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Grey Goose vodka has been recognized as No. 1 vodka* by the most prestigious international institutions Grey Goose Vodka, world’s favourite luxury vodka**, is created with one goal – to be the world’s best tasting vodka. Grey Goose is the vodka chosen for the most important and glamorous international events, such as Cannes, Oscars, Golden Globes and the Baftas film festivals. Made in Cognac, France, home to the world’s most respected experts in spirits making, Grey Goose vodka benefits from the region’s rich history of creating luxury foods, wines and spirits. The Maître de Chai (cellar master) for Grey Goose vodka ensures that every element of its production is of the highest quality. He selects 100% of the finest French wheat, the same wheat used to create delicious French pastries, and employs an exclusive fivestep distillation process to concentrate its exceptional flavor. Pure spring water naturally filtered through Champagne limestone is then blended with the spirit. Only when the spirit has reached its optimal taste is the maître de chai truly satisfied. Grey Goose vodka is lush, smooth and rounded and melts in the mouth with a long-lasting, satisfying finish.

Grey Goose Cosmopolitan Method Combine 3 parts of Grey Goose vodka, ½ part of Cointreau, ½ part of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime from ½ lime into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

*Awarded as “The Number One Vodka” by The Luxury Institute in 2007 **Honored as “The world’s best tasting Vodka” by Beverage Institute of Chicago in 1998.


Society Marbella published by ICONPUBLISHING S.L. and produced by: Andy Clark Laura-Jane Bruce Constanza Mtz Daisy Omissi Nicola McGeorge Hayley Reed Annalisa Turner-Sterling Ian Kuah Caisie Dilks Dominic Pullen

An insight into may

Society Photographers Ruth Jones Jayden Fa


irst of all I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to the amazing Julio Chang at Nermans Restaurant for setting a new world record for sabering the most champagne bottles in a minute. He whipped the tops off 32 bottles with his traditional sabre sword. Nice work, Julio! And Julio isn’t the only talented chap living among us; the coast is rife with gifted people, who we are celebrating in our feature, The Coast’s Got Talent on page 102. Read all about the folks who make the area we live in more colourful with their artistic


influence, such as photographer Jayden Fa (who shot this month’s desert storm fashion shoot on page 38) and singing sensation Stephen Lloyd-Morgan. One of the other most talked about talents around town is John May, Managing Director of Quay Property Development. He pops up twice in this issue, once in our The Coast’s Got Talent feature and secondly, in our La Casita Society spread. John is part of the team responsible for giving the La Heredia restaurant a contemporary make-over. The restaurant now has a more modern feel and has

been expanded to give diners more space, as well as a private dining area for special occasions. The menu has also had a revamp, although John can’t take the credit for this one! Owner and chef Lawrence Otterburn is the culinary genius behind the success of La Casita, which has a huge following of fans, as we experienced when we tried to squeeze through the crowds gathered at the restaurant for its official re-opening last month. Andy Clark Publisher




14 Celebrity Spotlight

Spotlighting Caribbean queen Rihanna

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New film releases and behind-thescenes gossip

18 Pitch Perfect

Reviewing the latest album releases


23 Beauty Barometer

Top treatments and beauty products

27 Feel-good Factor

Health and beauty news from along the coast

34 Up Close and Personal

60 Wired

Innovative technology and gadgets

62 Drive On

On the road with the most elite cars

70 Who’s in... Who’s out

The glitterati of Marbella

94 Costa Cuisine

Wining and dining at the finest eateries

96 Restaurant Guide

Comprehensive directory of local restaurants

104 Society Pinboard

A round up of the month’s events

Fitness tips from David Kirsch



38 Chic Happens Its block colour glam!

49 Keep it real The hottest properties on the Coast

56 Easy Living

Home trends and design ideas




CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT This month we turn the spotlight on the r&b superstar, Rihanna.

Rihanna Everything you ever needed to know about the only girl in the world right now.


e never thought this demure young lady from Barbados would turn into such a phenomenon over the past few years. Ever since her huge smash hit Umbrella in 2007, she has been on top of her game, belting out hit after hit. Robyn Rihanna Fenty Barbarian R&B Recording Artist and Songwriter Born February 20 1988 From Saint Michael, Barbados

* Rihanna began singing

around the age of seven. When she was 15, she went on to form a musical trio with two of her classmates from leading secondary school Combermere, where she also won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant a year later.

* She was an army cadet in

the sub-military programme that trained with the military of Barbados; fellow Barbarian singer/songwriter Shontelle was her drill sergeant.

* In 2003, Rihanna and her then band mates were introduced to record producer Evan Rogers while he was holidaying in Barbados with his wife. Shortly after turning sixteen, she moved to the United States and moved in with Rogers and his wife. She auditioned for international music mogul Jay-Z, the president of Def Jam Records, who quickly signed her.

* In 2005, she released her

début single Pon de Replay, which peaked within the top 10 across fifteen different countries. Her début album Music of the Sun sold over two million copies worldwide and received a Gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

* Whilst recording her sec-

ond album in 2005, Rihanna


performed as an opening act for Gwen Stefani on her Harajuku Lovers Tour. She has also toured with the Pussycat Dolls, Kanye West and N.E.R.D.

* Less than eight months after

releasing Music of the Sun, she launched A Girl Like Me, which over time has sold over one million copies and was certified platinum.

* Not only can Rihanna sing,

she is also a great actress and made her acting début in a cameo roll in the film Bring It On: All or Nothing in 2006.

* Rihanna is heavily involved

in many charity organisations around the world. She created her Believe Foundation in 2006 to help terminally ill children, and contributed to the fights against AIDS by designing t-shirts for H&M to raise money and awareness, among many other ventures. She is also the official face for tourism for Barbados and holds the honorary title of Ambassador for Culture and Youth in Barbados. She even has her own “day” in Barbados; her birthday being announced as “Rihanna Day”.

* 2007 was the singer’s biggest

year to date, as the unbelievably catchy song Umbrella was number one for 10 consecutive weeks, making it the longest running number one single since Wet Wet Wet’s single Love Is All Around, which spent 15 weeks at the top in 1994.

* Rihanna is the seventh

female singer ever to have two songs in the top five, with Disturbia at number one and Take A Bow at number two.

* 2009 was one of Rihanna’s

darkest years. Her scheduled performance at the Grammy Awards was cancelled after reports surfaced of an al-


Rihanna is the seventh female singer ever to have two songs in the top five leged altercation with thenboyfriend, singer Chris Brown. Due to a leaked photograph from the Los Angeles Police Department obtained by celebrity news website TMZ. com, which revealed Rihanna had sustained visible injuries, an organisation known as STOParazzi proposed a law called “Rihanna’s Law”, which deters employees of law enforcement agencies from releasing photos

or information that exploit crime victims. In June of that year, Brown pleaded guilty to assault, received five years probation and was ordered to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna.

* The star has countless awards under her belt, including four Grammys, two Barbados Music Awards for “Song of the Decade” and “Entertainer of the Decade” and two MTV Video Music Awards.

* Rihanna released a self-titled

book in 2010 and is currently working on naval war film Battleship, scheduled for release next year. She is also launching her own company “Rihanna Entertainment”, which will see the merge of all of her businesses including music, film, fragrance, fashion and book ventures.

* Her fifth studio album Loud

was released in November last year, and spawned mega hits such as Only Girl (In the World), What’s My Name and S&M. She will be supporting this with the Loud Tour from June 2011, with performances on December 14 in Barcelona and December 15 in Madrid.



FILM RELEASES Laura-Jane Bruce keeps you up-to-date with the newest film releases to hit cinema screens this month and puts you smack bang in the middle of all films in production and gossip from the set

The celebrity world of cinema

Kung Foo Panda 2

Po is now living his dream as The Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five – Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. But Po’s new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. It is up to Po and The Furious Five to journey across China to face this threat and vanquish it. But how can Po stop a weapon that can stop kung fu? He must look to his past and uncover the secrets of his mysterious origins; only then will he be able to unlock the strength he needs to succeed. Starring Angelina Jolie, Jack Black and Jackie Chan. Rated PG.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is the fourth film in this extremely popular franchise, and it is the first of the films not to include original cast members Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. Crossing paths with the enigmatic Angelica, Captain Jack Sparrow is not sure if it’s love, or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know whom to fear more: Blackbeard or Angelica, with whom he shares a mysterious past. Starring Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush. Rated PG-13.

Something Borrowed

Rachel is a talented attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous and loyal friend and, unhappily, still her engaged best friend Darcy is constantly reminding her. But after one drink too many at her 30th birthday party, perpetual good girl Rachel unexpectedly ends up in bed with the guy she’s had a crush on since law school, Dex, who just happens to be Darcy’s fiancé. When Rachel and Darcy’s lifelong friendship collides with true love, it leads to unexpected complications and potentially explosive romantic revelations. Meanwhile, Ethan, who has been Rachel’s con-

stant confidante and sometimes conscience, has been harboring a secret of his own, and Marcus, an irrepressible womaniser, can’t keep his mind out of the gutter or his hands off any girl within reach.

Starring Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield and Ginnifer Goodwin. Rated PG-13.

The Beaver

Plagued by his own demons, Walter Black was once a successful toy executive and family man, who now suffers from depression. No matter what he tries, Walter can’t seem to get himself back on track... until a beaver hand puppet enters his life. Really. Starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. Rated PG-13.

