid. Bring a few cloth shopping bags on

And every April is Earth Month, when funds

that next trip to the grocery store and refuse

are raised for grassroots organizations that

plastic bags for smaller purchases that can

protect biodiversity and address global

easily fit in a pocket or purse. In the home,

environmental issues. Though it began as a

use energy efficient light bulbs, which last

day of awareness in 1990, the campaign has

longer and use about 75% less energy than

become a month-long event, and in 2008

incandescents. And, of course, planting a tree

raised over $2.8 million for clean water

never hurts.

projects around the globe.

As major companies scramble to go green, a

This year’s Earth Month theme is “It

few have been ahead of the curve for decades.

Only Takes Baby Steps.” The goal is to

One such business is Aveda, a manufacturer

raise $3 million in 30 days to protect local

of skin-care, cosmetic, perfume, and hair-

waterways, promote organic farming,

care products. Conscious of the world’s

empower communities, and help make clean

environmental troubles long before Al Gore

water accessible for people around the world.

his month, Earth Day will fall on

helped bring them mainstream, the company

Through a few tiny steps, the Aveda network

Wednesday the 22nd. For those

relies on environmentally responsible business

and its guests can work together to make

already taking action, those who

practices every day. Some organizations will do

this happen. Clean Ocean Action is Aveda’s

are aware of the Earth’s many environmental

whatever it takes to stay in business, including

partner for the Northeast region; it engages

woes, it’s just another day. But for the many

crossing an ethical line or two. Aveda realizes

citizens, organizations, and businesses in

who simply fill up their blue recycling

there’s no point to having a business if the

campaigns to improve and protect the ocean.

containers once a week, it’s a chance to take

planet cannot sustain it long term.


part in something that will safeguard the

Environmental sustainability is an

Since 1978, Aveda has stood out in the

ecosystem’s ability to maintain ecological

beauty industry and become a leader in

processes, functions, biodiversity, and

corporate and environmental sustainability

productivity into the future. It’s also how

taught in grade school: pick up stray pieces

for the unique reason that it views beauty as a

Aveda does business: The company believes

of trash found outdoors, cut up six-pack

craft. It remains dedicated to making clients

that nature should not only be appreciated

rings so they don’t end up around a seagull’s

not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful as

and protected, but also emulated as a model

neck, and recycle unwanted paper and cans.

well. Through partnerships with salon and

of sustainability. Global climate change,

Then there are the more complicated, maybe

spa professionals across the globe, Aveda

water pollution, loss of species, habitat

even radical lifestyle changes that at first

is changing looks and personal views, one

destruction, air pollution, toxins in the

can be jarring, but are ultimately necessary

bottle of styling foam at a time.

environment, and waste generation are top

future of our planet for generations to come. There are the little things everyone is

when one begins to notice one’s beachfront

True beauty is apparent when one works in

threats to sustainability.

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 33


ince its original endorsement of the Valdez Principles (later the CERES Principles) in 1989, Aveda has been

committed to continuous improvement along 10 principles of action: protection of the biosphere, sustainable use of natural

Of course, it’s a given that not every

resources, reduction of waste, energy

company will see eye to eye with these

conservation, risk reduction, safe products

beliefs. Since its inception, Aveda has come

and services, environmental restoration,

across many challenges while working with

informing the public, management

outside partners and vendors. For instance,

commitment, and assessment and reporting.

it will only work with magazine companies

Going green isn’t just the latest bandwagon.

that use recycled-content print and firmly

Aveda proudly practices what it preaches and

person can change the course of civilization,

supports Forest Stewardship Council-

is the first beauty company manufacturing

Aveda places special importance on the

certified paper.

with 100% certified wind power. Funding

Believing that the microscopic actions of one

new wind energy sources generates enough

responsibility of the individual, whether an

“Nonetheless, since our mission

employee, distributor, affiliate, or supplier.

is so defined, it’s easy to stay within

energy to offset 100% of the electricity

These “agents of change” are encouraged to

our boundaries and only work with

used by its primary manufacturing and

consider day-to-day business operations that

organizations we feel are mission-aligned,”

distribution facility/headquarters in

positively impact the environment, as well

says an Aveda spokesperson.


as education and outreach programs about environmental challenges.

Aveda wouldn’t be pressing these important issues if they weren’t possible.

Product packaging is yet more evidence of Aveda’s dedication to clean and renewable energy. The key is creating a responsible, “green” package that does its job. This also means using materials with the highest levels of post-consumer recycled content. The company uses a “Material Use Manual” to categorize materials and establish a plastic hierarchy. Preferred materials include polyethylene and polypropylene, while PVC, heavy metals, and virgin forest products fit into the prohibited category. Aveda can’t always guarantee that its packaging will be recycled, but by creating packages out of post-consumer recycled materials, it has already ensured at least one second life. Some companies might put out an environmentally friendly package—with a product lethal to the planet inside—and still say they’re doing their part. This isn’t the case with Aveda, which focuses on using ingredients naturally derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals, and inorganic or other sources such as water.

Photography by Bodil Perkins

Mary Perry, owner of Divine Images Aveda Concept Spa



7:36 PM

Page 1

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Aveda will always think twice before

program has collected more than 65,000

content packaging in the industry, we are

using an ingredient. For example, if a specific

pounds of caps. The campaign becomes

thought of as a great friend to the planet and we

plant species is endangered, then it’s not

more successful as enthusiastic and proactive

enjoy where we sit,” says the spokesperson.

going into a product. Also, as biodegradable

consumers and businesses contribute. In

ingredients make their way down the

late 2009 or early 2010, Aveda will proudly

across the globe, the company has a chance

production line, they will only be processed

introduce 100% recycled bottle caps into

to spread its message and clean up local

in an environmentally responsible way.

additional product lines.

communities far and wide. Divine Images &

With Aveda stores and partners located

Aveda avoids certain types of processing,

The Aveda Walk for Water is the latest in

Sanctuary Day Spa is an Aveda Concept Spa

preferring a process like steam distillation

a series of successful, planet-friendly events.

located in Somerset, Massachusetts. Owner

over chemical extraction. And no product

The worldwide walk was introduced this

Mary E. Perry says at least a dozen regular

will come into contact with an animal; there

year so people would better understand

customers participate in Aveda’s ongoing

is no animal testing.

the hardships many women in Africa and

campaigns, including a few Rhode Island

Asia endure just to provide their families

schoolteachers who have their students

are made from the cleanest materials, but

with clean water. People in nearly 50

collecting bottle caps as a class activity.

those bottle caps haven’t been forgotten.

markets around the world will walk six

Other customers come to the spa with their

Caps don’t always make it to the trash,

kilometers: the average distance a woman in

pocketbooks full of caps so they don’t have to

and instead end up on the side of the road,

a developing country walks on a daily basis

waste plastic bags in order to carry them.

f loating downstream, or tragically lodged in

to collect water. The event will hopefully

In addition to special promotions that

a creature’s throat. Together with its network

create a new appreciation for clean water,

raise money, the staff at Divine Images &

of salons and stores, and in partnership with

something so many take for granted.

Sanctuary Day Spa will celebrate Earth

The majority of Aveda’s bottles and tubes

community schools, Aveda has launched the

Aveda likes to think that its actions, whether

Month with a beach sweep at Pierce’s Beach

Recycle Caps with Aveda campaign. Plastic

in product development, packaging, or

in Somerset on Sunday, April 19, at 10:00

bottle caps, like the ones found on shampoo

environmental leadership, have had a positive

a.m. The general public is invited to help

and beverage bottles, are collected at stores

impact on other companies in the marketplace.

clean up the shore along with students from

and schools and sent to Aveda’s recycler,

For 30 years, the environmental community

nearby Somerset Middle School.

where they begin second lives as new caps

has embraced Aveda with open arms.

and containers.

Whether you start a carpool group, switch

“Since we continually set the standard in

to a more planet-friendly brand of shampoo,

environmental leadership as the first beauty

or simply f lick the light switch off when you

started out as an inner-office project to

company to produce products with 100% wind

exit a room, there’s no reason why we can’t

gather a few caps approaches, the worldwide

power and the highest post-consumer recycled

make every day Earth Day. O

As the one-year anniversary of what

Ami Milano and Kolina Kirkham •

AC of A hange Dres s G IF T S

E & F IN




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rise above the

wreckage It’s no secret that the worldwide banking industry is not only against the ropes, but it looks like many will go the way of countless old prizefighters. Written by Kathy Sharp Frisbee


owever, there happens to be some local banks that are making all the right moves. They’re keeping their

eyes on the marketplace, and by staying true to the old adage “slow and steady,” they’re showing that they have the stamina to stay in the fight. I contacted a few financial institutions with multiple locations in and around Southeastern Massachusetts to find out how they’re faring. BANKFIVE

Thomas F. Lyons, president and CEO of

Nicholas M. Christ, president and CEO of


Citizens-Union Savings Bank

“We have all heard and read about the greed and irresponsibility of banks,” says Thomas F. Lyons, president and CEO of BankFive. “It seems that banks are being painted with broad strokes and have come to be the cause

“It seems that banks are being painted with broad strokes and have come to be the cause of the barrage of bad financial news about the

of the barrage of bad financial news about

collapse of financial institutions, record job losses, billions of dollars

the collapse of financial institutions, record

in market losses, and huge government bailouts.”

job losses, billions of dollars in market losses, and huge government bailouts.” Like most community banks, BankFive has experienced declines, but that’s normal and

to throw them a lifeline, small banks have

unemployment and it’s clear that we’re on

even expected during economic downturns.

remained highly disciplined in their business

course for a prolonged and difficult period.

And the declines do not challenge its excellent

practices, which is a huge advantage over big

Yet local banks are determined to be there

capital position, Lyons says.

banks with toxic assets.

for customers.

“The reality is that BankFive has stayed

“BankFive does not need a government

“I believe that sound and prudent

true to its conservative roots. It’s a highly

bailout,” Lyons assures. “We have never given

management is our unique competitive

regulated financial institution that remains

a sub-prime loan, which is one of the main

advantage that sets our institution apart from

close to the community values,” Lyons

causes of what’s happening today. Because of

our competition,” Lyons says. “We’ll continue

says. “BankFive has its finger on the pulse

our sound and conservative business approach,

to remain poised, as we have for 154 years, to

of the community’s economic pulse, and

we never had to ratchet down our lending

be great financial partners with our customers

it enriches the lives of our customers and

practices. Our capital position has remained

and the communities we serve.”

employees. We have plenty of money to

strong despite the economic downturn.”

lend to qualified borrowers. And we work

Lyons says he has seen many economic


closely with potential borrowers who may be

cycles throughout his career but none

“Citizens-Union Bank has always been very

going through a rough stretch by providing

like this current one. Add to the mix

conservative, even in regard to salaries and

education and outreach.”

home foreclosures, struggling businesses,

expenses,” says Nicholas M. Christ, president

cutbacks in basic services by state and local

and CEO. “Our compensation committee

governments, increased taxes, and rising

reviews all salaries on an annual basis, and it

While big banks have gone bust and expect the federal government and taxpayers

40 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

keeps these expenses in line with our market,

“Unlike many of the big banks and

our performance, and sound and prudent

mortgage companies, we never loosened

fiscal management. Citizens-Union does not

our lending practices, so for us, it’s

own a private jet nor has it taken employees

business as usual,” says Carl W. Taber,

to spa resorts.”

executive vice president and senior lender

Small community banks can do more

“Always Fresh, Always to Go”

at Citizens-Union. “Unfortunately, the

things better and for less money than big

broad brush by which the banking industry

banks. Their stated commitment is serving

is being painted in the national media is

their community and not squandering

not entirely accurate,” says Taber, “nor is

taxpayers’ money.

it helping consumer confidence. Part of

“Thus far, not a single Massachusetts-

the confusion stems from media reports

based bank, Citizens-Union included, has

that fail to differentiate between global

been bailed out or rescued with government

financial institutions, including Wall Street

funds,” Christ says. “We have money to

investment companies, and more traditional

lend, to both consumers and businesses,

deposit-taking, retail, and commercial banks

and we continue extending credit to

on Main Street. Mortgage companies and

qualified borrowers based on common-

their brokers who engaged in sub-prime

sense loan analysis. We’re committed to

lending have either gone away or have been

our responsibilities under the Community

forced to drastically tighten credit.”

Reinvestment Act, and we invest a

Wall Street has been a key catalyst to the

significantly high percentage of our deposits

global financial and economic crisis. The

through loans and investments in the

ongoing fallout has left local consumers in

communities we serve.

fear of the banking industry’s future as well

“We offer a variety of home mortgage loans as well as other common consumer and commercial loans,” he continues. “Our

H o u r s : M o n d a y - F r i d ay 10-5 S a t u r d a y 1 0 - 3 • C l o s e d Sundays

Make a lasting impression at work!

“There is no doubt that our country

time home-buyer’s loans that are carefully

says. “And locally, our banks could still

structured to make home ownership possible

suffer if, in a deepening recession, job losses

in a prudent manner.”

increase dramatically. However, we want people to know that in the months to come,

failures will cost the deposit insurance

community banks stand ready to provide

fund more than $40 billion over the next

consumers and businesses with the vital

four years. And recent studies reveal that

services they need to weather the storm. “We have never been high-pressure

to John Bovenzi, chief operating officer of

loan salespeople. Citizens-Union counsels

the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

customers on all aspects of home ownership

Tightened lending practices have become a

and home financing, and we offer seminars

must, but at Citizens-Union, change has not

for first-time home buyers to assist in the

been necessary.

50 Marion Rd., Mattapoisett 508-758-9922

worst about their own local banks. faces more trying economic times,” Taber

estimate will likely be surpassed, according

“We use premium Boars Head™ Meats”

as their own, and they have assumed the

rates are very competitive. We also offer first-

Last fall, it was estimated that U.S. bank

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Writ ten by Rebecca Aubut Photography provided by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Librar y and Museum


ar t

A Look at History in Our Backyard:

the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum On January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States, but few could foresee then the impact his short presidency would have on this country. But there was a hint of his persuasive power during his inaugural speech, during which he uttered the now famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.� Kennedy ensured his place in history by doing for his country, from helping steer it through the tumultuous Civil Rights era to overseeing the space program, until the day he died on November 21, 1963.

