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Badminton: Two important factors that surely improve your Game Out of many games we play, badminton remains one of the most amazing aerobic activity. On the other hand its fun and promotes multiple health benefits. Badminton is hugely beneficial to improving over all health and fitness and can lead to both stronger muscles and a better cardiovascular system. Badminton is a simple but amazingly, the fastest of all racket sports. A player in a standard court of badminton is expected to run up to four miles (6.4km) around the court during a match whilst having the agility to maintain energy-busting rallies. It has been previously recorded, that players with their smashes could accelerate shuttlecock at speeds of up to 180mph (288kph) toward their opponent. Some would argue its just because of the Badminton Strings, which is a myth!

Below discussed are the few factors that helps a player to attain furious speed in smashes:


Badminton String: Most important piece of equipment in this game is Badminton. The strings out of which is inescapable. There are two types of Badminton Strings, strings made of natural guts material or synthetic material. The Natural guts strings provides exemplary control over shots and drops, provide more feel and power. It doesn't give out less vibrations and is nice to play with. However, these strings are considered less durable than their counterparts and are more expensive. Unless you have a higher budget, you may want to use the synthetic ones. Badminton Strings have different gauge numbers to indicate the thickness or diameter of the strings. Thicker strings will have a lower gauge number. A 20 gauge string is thicker than a 22 gauge one. According to the experts, Thicker strings are less likely to break and gives great control but not as powerful. Thinner strings gives you more zip and power but they don't last long. There's a big myth among the novice players that a higher string tension means more power. In fact it's the opposite that is correct. A higher string tension will give you more control while a lower string tension will give you more power. This is due to the trampoline effect of the strings.


Grip: How you hold your racquet is yet another important factor. Generally, players get tense and so their grips too. This tension generally is the result of not reaching up to the shuttle on time. When the body is tense, it is unable to perform anywhere near its optimum capability. A tense body cannot move as fast, hit as fast or as powerfully as one that is free from tension.

A tight grip restricts the amount of power a player could put in the shots, which only leads to a poor result and disappointment for the player.