The Tree of Life

The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years, as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father. Jack finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the exist-


ence of faith. Through legendary director Terence Malick’s signature imagery, we see how both brute nature and spiritual grace shape not only our lives as individuals and families, but all life. Starring Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn. Rated PG-13.


Thor spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the centre of the story is the mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth by his father Odin and is forced to live among humans. A beautiful, young

scientist, Jane Foster, has a profound effect on Thor, as she ultimately becomes his first love. It’s while here on Earth that Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. Rated PG.




play Miss Marple in Disney’s bigscreen reboot of the Agatha Christie character. Garner will put a younger spin on the character of Jane Marple, who has traditionally been portrayed as an elderly spinster who solves crimes in her spare time. The character Miss Marple debuted in a 1927 issue of The Royal Magazine and featured in 12 of Christie’s novels and several short story collections. Formula 1 racing driver LEWIS HAMILTON has confirmed

that he is joining the cast of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2. The 2008 world champion recently signed a contract with Simon Fuller’s talent management company XIX Entertainment. The Cars franchise has previously attracted motor racing talent. The

late PAUL NEWMAN was the voice of Doc Hudson in the original film; with Mario Andretti, NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr and seven-times Formula 1 world champion MICHAEL

SCHUMACHER also making cameo appearances. Cars 2 will also feature the voices of former NASCAR Sprint Cup champions Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip. The film, which stars OWEN


son Isaacs, is released in July.

The board game Candyland is reportedly being made into a movie. The writers behind the Kung Fu Panda franchise have been hired to pen the script, which reportedly revolves around the characters in Candyland looking for their lost king. Candyland is only one of the many movies based on a board game in development. A movie

version of Battleship, starring Alexander Skarsgard and cover

star RIHANNA, is scheduled to open in July. In addition, Ridley Scott will direct a film based on Monopoly.


confirmed that Quentin Tarantino’s follow-up to Inglourious Basterds will be a Western film titled A Southern. Thurman, who worked with Tarantino on Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, revealed that the director’s new movie would reunite them in a tale about Kill Bill’s The Bride. Tarantino reportedly delivered the script for A Southern last month and has cast his Oscar-winning

Basterds actor CHRISTOPH WALTZ in one of the lead roles. TARANTINO recently

became embroiled in a legal battle with True Blood creator Alan Ball, claiming that his neighbour’s loud pet macaws were preventing him from working. Paul Giamatti is close to joining Rock of Ages, it has been revealed. The star is said to be in advanced talks to play the manager of the rock band fronted by lead character Stacee Jaxx, who will be played by TOM

CRUISE. There are also reports that AMY ADAMS, who recently picked

up her third Oscar nomination for her role in The Fighter, may portray the journalist who plans to write an exposé on Stacee but ends up sleeping with him. Adams’ potential role is thought to have originally been offered

to ANNE HATHAWAY, who had to decline the part because of her commitments to the next Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Rock of Ages is a

film adaptation of the metal musical of the same name, which incorporates classic 1980s rock anthems from the likes of Bon Jovi, Poison and Twisted Sister, and is due for release in June 2012. Other actors confirmed for the project include



vealed that he would like to star in a Bollywood film. The actor revealed that he has already met with a number of industry directors about potentially starring in a Bollywood movie. With production on The Wolverine temporarily on hold after director Darren Aronofsky left the film, Jackman has time on his hands to possibly join a Bollywood project.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT’s upcoming role in Christo-

pher Nolan’s third Batman outing has reportedly been leaked. Apparently, the newly confirmed Gordon-Levitt will play the gangster Alberto Falcone, known in the comics for being the so-called Holiday Killer. The character is the son of Mafia crime boss Carmine Falcone, portrayed in Batman Begins by


lation about Gordon-Levitt’s involvement with the project has been growing ever since the actor starred in Nolan’s last film, Inception. Warner Bros. has so far declined to comment on the reports of Gordon-Levitt’s role in the film. The Dark Knight Rises is due to be released in cinemas in July 2012.




Mortimer and Rashida Jones

will star with PAUL RUDD in My Idiot Brother. The film will see Rudd play a man who must deal with his overbearing mother as she invades the lives of his three sisters. Filming on My Idiot Brother began in New York in July last year, so expect an early 2012 release.

latest actor to be linked to a

role in TIM BURTON’s new film project Dark Shadows. The Frost/Nixon star is currently in talks for an unknown role in the film, having already worked with Burton on last year’s Alice In Wonderland. If cast, Sheen would join fellow Burton alumni

well as the likes of Eva Green and Jackie Earle Haley. Dark Shadows is an adaptation of the Gothic 60s soap opera, and will tell the story of a vampire named Barnabas Collins who begins the search to find his long-lost love. Dark Shadows is due to begin filming next month, for a release sometime in 2012.



THE BEST ALBUM RELEASES Laura-Jane Bruce reviews the latest album releases from around the globe and uncovers the latest scandals and hearsay from the celebs

Cd releases, concerts and rock snippets


Destroyed Destroyed is the 10th studio album by the musician, with a release date of May 16. Much of the album was recorded whilst Richard Melville Hall, better known as Moby, was touring at the same time as dealing with his insomnia. The first single The Day from the new album was released last month. A photography book of the same name will be released in conjunction with the album.

Lady Gaga

Born This Way Everybody knows who Lady Gaga is, and most have formed a strong opinion of the star. Love her or hate her, you’ve got to give it to her; she is amazingly talented and knows how to write a good song. Her second album Born This Way is guaranteed to cause a stir, just as her first album did, but she is the much-needed shake up that the music industry craves.

Friendly Fires

Matthew Morrison Matthew Morrison Matthew Morrison is breaking free of the Glee schoolteacher Mr. Schuster to concentrate on another of his passions – singing, of course. But this time, he is going it alone without the class and has produced his very first eponymous album. The album is a mix of Justin Timberlake, Michael Bublé and Jason Mraz, and he even plays some of his own instruments, including the ukulele. He is embarking on a world tour as soon as the album is released.

Pala Friendly Fires are releasing their second album, Pala this month. The album was produced by Paul Epworth and was recorded in Sussex, France and New York. A new single, Live Those Days Tonight, will precede the release of the album. So far the dance punk trio from Hertfordshire has been confirmed to play Glastonbury and Brighton’s The Great Escape as well as the Reading and Leeds Festivals this summer.

Beastie Boys


Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 The Beastie Boys are an American hip-hop trio from Brooklyn who have been in the music industry for almost 30 years! This eighth album was planned for release in September 2009, but was delayed after band member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch was

Lil Wayne

Tha Carter IV Lil Wayne – real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr – is an American rapper who has worked with Destiny’s Child, Chris Brown and Enrique Iglesias, believe it or not. After being in prison for the past year, he has recorded his ninth album since he began in the music business aged nine. Tha Carter IV is loaded with heavy bass lines, strong hip-hop beats and lyrics to lay claim to being the best rapper alive.

diagnosed with cancer. Too Many Rappers featuring rapper Nas has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap performance by a duo or group.



the concert are on sale now and are priced at £80, which includes two-day entry to the theme park.

ANASTACIA has revealed that she has started work on her new single. It will be the first release from the I’m Outta Love star since 2008’s Heavy Rotation LP, which was placed within the top 20 of album charts across Europe. There is no confirmed release date for the single or a potential fifth studio album. The ARCTIC MONKEYS have revealed details about their upcoming fourth studio album. The new album, titled Suck It and See, was produced by James Ford at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles and is due to go on sale June 6. The announcement follows the surprise unveiling of a new track and video called Brick by Brick last week.

SHANIA TWAIN has claimed that increased career pressure and her divorce from husband Robert “Mutt” Lange have left her unable to sing. The Come On Over singer, who remarried earlier this year, revealed that she has lost the drive to create music. On a separate matter, a man accused of stalking her has been arrested after showing up at the Juno Awards in Toronto, where the singer was receiving a special award. Prior to this latest incident, Dr Giovanni “John” Palumbo had been previously charged with criminally harassing the country music star – the claim was withdrawn when Twain did not appear in court to provide testimony. A condition of his release was that he’s required to stay at least 500 yards away from the star, and he is barred from travelling to Toronto unless he is attending a surgeon’s college. BRITNEY SPEARS has

COLDPLAY have revealed

that songs for their upcoming album are nearly complete. The band has been busy in the studio recording the follow-up to their 2008 hit LP Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. It has been speculated that Coldplay’s new album will be released later in the year. However, Coldplay have previously stated that no new material will be played during their headline appearances at this year’s


Blink-182 drummer TRAVIS

BARKER have teamed up for a Lucozade advert. Amateur World Boxing Champion Katie Taylor also joins the pair. The trio has collaborated to perform a special Lucozade remix of Tempah’s Simply Unstoppable. The advert is to be the first of three music-led films to be released by the energy drink company, with the clips directed by Jake Nava, who has previously worked with Beyoncé,


What used to be a family busi-

ness is no longer; BEYONCE has dropped her father as her manager. Matthew Knowles has managed his daughter’s career since her early days in the business, including her time spent as part of the hit group

DESTINY’S CHILD. Just because the two are parting ways professionally, however, doesn’t mean any sort of family drama going on behind the scenes caused the split.