A view of the museum from the water. 50 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9


You see some of the crises he faced through

Street, USA, which depicts the campaign

opened in Boston in October 1979, but a

his eyes.”

between and Richard Nixon and Kennedy.

redesign by Caroline Kennedy’s husband,

Visitors are treated to a 20-minute

They can experience the first televised

Edwin Schlossberg, and architectural design

introductory film based on interviews and

debate between Kennedy and Nixon, and it

by I. M. Pei, expanded the building. It was

narrated by JFK. It follows the late president

goes on from there.”

renamed the John F. Kennedy Presidential

from his childhood to the Democratic

Library and Museum, which President

Convention where he accepted his party’s

White House corridor, and there are exhibits

Bill Clinton dedicated in 1993. Now it

nomination to run against Republican Richard

that have videos to help guide visitors

houses 25 multimedia exhibits and period

Nixon. The end scene of the film becomes the

through some of JFK’s more difficult times

settings from the White House, creating a

launching point for the first exhibit.

during his presidency.

There’s a space designed to look like the

comprehensive timeline of Kennedy’s life.

“After people have experienced that,”

“What we offer is the ‘you are there’

Putnam says, “they tour the museum and

inaugural address,” Putnam says. “We do a

experience,” says Tom Putnam, who has

immediately enter an exhibit that feels

very nice video on the Cuban Missile Crisis,

been with the museum since 1999 and has

like the 1960 Democratic Convention in

one which explains President Kennedy’s

been the director of the library for more

Los Angeles. They hear the famous “New

courageous decision on Civil Rights, and

than two years. “We put people back into the

Frontier” speech Kennedy gave when he

finally, one that is sentimental—his trip to

1960s, and most of the narration, the voice

accepted the nomination. Then they walk

Ireland. He went after he spoke in Berlin,

that you hear, is John F. Kennedy’s voice.

through an exhibit that feels like Main

and it was a bit of a homecoming since his

“We have a lot of powerful videos of the

Young children look on at one of the exhibits inside the museum. s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 51

family was of Irish descent.”

she had in her wardrobe, some personal

them over. The natives didn’t speak English, so

letters, and letters she exchanged with artists

Kennedy carved some words into a coconut

Jacqueline Kennedy. Running until May,

and authors. There’s quite a bit of material on

shell, gave it to them, and they took it to the U.S.

the exhibit “Jacqueline Kennedy Entertains:

Mrs. Kennedy in the museum.”

Navy base. The crew was found and rescued.

The museum also pays homage to

The Art of the White House Dinner” focuses

Besides the usual artifacts, there are a few

Kennedy had that coconut shell preserved and

on some of the dinners the late first lady

unique items in the exhibit that carry their

had it on his desk in the White House.”

organized at the White House. There are

own story. “I think the most exciting thing

For those wondering what message

permanent exhibits that show both her

to show young children is the coconut shell

Kennedy carved in the shell, “You can still

formal and personal sides.

that President Kennedy used to save himself

read the words,” Putnam assures: “Native

and his crew after their PT-109 was sunk,”

knows position, need small boat, eleven

she did to restore the White House,” says

Putnam says. “They got hit by a Japanese


Putnam. “We show the tour that she gave on

boat in the middle of the night, and the U.S.

national television about the restorations.

Navy thought they’d all perished, so it didn’t

of the library, and to celebrate the

She happened to win an Emmy Award for

send out a search team for them.

event, Putnam and his staff will allow

“There’s a small exhibit on the work that

that, so we have her award out for people to

“So the crew was on an island for four or

see. We have a room that covers her travels

five nights, barely surviving, when they saw

abroad and shows some of the actual things

some natives going by in a canoe and waved

This year marks the 30th anniversary

unprecedented access to parts of the museum and library. “We hope to do a number of things in the

Above: Two young patrons take photos of the Kennedy clan. 52 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

fall,” Putnam says. “There are some special

of John F. Kennedy,” which traces the

rooms where we have our private gatherings,

evolution of his inaugural address. According

technology, the people who were given the

and some of them contain artifacts from the

to the museum’s website, the inaugural

task of getting to the moon, and what they

White House that we’re not able to put on

address is widely viewed as one of the most

had to do. We’re going to have an original

display in the museum. We also have all of

enduring in U.S. history. The exhibit runs

space suit, space gloves, and boots. And we’re

Ernest Hemingway’s papers here.”

through June and takes visitors through

going to have some of the actual drawings

the notes and many different drafts of the

the engineers made on how it was all going to

famous speech.

work. We even have a piece of the moon here.”

The library will also open its own research room, usually closed to the general public. Architectural tours are being organized as

“This new exhibit will really focus on the

There are also many more works in

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

well as a conference on JFK and his inf luence

progress planned for the fall. “We don’t have

and Museum is located off Morrissey

on the nuclear age.

a title for it yet,” Putnam says, “but the next

Boulevard, next to the UMass Boston campus.

temporary exhibit we’re going to put up

It’s open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. General

greatest legacies, the signing of the limited

coincides with the 40th anniversary of the

admission is $12, $10 for seniors and college

nuclear testing treaty,” says Putnam. “And

landing on the moon. We have an exhibit

students, $9 for children ages 13 to 17, and

those issues are still relevant today.”

now that features some of the speeches

children younger than 12 are admitted free.

Kennedy gave and the decisions he made to

For more information, call 866-535-1960 or

launch the moon program.

visit the website ( O

“That was one of President Kennedy’s

Other current special exhibits include “Poetry and Power: The Inaugural Address

Above right: A f lag f lies high in the pavilion. s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 53

Your Money, continued from page 30

April Showers...

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reporting miscues may have been the result of innocent errors and perhaps the fruit of an overly complicated federal income tax system that can trip up even the best and brightest, as Geithner surely must be. Tax Lesson #3: For everyone other than those filing Form 1040-EZ, consider ponying up the dough and hiring an income tax professional to prepare your personal income tax returns. O

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April 2009 TM

Now is the time to brighten up the garden, paint the fence, and uncover the boats. Our rituals continue to bring us pleasure each and every spring.

The Higgins Farm Windmill is a restored 18th-century located at Drummer Boy Park, on Route 6A in West Brewster, MA.

Photo by Denis Tangney Jr.

opening up for the season April is an odd month on the SouthCoast; that is, the area is in a sort of flux. Tourists won’t be arriving anytime soon. The seasonal folks often wait until at least May before opening up their summer houses, and we locals, so very optimistic, are trying to rush the season by getting out into the garden, uncovering the boat, or making a list of tasks to be completed around the house.


ll of these frantic preparations take

the uncertain economic times, people who

“Explore the Coast” is our new message,

place while dodging and weaving

usually spend their entertainment budgets

not only for those of us who know it so well,

through schizophrenic weather

farther afield might now make an about-face

but for others who may have never given it a

patterns. One day, we’re teased into thinking

and target our shores. The SouthCoast is

chance. For the many miles of shoreline we

spring has actually arrived, and then the next,

convenient as a viable day trip or weekend

offer, it’s certain that you’ll find something

we’re bracing for more of the white stuff. The

jaunt, and we offer an abundance of

that gets you as excited about visiting here as

weather along the southern New England

inexpensive options and a wide variety of

we are about living in this great place. O

coast is a gamble, and we like it that way.

entertainment venues.

These unpredictable fluctuations in our weather are the very reasons so many of us living along the coast remain here. Believe it or not, we actually enjoy the uncertainty, and we’re willing to pay the price for being so close to the water’s edge. For some, a rainy, windswept Sunday is a good reason to go to a movie or shopping, while for others it’s a day at the beach bundled up in rain gear and boots. This wonderful time of year offers experiences ranging from walking along the beach to seeing what the winter tide has left behind to exploring history to enjoying one of the fabulous dining options only a seaside community can offer. It isn’t too early to venture out, because it won’t be long before the solitude of a spring walk or a stroll along the cobblestones becomes crowded with others hoping for the same enjoyment. In fact, late spring and early summer might be very different from years past. Our prediction is that, given s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 57

Photos by Ishy Roderigues


58 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

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W r itten By Chr is H assa n

75 years of success How does a company stay in business? It’s a question on more than a few minds these days. Yet despite whatever bleak statistics are scrolling across the bottom of television screens, National Lumber is thriving. Not only has it just entered its 75th year in business, it has managed to remain family owned and operated. Clearly, there’s some secret to the success.


ith six lumberyards and

continues to run the day-to-day activities

stores in New England,

at National Lumber. Lou is the chairman,

National Lumber

and he still makes his way to the office

with employees is extended to National

remains the largest

on a regular basis. He’s been a fixture in

Lumber customers. After all, exceptional

independent building-materials supplier in

the business since the early days with his

customer service is the prime goal. “We

the region. In addition to in-house design and

father, and Lou has a wealth of experience

strive to hire and train the best people with

engineering services, its expertise in kitchens,

and knowledge that still guides company

the knowledge and enthusiasm to provide the

windows, doors, custom millwork crafting,

decisions. His niece and nephew, Margie

best service for our customers,” says Steven

and structural framing has led to the creation

and Steven Kaitz, are National Lumber’s

Kaitz. “In this day of big corporations that

of several divisions, such as Kitchen Views,

co-CEOs, with Margie responsible for

are more interested in profits than people, we

National Millwork, and Reliable Truss and

operations, accounting, and marketing, and

believe our philosophy sets us apart, and our

Components Inc.

Steven in charge of the overall business.

customers appreciate that difference, which is

Lou’s daughter, Suzi Kaitz, is vice president

why we continue to grow.”

It was Morris Kaitz who got the ball rolling way back in 1934, in Roxbury, Massachusetts,

and general manager of its Kitchen Views

where he founded National Lumber to


provide building materials and professional service to Boston-area builders.

But just because only four people have the

can with the task at hand. And of course, the same kindness shared

Each of National Lumber’s divisions represents a natural outgrowth for the company. National Millwork specializes in

Kaitz name doesn’t mean the other workers

customized solutions to window, door, and

aren’t part of the larger National Lumber

specialty millwork needs. Kitchen Views

National Lumber aren’t even touched by

family. The Kaitzes work hand-in-hand with

focuses on cabinetry, countertops, and other

human hands, a big difference compared to

the staff, which means they’ve gotten to

kitchen necessities. And Reliable Truss and

the company’s humble beginnings, when

know them very well. Lou Kaitz’s proudest

Components Inc. handles truss and wall-

all of the lumber was stocked and loaded for

accomplishment was providing employees

panel manufacturing. All of the divisions

delivery by hand. National acquired its first

with health benefits and retirement plans.

employ engineers and designers who are

forklift in the 1950s. Lou Kaitz, Morris’ son,

With an atmosphere of teamwork and the

experienced, licensed, and have innovative

says the forklift was “like a gift from heaven.”

knowledge that they’re being taken care of,

ways of finding solutions to building

The third generation of the Kaitz family

employees are able to do the best job they


Today, the majority of materials at

60 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Steven, Suzi, Lou, and Margie

Left: Morris Kaitz, 1934 Above: National Lumber, 1948

“Caring for the environment is now a gift we give our children for their future,” says Margie Kaitz. “Our new promotion of our Green Initiatives is an educational program to inform our customers of the steps we’ve already been taking to be environmentally friendly.”


eliable Truss, along with

resources by reducing usage, reusing by-

is access to major highways, but the business

National Lumber’s Engineered

products, and recycling waste materials in

also looks for the chance to provide materials

Wood Products Division, has

its operating procedures and manufacturing

for and serve in the building of growing

set a benchmark in the industry for in-

processes. National Lumber is also part of


house engineering capacity. Engineered

the worldwide movement to use sustainable,

Wood Products come with benefits that

managed harvesting of various wood species.

dramatically outweigh those of regular wood,

The company is one of only four

But National Lumber doesn’t believe that quality building materials are the only way to strengthen a community. It realizes that

including higher load-carrying capacity,

lumberyards in New England to receive a

there’s a big difference between just having

lower installed cost, more uniform stiffness,

Chain-of-Custody certificate after being

a business in a town and really being part

and the ability to span longer distances with

examined by Scientific Certification Systems

of a community. The company is proud to

reduced shrinkage, twisting, and splitting.

and certified in accordance with the rules

sponsor local schools, youth sports teams,

of the Forest Stewardship Council. This

charities, and fundraisers.

Perhaps the secret to success is embracing change and new technologies, like that first

allows National Lumber to handle and resell

forklift. In the 1980s, while its competitors

products that have been harvested from

a variety of projects around the SouthCoast,

were struggling and going out of business,

forests that meet stringent environmental,

including a number of condominiums in

the Kaitz family tightened their belts and

social, and economic standards.

the New Bedford Seaport, Middleboro,

prepared for future growth by adopting

“Caring for the environment is now a gift

National Lumber has been involved with

Plymouth, and Mattapoisett and commercial

computer and communications technologies.

we give our children for their future,” says

businesses and branches of chain stores, such

“Our customers are working on tight

Margie Kaitz. “Our new promotion of our

as CVS Pharmacy.

building schedules,” says Margie Kaitz. “So

Green Initiatives is an educational program

the faster we can communicate and provide

to inform our customers of the steps we’ve

Boscawen, National Lumber has plans for

what they need, the better it is financially for

already been taking to be environmentally

a new showroom in Mansfield, off of Route

everyone involved.”


