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Learning Through Doing: Interactive Education at Jindal Global Law School An institution is pretty much shaped by its faculty and students, more than by any other parameter. Both teachers and students form the backbone of an institution. Keeping in mind the key role students play in building an institution and imparting it a specific culture, Jindal Global Law School offers an atmosphere where students imbibe the real value of learning through numerous interactive activities. At JGLS, our mantra is that learning is doing. The aspiring law graduates are given an opportunity to be a part of multiple activities so that they their personalities are shaped holistically. Being future lawyers and leaders of our nation, they must learn to have diverse interests and ideas. The life of a law student is full of vibrant colors. No matter a student is introvert or extrovert, the activities and atmosphere at JGLS has something for everyone. So if you're the one who loves to read for hours and hours, take your time, sit back and relax in the library as you go through the World's best classics and law books. If you love expressing yourself, go out there and show your talents at the awesome Drama Club. Write scripts, participate in theater shows, sing and dance. If you just want to hang around with your friends, simply sit with a cup of hot coffee at the Cafe Grooveyard- one of the University's two coffee shops And hence, during the hectic days, rush to attend numerous confernces in Delhi and around, learn, relearn and grow! The JGLS community is diverse and exciting, allowing students to learn numerous things both inside and outside the classrooms. At JGLS, the infrastructure is superb and it offers numerous facilities on campus like fully air-conditioned hostels and Academic Blocks, and catering and housekeeping by the French company Sodexo. The campus also offers perfect infrastructure for sports like ricket, Football, Volleyball, or Badminton. Aesthetically and practically, living at JGLS campus is one of the best experiences a student will have. And when, the come out of the institution, they take with them true values of living life every moment and vibrant.

Learning Through Doing: Interactive Education at Jindal Global Law School  

Interactive Education at Jindal Global Law School

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