GIRLS and Leona Lewis. Tem-

pah recently had to add extra shows to his upcoming UK arena tour due to high demand. It has been announced that

BLACK EYED PEAS will perform at Alton Towers Resort. The Just Can’t Get Enough group will perform at the holiday destination on July 6. The announcement comes after it

been tipped to land a £62m Las Vegas residency. There are claims that the 29-year-old singer has been approached by was revealed that JLS, THE hotel and casino owners who SATURDAYS and ELIZA are keen to sign her for an extended run of shows in the city. DOOLITTLE are among the acts who will take to the stage at the “Alton Towers Live” concert on June 19. Tickets for

It has been announced that the PET

SHOP BOYS will support TAKE THAT on their

upcoming Progress Live tour. The West End Girls duo, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, will perform a 40-minute set at the gigs and also join the “Kidz” group on the European leg of the sold-out tour. Cheryl Cole and Tinie Tempah were both previously linked to the support slot, which begins in the UK this month.



So who do we have representing us this year?

is one of those programmes you love to hate. Every time one ends, you refuse to watch the following year, and sure enough 12 months later, you’re cheering and booing at the television, and laughing at Terry Wogan’s sarcastic comments. This year, Eurovision is promising to be bigger and better than ever, with more talent, glitter and outstanding performances on the cards. Make sure you tune in on May 14 for the whole show. Following the victory of last year’s winner Lena, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

So where did it all begin?

Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has been gracing our screens with artists from all over Europe. It is one of the longestrunning television programmes in the world and is the most watched non-sporting events on television, with audiences of between 100 and 600 million viewers internationally. The show gives each individual country the chance to showcase the greatest vocal talent they have to offer. Each singer has less than four minutes to impress and wow the audiences at home, who then vote for their favourite, and the country with the most points wins. When Eurovision began 55 years ago, there was a panel of just two judges who awarded the winner with the honour of champion, and only the winning act was announced. Now, there is a real sense of involvement, as each country awards their 10 best songs with the relevant points, and the infamous “nil points” was born. In total, 35 countries have scored no points, which evokes embarrassment, and frankly, great television!

By Laura-Jane Bruce

Waterloo, and became the most successful band or artist ever to be launched through Eurovision. Celine Dion came first in 1988, which was the kick start she needed to launch her career in the music industry. The most iconic, and the band that won for Blighty, was Bucks Fizz. Their up-tempo pop song Making Your Mind Up in 1981 wowed the crowd, and their sugar sweet costumes with detachable skirts was the perfect

combination to be awarded the top score. Formed especially for Eurovision, they went on to have a hugely successful pop career throughout the world, with record sales under their belts exceeding 15 million. This shows that there is talent out there worthy of winning Eurovision, but year after year the acts seem to be getting worse (mentioning no names Katie Price)…

Eurovision is widely associated with pretty bad acts trying to do their best to represent their country. However, in the past there have been some real talents who have gone on to become superstars. In 1974, Abba stormed the chart with



For the UK we have Blue, a British pop boyband who have had many successful hits in the past decade, so they stand a real chance of doing very well. (I don’t mean to sound so surprised but our track record in recent years doesn’t give me much hope!) The quartet was formed in 2000, and boasts two Brit Awards and 40 number one singles worldwide. Their single I Can has been described as an upbeat, feel-good, love song, which will hopefully serenade the audience into voting for us. Secondly, representing Ireland is Jedward who need little introduction, but if you have been living under a rock for the past two years, Jedward are the twin brothers from Northern Ireland who made quite an impact in 2009’s The X Factor. Finishing in sixth, they were catapulted into the music industry, and released two singles, Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and a cover of Blink 182’s All the Small Things. Their third single Lipstick will be performed at Eurovision, and will be the first single from their new album, which will be released in the summer. Finally representing Spain is Lucia Perez. Her song Que me quiten lo bailao, (They Can’t Take The Fun Away From Me) is a pop/folk infusion, and is sure to propel the Barcelonan singer into the Spanish charts. We all have to remember that Eurovision is a bit of fun. It’s light-hearted entertainment that serves as a way of switching off for a couple of hours and enjoying the sounds that Europe has to offer. We wish our candidates the best of luck, and will be sure to be watching on the May 14 with bated breath to see who is awarded the coveted title this year.



Photography: Rossella Vanon Model: Emma Lock Make-up: Katie Wilton Hair Styling: Constance Lawson

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.� Maya Angelou 23

THE BEAUTY BAROMETER Leading product ranges, treatments and news from the world of health and beauty.


Courtesy of M∙A∙C cosmetics


reating the “au-natural” day make-up look may seem effortless, yet it is anything but. As most of us are not blessed with porcelain skin, jet-black eyelashes and full, rose-bud lips, we need a little bit of help. To save a lot of faffing about, a bit of prep can save you a lot of time: regular facials to keep your skin clear; lip and nostril waxing if needed; eyelash tinting and, most importantly, eyebrow shaping. I do admit I have a slight obsession when it comes to the latter and I have been known to stop women in the street and demand to know who tames their brows. I have always sworn by Threading, the ancient method of hair removal to create the perfect arch. However, last year I


met beauty therapist, Laura Garcia, who converted me to waxing. She uses scissors to trim my brows, which, as I am blessed with my father’s bushy caterpillars that grow in two different directions, is very much appreciated. Laura also tints my lashes, which means I do not have to spend ages trying to get mascara right to the bottom of my roots. Ok, now for the make-up lesson. Leave around ten minutes between applying moisturiser and make-up. If you want to look flawless all day, layer on a primer such as Smashbox Photo Finish. I have such sensitive skin that primers tend to bring me out in spots, but if you can use one, they do make a huge difference. Next spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and brush your eyebrows

into place, (see how scary my obsession is now!). Define with MAC’s Brow Pencil, using small strokes to fill in the gaps. Now, take a good look in the mirror and see where really needs to be concealed. I suffer from very dark circles; therefore concealer would definitely be my luxury desert Island item. One of my best friends, Natalia, introduced me to Prescriptives Camouflage Cream well over ten years ago, and it really was the Holy Grail for creating a blank canvas. You can imagine our devastation when we found out that the company had decided to close. I actually cried. Since then, Natalia has spent a fortune on trying to find a replacement, she has even been watching and buying from the online boutique, such is her dedication.


Finally, her hard work paid off; readers, I introduce you to Make Up Forever’s HD concealer. Apply the product with a damp Body Shop sponge. Then banish signs of fatigue around the eye area with the cult beauty classic Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. It can also be used on the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose.

I tend not to use an eyeshadow in the day, however if you prefer to use one then try a neutral shade from Bourjois or Urban Decay. On to the lashes. I am now going to give away another of my secret tricks, and I do so begrudgingly. Heat the amazing Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler with a hair dryer and clamp onto your lashes for 10 seconds. For goodness sake do not burn yourself, I do not want to get sued, therefore do so at your own risk. Apply YSL Volume False Lash Effect Mascara in black, and then repeat the process. Even I still get shocked by the results.

To make your eyes really pop use Benefit’s Get Bent brush to apply a thin line of Bobbi Brown’s Longwear Gel Eyeliner, winging it out slightly at the corners. If you need more definition, smudge Dior’s Crayon Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Brown along the bottom lid. As this is a day look, I personally think foundation is too heavy and would opt for a tinted moisturiser. Use Laura Mercier’s version where needed and make sure you blend well along the jaw line.

Accent cheekbones and brow bones with a small amount of Benefit’s High Beam, and, using a Bobbi Brown bronzing brush, apply MAC’s Bronzing Powder in Golden to the areas where the sun would hit. Smile, and add Dallas by Benefit to the apples of your cheeks using Bobbi Browns Blusher Brush.

Finish off by lining your lips with MAC’s Lip Liner in Spice and a slick of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. There you have it. People are always commenting on how natural my make-up is, but now you all know the truth!

+ Information: Laura Garcia Beauty Salon +34 660 470 950



The latest local and national health and beauty news

Courtesy of M∙A∙C cosmetics

Lip-Smacking Good

There’s nothing quite as worldly cinematic as a lipstick. Imagine no muddy undertones, gliding in pearl or crème finish, moisturising with no sticky/tacky feel. It’s a new medium, with MAC in the lead. Sheen Supreme is retro/modern and devastatingly chic.

LOVE IT Make Up For Ever has launched its first ever campaign that has not been digitally retouched. That in itself needs a round of applause. Promoting its HD Invisible Cover Foundation, which was created to be used in front of unforgiving high definition video cameras, provides results so flawless that the need for retouching has been eliminated.

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Having trouble sleeping? Add One drop of lavender essential oil onto your pillow or five to 10 drops into a warm bath before bed. Eye Secrets Invisible Eye Lift Strips lift the lids without the need for surgery, offering a convenient, cheap alternative to surgery. Adored by professional make-up artists, these genius invisible strips are easily applied to the eyelids, reducing droop to give the appearance of youthful open eyes. Perfect for deep set and ageing eyes, these make-up kit essentials give the illusion of a full night’s sleep.