140, near Route 95. The showroom will

The larger National Lumber gets, the more

The company’s corporate headquarters are

Currently renovating its latest location in

feature National Millwork products, Kitchen

environmentally responsible it becomes.

in Mansfield, and it has locations in Berlin,

Views cabinetry displays, and Benjamin

Through its Green Initiatives, it has emerged

New Bedford, Newton Highlands, Salem,

Moore paints.

a leader in promoting responsible building

and Boscawen, New Hampshire. Several

practices. Long before it was popular to

important factors go into the placement of

for so long? “All of the above,” Steven Kaitz

do so, the company has strived to conserve

National Lumber stores. A big consideration

says, “and working hard every day.” O

62 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

So what is the secret to staying in business

So W

ure? ut

Y o n i u r s ’ t F a h


How about a little Reiki, a Card Reading, some Rock Talk, or a Garden Sanctuary? 36 Main St. | Fairhaven, MA | 508-996-3126 | Parking Available on the south side. Hours: 10:30 - 5, Sunday 11 - 4, closed Wednesday Directions: I-195 to Route 240 Fairhaven, right onto Route 6. Left onto Washington St., then left onto Main St.


s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 63

RICCARDI’S A Family Restaurant—Great Food, Great Value Now Also In Fairhaven Serving Lunch & Dinner

TWO LOCATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Fairhaven 38 Sconticut Neck, MA 508.996.4100 New Bedford 901 Hathaway Road, MA 508.991.4200 Riccardi’s Buffet Catering 508.992.6800 CHECK OUT OUR MENU ONLINE, VISIT RICCARDIS.COM

The Little Theatre of Fall River, Bank 5 and Coastal Orthopaedics present

Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice Book by Linda Woolverton Originally Directed by Robert Jess Roth Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions

April 30th to May 3rd 2009 April 30th, 2009 (7:30 p.m.) May 1st, 2009 (8:00 p.m.) May 2nd, 2009 (2:00 & 8:00 p.m.) May 3rd, 2009 (2:00 p.m.) Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th St., New York, NY 10019. Phone: (212)541-4684, Fax (212)397-4684;

Performance is at the Margaret L. Jackson Performing Arts Center Bristol Community College

F o r

t i c k e t

i n f o r m a t i o n

c a l l

5 0 8 - 6 7 5 - 1 8 5 2

o r

v i s i t

l i t t l e t h e a t r e . n e t

The program is supported in part by a grant f rom the Fall River Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

64 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Get ready, get set, let’s garden!


20% off Winged Things all through April 36 Main St. | Fairhaven, MA | 508-996-3126 | Parking Available on the south side. Hours: 10:30 - 5, Sunday 11 - 4, closed Wednesday Directions: I-195 to Route 240 Fairhaven, right onto Route 6. Left onto Washington St., then left onto Main St.


s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 65

soho Experience in – provo Check out the Chinese Laundry A

66 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Writ ten by James Holden | Photography by Lucki Schot z

s a l o o n s t o s alons

If you belong to any group that shuns the natural human form, are hypersensitive to the point of radicalism, or if your idea of fine gourmet Chinese dining equals the Palace Buffet, then I highly recommend you stay clear of the very trendy, upscale hideaway on North Main Street in Providence known as Chinese Laundry.


or those who appreciate a woman’s beauty and view it as an art form, who

love to be part of a scene that exudes style, or have experienced and enjoyed eclectic dining and want more, then I highly recommend Chinese Laundry. I admit that before I made a reservation at an establishment deemed a disappointment by some critics and reviewers, I believed there was something cooking behind the scenes, especially since the complaints appeared contrived and even a bit vindictive. As a result, I did some additional research and was surprised to discover the vile opposition started one year ago in response to the restaurant’s advertising and grand opening concept. From the very beginning, a small group of outraged students was immediately revolted by the new eatery. At least one unstable individual made threats for the purpose of intimidation. Interestingly, these actions proved counterproductive because the Chinese Laundry became one of the most talked about locations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and beyond. I drove by, and I do mean right by—I didn’t notice its unassuming entrance or the modest sign over the door. After going around the s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 67

68 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

block, I finally found my destination on a

famous table is incredible. For those who are

in a Boston runway show, and again on the

second pass and at a crawl. You will need to

daring enough or lacking emotional baggage,

cover of this magazine’s November 08 issue.

anticipate the location: about one block from

request a visit or book your party in this private

But it doesn’t end there. One month later she

the new RISD museum and on the same side

room so you can decide for yourself what the

signed on with an agent in NYC and is now

of the street.

fury was all about.

living her dream.

The valet is the key to knowing you have

One year ago, a woman reclined in this very

But back to the restaurant we go.

arrived, in more ways than one. The valet sign is

spot. Guests were invited to enjoy delicacies

where you want to stop. Friendly and attentive,

spread across her still torso. What many might

quick look on the second floor and found

they’ll hide your ride. For those who arrive

not know is that this practice is rooted in Asian

its clubroom atmosphere very sensuous and

early, you might find a coveted parking space

history, according to General Manager Brandon

inviting. Complete with a bar and leather

around the corner or up the hill.

Pollard. Some might call this “offensive to

chaise, it is the perfect place to book that special

women.” I disagree based on my date’s worthy

date as an evening warm-up. Adjacent to this

(New York) will experience the same

opinion and the number of females dining at the

space is a second room, almost equal in size

exhilaration meandering through Chinese

Laundry during this review.

and again very warm and comfortable. These

Anyone who has spent any time in SOHO

Laundry. I made my way in and out of the

My guest for the evening also took a

I believe that the attention generated by the

rooms provide unique and special dining

little alcoves and around the three main

protest was absolutely genius and remarkably

options not found in New England as far as I

rooms comprising this small and wonderfully

beneficial, both to Chinese Laundry and the

am aware.

intimate restaurant. The colors are dramatic:

young model’s career.

Back on the main level, we settled into a

reds, blacks, and more reds and blacks. The

Few are privy to what occurred not long after

photography is artful and not a bit risqué as

the model’s Providence debut. The same young

who was extremely knowledgeable about the

some claim. In the private dining room, the

woman ended up on the pages of SOCO, then

restaurant and its food and wines.

corner so we could meet our server, Debra-Lee,

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 69


ased on her recommendation, we were

fresh. They were small in size and much more

wine sample. I started out with a glass of the

offered the pleasure of “Omakase,”

enjoyable than the larger oysters found in most

Perrin Cotes du Rhone (“Nature” Organic,

which translates to “Entrust to me.” (This

establishments. Even a non-oyster eater would

Rhone, 2004). Very reasonable, it was light, dry,

special experience, normally served only in the

be satisfied with this choice.

with a slight oak aftertaste, and a superb choice

private dining room, is known as “Jewel Bako.”)

Next we sampled a lightly cooked Sate of

to accompany this small plate.

The multi-course tasting menu is designed

Chilean Sea Bass served with wok greens.

by the chef to be as visually tempting as it is

Sweet and tender, the morsels melted in my

Tuna with a Wakame Salad and Wasabi Aioli.

delicious. We opted to enhance the courses

mouth, their flavor complemented by the first

Perfectly prepared, it was scorched on the

The next plate was Blackened Sesame Seared

with a flight of wines recommended for our

outside but cool and rare in the center and full


of flavor. The tuna must have arrived in the

We began the evening with a pair of Kumamoto Oysters on the half shell, fitted

morning it was so fresh. Quickly following came a pair of Torched

into a mound of salt to hold them steady.

Kobe Tenderloin pieces with Enoki Glaze.

One was graced with Yuzu cucumber relish

This special treat, tender to the extreme, would

and the other with Wakka Sake mignonette.

impress even the most critical of diners. To

These delicacies were tender and perfectly 70 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Continued on page 112

Left Page, continued from page 24

Right Page, continued from page 25

New Deal proponents, however, say

including the Department of Veterans Affairs.

the policies countered the brutal poverty

Williams doesn’t mince words when he says,

Democrats may finally get their way

Americans might have otherwise suffered and

“Today’s housing mess can be laid directly at

with their favorite targets: business and

that they provided a minimal standard of living

the feet of Congress and the White House.”

the free market. The pork will allow them

during economic downfalls over which people

Rush Limbaugh, in a Wall Street Journal

to implement—under the radar—liberal,

had little or no control. Not surprisingly, the question still attracts


editorial, wrote a piece that made more sense

progressive ideas and social programs that have

than any of the scare tactics we’ve been hearing

been festering for more than half a century.

heated debate: Can an untethered capitalist

from our new administration. You can mock

economy be totally reliable as a source of jobs,

Rush, but as he reminds readers, Obama named

increased infrastructure, regulation, and

opportunities, and a minimal standard of living

him “the leader of the Republican Party.”

jockeying for benefits. The FDR lover’s

for all Americans all the time?

Rush’s “Obama-Limbaugh Stimulus Plan”

narrative says the New Deal saved us, while

If not, if a vagrant economy can run rampant

recommends 54 percent of the (then touted)

the opposite belief is that the New Deal

on some portion—any portion—of the

$900 billion be used on “infrastructure and

prolonged the Depression until World War II

population in the way history illustrates it

pork as defined by Obama” while the remaining

roused the economic machine we know and

can and does, what role should the federal

46 percent be used for tax cuts, which Rush says

love as America.

government play in regulating the economy

should be “determined by me.”

and promoting the welfare of its citizenry?

Tax cuts stimulate the economy, not

There may be no more self-made American

As this situation is quite unique, Rush

heroes and perhaps fewer ways to forge your

And what is our role—as members of both

adds a caveat for future reference: With

own destiny going forward in what has been,

larger and smaller communities—when faced

his recommended percentile split, we’ll

to date, the greatest economy in human

with our neighbors’ hardships and suffering? O

easily be able to determine what works and

history. Let’s hope Barry gets infected with that

what doesn’t—tax cuts or spending on

greatness in spite of himself. O

Small Banks, continued from page 41

purchasing of a home. In addition, we also provide counseling to existing customers who may suddenly find that they’re having difficulty meeting mortgage and other homerelated expenses.”

Divorce Mediation... Less Stress, Time & Expense!

Despite the media’s hammering on the credit crunch, most area banks have had solid gains in deposits and in residential and small-business loans as consumers search for the strength and stability of a truly local bank. Citizens-Union’s loan portfolio increased 13.6 percent in 2008 while deposits grew nearly 5 percent. “As a testament to our sound underwriting practices, credit quality remains strong at Citizens-Union,” Taber says. “And, if a borrower does run into difficulty, a community bank like ours with local ties is more apt to work closely with the borrower to get them through the tough time.” Given so much uncertainty surrounding our financial future, it should give comfort to many that the old, reliable bank down the street is still in the fight and has enough spunk to go another round. O

508.999.0016 wa r r e n m e d i at i o n Jane F. Warren Esq


FREE CONSULTATION NOS FALAMOS PORTUGUES s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 71

h e at i n c l u d e d

Theater Season is around the corner...make your dinner reservations with us for your special night out.




Convenient, Quality Apartments Available Now! Hidden Brook ApArtment Homes feature an array of modern amenities and many extras for your convenience including granite kitchens, stainless appliances, tile kitchen and baths, abundant closet space, 1-4 bedrooms, washer/dryers, and much more. You’ll be close to shopping, and great entertainment. Call 888-827-9145 today to make an appoinment.

Offering deliciously prepared and elegantly served Italian & American cuisine in an ambiance ideal for intimate gatherings. Nestled in the Historic Rodman Candleworks building in the heart of the port city of New Bedford; a short walk from the waterfront. Featuring live music Wednesday - Sunday, from piano solos for dinner hours, to livelier Jazz & World Beat music late into the night; an ideal spot to rendezvous with old friends or to make new ones.




Located on the New Bedford/Dartmouth Line.

Good Cars... Good deals... Good people.

ONCE Love,

INnot A but in love? BLUE MOON. (If I’m lucky)

the Rego Family

Marx auto Center 20 years of honest & upstanding automotive reputation. 132 Rockdale Ave. | 508.997.2377

72 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, AASECT In all matters of relationship, intimacy and passion. Marriage and Sex Therapy

Licensed and Nationally Certified New Bedford 508-997-6091 x106

Style, Privacy & Security you’re looking for...

Premium Fencing & Outdoor Accessories Free Home Design Consultations 508.991.8500 | 167 Huttleston Avenue | Route 6 | Fairhaven, MA

Not Melville’s New Bedford AVAILABLE NOW

In this new and somewhat controversial book, Down at The Docks, Nugent uses a fictional approach to provide an “unvarnished look” at New Bedford today. Organized crime, illegal immigration and suffocating government regulations are themes that float around the fishing industry in this somewhat gritty volume.

Author: Rory Nugent Published by Random House.

Purveyors of Information & Imagination (508) 997-6700 69 State Road, Route 6 Dartmouth, MA 02747

Order books online at

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 73



n a sunny knoll in Westport, overlooking the East Branch of the Westport River, sits a replica half-

Cape contemporary tucked behind a row of bayberry shrubs. This seemingly small home at 48 Hillcrest Acres is at the end of a 150-foot frontage and a circular driveway edged with towering white pines. Yet, at 2,717 square feet, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open floor plan, it’s a substantial home. The nearly one-acre property includes a shingled cottage-style garden shed with a picket fence, which encloses a vegetable garden. There are also a sky-lit studio space, glorious gardens, and a stone terrace with a fire pit. “The house has been a haven for all of the activities that accompany our interests,” say owners Ruth and Paul Doran, who designed

the home, which was built by Dennis Talbot in 1985. “It was a collaboration between Paul and me,” Ruth says. “All of the essential ideas were planned on paper placemats at the Bayside Restaurant over many cups of coffee.” The Cape design fits the historic nature of the area as well as provides a low profile from the front while allowing ample floor space, which is only noticed from the rear view. The inside was designed so that one can find big spaces to accommodate all of the many people who gather here, and an ell was added to accommodate even more people. Hillcrest Acres is off of scenic Horseneck Road, which laces through this rolling countryside of stone walls, quaint homes, and vast river views. The river’s 100-square-mile watershed encompasses 1,000 acres of salt marsh, 3,000 acres of shellfish beds, 21 species of fish, 35 miles of shoreline, and 13 islands. Hillcrest Acres comprises about 15 residences, 74 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

W r itten By K ath y Sha r p Fr isbee | Photogr a ph y by Bodil Per kins

A Riverside Haven in


s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 75

which are primarily second homes. Its country

lantern lights the red tongue-and-groove front

lane crosses a creek and trails to the river’s edge.

door and flat granite steps. The interior is a

features a corner Rumford wood-burning

showcase of quality workmanship, a variety of

fireplace. Lining the east wall and flanking a

woods, and unique design concepts.

window are custom built-in china cabinets with

Shading the home’s frontage are tall elm, copper beech, blue spruce, and red maple trees. The back yard brims with color in season from

White-oak flooring in the foyer streams

A spacious dining room left of the foyer

drawers sporting period-style wrought-iron

flowering European ash, a giant cherry tree,

through most of the rooms, and the walls

hinges and knobs. Two north windows frame

three pink-blossoming crab apples, perennial

are light cream. Door and window casings

front-lawn views. An inner doorway opens to

gardens, rugosa rose, and hydrangea.

follow simply elegant colonial styling, with

the kitchen.

