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     Dismantle  Racism  in  Our  Institutions   SOCM  is  committed  to  the  journey  of  becoming  an  anti-­‐racist   organization.  Recognizing  our  interdependence,  SOCM  is  committed   to  overcoming  social  and  institutional  racism  and  embracing  our   diverse  cultures.  

“Because of  a  history  of  over  500  years  of  racism  in  this  country,  every  institution  and   organization  in  our  society,  including  SOCM,  has  been  infiltrated  by  racism.    We  cannot  fulfill   our  mission  as  an  organization  without  addressing  institutionalized  racism.”   SOCM  Board  of  Directors   SOCM’s  vision  for  the  future  is  to  create  a  diverse  anti-­‐racist   organization  composed  of  people  of  all  ages,  races,  ethnic   groups,  and  religions  working  together,  in  total  trust,   openly  and  freely,  with  shared  multi-­‐racial  leadership.  This   multi-­‐racial  power  will  be  used  to  create  an  organization   and  a  state  where  everyone  has  a  voice,  is  united,  and  feels   safe  to  be  a  full  participant.   SOCM  has  been  involved  in  anti-­‐racism  work  for  nearly  20   years.  We  deepened  our  commitment  to  this  work  in  2003   when  the  SOCM  Board  officially  passed  a  mandate  that   brought  the  Anti-­‐Racism  Transformation  Team  (ARTT)  into   existence.    Anti-­‐racism  work  brings  strength  to  SOCM  as  it   helps  us  fulfill  our  mission  to  empower  all  Tennesseans  to   have  a  greater  voice  in  their  future.       The  ART  Team  is  primarily  focused  on  training  SOCM   members  on  current  forms  of  institutional  racism,   equipping  t   hem  to  address  racism,  and  preventing  racism   from  happening  in  our  organization.  This  work  is  carried  out   in  SOCM  in  the  form  of  racial  identity  caucusing,  one-­‐on-­‐ one  conversations  with  members,  and  continued  awareness   raising  through  articles  in  the  newsletter  and  films  and   dialogues  at  SOCM  membership  events.  

The goal  of  the  “internal”  organizational  work  of  ARTT  is  to   develop  a  deeper  racial  analysis  of  the  organization  in  order   to  more  clearly  understand  and  identify  the  areas  of   needed  internal  change  in  order  for  SOCM  to  continue   along  a  pathway  to  becoming  an  authentic  anti-­‐racist   organization.    For  instance,  ARTT  members  analyze  SOCM’s   written  documents  as  well  as  the  organization’s  unwritten   and  informal  structure  and  “ways  of  being.”  The  goal  of   such  an  analysis  is  to  honestly  and  constructively  approach   the  question  of  how  SOCM  knowingly  or  unknowingly   perpetuates  a  system  that  impedes  our  growth  as  an  anti-­‐ racist  organization.   For  more  information  or  to  join  the  ART  Team,  contact   Executive  Director  Amelia  Parker  at  or   call  the  Knoxville  office  at  865-­‐249-­‐7488.  

SOCM Anti-Racism Transformation Team