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Lauren Willis of Aqua Sole Spain Aqua Sole has moved to Buddha Beach this summer, as I feel it is the perfect location in Marbella for our fish pedicures. It’s a favourite beach club of mine with stunning views, great food and drink, and a brilliant atmosphere. It has also given us more space to add a second tank so you can enjoy the relaxing treatment with up to three of your friends at one time. The fish pedicure has numerous healing benefits including: cleansing of the skin and pores, proven effective relief from skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis,

promotion of blood circulation and removal of dead skin cells. People on holiday should try this treatment as it is an affordable, fun way to prepare their feet for the summer, and it is available for all ages as well as both sexes. It’s an experience everyone must try at least once. We also offer file and polish for the ladies and an optional photo keepsake – perfect to add to the holiday album. For more information: Aqua Sole Spain 693230241 or Buddha Beach 952813882



BODY SCULPTING the easy way If the thought of putting on your bikini and heading to the beach fills you with dread, then do not worry, help is at hand. The talented beauty therapist, Lucie Lord, offers the most advanced face and body treatment system available, which not only achieves fantastic results but also saves you time and money. CACI Quantum treatments include: slimming, body contouring, anti-cellulite, detoxifying lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and breast enhancement, all giving dramatic results. First, electrically conductive pads are placed over the muscle groups

in the client’s problem areas. Then the CACI Quantum machine emits a faradic current that is adjusted by Lucie to your comfort. She is able to plan the most appropriate treatment for each client, according to their age, current muscle tone, BMI and fluid retention. The current triggers involuntary muscle contractions, in a passive form of exercise, to tone your muscles. Although it may pinch a bit and feel mildly uncomfortable, it’s considerably better than a spin class and you won´t break into a sweat or ache afterwards. A typical 20-minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups.

The CACI Quantum is not limited to the body area; the same machine can be used to do a non-surgical face lift.You can treat the face and body at the same time. A course of treatments is recommended; twice a week with followup maintenance treatments. Measurements are taken before and after to monitor inch loss. Most clients notice an improvement straight away, and you will feel the effects immediately. The treatments are affordable at just €35 per session, and you can have a bikini body in no time at all. Call Lucie on: 952 810 487 or 670 526 561

WIN THE WAR AGAINST GUM DISEASE A combination of new technologies provides secure weapons against gum disease. More than 80 percent of all adults are suffering from an infection of the gums. If it is superficial only it is called Gingivitis, however, if the pockets around the tooth are deeper than three to four mm it is known as Periodontitis. A mixture of sticky carbon hydrates, different kinds of bacteria and minerals fill the space around the tooth and grow like a “coral reef’” downwards, separating the tooth from the bone and leading to Gingival recession. If this process is not interrupted the tooth starts to get wobbly and will fall out.

For more information contact Dr. Gerhard Steinruck 0034 697 409 841


Until now, the treatment consisted of a mechanical removal of plaque and tartar, but scaling, root planning and scratching is not enough. The new solution is the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), which can achieve a much better result. Instead of only mechanically removing the germs (which is

impossible), the Laser kills the germs with its powerful light. It also pumps energy into the remaining surrounding bone cells, so that they start to regrow. For the first time, this procedure is able to reverse the destroying gum disease and is approved by the American FDA. This treatment needs to be applied in conjunction with full cleaning and root planning. The protocol is aptly named a “Full Mouth Disinfection”. Once the Periodontal Treatment is successfully accomplished, clients can uphold the result by using the PARO-PROTECT-SYSTEM to maintain the healthy gums. The patient is given specially-designed shields to wear for two to five hours a week. These shields protect the self-healing process of the gums and hold an anti-bacterial medication in place to make sure that it is not washed away by the saliva. As you see, the combination of treating and maintaining secures quick improvement of the patient’s oral health.

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We Supply The World’s No.1 Selling Fitness Machines, Accessories and Clothing for your Home and Gym

We supply:  Design of home gyms  Nutrition and sports supplements  Exclusive workout and leisure wear  Personal Trainers

Urb. Marbella Real, Local 5 Blvd. Principe Alfonso Von Holenlohe s/n 29602 Marbella Tel: 952 771 474




The Beauty Clinic By Nicola McGeorge


egular readers will be well aware that I am very fussy when it comes to my facials. As I am acne prone and suffer from pigmentation, I need more than just bit of pampering. When I decided to move to Spain I wasn´t worried about making friends or finding a job. Nope, for me the priority was to find a good facialist. My skin had got into such a bad condition that it had starting to affect my confidence. Thankfully, I soon found the Cosmoclinic and Isabelle’s salon, situated on the Golden Mile, Marbella, who not only cured my acne but reduced my fine lines and pigmentation.


Established in 1990, the salon offers clients cutting-edge treatments using the latest facial and body machinery. Stocking only the most superior brands such as Guinot, Alquimia, Mesoestetic and Biologique Recherche, quality means everything at Isabelle’s. Its vastly experienced and professional team offers a wide range of treatments to meet every client’s needs. My therapist took me to heaven and back. After a thorough examination, she started with a session of microdermabrasion to tackle my pigmentation. After a quick eyebrow shaping and lip wax (all included),

she moved onto extraction. Torturous – but as they say no pain, no gain. My skin was the clearest it has ever been. Now onto the nice bit: the INDIBA treatment. This brand new machine treats sagging skin and face wrinkles, as it causes vasodilation, which in turn increases blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby helping to provide the cells with the nutrients and oxygen that they need. This revitalises the skin and reduces any irregularities in just three sessions. I found it very relaxing and was amazed by how plumped my skin was. The treatment was finished off with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, and I couldn’t believe it when the pampering didn’t end there. After applying a face mask, my therapist wrapped my feet in warm towels, and then went onto massage my body as well. Heaven! The end result? My stress had been melted away, my skin was smooth and glowing, and I walked out a totally different person from the one who had arrived only two hours earlier. Do I recommend Isabelle’s? You bet I do! For more information please contact Tel. +34 952 81 59 44



Even though Mundo Fitness has only recently opened on the Golden Mile, it has already established a loyal client base. SOCIETY MARBELLA caught up with Muireann Gaffeny, Managing Director of Art of Fitness, the leading distributor of Life Fitness equipment in Ireland and here on the Coast, and personal trainer extraordinaire, who tells us how proud she is of the success of Mundo Fitness so far. Tell us a little bit about Mundo Fitness. We are a team of fitness professionals operating a long-established fitness equipment distribution company. We have a successful track record in the fitness industry. We design, supply and service the world’s number one selling fitness brand: Life Fitness. Our installations include world-class hotels, golf clubs, universities and luxury homes. We see Marbella as the perfect launching pad for our new brand of lifestyle fitness. We saw a huge gap in the market for the supply of designer fitness wear, Life Fitness home gymnasiums, fitness accessories, nutrition and personal training, and consultancy services. What has the response been like since you opened? I’m thrilled to say people tell us they love the Mundo Fitness shop, which makes me extremely happy. Some clients have actually thanked us for opening, as it was impossible to buy the products we stock anywhere on the coast up until now. We are passionate about what we do and it really is a pleasure to hear and see a definite improvement in people’s health and appearance when they have spent as little as four weeks on a specifically tailored programme. One client, who installed some new machines into his existing home gym, says he has a renewed enthusiasm since he upgraded his machines and started a personal training programme. He also says he feels 15 years younger and now fits into the 32-inch jeans he had not worn for years. We offer a unique Body Fat measurement service, which has taken on a life of its own and generated so much interest that our clients book in for the assessments on

a monthly basis, as they admit it keeps them motivated and focused. The fat loss results are overwhelming, and this is really rewarding. Also, many of our clients bring friends and refer people regularly. Again, this is enormously flattering and we really appreciate all the support we are receiving. It’s absolutely brilliant – I am confident we have everything possible for anyone interested in keeping in shape or starting out on their fitness and well-being journey. We stock everything from fitness wear to accessories to fitness machines. Although the price of a Life Fitness treadmill starts at over four figures, I can guarantee that we can give you a full home gym and a system to work that will get results for less than €100. Talk to us today and we will show you – we will demonstrate every item at the shop so you know exactly how to use it to obtain maximum results. What does being a distributor of Life Fitness mean for your clients? We are proud to distribute Life Fitness, the world’s finest fitness machines. It is the Ferrari of equipment, as used by world-class athletes, golfers and celebrities. It is also installed at Manchester United FC. We are installing many quality gyms into villas up and down the coast. Along with the supply of machines comes a complete personal training with every installation, so that you get the maximum benefit from your investment. With Life Fitness I know our customers will be delighted; we have long-term clients who continue to buy Life Fitness over the years. Life Fitness machines feel and look completely superior to any other brand of fitness equipment on today’s market. It is only when you use it that you really understand the difference in the feeling and the comfort of the machines. How important is the quality of the fitness equipment used in a gym? Fitness equipment quality is critical. Firstly it must feel “right “and have a natural movement. The machine must feel robust and sturdy. You should feel completely safe running at high speeds, as opposed to terrified that the treadmill will shut down or rattle, or worse fall apart! A quality machine like Life Fitness will simply be a pleasure to use; they are built for heavyduty use, and will last for the long term. You are more than a fitness shop, what other services do you offer? We offer full consultancy and design service for your home gym. Also we offer trade out and upgrade of any possible existing machine you are not using or are