The home’s multi-gabled roofline and full

flat surfaces and beaded edges. Straight stairs

Oak flooring continues into the kitchen,

dormer roof have new slate-hued asphalt-

of oak treads lit by brass-and-glass candlelight

which has richly grained white-pine cabinets

fiberglass architectural shingles. A colonial

lanterns rise to the second floor.

with tongue-and-groove paneled doors. Corian main and side countertops are edged with pine. Halogen ceiling lights brighten the two stainless-steel sinks, and there’s an impressive built-in pine wine rack. The kitchen’s spacious sitting room has a large bay window, which overlooks the mahogany deck, lawn, gardens, terrace, and river. A tin chandelier with tulip-shaped candlelight stems illuminates the sitting area. Along the inner wall is a beach-stone Rumford fireplace, with a blue-stone hearth and a milled, solid mahogany mantle. Along the inner wall is a built-in period-style sideboard with a clearfinished pine countertop. A sunroom ell off the kitchen features a vaulted, tongue-and-groove pine-paneled ceiling, oak flooring, and tongue-and-groove wall paneling. Five double-hung windows face south to the river. A glass-paneled side door opens west to the mahogany deck. French doors along the sunroom’s east side open to an alcove with blue-stone tile flooring. A pine tongue-and-groove paneled ceiling with three rectangular skylights hovers over a fourperson hot tub. The east wall is composed of beach stones and three barn windows. Along the south wall are two double-hung windows. A hall west of the kitchen sitting room has concealed double closets and a paneled door to the full basement, which is used for storage and has a laundry area as well as access to the back lawn. The hall continues to a music room and

76 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

office, with built-in cabinets. Along the south

is a windowed, full bathroom with a custom

wall is a sliding-glass door to the deck and an

pine vanity and decorative mirror, bath, and

enclosed outdoor shower.

shower. A second door links the bathroom with

The hall continues to a front-to-back family

the foyer.

room lined with six double-hung windows, plus

Versatility is key here, as the family room

a north-facing bay window flanked by wrought-

could easily become a grand first-floor master

and cabinets. The southeast bedroom includes

iron bracket light sconces. Poplar wood lines the

bedroom, and the adjoining bedroom could

sitting and sleeping areas, and two windows

vaulted ceiling, which features exposed wood

be transformed into a master bathroom. The

bring in east light. There’s also a large walk-in

beams and two ceiling fans. Flanking the south

result would provide a private-entry master

closet with built-in shelves.

alcove’s two double-hung windows are two barn

suite, guest room, or in-law quarters.

windows on side walls. Along the inner wall

The home is oil heated with three zones and uses well water. The community’s annual

The second floor includes a master

are built-in poplar cabinets. A west-facing glass-

bedroom, hall bathroom, and a large bedroom.

association fee is $150. A floating dock is

paneled door opens to a mahogany porch. Just

In the master bedroom, a sliding-glass door

available in season along the river’s stone jetty.

inside the door is a grate inlay to capture snow,

leads to a balcony deck with expansive land

The house is offered by Anne Whiting Real

mud, and dirt from shoes and boots.

and river views. Three barn windows line

Estate, and the price has just been reduced

the room’s west wall. The north wall features

to $599,000. For more information, contact

floor bedroom with oak flooring, a double

custom built-in drawers. There’s a walk-in

Maureen Riley Baptista at 508-999-1010 or

closet, and two north-facing windows. Adjacent

closet, and a southeast alcove has a built-in desk O

A door along the north wall opens to a first-

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 77

Review by Nichole Charbonneau


boo k

“At heart, they’re pirates.” Rory Nugent’s Exposé of New Bedford’s Fishing Industry,

Down at the Docks

Yikes. You know how there’s this idealism in the air that says New Bedford is in the midst of a Renaissance of sorts, with improved seas and streets? Well, along comes Rory Nugent to blindside that optimism. In his just-released Down at the Docks, published by Pantheon Books, Nugent exposes the dodgy side of the New Bedford Seaport. With testimony from some of New Bedford’s finest, Nugent breathes life into tales of drug smuggling, mob bosses, gang wars, insurance fraud, and bum federal-fishing regulations.


ugent splits the book

Bedford’s connection to Nantucket, Alaska,

not the fishermen but the landlubbers—the

into six parts, and each

and Portugal.

“greenies and feds and lab coats”—who

section unveils the fishing

But it’s really corruption that’s at the heart

are destroying the Seaport’s industry. The

of this book. It’s crazy to think that, minutes

landlubbers are the ones killing the coral,

different character’s perspective. It’s not

away, the mob’s New England division is

raising the global temperature, screwing up

clear at first whether this book is a work of

busy with extortion and drug smuggling.

the stocks. Mako even blows the whistle

fiction, a memoir, an exposé, or what. But as

Nugent is brazen, really. With the names and

on academics, when he mentions the many

soon as I started recognizing names of bars,

specific details he includes between the pages

crewmen who see how biologists aboard

streets, and buildings, it became clear that

of this book, I’d be looking over my shoulder

fishing vessels fudge the statistics in order

Nugent had done his time in New Bedford

if I were him.

to f launt success and stay in the running for

underground from a

and he was speaking the hushed truth. The

Nugent’s tales are at once heart-wrenching

tenure and the next grant to save the ocean.

book does not feel like a series of interviews,

and disgusting. Outrageous statistics of teen

though. The author doesn’t use a single

pregnancy and school drop-out rates as well

days, when local boats were owned and

quotation mark. Instead, he tells the tale of

as tales of drug binges and gang rapes fuel his

operated by an individual whose crewmen

various characters in a way that internalizes

narrative with a taste of the darker side. The

were part of an extended family. But during

the narrative and retells it for the reader.

lawlessness of the docks has been challenged

the late 20th century, as the cost of boat

and confined by the police during the last

maintenance and construction skyrocketed

stories with facts that in the past often have

15 to 20 years or so, but Nugent and his

and as federal regulations made it more and

been overlooked. He considers the effect of

interviewees seem nostalgic for the raw pulse

more impossible to execute a successful

New Bedford’s dwindling ice storage on its

of the past.

fishing mission, private vessel ownership

Nugent augments the interviewees’

economy. For more than 100 years, from

One character, Mako, says, “Damn, the

With nostalgia, a tale is spun of the old

gave way to corporate control. Today, most

1780 to 1900, ice sawers harvested ice from

system is now so out of whack that it’s killing

of the nearly 300 commercial fishing boats in

Lakeville for big bucks until ice-making

the workingman and destroying the cities

New Bedford are minif leets operated by large

machines rendered the industry obsolete.

where he lives and that he once helped build”

corporations. Fishermen are no longer part

Nugent explains how the city grew north

(page 79). And thanks to ever-constricting

of the 300-year-old tradition of working as

from the water with the onslaught of textile

fishing regulations, this same system also

a shareholder—where pay is commensurate

mills and mill workers, and he details the

makes it nearly impossible for a modest

with experience, rank, and performance.

subsequent downfall of the industry. He also

individual to own a fishing vessel anymore.

Under corporate f lags, captains and crew

includes the intricacies of whaling and New

Mako’s testimony also asserts that it’s

are more often on salaries, signing on as

78 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

Take a Peek.....

company men. The business of New Bedford’s docks is multifaceted. The domination of corporations and seas wrought with insurance fraud are just the beginning. Less

E dgewood FARMS

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obvious, though, is this area’s quirkier angles in history. Take the part of the book titled “Whalebone”, for instance. Nugent reminds us of the riches found in the scrimshaw business. Have you ever heard of whalebone erotica? Nugent blends the story of the Petticoat Society, a secret association of women that began on Nantucket, with his friend Pearl’s proposition that he buy an illegal scrimshaw dildo. She offers the naughty nautical, complete with pleasurable golf-ball-like dimples and an etching of three pairs of mermaids groping each other, to Nugent for $2,000, though he declines. Although Whalebone is an especially riveting chapter, outrageous and wacky history pops up in each part of Down at the Docks. Nugent employs New Bedford’s colloquialisms as he tells the tales of the Seaport’s drug users and pit-bull fights, its shifting real estate and growing gang violence. This is not the romanticized version of New Bedford. This is not the Seaport that enchanted Herman Melville. Instead, Nugent drags us through the dirty streets, infusing our curiosity with reflections of sailors’ superstitions, a junkie’s playground, a politician’s wasteland, and a mob boss’ gold mine. Sure the New Bedford Seaport boasts renovated mills and a growing arts community, but the harsh drudgery lives on. This book is a naked look at New Bedford’s sordid and complicated web of power. Down at the Docks is available at Baker Books, Route 6, in Dartmouth. O s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 79

W r itten By Chr is H assa n | Photo by Th e New Black Eagle Ja zz Ba nd


mus ic

So what do the New Black Eagle Jazz Band and The Beatles have in common? Well, the New England-based Black Eagles (as they’re often referred


New Black

Eagle Jazz



to by their fans), known for playing New Orleans jazz, actually have ties to the Fab Four’s home city of Liverpool, England. But what really links the two groups is the fact that they’re both made up of talented artists dedicated to making great music.

ounded by Tommy Sanction in

Surplus earphones.” He would sit in bed

joined by C. H. “Pam” Pameijer on drums,

1969, the original Black Eagle

with his earphones and listen to both sides

Barry Bockus on bass, Bob Pilsbury on

Band lineup was comprised of

of his 78. “It was the first music I’d heard that

piano, Peter Bullis on banjo, Stan Vincent on

grabbed me.”

trombone, and Billy Novick on saxophone

Tony Pringle on trumpet, Jim Klippert on

trombone, Eli Newberger on piano, Dave

Sometime after moving across the pond

and clarinet.

Duquette on banjo, and Ray Smith on

to America, Pringle met Sanction, who was

drums. Over the course of the band’s almost

studying at Harvard University, and his

band not only plays New Orleans jazz, but

40-year history, members have come and

soon-to-be bandmates. The group gathered

also Chicago jazz from the 1920s, 1930s

gone, but the quality of the music has stayed

at a local pub and hashed out plans for

small band jazz, and 1940s and 1950s

the same.

starting a band. Before they knew it, they

revival jazz. They are also partial to rags by

were playing shows for $10 and free beer. In

Scott Joplin, pop songs from the early 20th

is originally from Liverpool, where he and

1970, the band began playing shows every

century to the 1960s, spiritual and gospel

the Druids Jazz Band used to perform at the

Tuesday night at Passim coffeehouse in

music, and the blues.

famous Cavern Club in the late 1950s and

Harvard Square, a venue known for hosting

early 1960s. Pringle still remembers the first

artists such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

considered jazz vehicles,” Pringle says, “even

time he heard the music he would spend the

back in their early days.

some Beatles songs.” If band members

The band’s current leader, Tony Pringle,

rest of his life playing.

With a repertoire of over 600 songs, the

“We play a lot of different tunes not

The Black Eagles had a chance to play

hear something they think might work,

He was about 17 years old, and his

for 15,000 people at the New Orleans Jazz

like a show tune, the group gives it a try.

friend had invited him over to hear some

and Heritage Festival early in their career.

“Sometimes we play something once and

of his uncle’s 78s. The two teenagers sat

The young musicians were thrilled to see

drop it because it doesn’t lend itself to the

all afternoon, listening to artists like Bunk

jazz trombonist and “Muskrat Ramble”

way we want to play.”

Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, and other jazz

composer Kid Ory sitting in the front row.

giants from New Orleans. “On the way home, I bought my first

Sanction’s Black Eagle Jazz Band broke

The band’s 2004 spiritual and gospel album, Higher Ground, turned out to be their

up in the late spring of 1971, making way

biggest seller in about 10 years, and they

record,” Pringle says with that world-famous

for the group’s current incarnation, the New

plan to explore a few other sounds. “If you

Liverpool accent, “and the next week I

Black Eagle Jazz Band. Pringle took the reins,

get away from actual pop music, the next

bought a turntable and a pair of Army Navy

switched from trumpet to cornet, and was

three biggest musical areas of interest for

80 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

the public are gospel, blues, and country,”

The Black Eagles currently perform on

been to a rock concert the previous weekend,

Pringle explains. Their next release will be

the second Thursday of every month at J.

or be going to a modern jazz concert the next

an album of blues, which was a big part of

P. O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub in Ayer, Mass., but

night,” he says. “It’s a younger crowd listening

the New Orleans jazz scene. As for a country

the band has also toured in Canada, Europe,

to jazz, and they seem to like more types of

album, “I don’t think I’ll ever persuade them

and even as far away as Singapore. They’ve


to do that,” Pringle shares. “I’ll leave that for

had the pleasure of bringing their brand of

Many Black Eagle members admit their

another day.”

jazz to impressionable ears. At a recent gig

most memorable concert was at the Breda

in Maine, they packed the house and later

Jazz Festival in Holland. It was an all-night

band’s willingness to, every now and then,

received a letter from an audience member

concert, with 12 bars set up and 5,000

join a much larger group of musicians: the

who—never caring for jazz music before—

people in attendance. The band played

symphony orchestra. To date, the Black

had been converted by the band.

from 4:00 to 5:30 in the morning and had

Another deviation from jazz has been the

Eagles have performed with the Boston

Though audiences around the world have

never seen so much broken glass on the

Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the

always been receptive to performances,

f loor. “It was like a big party,” Pringle says

Scottish National Orchestra, and the Euregio

Pringle can’t help but be impressed by music

with enthusiasm. “It was actually fantastic.”

Youth Orchestra (made up of young talent

fans in countries like Holland and Germany.

Though the band never saw it, they heard

from Holland and Germany).