bored with. We start from scratch discovering your objectives so we can put together the perfect gymnasium for you. We visit your home, take measurements, advise on the best area, and draw and design a beautiful gymnasium that you will love spending time in. You can talk to us about how we can help you improve your health, your shape and your motivation. You will be amazed when you get good quality, real information for real people with no gimmicks that the simple things actually work best! Let us help you get started on an amazing path of fitness that will not only help you look better, brighter and more toned, but also give you an new exuberance and energy for life and work in general. How important are nutrition and sport supplements? You can spend all day in the gym and still not get the results you want if your nutrition and diet is poor. It does not have to cost much at all – in fact, tweak what you are doing and you can save money and time. Sharpening up your nutrition will get you to shed those last few pesky pounds before summer. Don’t wait when you can simply find out how to eat clean, keep your diet tight and focused and get the fat loss you have always dreamed of. You also offer personal training? Yes, this is also one of our favourite parts! Personal trainer, nutritionist and manager of the store, Mark, has amazing results with clients – results that genuinely have lasted for the long term. We have a personal training studio at Mundo Fitness and we also make house calls. You can book a one-off for a kick start or a course of 10 or 20. Some people like to work out with a trainer every day; others find that twice a week is enough. Everyone is different with different objectives – this is what makes our work interesting and challenging. How proud are you to be involved in such a fantastic business? Fitness is my life and the best reward is hearing people say that they feel better than they did 30 years ago. A sensible diet and exercise regime can make such a difference to people’s lives: stress is reduced, confidence grows, you have a better self-image and it’s easier to stay mentally well-adjusted, never more crucial in these times of economic turmoil. Mundo Fitness Tel: 952 771 474



THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRAZILIAN PERMANENT BLOW DRY Countless women’s lives have been completely transformed by the revolutionary Brazilian Blow Dry, especially in countries with hot climates such as Spain. Not only does it banish the frizz, but hair also becomes resistant to humidity. The treatment leaves you with more manageable, softer and straighter hair. In fact, it has been known to save women up to three hours a week in styling time. Wood Salon has watched client after client walk out of the salon with a bounce in their step, a big smile on their face and sleek, straight hair that certainly has the “SWISH” factor after having a permanent blow dry. Clients have even been known to fly over from the UK just so that Director, Zoe Woods, can work her magic. However, due to dubious versions of the Brazilian Blow-Out being banned in certain European countries for having high formaldehyde levels, people have started to become weary of this particular treatment, as formaldehyde is an irritant and known human carcinogen. Therefore, the team at Wood felt it was time to set the record straight. Not all versions of the Brazilian Blow Dry contain this dangerous chemical. L´kerabelle Xtra is 100 percent free from any nasties such as formaldehyde, alde Hyde and urea. This trusted brand is the only one that Wood Salon will use. It’s


Photo by Pedro Jaen

GET FRESH FOR SUMMER WITH A DERMACEUTIC SKIN PEEL Long-established Marbella beautician, Magda Welters, is excited to introduce Dermaceutic, a highly-effective range of dermatologically-approved skin peels, to the Costa del Sol. Dermaceutic offers medically-proven solutions to a host of common skin complaints, such as acne, age-spots, smoking-induced wrinkles and sun-damage.


not only formaldehyde-free, but the keratin-based formula is also kind to even damaged hair, temporarily sealing split ends. Zoe Woods explains, “After having this treatment, many of our clients are now able to blast their hair dry in double quick time. All report an improved depth of colour and lustrous shine. This backlash is such a shame, as women are really missing out on achieving beautifully-conditioned, The latest treatment to take Hollywood by storm is Collagen Red Light Therapy. It is a natural, safe and relaxing method to trigger your body into increasing its own production of collagen, thus reducing wrinkles. This machine treats your entire body in a relaxing 20-minute session and emits NO UV whatsoever. The Sunlounge Solarium in Nueva Andalucía has the only Red Light Therapy Bed on the Coast. The owner has already witnessed numerous clients booking second and even third packages. “Not only have my clients noticed visible anti-aging A skin peel is a form of exfoliation stimulated by applying a chemical solution to the face and neck area. Based on Alpha-hydroxy acids and Beta-hydroxy acids, Dermaceutic skin peels can visibly transform your skin in just four simple 15-30 minute sessions. The treatment is quick, and you will feel just a light, tingling sensation on your skin. Among the benefits are the refining of dilated pores, deep cleansing, smoothing of fine lines, stimulation of

easy-to-manage hair. L´kerabelle Xtra has even been approved for use during pregnancy.” The result can last up to five months, which is definitely a salvation for curly-haired girls who are shackled to their straightening irons. Who can resist a permanent “Good Hair Day”? Come on girls you know you’re worth it. Tel: 952771791/ 645089399 www. results, they have also commented on how soft their skin is, and the condition of their hair and nails. They leave glowing inside and out.” No surgery, lasers or injections. No pain, no negative side effects, no harm – just an innovative way to treat wrinkles, thread veins, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis and more. You can act to halt the visible signs of ageing in just eight weeks by simply relaxing on the collagen bed in a warm, gentle, safe environment. All this for 99 cents per minute, so it works out less than the cost of a single Botox treatment. Tel: 951279214 elastin and collagen as well as the reduction of spots, stretch marks and pigmentation. The results of a face peel are totally natural, leaving you looking naturally radiant and others wondering how! Magda Skin Care & Beauty Clinic in Marina Banús is currently the only salon in Andalucía offering Dermaceutic face peels. Book your free consultation now on Tel: 95281 4671

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PAMPER DAYS The Ocean Spa at El Oceano Hotel

Written by Belle Roberts

Photos by David Toms Due to my well known love of pampering, the team at Society Marbella thought I would be the perfect person to sample the delights of The Ocean Spa at The El Oceano Beach Hotel. And who am I to turn that down? To get a male point of view, I dragged my long-time suffering husband and my best friend, Susan, with me. If the truth be known they didn´t need much persuading. The Ocean Spa, which is privately owned and operated, is an oasis of tranquil luxury, where the guests’ comfort and satisfaction is paramount. The Ocean Spa features an indoor, heated pool, Jacuzzi, swim-spa and steam room, while at the treatment centre you can find top beauty therapists, hairdressers and nail technicians all of who are qualified to provide you with a wonderful menu of luxurious treatments. With such a vast array of treatments we found it really difficult to choose. I was very impressed with the high-tech facials available, crystal clear, oxygen and the non-Surgical Face Lift Genie, to name a few. I decided on the Elemis Spa Therapy Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial. These superior face and eye treatments include a luxurious hand, arm and scalp massage for ultimate relaxation. Susan had the Guinot Paris Hydradermie, where pure and natural ingredients penetrate into the lower layers of your skin to flush out impurities and hydrate it. My husband

went against my wishes, and opted for a full-body massage instead of a facial. (He is looking rather haggard at the moment; he claims he never looked like this before we got married. Humph.) My facial was divine. Most therapists leave the room while your mask gets to work, however my therapist spent this time massaging my hands, wrapping my feet in hot towels and treating me to an Indian Head massage. Susan came out glowing and my husband came out refreshed. After coming round from my trance-like state of bliss, we decided on sampling a few cocktails at the pool bar and treating ourselves to lunch in the newly-refurbished restaurant. At El Oceano you can swim right up to the bar, a feature that got the thumbs up from us. I actually felt like we were in a scene from the movie Cocktail, and boy were the Pina Coladas good. Lunch was served overlooking the ocean and the food was delicious. You must try the chocolate brownie, with a hint of orange. What can I say? A breath-taking setting, superb service and an unforgettable experience. El Oceano Beach Hotel Restaurant and Spa Urb Miraflores Playa, Crta A7 KM 199, 29649 Marbella, Spain



We reveal the secrets of feeling and looking great

FITNESS TIPS Heidi Klum is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, she has to work hard to maintain her physique. Here, David Kirsch, her personal trainer, shares his fitness philosophy and key moves to get into shape.


Five foods to avoid at all costs: Pasta, any white flour, sugar, high glycemic fruits such as bananas, cherries and pineapple.


Three easy “tricks” to lose weight fast: Bump up the cardio to 45–60 minutes, 4–5 times per week; Try the David Kirsch 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse combined with the David Kirsch 5–Day Detox; Do any one of my 10 minute Express workouts ® – 10 minute mini circuit workouts that will tone and sculpt different parts of the body.

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Advice for people who are almost at their goal weight but have hit a plateau: Change up your workout – add different cardiovascular exercises such as jump rope and boxing. Also, decrease the weights and increase the repetitions and be sure you are doing circuit training. If someone is trying to lose weight she should eat no more than 1200 quality calories. Remember, not all calories are created equal. No processed carbs, excessive fruits or fats.


My ideal daily food journal: Breakfast – cup of steel cut oatmeal and a David Kirsch Protein Shake mixed with David Kirsch Super Greens Lunch – turkey burger with avocado and a serving of quinoa or brown rice and beans Mid–Afternoon Snack – David Kirsch KIRSCHBAR ® Dinner – grilled salmon with spinach or broccoli Throughout the day, I drink plenty of water, green tea and vitamin/mineral super juice.




ummer is here and we are all looking for that perfect beach-side setting. One of our favourite spots on the coast is the El Oceano Beach Hotel and Restaurant. A combination of its amazing location and laid-back, luxurious atmosphere makes it the ideal spot to hang out throughout the summer months. The privately owned and operated hotel offers affordable luxury and amazing service – it is an absolute gem, which shouldn’t be missed! The perfect weekend escape, El Oceano is an oasis of tranquillity and comfort offering mesmerising views of the spectacular coastline from almost all of its 40 frontline mini suites. The hotel boasts a further 15 beautifully appointed, south-facing studios, which give you the benefit of selfcatering facilities and extra privacy. This jewel of a hotel gives you the feeling of staying in your very own seafront residence, and is truly a unique and wonderful place to relax and enjoy the best that the Costa del Sol has to offer. Having recently undergone a stunning refurbishment of its bar, lounge and ocean front restaurants the new décor is simply spectacular. Open all day, every day for lunch and dinner, the fabulous El Oceano boasts an Ocean Veranda – a glass-enclosed dining room, which is seemingly “suspended” over the ocean. The fabulous hotel is also famous for its stunning Water Front Terrace, where the views will take your breath away, and where lunch by the sea can last forever!

Photos by David Toms

Don’t be fooled by its luxurious exterior, eating at the hotel’s restaurants is still great value for money; light lunches start from as little as 9.95€. In addition to a full a la carte menu or some more relaxed daytime options, a two-course lunch daily changing menu is also available on the Waterfront terrace from just 19.50€! The latest addition to El Oceano’s extensive a la carte and special daily menus, are the fantastic pool side planks – freshly prepared platters of artisan cheeses, hams and Mediterranean specials, which are ideal for sharing! Serving exquisite, impeccably presented cuisine, which is complemented by top-class live entertainment almost every evening, a more impressive place to dine would be hard to imagine! Each evening you can enjoy full a la carte or a mid-week three-course menu from 26.50€. Or why not pop in for a cocktail by the Polynesian pool bar? You will discover an impressive choice of cocktails served by El Oceano’s expert friendly staff. Non-residents are welcome to spend the day by the infinity pool with a swim-up bar for a small supplement, which includes sun-lounger, towel and waiter service, right by the water’s edge! With no children under 14 permitted by the pool, it really is the perfect place to relax and unwind. El Oceano Beach Hotel, find it, try’ll love it! For all the latest news, special offers and events visit our facebook page.

El Oceano Beach Hotel Restaurant and Spa Urb Miraflores Playa, Crta A7 KM 199, 29649 Marbella, Spain


since 2004

Special Offer Basic Website with Content Management

Get online with your business Our website offer includes: • • • • • • • •

Complete layout according to your corporate look Slideshow banner on the front page Full user friendly content management system 5 to 10 pages Set-up in 1 language (multi-language extra 150€) An image gallery A contact form Hosting and domain not included*

Text, images and logo to be provided by the client. | CMS means you can change the content on the website, not its structure. | Included in this price is the use of images from the stock library that Redline Company subscribes to. If any other images are needed, the cost is not included. | Please remember that the hosting and domain name needs to be renewed every year, and will be invoiced separately after the first year. | Redline will do a browser compatibility, before going live, to avoid viewing difficulties in different browsers. | The price above is excluding IVA (18%). Payment terms are: 50% on order, 50% on going live with the site. |

Tel: +34 952 816 678

* Hosting has an additional price of 130€ ex. IVA per year and is invoiced separately. Domain name not included. Offer valid until May 2011.

Redline Company | Nueva Andalucía | 29660 Marbella | Tel: 952 816 678

marketing • graphic design • PR • web design print management • copywriting • merchandise


The latest trends and the hottest new season looks

Desert Storm It is block colour glam with a

twist of Arabian nights Turn up the heat with the brightest and boldest of the coast’s collections Fashion Coordinator: Liza Mayne Photographer: Jayden Fa Art Director: Guy Baglietto Hair/Make-Up Artist & Stylist: Liza Mayne Model: Belinda Gutierrez Tobe



KAREN MILLEN Local 1a (Bloque 2) Plaza Marina Banus, 29660, Marbella

Dress: â‚Ź 210

T. +34 952 907 019



Paseo de Suiza 394 Elviria, Marbella Tel: 952 85 05 01


Dress € 599 Bracelets € 99

Agent Provocateur


Muelle Rivera, Casa N, Local 12, 29660 Puerto Banus Tel: 952 810 171

Trikini â‚Ź 395 41


Unit 31 Laguna Village Open 11.00 - 18.00 daily t: 00 34 952 803 481


Dress € 225 Bracelet € 99 Belt & ring Stylist own



12 Las Malvas, Nueva Andalucia T: 952 815 317

Marina Banus (next to Terra Sana)

Daisy: Kaftan € 136 Vivarini: Silver bikini € 79 43


Top € 89 Pants € 99 Belt € 69 44

Marina Banús Bloque 2 Local 17 b Marbella 29660 Tel: 0034 952 812810


Dress € 136 Bracelet € 429 -70% Now €129

C/ Las Malvas, 62, Marbella. Tel: 952 907 020



Behind the scenes

n “Fashio fades, le only sty s remain ” e the sam anel

Coco Ch



ith almost 8 years experience In makeup artistry it felt like a natural progression having worked so closely with some of the big names in fashion to move into styling - and what better place to work than at Society Marbella! To work alongside some of the big names on the coast to create a whole look is an amazing

opportunity and what great way to kick off the summer than with springs hottest new trend - colour blocking!! Don’t be afraid to mix unconventional colours - this spring be bold and brave - clashing is a thing of the past! And with the help of miss Málaga we managed to create a to die for look for the bold and the beautiful!

Be sure to keep up to date with all the latest trends and style tips by checking out our new fashion blog at:

Liza Mayne




Front line golf villa in immaculate condition in Nueva Andalucía Magnificent contemporary style villa with views of the exclusive Las Brisas golf course and La Concha mountain. Situated within an established urbanization in Nueva Andalucia and less than a 5-minute drive from Puerto Banús, the property has a beautiful landscaped garden with mature trees, heated swimming pool and buggy garage with direct access to the golf course. Completely renovated to the highest quality standards. 5 en-suite bedrooms. Second lounge with home cinema and fireplace. A fabulous and very elegant family home! Plot 1,092m2, Enclosed: 476m2. Price: €2,995,000. Ref 6960 (web# 6960)

Covering Marbella’s Golden Mile with offices opposite the Marbella Club Hotel and at Puente Romano Hotel.



Tel. +34 952 863 750 Fax. +34 952 822 111 Rentals Direct: +34 952 90 10 15 www. LEADING PROPERTY AGENTS OF SPAIN

Elegant mansion opposite Puerto Banús Recently built to extremely high specifications, with the very best in quality materials, and with impeccable attention to detail, this very special family home comprises several spacious living areas, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, large basement with wine cellar, gym, 6-car garage and much more. Lift to all levels. Surrounded by a mature garden with a heated salt-water pool. Situated in a consolidated residential area, easy walking distance to the port, the beach and all amenities. An immaculate property that has it all! Plot: 3,001m2, Enclosed: 1,135m2, Terraces: 310m2. Price: €5,300,000. Ref 6630

Covering Marbella’s Golden Mile with offices opposite the Marbella Club Hotel and at Puente Romano Hotel.



Tel. +34 952 863 750 Fax. +34 952 822 111 Rentals Direct: +34 952 90 10 15 www. LEADING PROPERTY AGENTS OF SPAIN


Dimas Cuesta, a lawyer and partner of Lexland Abogados, has vast experience in commercial law and insolvency proceedings, and advises UK-owned groups of companies in relation to multi-jurisdictional commercial and insolvency issues. He is included on the list of Judicial Insolvency Practitioners of the Spanish Bar and is part of the Creditors’ Rights and Insolvency Proceedings Section of the International Bar Association.

f you own, or have the intention of buying a property or any other asset located in Spain, you need to know that even though an English will is valid under Spanish law in accordance to the Spanish Civil Code and the dispositions of the Hague Convention on recognition of Wills, it is, however, very advisable to execute a separate Spanish Will for assets here. In case of decease, if a Spanish will has not been settled and registered in the Last Wills Central Registry in Madrid, your beneficiary would pass through a long, highly bureaucratic and expensive process in order to take control of your assets in Spain. In this case, the beneficiary could be stuck in a long legal process with multi-jurisdictional problems and pay legal bills of a few thousand euros in order to execute an English will in Spain. The main reasons to execute a separate Spanish will are as follows: The English will requires obtaining a Grant of Probate in order to be valid in Spain. Please note that the said Grant of Probate is not required in England when the assets left in England are low, however the said probate will be still necessary in Spain. The English will and Grant of Probate require translation and legalisation at the foreign and commonwealth office. If the testator/trix died being resident in Spain with no assets in England, Grant of Probate is difficult to obtain and special procedure should be requested to the corresponding English court. The drafting of some English wills may include, in some circumstances, complicated concepts of trust, which may be difficult to adapt or to understand under Spanish law, and certificates of English law may be required for the benefit of the Spanish Notary Public and registrar.