“If you talk to the audience, they might have

that someone recorded the concert and

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 81

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released a bootlegged CD somewhere in Holland. Pringle prefers performing live to working in the studio, but what he really misses are the old pub gigs back in England. “Good beer, nice atmosphere, and you’re in touch with the audience,” he says. The Black Eagles currently have a steady following at their monthly gig in Ayer, and some of those fans show up at their bigger shows, which always manage to fill a theater. Since their earliest performances, the band has looked out

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into an audience of faces, young and old. Back in the day, older jazz fans would come out to see and support the band, and today, younger folks jump out of their seats and start dancing whenever the Black Eagles play a wedding. On the band’s website,, there are over 20 albums available for purchase, everything from live tracks of their tours abroad to their special symphony arrangements, and even a

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Christmas album. For now, the band will continue to prepare for their blues album, which they hope to begin recording in the spring. “There’ll be some fast songs and some slow ones,” Pringle says. “A cross-section. Stuff recorded by New Orleans jazz bands, but also tunes from Leadbelly, Leroy Carr, and other stuff out of the blues guitar-playing tradition.” If you can’t wait for the next album or some of their summer concert dates, then you can always take a drive to J. P. O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub out in Ayer. Just make sure it’s the second Thursday of the month, and don’t forget your dancing shoes. O

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mountain views April 2009

Enjoy the Best of Spring Skiing, Hit the Rapids, Hike with the Family. It’s April and There Is No Better Time to Be in the Mountains. 86 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

As We See It If there is ever a time of year that makes people excited about taking the trek up to the White Mountains, it is April.


hy? It’s simple: The days are

days in the woods could be just what a family

a second home or you want a place to raise

warm and the nights are

needs to reenergize, reorganize, and just get

your kids and show them a different life, we

cool. The sky is usually clear

away from the stress and noise of the doom

have just what you’re looking for, from studio

and the ground is budding

and gloom that the media loves to use to drag

apartments to large estate homes. The time is

you down.

right to make an offer.

with new life. The bears come out from hibernation, the hikers are gearing up for

When you make the trip up north this

Of special note, have you taken a close

another season, and the snow is melting and

look at real estate up here? Damn, some of

month, be sure to keep it under 65, and bring

creating the best kayaking conditions you’ll

the nicest properties have come down to very

the sunblock and your checkbook. We’d love

see all year long.

realistic prices. Good things can happen in

to have you as a neighbor and a friend.

The tourist attractions are opening up and

a slowing economy: So if you’re looking for

The party is starting, and you’re invited. O

the sand is being swept from the streets. We begin to notice the change of tenants, from the winter folks to the summer folks—it’s almost a ritual of nature itself. But many people will flock to the area and beyond for the last rite of winter, that is,

TAKE IT FROM THE EXPERTS “The Gypsy Cafe will feed your heart and Soul” —SOCO Magazine

“Where a casual night out invariably becomes a memorable event” —Ski Magazine

spring skiing. The initiated get up early and dress with the minimal amount of layers necessary. The truly dedicated hit the slopes in shorts and tank tops. Designer sunglasses replace goggles, and the smell of tropical sunscreen is in the air. Up in the mountains of New England, the spring snow will last many more weeks but the lifts will soon close. This end of the season is

“Editors Choice”

a party for young and old alike. Whether it’s

— Yankee Magazine

your first time up to Tuckerman to earn the

“Best of New Hampshire” winner — New Hampshire Magazine

right to boast about your accomplishment and enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime, or if you choose to just sit back and take in the sights of one of the many “slush-pool parties” that are sure to take place, it’s all good. With low fuel prices, great deals on rooms, and some truly outstanding restaurants, a few

R e s e r v a t i o n s a cce p t e d | c l o s e d M o n d ay & Tu e s d ay Route 112 | Main Street | Lincoln, NH | 603-745-4395 s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 87

Writ ten by Nichole Charbonneau



The Papermill Theatre:

New Hampshire’s Professional Summer Theatre

The gateway to the White Mountain Forest in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is alive with year-round entertainment. Winter sports are a major attraction, but the warmer months offer endless hiking trails, great shopping, fine dining, and Lincoln’s own gem: North Country Center for the Arts’ Papermill Theatre.


he gateway to the White Mountain Forest in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is alive with year-round entertainment.

Winter sports are a major attraction, but the warmer months offer endless hiking trails, great shopping, fine dining, and Lincoln’s own gem: North Country Center for the Arts’ Papermill Theatre. The NCCA’s diversity includes both the production of The Mainstage Company’s Broadway musicals as well as a touring production of its Children’s Theatre. The Mainstage Company performs musicals throughout the summer under the leadership of Artistic Director Kate Arecchi. Each year, anywhere from 40 to 60 actors, technicians, and administrators from across the country convene in Lincoln to collaborate on the summer shows. Much of the staff is hired from auditions and interviews at StrawHat in New York City and the New England Theatre Conference in Boston. “We hire local performers, directors, technical and administrative staff as well as professionals from around the country,” Arecchi says. “We provide opportunities for Katie Rondeau (Mayzie) from Seussical 2007 Season. Photo by Ed Dean 88 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

local children, teens, and adults to perform

Nate Suggs (Beast) and Liana Hunt (Belle)in Beauty and the Beast 2006 season. Photo by Bart King

in our shows side-by-side with professionals,

year’s musicals have yet to be determined,

children’s performers. Later, it moved on to

fostering a sense of community.”

but past smash-hit productions include West

commissioning college interns to perform a

Side Story, Evita, Cabaret, Chicago, Sweeney

few summer shows for the children. By the

began their training on the Papermill stage

Todd, and A Chorus Line. Papermill has

early 1990s, Papermill had begun producing

have gone on to pursue professional theatre

earned quite a name for itself, with ever-

its own children’s theatre, complete with a

careers. Arecchi got her start at Papermill,

increasing trophies on its shelves from the

separate company of professional actors.

and she’s gone on to direct, choreograph,

New Hampshire Theatre Awards. “Most

and perform at various theaters around the

recently, we won the 2008 Special Award

where actors perform original adaptations

country. She’s also an assistant professor

for General Excellence in Professional

of folktales and fairytales for children.

of theatre at James Madison University

Theatre,” Arecchi says. So while the word

Usually the Children’s Theater company

in Virginia.

“theater” may not spring to mind when you

is comprised of a group of five adult actors,

think of the White Mountains, Papermill’s

a composer, a writer, and a director. They

staff lives at the Penguin Ski Lodge, which

growing reputation is adding to the evolving

bring the shows to several communities

is also home of the Lincoln Opera House.

cultural vibe in Lincoln and surrounding

around New Hampshire. This year’s

The residence, conveniently located within


performances include Rumpelstiltskin, Snow

Many local children and teenagers who

During the summer, most of the seasonal

The current incarnation follows that mold,

The Children’s Theatre began in 1985.

White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel,

“That year,” says Arecchi, “we were actually

The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Jungle Book,

Summer productions will no doubt add

in a tent in the parking lot adjacent to the

and Rapunzel.

to the growing applause and respect for the

current theater facility.” At first, NCCA

NCCA also organizes Broadway Bound,

North Country Center for the Arts. This

hired storytellers, magicians, and other

a popular musical-theatre camp for children

walking distance to downtown Lincoln and Papermill, also serves as a rehearsal space.

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 89

Above: All Shook Up, 2008 season. Photo by Ryan Bible. Tyler Rich (Cat in the Hat) and the company of Seussical 2007 season. Photo by Ed Dean.

Fine Art paintings, photography, pottery and more from local artists 38 Center St, Middleboro, MA 02346 508-947-1228 90 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

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ages eight to 13. Members of Papermill’s performing staff teach campers skills to develop their singing, acting, and dancing through working on material from current hits and classic Broadway shows. The program culminates in a performance for invited family and friends. David Talbot, Papermill president and board of trustee member, admits that Papermill has made the best of its makeshift auditorium. The space lacks seating capacity and the acoustics leave something to be desired. Still, it’s the most capable

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community theater in Lincoln. “It has been the goal of NCCA since its inception to provide arts and cultural activities to the region on an ongoing basis,” says Talbot. Although Mainstage and children’s productions have been performed in the off-season, the space at Papermill isn’t insulated

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and therefore can’t be used in the winter. But NCCA has plans for expansion. “We foresee bringing in presented acts during fall-foliage season,” Talbot says, “and family entertainment during the holiday periods of ski season, perhaps a lecture series, and various forms of entertainment. In addition, we’ll have comfortable, climate-controlled theater space available for rent to the community, which will allow area hotels to bring in speakers and entertainment, the local schools to present plays and concerts, the ability to partner with the North Country Chamber Players, and so on.” Papermill is directly behind the village shops and the InnSeason Resorts South Mountain, which is the facility’s

The Sea Witch Fairhaven, Massachusetts

sponsor. The theatre’s location makes for a convenient addition to a night on the town, and many surrounding restaurants offer special deals for theater patrons. So whether Papermill’s outstanding performances bring you to Lincoln, or you’re in the White Mountains by chance or for warm-weather fun, take advantage of the top-notch performances. Lincoln is just two hours north of Boston, and its Main Street is only minutes away from Franconia Notch State Park, where more than 6,000 acres of unadulterated wilderness are nestled between the Franconia and Kinsman mountain ranges. O For more information, call 603-745-6032 or visit the theatre’s website

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s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 91

Writ ten by Richard Costa


mov i e

Gran A Cranky, Old White Guy:

Torino is Funny, Tragic, and Very Un-PC


lint Eastwood is back. Following

goon,” “dumb Pollock,” “Mick,” and “slopes.”

in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with?

forays into the Pacific front of

He is truly an equal opportunity abuser. But

That’s me.”

WWII (Flags of Our Fathers),

it’s difficult not to like Kowalski. Underneath

As he drives her home, she explains that

euthanasia (Million Dollar Baby), and Boston

his old-school lexicon and repartee of ethnic

her family is Hmong. She laughs at his

(Mystic River), Eastwood reverted to his

slurs is a tarnished heart of gold. This film

misunderstandings and takes his prejudiced

truest form: the archetypal tough guy. Walter

is about real life, real problems, and very

comments in stride: “We’re hill people, not

Kowalski doesn’t have the quiet, mysterious

real people—it’s not afraid to broadcast the

jungle people, not goo-goo-goo.” She gets

nature of the Man with No Name or the raw

protagonist’s most unsanitized thoughts.

him over for dinner, where a funny “meet

aggression of Dirty Harry, however. Kowalski

The f lick’s youngest assets, Susie and

the Hmongs” ensues. Kowalski finds he

is a recently widowed, beer-drinking, gun-

Thao (played by Ahney Her and Bee Vang

enjoys their food and company in spite of

toting, retired autoworker living in urban

respectively), play the children of Kowalski’s

his prejudices. He makes a grievous error,

Michigan. His prejudice reeks throughout

new neighbors. Both new additions to the

though, when he pats a young child on the

the film; he’s critical of just about every ethnic

silver screen do a remarkable job.

head. The entire household stares at him

group. To Kowalski, the generation gap is a

Eastwood’s character breaks up a fight on

as though he is a pariah. “What are all you

chasm. But don’t let that fool you. His best

his front lawn between a local Asian gang

fish heads looking at?” he asks. The head, in

parts lie hidden underneath the tough, world-

and Thao’s family (the gang is trying to

Hmong culture, is the seat of the soul.

wise exterior.

recruit Thao). He threatens the gang with

Susie’s mother and grandmother ask

He profusely distrusts his newly arrived

a rif le and they back down. Young Thao

Kowalski to accept Thao to do work for

Asian neighbors, telling them to stay away

avoids the gang, though he is forced into

him to make amends for his attempted theft

from his dog and referring to them as

one initiation—stealing Kowalski’s car, a

(with Susie translating). Kowalski reluctantly

“barbarians” early in the film. Kowalski

beautifully preserved 1972 Gran Torino—

agrees, remarking under his breath, “These

and the grandmother of the new family

which he fails at miserably.

Hmong broads are like badgers.”

glare at each other from their front porches.

The day after the confrontation, Kowalski

Teenager and cranky war veteran

Kowalski mumbles, “Why do they have to

tells his neighbors to leave him alone, but

become close despite Kowalski’s insults.

come here?” while she asks, “Why don’t you

they don’t listen. They bestow gifts, food,

He helps Thao find his way in the work

leave, you dumb, old white rooster?” He spits.

f lowers, and plants on his steps for Thao’s

world and adapt to American culture. Their

She spits. It’s hate at first sight.

actions. He maintains his distance, until he

interactions are believable, humorous, and, at

finds Susie being harassed by some inner-

times, even touching. How’d “touching” get

neighbors, barber, priest, and extended

city punks. Concealed gun at the ready,

in an Eastwood film?

family. If you’re easily offended, don’t see this

Kowalski approaches the punks and says:

film. You’ll hear phrases like “drunken Irish

“Ever notice you come across someone once

Kowalski grates on everyone: his

92 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

When Thao’s would-be gang recruiters beat him again, Kowalski takes a small vengeance

Contemporary Service, Traditional Values. on one of them. They respond with Uzi fire into the family’s home and by brutalizing Susie. Here the tragic elements of the film coalesce with its well-developed characterizations. Gran Torino does not disappoint. Perhaps what’s most remarkable is how

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Home cooking, so you don’t have to.

irrelevant Kowalski’s prejudice proves when juxtaposed with his humanity. The Hmong family cares little about his cranky attitude. Unlikely to seek a PC lawyer, they suffer and warm to Kowalski, f laws and all. He grows to like young Thao and Susie despite his built-in distrust, which is fueled by the fact that he is a Korean War veteran and AngloPolish living in a hitherto Waspy world. This is a refreshing racial narrative: The most stubborn human nature traits are ultimately

The best-kept secret on the SouthCoast is now out

subordinate to the film’s characters. They all prove bigger than their backgrounds. Eastwood’s strained interactions with the family and his trademark snarl add some humor as well. This film is not all gangs, guns, and showdowns. In many ways, it’s quite the opposite. It’s really about an old man finding comfort in an Asian family he doesn’t like at first, a man who inadvertently becomes a mentor to their son. The film’s as much a story about trust and friendship as it is a vehicle for aging tough-guy Eastwood. Most of the action is verbal, much of the violence subdued, and the climax is layered with several surprises. But the Asian kids’ raw humanity, Eastwood’s strangely likeable curmudgeon, and the film’s final tragedies make it a bittersweet, urban American slice of life. O

Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner 851 Mt. Pleasant Street, New Bedford, MA | 508-995-8234 s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | Apr il 2009 | 93

n o ws…uf fe r and pu t of f K u o D id Y don’t h ave to tee t h?

ou om d Th at y r w is d c o ve re u t yo u o eed g n i o f te n is tak do n’t n n u io o t y c d a r an t h e xt p o licy, m te e ra nce u s n Wis do i e ur . th r he al pro c e d is h t os t r by yo u fo p ts m a l p la n e ac c e ic t c a a de n t pr l y, o u r rt an t o p . im s n Mo re n c e p la i n s u ra r jo a l t. m consu

to C a l l us

d ay f o


Dr. John Marshall, D.M.D & Dr. Mark Milano, D.D.S. Board Certified in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Kate Crowley, D.M.D Specialist in Periodontics & Implantology 337 Linden Street, Fall River, MA, 508-672-1069 516 Hawthorn Street, North Dartmouth, MA, 508-992-0339

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WHEEl BlastEr No More Brake Dust

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under the sheets By Andrew Aaron, LICSW, AASECT

Varicose Veins?

Our Bodies: Ce l l u lar Hard D r i v e s

Get VNUS Closure® for your legs.


eing very relaxed and very present at the same time will maximize your skill as a good lover. When these two states of

awareness coincide, the potential for sexual pleasure is increased and There is a solution to the discomfort, swelling and appearance of varicose veins that doesn’t involve painful vein stripping. Varicose veins are not always a cosmetic issue. There is a solution that is covered by most medical insurance providers. The VNUS Closure® procedure is a clinically proven, minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins and their underlying cause, venous reflux.

Spider VeinTreatment

Ask about VNUS Closure by name… the only radiofrequency treatment for varicose veins.

Vein Treatment Center Alfredo F. Xavier, MD, F.A.C.S. 52 Brigham Street New Bedford, MA 02740 (508) 979-8798

closeness between partners is deepened. A great many people have difficulty maintaining these states at the same time during sex. As a result, many people are challenged to really enjoy sex while also allowing their partners to get really close. When it comes to sex, negative emotions are roadblocks to the best sexual experiences. Negative emotions interfere with deep relaxation and keep us from having the best possible relationships with ourselves. Furthermore, negative emotions prevent people from developing deep awareness. We stay on the surface, being mostly aware of our own discomfort. Great sex comes from the uninterrupted circulation of energy in our bodies, much like the f low of electricity through the wiring of our

or refnancing? g n i Building, buy

houses. All negative emotions, whether from the past or present, act like electronic resistors and prevent the free f low of electricity—or, in this case, energy. They lower the quality of our lives and health in general. Additionally, negative emotions dramatically increase the potential for limited sexual functioning and response. Emotions may have a sizable physical impact, potentially causing sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction. Consider a hard drive, the data-storing part of a computer. The data is recorded on metal disks within the drive. Encoding the information magnetically alters the disk’s atomic structure. The disk becomes indistinguishable from the data; they become one and the same. Our

Lisa Celio 774-888-6187

Cell: 508-942-6436

bodies are similar, except that instead of data, they store emotions.

Count on us to help with the financing for your new dream home or refinancing your current mortgage.

Encoded at the cellular level, the emotions become one with our bodies. People are more apt to physically store negative emotions out of a desire to avoid them in a process called repression. Positive feelings are usually not candidates for repression because they feel good; there is no motivation to avoid them. Repressed emotions cause us to be literally stuck in our past. Living in the present, being f luid and free, is the healthiest and most conducive state for highly

Donna Novo 774-888-6222

Cell: 508-965-5276 Member FDIC. Member DIF.

Equal Housing Lender.

96 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

passionate, deeply pleasurable sex. To impress upon you the importance of emotions, consider water and its states at different temperatures. When very cold water turns

Hell in a Handbasket, continued from page 12

to ice, it is solid and inf lexible. When water

aware of this toxic buildup. Indications that

is very hot, it becomes free from physical

the body is full of emotional pollution are the

shape and turns to steam. Emotions are

inability to relax; an increase in unhealthy

similar. Love and acceptance, the “warmest”

conditions, such as anxiety, panic, chronic

someone else’s. healthcare. I shake my head

emotions, are also the freest. Fear and hate,

worrying, fears; and emotionally based

when I think that I paid for my education,

the “coldest,” have the least amount of energy

physical symptoms, such as stress-related

and may now be paying for someone else’s. I

and are more solid and slow. The energy

rashes, headaches, backaches, etc.

am in disbelief that my parents might need

within our bodies f lows better the more

You can empty your body of an old, stored

my financial assistance someday, yet my taxes

we love and accept life, our partners, and

emotion by feeling it and freeing it from

are paying for illegal aliens to live, work, and

ourselves. Just as warm water melts ice, the

physical storage. The frequent, loving touch

play in a country they don’t belong in because

“warmer” emotions of love and acceptance

of a partner can help loosen it so it is available

they came in under the cover of darkness.

“melt” away negative emotions, thereby

to be felt. Discontinuing habitual repression

With a state bursting at the seams with

allowing energy, in the form of pleasure and

is essential. Accepting a feeling is the same

wasteful spending and a federal government

aliveness, to f low once again.

as loving it. So long as we love every part

giving out money like candy at an Easter

of ourselves we will be emptying ourselves

egg hunt, I am becoming very disillusioned

or negative, affects the quality of our daily

of our unfinished pasts. The best sex

about our government ever returning to a fair

physical experience. When we store a lot

happens when both partners are free to fully

and equitable taxation policy and rewarding

of negative emotions, we treat our bodies

participate in the present while being deeply

success instead of failure. It seems like the

like toxic waste dumps. Uninterrupted, this

aware of every sensation. O

little guy is powerless and at the mercy of

The quality of our self-regard, positive

trend renders our bodies uninhabitable and

those who believe they know better.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, AASECT, is a sex

“dis-eased.” Because this usually occurs at

therapist and love relationship therapist who practices

such a slow pace, a body’s owner may not be

in the New Bedford Seaport.

I think it’s time to get back down to the beach. O

Come see what’s new in Downtown New Bedford!

Largest craft beer selection Best buffalo wings in town Fresh fruit juice martinis 94 Front Street • Downtown New Bedford, MA 02740 RIGHT NEXT TO CORK WINE & TAPAS BAR!

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How to Succeed



Family Business Succession By Jay Cumming

ou’ve put in 80-hour work weeks, missed Little League games and school recitals, and spent weekends tethered to your

BlackBerry. Your sacrifice has paid off with a thriving family business.

But what will happen when you retire? Will your company be viable for your children and grandchildren? Maybe not. Only one-third of family businesses survive to the second generation, and a paltry 15 percent to the third. According to MassMutual, 55 percent of family-business CEOs over age 61 has not chosen a successor. They may have determined ownership succession, likely handing down the business to their kids, but many have given little thought to management succession—determining who will actually run the firm once they move on. This is critical: Without capable leadership, the company will offer little benefit to the owner. I was personally involved in a four-generation family business, and as a business coach for more than 20 years I have assisted and observed dozens of family businesses dealing with management succession. I’ve discovered four lessons crucial to success. 1. Set the Date Announce your retirement date far enough in advance—but not too far—to allow for a smooth transfer of power. It will take time to school your successor in the intricacies of your business, but choosing

Love Shopping? A.S. Deams has unique gifts, classic fashion, and that certain something to satisfy anyone with a taste for quality and distinction.

a date too far in the future may cause him or her to tire of waiting. 2. Involve Key Managers Early Staff acceptance is critical to a successful transition, so getting managers and key employees involved in the planning stages will foster buy-in and support for the new boss. 3. Seek Outside Assistance A board of directors and trusted advisors familiar with your company and industry can serve as voices of reason, helping you assess potential successors without personal bias. Once a successor is chosen, engage an executive coach to help develop his or her functional and

A.S. DeAmS .inc.

managerial skills and to accelerate readiness for new responsibilities.

400 Main Road | Westport, MA | 508-636-0800 Monday thru Saturday 10 AM to 5PM

Prepare your successor to triumph. There’s a tendency among hard-


98 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

4. Support Your Successor Continued on page 104

An Accounting Firm that knows their business Trustworthy & Reliable:

characteristics our clients have come to know and appreciate for over 40 years.








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As you cruise to the island of Cuttyhunk, have your camera ready to snap the friendly seals frolicking in scenic Buzzards Bay. Once ashore stretch your legs and walk the beaches before departing for New Bedford.

NEW BEDFORD TO For prices and more information, please call 508.992.0200 CUTTYHUNK Check out our website for details. SEAL WATCH SCHEDULE: 10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M. (weather dependent, reservations required) Saturday, April 4th Saturday, April 18th Cuttyhunk Ferry Company, Inc., 66B State Pier, New Bedford, MA 02740

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Writ ten by Vicki Bancrof t

o u t door s


Splat and You’re Out This spring, you might be considering some repair work around the house or yard to erase the signs of winter weather. Or you could skip all that and discover the exhilaration and strategy of the fast-paced game known as paintball.


irst played in 1980 in Henniker, New

variations. The most common resembles the

Hampshire, the game continues to

old game Capture the Flag, where teams try

attract male and female players, from

to eliminate their opponents by “marking”

re-enact famous wartime battles, and it

about age 12 through adulthood, who find

them with a paintball and ultimately

requires many players as well as a substantial

the game challenging both physically and

capturing the pennant and winning the

amount of time. Some scenario games can


game. It’s a game of strategy and teamwork

take up to 26 hours until detailed missions

involving physical and mental skills and

are completed.

Paintball involves firing a “gun,” referred to as a “marker,” filled with gelatinous capsules, which contain a water-soluble dye or paint,


shooting until the game ends. For history buffs, scenario paintball games

Since its inception, paintball has not

Joe Pallatroni, 24, of South Dartmouth,

been without its critics. Some claim it

hence the name, paintball. The markers

Massachusetts, played amateur competitive

glamorizes fighting and the use of firearms.

are propellant powered, usually by carbon

paintball for seven years. Now a student at

But the game’s supporters represent it as

dioxide, and expel the paintballs from a

Bridgewater State College, Pallatroni is eager

a safe, recreational activity, which also

“hopper,” which loads them into the “breech”

to get back to the game he refers to as “high-

promotes exercise and mental concentration.

for firing. The paintballs can be gravity fed or

speed chess.

Proponents also claim that the sport is very

power fed into the marker for shooting.

“I played on five-member teams in the

safe when practiced according to the rules,

The basic equipment required for play

New England Paintball League,” he says.

which are designed to promote play based on

involves a face mask with goggles, complete

“We were usually in the semi-finals and

common sense and responsibility.

paintball gun (including hopper), and the

finals throughout New England, and we

propellant. A supply of colored paintballs is

worked hard. We trained physically but

throughout New England, and adherence

usually held on the player’s belt in a canister

also worked on our strategy. There’s a lot of

to the sport’s safety guidelines is always a

or pod. The marker is equipped with a

teamwork in paintball-tournament play.”


Organized paintball facilities are plentiful

barrel plug or barrel bag, which is required

There are numerous types of paintball

for safety reasons when you’re not actively

games that involve the same equipment but

Hampshire, you can play paintball whether

involved in the game. Paintball facilities

use different settings for the action.

you are experienced or an absolute beginner.

offer equipment-rental packages for $40

Woodsball is played outdoors in a natural,

At Canobie Paintball in Windham, New

With 25 years in the business, it’s been

to $50 for a half day as well as supplies for

wooded locale, and players use the terrain as

recognized as one of the “best paintball fields

purchase. Most players wear camouf lage

part of their game strategy.

in New England” by Paintball International

or dark clothing depending on location and type of play.

Speedball games last about 15 to 20


minutes and take place on smaller playing

Paintball can be played indoors or

fields with only a few bunkers for each team.

outdoors with an assortment of game

In speedball, the play is quick, with nonstop

Specializing in beginner as well as tournament play, the experts at Canobie Continued on page 105

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 101

you r h e a l t h

Writ ten by Rob Saint Laurent

The Ubiquitous Burrito— Friend or Foe?

Take a trip to your local Chili’s or Taco Bell and you’ll quickly find what seems like everyone’s favorite Tex-Mex food: the popular burrito.


asty and versatile, this dish is quick

It is believed that the burrito actually

to lend a helping hand when you’re

made its way to this country in the early

Below is how the typical fast-food burrito

in a pinch. It’s the perfect soul

20th century by way of the Mexican state

breaks down nutritionally versus a healthier,

mate to rice and friendly with many other

of Chihuahua. Juan Mendez, a taco-stand

that is, homemade one.

varieties of food, which can be healthy for

vendor, found that he was able to keep

you—or not.

food warm during transport via donkey by

Getting the Better of Your

wrapping it in f lour tortillas.


There are a lot of people who maintain

Nutritional Breakdown

the burrito is a healthy alternative to burgers,

At the time, common ingredients would

pizza, and other traditional fast-food fare. If

have been simple meat, potatoes, beans, chili

goes into that tasty f lour shell that can make

that is so, we should investigate this claim to

rajas, and asadero cheese. Since then, it’s

this food a healthy-meal alternative. The

dispel any misconceptions.

evolved into something that Señor Mendez

fillings make or break your burrito.

might not be able to even identify, much less

Not hard to figure out, right?

approve of.

What is hard for most people is actually

Thus, what follows could be the first description you’ve read on the background, makeup, and preparation of one common

Today, a commercial burrito can be as

American meal: the ever-present burrito.

dreadful for your heart as a cheeseburger.

Hot sauce, anyone? Or perhaps, PeptoBismol?

The bottom line is that it’s all about what

following through and making the right choices.

Moreover, according to USDA data, U.S.

A recurrent theme of this column once

consumption of refined f lour and grain is at

again arises: How badly do you want to be

an all-time high of 200 pounds per person.

healthier? It’s a lifestyle, a decision-making

Ingenuity Born of Necessity

In fact, how bad has the burrito become

process, as has been said many times already.

On the off chance some of you might be

since first arriving on the back of a donkey?

With a little extra effort you can build a

unfamiliar with a burrito, which means

In some cases, fat content can be as high as 30

better burrito. Here are some preparation

“little burro or donkey,” it’s a tortilla rolled

grams or more for a single serving.

tips you can put to use for cutting calories

or cooked on a griddle and then filled with a

and eating healthier.

variety of ingredients, such as beans or beef.


Serving Size


Cals. from Fat

Total Fat (g.)