Lexland Abogados

Ricardo Soriano 34 1Âş1 Marbella Tel. 952 778 899 Fax 952 766 966


All the above complications together, result in a very large difference in costs and consumption of time that can be easily avoided by executing a separate Spanish will for a reduced cost. If you are a British national resident in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, in case you decease with assets only in Spain (that is, leaving no other assets in England or any other jurisdiction) the Spanish forced heirship rules would be held applicable and

the will could be contested by the legal inheritors before the courts. This is a very important issue too often overlooked by non-specialised solicitors. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, individuals can leave assets to whomever they choose. However, the Spanish system of succession defines specific rights for certain persons (the protected heirs). Whatever a will might say, it can easily be overturned by the protected heirs. This is known as forced heirship. From a Spanish perspective (and most of European countries) it is considered perfectly proper for testators to be required to make adequate provisions for their dependants. Spanish forced heirship rules, amongst other things, basically impose that a minimum of two thirds must be left to the children and only one third can be freely disposed. Also, a life interest or usufruct on one third must also be left to surviving spouse. If you need help or a second opinion about estate planning and inheritance tax or you are willing to contest an invalid will with inadequate provisions in your favour, please contact us now to arrange a free first consultation meeting over a fresh coffee in the comfort of our offices.

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LUXURY HOME BUILDER “Formed in 2007 by experienced property developer John May, Quay Property Group is a luxury building contractor for clients in Marbella and London.”

You only live once,

La Zagaleta: Mediterranean style mansion in one of the most popular Golf and Country Clubs of Europe, fantastic panoramic views to the sea. Staff apartment, wellness, gym, cinema, games and party area. Landscaped Mediterranean garden, saltwater pool, BBQ-area. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, built 1.660 m2, plot 7.119 m2. ID-No.: W-009GMD. Price: 7.500.000 €.

Nueva Andalucía: Exceptional modern property with best qualities just minutes away from beaches of Puerto Banus, spectacular golf and seaviews. In- and outdoor pool. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Built approx. 900 m2, plot approx. 2.802 m2. ID-No.: W-008T0E. Price: 6.750.000 €.

Nueva Andalucía: Contemporary designer villa in prestige address, combines central location, views, privacy, design and luxurious quality. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, built approx. 755 m2, plot approx. 2.577 m2. ID-No.: W-008SVT. Price: 3.700.000 €.

La Zagaleta: Exceptionally beautiful designer villa in Ueber -address with cinema, wine cellar, spa, garage. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, built approx. 2.000 m2, plot approx. 6.215 m2. ID-No.: W-00914A. Price: 6.950.000 €.

Nueva Andalucía Golf Valley: Spectacular luxury villa with panoramic views, staff quarters, gym, cinema, garage for 7-8 cars. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Built approx. 725 m2, plot approx. 1.800 m2. ID-No.: W-00CFE5. Price: 5.750.000 €.

Office Puerto Banus: 952 859 860 ·

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This month’s Home Feature brought to you by Caise Dilks


Ambient Lounge Beautiful interior setting with designer beanbag sofas. Premium beanbags are the ultimate contemporary casual furniture. £149.00

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to give your house a freshenup. Creams, whites and pastels will make your home feel bright and breezy.

George Smith furniture £1,900.00


The perfect first French chair! Fit for any princess in her little castle, it will make her feel most grown up and elegant. It’s also a lovely bedroom chair for adults, great for draping clothes over (those items that we will always “put away tomorrow”). £365.00 Antoinette Fine French Oak Mirror, £425 Normandy Bedside Table, £195 Ivory Goatskin, £190.


Sweetpea & Willow Think French colonial style with this beautiful rattan chair that has wonderfully comfortable padded seat arms and back. It is shown here in a limed fruitwood finish. The manufacturing is of the highest quality where aesthetics and comfort are of the utmost importance. Modern upholstery techniques are employed to create this beautiful piece, which is made from superb quality beech wood and produced to meet current British safety standards. £925.00 (Price represents the cost of the piece when it is upholstered in a high-grade calico fabric, as seen in the product image).

Sweetpea & Willow

Sweetpea & Willow

Brand new and exclusive. You will have to search the streets of Paris very hard to find a bed quite as beautiful as this Sweet Amberley sleigh bed. Designed by Sweetpea & Willow, it has been created with sumptuous curves, delicately carved ball feet and the most exquisite soft silver/pink blush fabric that falls beautifully into deep buttoning on the head and footboard. This bed is exceptionally good value and is already “tipped” to be a roaring success for 2011. £2195.00

This antique, white chaise is beautifully upholstered in a very pale ivory fabric. This is an excellent value chaise and looks a million dollars! Sweetpea & Willow now offers an upholstery service, and is able to have this re-covered in any fabric. £464.00



This Rutherford whitewashed coffee table is solidly built and painted with a soft white finish. The rustic, white coffee table has a handy shelf and a wicker storage basket in its own compartment; a practical and charming country coffee table. £354.00

Artisanti Stella footstool in thistle pure Belgian linen. £300.00 Stella three-seat sofa in ice brush linen cotton. £950.00


Luxury Homes & Investment Properties


Sotogrande Luxury Villa_MPC268 Set  in private grounds, this sprawling luxury villa is a light-filled oasis, reflecting traditional Andalucian style, with whitewashed walls and pale,   herringbone tiled floors throughout. A magnificent, double-height atrium opens onto a tranquil, leafy courtyard with panoramic views across the   and leads to the open plan kitchen/breakfast room, formal dining lawns room, lounge and study. Softly shaded terraces provide generous spaces for   whiling away the day reading, sunbathing or dining al fresco, and the outdoor private pool, Jacuzzi, floodlit tennis court, sauna, gym, cinema and   pool room offer ample entertainment. The villa offers private staff quarters with   its own lounge, kitchen and bathroom; is fully air conditioned and has a music system, telephone and internet points and wireless connections throughout; plus garaging for 3 cars and parking for up to 10 cars on the   drive. The property offers nine extremely spacious bedroom suites with   deluxe bathrooms opening onto to the terraces and gardens. Outside, spacious private and secluded grounds surround the house and include a   fountain courtyard and a variety of shaded and sunbathing terraces. An outdoor dining area allows extensive eating al fresco; there is a floodlit   court, heated outdoor swimming pool, toddler pool and Jacuzzi with tennis sun loungers; a fully equipped pool changing house, a large decked   sunbathing area, plus a relaxing shaded siesta area. This truly magnificent villa ranks as one of the best examples of its kind in the Sotogrande area and really must be seen!

Price: EUR 9.500.000 Beds: 9 - Baths: 10 - Built m2: 1516 + 250 Terrace Plot m2: 7308 MPC Estates Tel: 952 933 943 Fax: 952 930 535

WIRED Caisie Dilks takes a look at the coolest gadgets on the market

Apple iPod Nano If you think you’re into music now, wait until you get your hands on the new iPod Nano. With a rocking new design and multi-touch technology,

the iPod Nano is more convenient and cooler than ever. With 24-hour battery life, shake to shuffle and built in Genius DJ feature, the iPod Nano is your best friend for mobile

music. This little hip companion also features iPod radio and live pause for when you don’t want to miss a second of your fave radio show. From $150

Olympus Camera

E-PL2 packs in a three-inch display for viewing and framing your pictures, HD movie and the essential e-Portrait to make your skin appear smoother, brighter and more youthful; for that perfect profile picture. Six Art Filters make any shot look as colourful or dramatic as you like, and with the option to layer filters, the effects you can achieve are endless. The Olympus E-PL2 also has 12.3 megapixels, meaning you can blow your pictures up to poster size to show off your creations around your home. £529,99

If retro styling is more your thing, then the Olympus E-PL2 is guaranteed to make a statement. This latest addition to the Olympus PEN series is lightweight and compact – designed to be as simple to use as a writing pen. SLR quality shots are made easy by the built-in Live Guide, which teaches beginners step-by-step how to capture great shots, and the interchangeable lenses give you greater flexibility with your photography. Available in white, red, black and silver, the

Rubik’s Touch Cube

Here we have the world’s first completely electronic, fully solvable and quite amazing Rubik’s Touch Cube. Swipe your finger across the vibrantly lit squares to effortlessly slide the lights, mimicking every move of the original puzzle. Rubik’s Touch Cube can even give hints or solve the puzzle step by step right before your eyes (for those of us who find it impossible to solve). You can choose between modern sound effects or an actual recording of the original Cube’s twist for a nostalgic Rubik’s experience. A unique gift that can teach anyone how to beat the world’s number one puzzle! £69.99


Diamante Headphones With all the latest MP3 players on the market, it’s time to bring the bling to your music. Now, you can be the DJ with these in-your-face diamante headphones, which offer great sound quality with comfortable padding to block out ambient noise. Stay one step ahead of the trends and look just like an A-lister whilst listening to your music. £16.95


Laptop Speakers These fun speakers will make a great gift for today’s techno-savvy boys and girls. They can be used with any laptop (Apple Mac and PC compatible). They can be used alone or together for stereo sound. The sets come in a choice of colours: pink and blue or black and yellow. £27.50

USB Mug Warmer

Are you tired of wasting cups of cold coffee at work? The USB Mug Warmer is perfect for keeping your beverage nice and warm, as you work hard. You simply plug it into your computer, turn it on with the handy switch and the Mug Warmer will gently keep your delicious cup of tea, coffee or any other hot drink you fancy lovely and warm until you get a chance to drink it. It really is the hottest thing to hit offices since the water cooler. And it’s only £5.99!