Sat. Fat (g.)

Sugars (g.)

1. 2.

Taco Bell Chili-Cheese Burrito Taco Bell Bean Burrito

5 oz 7 oz

330 370

120 99

13 11

6 3.5

2 3


Homemade Bean-and-Cheese Burrito

4 oz






102 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

• Use stone-ground wheat flour tortilla

Add potatoes, onions, peppers, and canola

shells versus those made from refined

oil to the pan and heat until ingredients are

white flour.

soft. Add salt, pepper, and Egg Beaters; mix

• I nstead of sour cream, use plain yogurt.

together until eggs are cooked through. Heat

Or try guacamole, which is high in heart-

the tortillas; add the egg mixture down the

friendly monounsaturated fats.

center, followed by the cheese. Fold the

• Use reduced-fat cheese.

shell, and garnish with the chopped

• Opt for fibrous vegetables and legumes

tomato and basil leaves. O Robert D. St. Laurent, M.Ed., is a certified master trainer and author of the book, FitWorks!.

for filling versus too much starch. For example, use red and green bell peppers, onions, and refried beans instead of white potatoes. • Use lean meats only or meat substitutes, such as soy or tofu. • P recook any meats in canola oil or olive oil for their high omega-3 and -9 fattyacids content. Expert Mom Advice



7:28 PM

Page 1

Moms know that healthy food has to taste good, but it can’t take forever and a day to produce. The humble burrito fits this requirement perfectly. What kid doesn’t like

Great Cuts: Only $19

them? Plus, they’re great at any time of day.

Same personalized consultation, same

Healthy Breakfast Burrito (Adapted from

professional result,

Nonstick cooking spray

at an unbelievably

1 raw sweet potato, grated

great price!

1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped red and green bell

Subject to availability

pepper 2 tablespoons canola oil

with a participating

Pinch of salt

stylist. You must ask

Pinch of pepper

for our value-priced

1 cup Egg Beaters or similar egg-white

cut when booking


your appointment.

2 reduced-fat whole-wheat f lour tortillas 1/2 cup low-fat mozzarella cheese 1/2 cup chopped fresh tomato 1/2 tablespoon dried basil leaves


Heat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray.

8 Champion Terrace, North Dartmouth, MA s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 103

How to Succeed, continued from page 98

driving company founders to want their successors to sink or swim.

Talk to the Experts • Investment Management Services • Trust & Estate Administration • Guardianship Services • Estate Planning Services • Custodial Services

TRUST COMPANY 10 Davol Square, Suite 200, Providence, RI 02903 866.628.1995 | 401.751.2702 | F 401.751.5741 104 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

To build skills and visibility before taking the reins, your next-in-line should get his or her hands dirty on the front lines to see how your business really operates. When the official transition arrives, step back and give your successor full authority to do the job. Management succession is one of the most critical decisions you make for your company and your family. By starting early, involving key stakeholders, and creating a formal plan, you will improve the likelihood that your company will be around for generations to come. O Jay Cumming, CPA/CVA, MBA, is with the accounting firm of CBIZ Tofias and Mayer Hoffman McCann, PC, with offices throughout New England.

SOCO Magazine is looking for a few good people. Please visit our website for more information at

Spring Fling Week! April 20-24

Entertainment & Crafts Daily!

Buttonwood Park Zoo 425 Hawthorn St., New Bedford, MA 02740

(508) 991-6178

Paintbal, continued from page 101

Paintball will cater to all players older than 12, though players younger than18 require a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. “We offer private games with 20 or more players, and we have two referees assigned to a group,” says Ron Wells, manager of Canobie Paintball. “If you aren’t coming in a group, we’ll assign you to one at your skill level. About 80 percent of our customers are novice players.” Wells says that bachelor parties and birthday parties are popular events. Target-range practice is also available for players looking to improve their shooting skills. If you want to give paintball a try, preparation is simple. Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and wear supportive shoes, preferably boots, for maneuvering safely over uneven terrain. This is not a fashion-statement event. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty; even though the paintballs are water based, not all stains will disappear. Be sure to have a photo ID with you for

More Magazines in More Places Regardless of what is being said of the economy, I recently had new customers come into my shop from Somerset & Swansea, Massachusetts; Bristol & Little Compton, Rhode Island; and some women from Cape Cod.

proof of age. Paintball is an action sport, much like football or basketball, and a good dose of common sense goes a long way in keeping the game fun and safe for everyone. To find a facility near you, visit bostonplus. com/paintball. Click on any of the New England states to locate both indoor and outdoor sites. O

Get More FroM Morel

All were brand new to my store and each told me they were there as a result of seeing my ad in SOCO magazine. Needless to say, we had a great day in yarn world!

• Heating & AC Service • Baseboard & Radiant Heating • Furnace & AC Energy Upgrades & Replacements • Energy Saving Equipment-Programable Thermostats- Indoor/Outdoor Control • Sheet Metal Ductwork Installation & Alteration • Preventive Maintenance • Boiler Replacements

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

• Oil Burner Service

Call us today to learn how you can save energy consumption & costs

SOCO™ magazine has the reach and readership that brings business to you. Call us at 508-743-5636 or e-mail and grow your company.


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MA Lic. #029241 / RI Lic. # 006196









s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 105


5 C a l en d a r

April 1st THE ARTISTS’ BALL Annual event to raise funds for programs and support local artists. Dancing, desserts, & silent auction. 76 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI. 401-848-8200;

April 4th THE 2009 MAKE A WISH GALA “Where Wishes Bloom.” Rose Kennedy Ballroom, InterContinental Boston. 510 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA. $300 per person. 617-367-9474;

April 19th THE SHAMROCK BALL Presented by Newport’s Ancient Order of Hibernians; benefits the AOH Scholarship fund. A black tie or kilted affair with step dancers, pipes, drums, and elegant Irish fare. 8 p.m. to midnight. Belcourt Castle, Newport, RI. $110 per person. 401-864-3881;

Photo by Ishy Roderigues

April 24th — 26th NANTUCKET DAFFODIL FESTIVAL Antique car parade, dog parade, children’s parade, daffodil show, hat pageant, Claire Murray rug raffle, window-decorating contest, complimentary wine-andcheese tasting, gallery, events, and more. Nantucket Island, MA. 508-228-1700;


30days SPECIAL EVENTS/NONPROFITS SPOHR GARDENS Owned by a charitable trust; six acres of daffodils, rhododendrons, and daylilies surrounding Oyster Pond. One of Cape Cod’s hidden gems. Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 45 Fells Road, Falmouth, MA For peak-blooming info contact: 508-548-0623; 6TH ANNUAL LOUIE’S RUN All proceeds benefit Massachusetts General Hospital Parkinson’s Research. Location: TBA, New Bedford, MA. April 18th noon. Entry fee $20. Cash prizes for walkers and runners. 508-636-3718; AVON WALK FOR BREAST CANCER Route includes many of Boston’s historical and famous sites. Walk, crew, donate or volunteer. May 16th and 17th. Boston. 888-540-9255; AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RELAY FOR LIFE GREATER NEW BEDFORD AREA Help the fight against cancer. Volunteer or join a relay team. June 19th and 20th. Locations to be announced. 505-897-4341;

THEATER A CHORUS LINE March 31st through April 5th. Providence Performing Arts Center. 220 Weybosset St., Providence, RI $41-$68. 401-421-ARTS; MELTED LIPSTICK Funny and touching characters created and performed by Annie Hart Cool. April 2nd through 5th. St. Martin’s Church Hall, 136 Rivet St., New Bedford, MA. 508-993-0772; THE TOPSY TURVY WORLD OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN Saturday, April 4, 2009; 7:30 p.m. Bell Street Chapel, 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI. $20, $15 for seniors/ students/former OSLO cast members; $10 for RIIFF members. For more information, please call 401.861-4445. SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! April 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th: 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., April 22nd: 4 p.m. $15 adults, $10 12+, $7 11 and under. Tickets may be purchased in advance online or at the box office. 508-428-0669; THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners. April 10th through May 17th. Trinity Repertory Company 201 Washington St., Providence, RI. $20 special,

limited tickets available. 401-351-4242; A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE By Tennessee Williams. April and May, Thurs. through Sat. 8 p.m., Sun. 3 p.m. 2nd Story Theatre, 28 Market St., Warren, RI. $25. 401-247-4200;

CONCERTS 2009 CONCERT SERIES Olivia Garnier and Tim Roberts Piano/Cello April 5th 4 p.m. The Art Complex Museum, 189 Alden St., Duxbury, MA. Free, limited seating 781-934-6634; PROVIDENCE STRING QUARTET & THE RI PHILHARMONIC COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA April 5th 3 to 5 p.m. Lincoln School, 301 Butler Ave. $15 adults, $5 students/seniors. Providence, RI 401-861-5650; RHODE ISLAND PHILHARMONIC Golijov, Beethoven & Schumann, Francisco Noya, conductor. Fabio Bidini, piano. The Providence Singers. April 18th 8 p.m. VMA Arts & Cultural Center, 1 Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 401-248-7000; BART WEISMAN GROUP AND NEW YORK’S STRING OF PEARLS Jazz drummer and his group perform with vocal trio. April 18th 7 p.m. Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main St., South Yarmouth, MA. $15 508-394-7100; GREAT WOODS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA April 30th 7:30 p.m. Wheaton College Weber Theatre, Watson Fine Ar ts. 26 East Main St., Norton, MA. $10 general, $5 seniors. 508-286-3644;

MUSEUMS PEABODY ESSEX MUSEUM Collection of maritime and other works of art, architecture, and culture. Tues. through Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 161 Essex St., Salem, MA. $15 adults, $13 seniors, $11 college students; younger than 16 admitted free. 866-745-1876; HERITAGE MUSEUMS & GARDENS Opens for the season April 1st. Antique automobiles, carousel, art museum, and more. Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through October 31st. 67 Grove St., Sandwich, MA. Admission/memberships available 508-888-3300;

HANGING NASTURTIUMS 20-foot vines hang in the garden for approximately two weeks. Visit website for dates in April. Tues. through Sun. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 280 The Fenway, Boston, MA $12 adults, $10 seniors, $5 college students 617-278-5156; DUXBURY ART ASSOCIATION WINTER JURIED SHOW More than 500 entries from all over New England. Runs through April 13th; Wed. through Sun. 1 to 4 p.m. The Art Complex Museum, 189 Alden St., Duxbury, MA 781-934-6634; PILGRIM MONUMET & PROVINCETOWN MUSEUM High Pole Hill Road, Provincetown, MA 508-487-1310; CAPE COD MUSEUM OF ART Thurs. through Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun. noon to 5 p.m. 60 Hope Lane, off Rt. 6A, Dennis, MA. $8 adults. Thurs. by donation; open until 8 p.m. 508-385-4477; SANDWICH GLASS MUSEUM 129 Main St., Sandwich, MA $5 adults, $1.25 ages 6 to 14 508-888-0251; THE HULL LIFESAVING MUSEUM Open year-round. 1117 Nantasket Ave., Hull, MA 508-925-5433; MUSEUM OF ART RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN Tues. through Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs. until 9 p.m. 224 Benefit St., Providence, RI. 401-454-6500; PATRIOT’S DAY WEEKEND Commemorates the battles fought at Lexington and Concord in 1775 at the start of the American Revolution. April 18th through 20th. Battleship Cove, Five Water St., Fall River, MA. Admission coupon available online. 508-678-1100;

MUSIC/DANCE GOSPEL MUSIC Atwater & Donnelly featuring Jerimoth Hill. April 18th 7 p.m. Common Fence Point Community Hall 933 Anthony Rd, Portsmouth, RI. $20 401-683-5085; BITTERSWEET FARM Live entertainment in the Fireside Tavern. Thurs. through Sun. evenings. 438 Main Road, Westport, MA. 508-636-2163;

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 107


FUSIONWORKS DANCE April 3rd 8 p.m. April 4th 2 p.m. & 8 p.m. Courthouse Center for the Arts. 3481 Kingstown Rd, West Kingston, RI. $27 adults, $24 seniors, $20 students. 401-782-1018;

GALLERIES THE MIDDLEBOROUGH ART GALLERY Wed. through Sat. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 38 Centre St., Middleborough, MA 508-947-1228; PROVIDENCE GALLERY NIGHT April 16th, 5 to 9 p.m. Park free and ride the Art Bus. Citizens Plaza, Providence, RI. 401-490-2042; NEWPORT GALLERY NIGHT Second Thurs. of each month; 5 to 8 p.m. Free parking at the Visitors’ Information Center, 23 America’s Cup Ave. and at the Newport Art Museum, 76 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI. PORTSMOUTH ARTS GUILD April 9th through May 3rd “Works on Paper”- Open Juried Show. 2679 East Main Rd., Portsmouth, RI 401-293-5ART;

EXHIBITIONS CAPTURING A MOMENT Miho Ogai. March 23rd through April 17th. Bridgewater State College, The Wallace L. Anderson Gallery. 40 School St., Bridgewater, MA 508-531-1359; FIGUREHEADS Ongoing. Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea. 75 Greenmanville Ave., Mystic, CT $15 adults, $13 seniors, $9.50 ages 6 to 17 888-973-2767; RETROSPECTIVE LIFE WORKS Elizabeth G. Ferry. Reception April 19th 5 to 7 p.m. Show runs April 19th through May 22nd. Courthouse Center for the Arts. 3481 Kingstown Rd., West Kingston, RI. 401-782-1018;

LECTURES, DISCUSSIONS & TALKS BAKER BOOKS Author events, children’s story hour, knitting and book groups. 69 State Rd., Dartmouth, MA. 508-997-6700; MARMALADE AND MURDER The sweet and sour of writing a mystery novel, with Edward Lodi. April 9th 7 p.m. Holbrook Public Library, 2 Plymouth St., Holbrook, MA 781-767-3644;

THE GREAT OUTDOORS GEOLOGY WALK with Josh King. April 4th 10 a.m. to noon. Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA. Free; registration required 508-636-3016; ARCHEOLOGY WALK with Holly Herbster. April 4th 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Destruction Brook woods. Slades Corner Rd., Dartmouth, MA. 508-991-2289; CAPE COD LAVENDER FARM Shop reopens April 1st. Lavender marmalade, lavender lemonade and lavender chocolate. Soap, soy candles, natural moth repellent, and more. Mark your calendar for the June/July harvest. 75 Island Pond Trail, Harwich, MA. 508-432-8397; CUTTYHUNK FERRY COMPANY Spring Schedule: April 14th through May 21st Leaves New Bedford 9 a.m. Sun., Mon., Fri. & Sat. Leaves Cuttyhunk 4 p.m. Sun., Mon., Fri., & Sat. Espresso bar, fresh-baked specialties, beer, wine and soft drinks available. 66B State Pier, South Bulkhead New Bedford, MA. 508-992-0200;

FAMILY/KIDS NEW ENGLAND SALTWATER FISHING SHOW Charters, guides, equipment, seminars and more.

108 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

April 3rd through 5th. Sunday women and children younger than 12 admitted free. Discount coupons available online. Rhode Island Convention Center One Sabin St., Providence, RI. 401-458-6000; HORSEBACK RIDING Summer program/private lessons, beginner through advanced. 8 Robinson Rd., Rochester, MA 508-763-4886; PLIMOTH PLANTATION Visit the 17th century. Daily through Nov. 30th 137 Warren Ave., Plymouth, MA. 508-746-1622; BUTTONWOOD PARK ZOO 425 Hawthorn St., New Bedford, MA $6 adults, $4.50 teens, $3 ages 3 through 12, younger than 3 admitted free. 508-991-6178; THE BUTTERFLY PLACE Open daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 120 Tyngsboro Rd. Westford, MA. $9.50 adults, $7.50 seniors, $6.50 ages 3 through 12, age 2 and younger admitted free. 978-392-0955 MAGIC WINGS Home to 4,000 free-flying butterflies from all over the world. 281 Greenfield Rd., South Deerfield, MA $12 adults, $10 seniors, $8 students, younger than 3 admitted free. 413-665-2805; EARTH DAY The Wild Place/Garden reopens for the season. April 19th TEDDY BEAR DAY Bring your teddy bear to the kids’ clinic for snacks, songs and crafts. May 1st; Tues. through Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. & Sun. noon to 5 p.m. The Children’s Museum in Easton. 9 Sullivan Ave., North Easton, MA. Admission: $6. 508-230-3789;

To have your upcoming event listed, email us @ Please allow 5-8 weeks in advance of the event date.


Don’t Wait. Don’t Be Late. We’re making deals everyday! Rob Lima - Treasurer

Tom Aubin - Owner-Broker

New Hampshire FRANCONIA FALLS Easy 3-mile hike along the Lincoln Woods Trail. Park at Lincoln Woods Information Center lot on the Kancamagus Highway. 603-528-8721; AMERICA’S STONEHENGE Open sunrise to sunset. Self-guided snowshoeing and hiking. 105 Haverhill Rd., Salem, NH. $9.50 adults, $6.50 ages 6 through 12, ages 5 and younger admitted free. Visit website for discount coupon. 603-893-8300;

Thomas F. Aubin-Broker/Owner 1130 Stafford Road, Fall River, MA 508-678-5055 |

MOUNT WASHINGTON MUSEUM Sherman Adams building on the summit. Mount Washington State Park, Mount Washington, NH 603-356-2137; WEATHER DISCOVERY CENTER Through May 17th, weekends, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2779 Main St., North Conway, NH 603-356-2137; MOUNT WASHINGTON VALLEY CHILDREN’S MUSEUM For children age 8 and younger. Wed. through Fri. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 2936 White Mountain Highway, Routes 16 and 302 North Conway, NH. $5, children younger than 1 admitted free. 603-356-2992;

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 109

Special Advertising Section

SOCO Showcase

Eas t C o as t Pl u mbi n g & He ating


imes are tough, but some plumbers just won’t budge. They’re starving

along,” he says. A graduate of Greater New Bedford

then decided to strike out on his own. Harrington had always worked as a

for work, but they refuse to lower

Regional Vocational Technical High

plumber on the side, and that meant jobs

their high prices because they think they’re

School and New England Institute of

after the usual workday running until 1:00

worth it. Kevin Harrington of East Coast

Technology, Harrington discovered his

or 2:00 in the morning. It got to the point

Plumbing & Heating isn’t in business to

talent for plumbing early on. “I didn’t really

where he was missing work due to his

play games. He’s going to be honest, upfront,

take plumbing in high school, but I took a

moonlighting, and he just had to choose

and fair with customers, and that means

maintenance course, and every project we

one or the other. He made his choice, and

adjusting his prices to ref lect these troubled

did plumbing on I won,” he shares. “I also did

he’s been running East Coast Plumbing &

times. And if a customer calls him on a

competitions with other schools and always

Heating for about four years now.

weekend, he’s going to pick up, even if it’s the

got first place. That’s when I knew I was

middle of the night.

going to be a plumber.”

Harrington must be doing something

After receiving his associate’s degree,

Licensed, registered, and insured in Massachusetts, Harrington mostly focuses on plumbing, heating, renovations,

right, because he hasn’t gone a day without

Harrington worked for a number of

and remodels but has done some new

work in a very long time. “I’d rather come

plumbers off and on for the next few years.

construction. And he’s willing to do

down in price a little bit and keep moving

He supervised eight people at his final job,

commercial or residential work anywhere.

110 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

S O C O S h o w ca s e From Dartmouth to Seekonk to Boston, if someone’s got a problem, Harrington will

Cus to m Wo o dwo r k in g

Lan d scape su pp ly

fix it. When he first works with a customer, he requests payment upfront. “Once I establish something with somebody, it’s like, ‘You know what Mrs. Jones, whenever you get the money, or if you can pay within the week, just send me a check in the mail.’ It’s not a big deal,” says Harrington,

Nick Ieronimo Landscape Supply

who describes his attitude as friendly and understanding. He advertises, but most of his work comes from repeat customers and word of

The finest custom cabinetry hand crafted for your home.

mouth. “If you started a business right now,

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts | 508-758-2005

457 Wareham St., (Rte. 28) Middleboro, MA 508-947-5363

Cu s tom F ramin g

Gene r a l C on tr acti ng

Art Smart

Foundations to finish.

you wouldn’t make it,” says Harrington, clearly grateful for his loyal customers, some of whom he’s known for almost 15 years. Among his many customers is Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA). “If it’s a weekend, a lot of plumbers won’t even pick up the phone,” Harrington says. “I’ll always pick up, and if I miss the call, I’ll always call back.” Middle-of-the-night trouble will be tackled, no questions asked. Harrington is ready to solve problems 24 hours a day. “There’s nothing I can’t fix. If I don’t know how, I’ll figure it out.” After working a job, Harrington has been known to do an extra chore or two. “I’ll do

Everything carpentry from framing to custom wood working.

209 Huttleston Ave., Fairhaven, MA 508-997-7500 331 State Rd., Dartmouth, MA 508-992-8111

little things to help people out if they ask,


Dartmouth, Massachusetts 508-326-4282

P l umbin g & Heati ng

like change a light bulb or put a new battery in a smoke detector.” And he never leaves a

number of bathroom and kitchen remodels, and he has plans for business expansion. In addition to plumbing and heating, he is starting to focus on drain-cleaning services. So, if your standard plumber has become more of a cliché of late, maybe it’s time to try East Coast Plumbing & Heating. “Free estimates, no obligations,” Harrington says. “I’m just fair with everybody.” O


Lately, Harrington has been doing a

se r Ca ve t ll 5 his 08 spa .74 ce 3.5 to 63 da 6 y

mess when he’s done.

East Coast Plumbing & Heating

Water Heaters • Well Repairs • Boiler Repairs & Installation • Diagnostic Specialist • Remodels • Free Estimates

508-736-9950 Free Estimates 24 Hour Service


Lic. Plumber

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 #26246 | 111

Chinese Laundry, continued from page 70

the chef prepared a Samurai Maki, substituting

Much to our surprise, Debra-Lee

accompany this indulgence, I moved to a glass

Tuna and Hamachi. The dish included a sweet

approached with cold saki. The treat

of the Jed Steele Cabernet Franc (Clear Lake,

soy reduction, along with tobiko and cilantro.

contained distilled liquor for an interesting,

2004). Very palatable, the choice paired well

Of our nine promised courses, we were

fresh, and crisp taste, and was coupled

with the beef and, again, was fairly priced for a

about halfway through when suddenly the

with Tempura King Crabmeat treated with

good serving.

Beef Tataki, served with a Ponzu vinaigrette,

Truff le Honey Oil Aioli. This is a must-have.

One thing was made clear prior to the

micro greens, and a spicy lemon and garlic

I do recommend ordering the cold saki to

evening’s start: I didn’t want to try anything

sauce, arrived. Each dish was unbelievably

join this plate; you won’t be disappointed

prepared with eel. Just the thought makes me

more enjoyable than the previous one. This was

and you’ll appear knowledgeable in front of

lose my appetite. In order to accommodate,

another winner.

your friends.

Bittersweet Farm Restuarant & Tavern

Your table is waiting...

Relaxing Sunday Brunch, an intimate dinner for two, or Weekend Entertainment in our cozy Fireside Tavern, we offer something for everyone!

Finally we were brought some large plates: first a Pan-Seared Duck Breast with a chilled Soba noodle salad and an apple ponzu vinaigrette, followed by a Braised Prime Short Rib covered in Black Truff le Ginger Yam Purée. Also sharing the plate were Tempura Onions and truff le hoi sin sauce. Both of these dishes were prepared beyond our expectations and are excellent choices, with good proportion and high quality. Some might balk at the prices, but if you understand value and product selection, you will see and taste the difference between what is prepared by Chinese Laundry and the products of other kitchens. This was one of the most delightful experiences I have had at a top-f light restaurant in some time. You can’t help but walk away feeling contentment and a desire to return. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere: The proximity of other guests creates a relaxed mood and encourages conversations with complete strangers.

Bittersweet Tavern Specials!

Tuesday & Wednesday | “Date Nights” - enjoy salad, dinner for 2 and a dessert to share for $28 / with bottle of wine $39 Thursday | “Prime Rib Night” - complete for $18 Tuesday-Friday | ½ Priced appetizers in our Fireside Tavern 3 - 5 pm

Reservations 508.636.0085 438 Main Road | Westport, MA | 112 | socomagazine .com | N e w E n g l a n d | A p r i l 2 0 0 9

We really enjoyed chatting with the couple next to us about a variety of subjects. If you are looking for a special place to call your new favorite, indulge in the longevity, strength, and presence offered by Chinese Laundry. O Chinese Laundry is located at 121 North Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Reservations are accepted; you may reach them at 401-272-TORO or Closed Sundays and Mondays.

s o c o r ecipe Photo by Robyn MacKenzie

Guacamole ingredients 2 ripe Haas avocados ½ red onion, minced (about ½ cup) 2 large garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon cumin 5 drops of green Tabasco sauce 1-2 serrano chiles, stems and seeds removed, minced 3 tablespoons cilantro leaves, finely chopped 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice ½ teaspoon coarse salt A dash of freshly grated black pepper ½ ripe tomato, seeds and pulp removed, chopped

instructions 1. Cut avocados in half. Remove seed. Scoop out avocado from the peel; put in a mixing bowl. Save the pit. 2. Using a fork, mash the avocado. Add the chopped onion, cilantro, lime, minced garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper and mash some more. Start with a half of a chile. Taste, then add more depending on your taste. Add the drops of green Tabasco, depending on your taste. Be careful handling the peppers; wash your hands thoroughly after handling and do not touch your eyes or the area near your eyes with your hands for several hours.

Keep the tomatoes separate until ready to serve. Remember that much of this is done to taste because of the fresh ingredients. Start with this recipe and adjust to your taste. 3. Put the pit back into the bowl. This trick helps keeps it from turning brown. Cover with plastic wrap directly on the surface of the guacamole to prevent oxidation from the air reaching it. Refrigerate until ready. 4. Just before serving, add the chopped tomato to the guacamole and mix. Serve with tortilla chips, carrots, pita bread, or your favorite snack. Serves 2-4.

s o c o m a g a z i n e . c o m | N e w E n g l a n d | A pr il 2009 | 113

Weonlychargeforthosewhoyou believewillbecomeyourcustomers As for the rest, we’ll let them know you’re not interested Ridiculous, isn’t it? This is the very reason SOCO magazine is reaching far and wide— across New England—not only to grab the attention of the most desirable consumers during difficult times, but to deliver your message to them month after month.

Our success has been proven time after time In the past, all you had to do was advertise to your neighbors through the local media; they’d be sure to show up at your door. Things have changed, and if you want to succeed, you need to be in front of thousands upon thousands of readers, regardless of old concepts and beliefs.

A new era Media outlets have been turned upside down and are scrambling to correct their ills of yesterday. The entrepreneurs of today are savvy and know an out-of-the-box concept when they see it.

SOCO, a true economic stimulus

clients. Not surprisingly, these sales

While most magazines and

representatives acknowledge that

newspapers go out of business in

the smart money is invested in

the first year, SOCO is gaining the

SOCO magazine.

strength of a hurricane during recent history’s most turbulent time. For

Your neighborhood just got bigger

four years, this publication has been

SOCO reaches your potential

delivering customers to their clients in

customers where they live, work,

record numbers, and businesses from

and play. These days that means

hundreds of miles away are flocking

targeting consumers via the full

to the pages of SOCO.

understanding of their behaviors and purchasing patterns.

Thanks for the compliment

It is for these reasons and more that

If you could be a fly on the wall

SOCO magazine will continue to be

during sales meetings at most of the

your best and most valued advertising

major (and minor) media companies,

medium for 2009. Call today and

you’d find that nearly everyone is

join the family of successful business

currently using SOCO to find new

people from around New England.

To advertise call 508.743.5636 or e-mail


m a g a z i n e

253 Elm Street. Padanaram Village

Westport with Views & River Access!

Call Maureen!

di Pe n







Pe n




New Price . . . New Presentation . . . $599,000

MATTAPOISETT . . . $689,000

Merrymount II East . . . Custom Built

S. DARTMOUTH . . . House +15 Acres

Call Anne for Price! 508-999-1010 |

Hidden Bay . . .$375,000

S. DARTMOUTH . . . Beach Rights!

SOCO Magazine April 2009