Samsung LED 8000 The Samsung LED Series 8000 Smart TV is all about a transformative, immersive experience delivered with style and intelligence. The integrated and innovative Smart Hub, which allows you to interact with your TV, ensures everything from surfing the internet on your TV to flicking through pics and home movies is effortless and loads more fun. Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, you will instantly notice the superior 3D experience, which is ready to re-invent your world of entertainment. With a sophisticated design and supreme connectivity for seamless streaming, you have a very stylish and intelligent TV to enjoy. £2,500




Our in-depth motoring review




Motoring author, racing driver and photo-journalist Ian Kuah reports on the Audi Quattro


ack in 1984, famous mountain stages of the Monte Carlo Rally like the Col de Turini, echoed to the distinctive offbeat throb of the Audi Sport quattro’s five-cylinder motor, as star drivers like Walter Rohrl and Michele Mouton blasted towards the finishing line. Today, that distinctive five-cylinder soundtrack is echoing off the rocks on Decker Canyon Road, near Malibu, California, as I gun the one and only Audi quattro concept car up this equally challenging mountain road.



Thanks to an arrangement with the California Highway Patrol, a two-mile stretch has been closed off while I charge upwards towards our turning point, the plateau halfway to the summit. It takes a few corners before I mentally adjust to the fact that I can use the race line through blind corners with no fear of anything coming the other way. And then I let rip. Where the early 2,133cc Sport quattro motor produced 300hp in road legal homologation trim, and the first generation Group B competition car made 450hp, the new quattro concept boasts a healthy 408hp from its tweaked 2,480cc five-cylinder, turbocharged motor. While it has power on its side, the quattro concept’s other trump card is low weight; an amazing 500kg lighter than the Audi S5 from which it takes its shortened chassis. It is built to be agile. Couple this with the closely stacked ratios of the S4 sixspeed manual gearbox, the supreme traction of the RS5’s rear axle sport differential and the self-locking crown-gear centre differential and torque vectoring system, that normally sends 60 percent of the engines torque to the rear wheels, and you have a serious road weapon. While it might look finished from the outside, this is just a working concept car, miles from even pre-production status. In fact, it is the actual car that I saw being driven onto the stage at the Paris Motor Show just eight weeks earlier.


Thus, I was surprised that the steering is precise, the chassis composed and it all feels reasonably up and together. On the other hand, I did not expect it to be honed to a fine point, and the flaws are obvious. Among them are a vague gear linkage, a limited steering lock that requires taking a wide line into hairpin bends, mirrors that require manual adjustment, and a digital dashboard that occasionally flickers like a bad 1960s TV broadcast. However, considering its function as a running concept, and its monumental cost, Audi was extremely brave to let a small handful of outsiders get behind the wheel. The anxious looking team hovering around the car like expectant fathers at a maternity ward says it all. The black, heavy duty floor mats, and the seat covers tailored to match the tan leather trim replaced in the car after I finish the interior photos, tell me that the precious quattro concept is expected back in Ingolstadt in exactly the same unblemished condition that it left. With the unyielding Armco barrier on one side, a hard cliff face and the occasional wayward rock on the other, I take it easy on the tight and twisty decent back to the Pacific Coast Highway. There is only one quattro concept car, it is worth millions, and I must not break it! However, once on the wide and smooth blacktop, there is enough breathing space to give the powerful motor its head, and a full throttle run through the intermediate gears


immediately confirms the benefits of a torquey, turbocharged motor and a healthy power-to-weight ratio. With the window down, the five-cylinder motor clearly articulates the distinctive off-beat warbling note that makes up the major component of its mid-range singing voice. As the rev counter passes 5,000rpm, the engine note hardens, turning into a powerful snarl that continues till peak power arrives at 6,500rpm. There is no question that a possible production car will be fast. Just as the Sport quattro bodyshell was made from carbonkevlar, a really exotic material back in 1984, its physically larger spiritual successor makes use of Audi’s more recently acquired expertise in lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon-fibre. The structure and main panels are aluminium, while carbon-fibre is used for the bonnet and hatchback. The bodyin-white weighs just 159kg, and kerb weight of 1,300kg, is not much more than the Sport quattro’s of 1984. Claus Potthoff, Audi’s Head of Exterior Design explained that the idea of the quattro concept was born in 2008, when the 30th Anniversary of the ur-quattro was still two years away. “At a time when everyone was only really talking about electric cars and hybrids in future model discussions, we took the view that the car we would present to celebrate

the quattro’s 30th Anniversary had to contain the essence of the original,” he explained. “This meant that it would have to be petrol-engined, turbocharged, and preferably have five-cylinders.” “We did a lot of design sketches, and once it was agreed what the car should look like, a full-sized model was built in the spring of 2009,” Claus continued. “At this point, it was still a study to show the quattro heritage through a 21st Century interpretation.” Audi’s Group Design Chief, Wolfgang Egger, was fascinated by the idea. “It’s our jewel in the crown,” he said, and lobbied hard for the design to be taken to the next stage. “Nothing was set in stone until May last year, when the board finally confirmed that they would like the working concept car to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. That meant we had barely four months to build it!” This task fell to the skills of Ital Design, which had just been rescued from the brink of collapse, and subsumed into the VW Group earlier that month. Significantly, the quattro concept was to be the first product of this new liaison. “What does ‘quattro’ stand for at Audi and to the public?” This was something the team at Audi had to clearly define during the summer of 2009. “In essence, it stands for super performance,” said Claus. “We all agreed that even with all the new technologies we have conceived and mastered since the ur-quattro era, we must be proud of our



heritage, and combine it with the high-tech values that Audi has come to stand for.” When it came to choosing the engine and drivetrain for the concept car, the idea that won through was simple and true to the ur-quattro heritage. “We had a powerful five-cylinder turbocharged motor in the TT RS, and this would be used in-line, in a shortened RS5 chassis, with aluminium and carbon-fibre construction to save weight,” explained Claus. Typical of modern cars with all their safety systems and luxury trimmings, the steel-bodied, V8-powered RS5 tips the scales at a hefty 1,800kg. With its wheelbase shortened by 150mm aft of the B-pillar, Audi ASF space frame clad in aluminium and carbon-fibre bodywork, ceramic brakes and a lighter engine, the quattro concept is a whopping 500kg lighter. “This car is not just about power and performance,” said Claus. “Audi has always shown the way forward with cars that use aluminium to achieve lower weight than their competitors. Now, more than ever, we want to emphasise the point that lighter cars are more efficient, and that performance, emissions and fuel economy all benefit from this.” While even the Sport quattro had token rear seats, the decision was taken early on to make the quattro concept a pure two-seater with a hatchback and a generous rear cargo area. “We decided that two seats best suited our ‘simple and pure’ ethos for the car,” Claus explained. The Audi exterior design motifs are very strong from nose to tail, but while the car takes some styling cues from the urquattro, it is probably as far from a modern remake in the New MINI, New Beetle style as is possible to get while still hinting at its ancestry. “We were after a strong and intense shape with good but simple detailing, and a graphic black and white exterior,”



Claus explained. “While it takes design cues like the bonnet air intake from the Sport quattro, and the black bar between the rear lights of all ur-quattros, it is very clear that the quattro concept is not a copy of the original car.” Styling cues from the past like the bonnet air intake from the Sport quattro and the horizontal black strip between the tail-lights are clear references to the past, but the contemporary Audi “face” makes it altogether a very different and modern looking car. “The shape of the grille shows the continuing evolution of that important Audi motif,” Claus continued. “You can see how this has been developing since we introduced it on the previous A8. It had rounded edges in the beginning, and we squared them off the top corners on the new A8 and A1. The grille shape of the quattro concept shows the next step.” “What is very important for us with this design is a statement of fact that this car could be put into production in three years’ time if the Board gives the okay,” he continued. “By this I mean that we set out to design a car that is not so futuristic looking that no-one would believe we can build it as a 2014 model. It maintains a strong connection to the Audi styling language seen in the current range, and is clearly the next move, not the one after the next move, 20 years down the line as so many concept cars are.” The multi-spoke wheels shown at Paris and in the PR photos were expensively made by hand and are not suitable for running on the road. Thus, when I drove the car, it was fitted with RS5 9.0J x 20-inch wheels shod with 275/30ZR20 tyres. In actual fact though, these five thick spokes make the car look tougher, which is no bad thing. The suspension is pure RS5, apart from the springs and damper rates, which are revised to compensate for the car’s significantly lower weight. The ride height has two



settings, which differ by around 15-20mm. The lower setting was used on stage at Paris to make the car look lower and more purposeful, while the higher one ensures adequate ground clearance on the road. Inside, the thin but well-shaped seats weigh just 15kg each despite having electric motors for reach and rake. The exterior theme of simplicity is carried through here as well, and frankly this is a blessing, as your eye is not assaulted by a plethora of things unrelated to driving. The most high-tech item on display is the electronic dashboard, on which you can call up different information racecar styles. It should be stressed that this software-driven display is very much a prototype in its execution, and at this point had some gimmicks like an overhead road layout view, which no-one should look at whilst driving. As the factory TT RS motor has internal strengthening, a larger turbo and intercooler out of the box, it has plenty of headroom to work with. Just to recap, the standard outputs are 335hp from 5,400 to 6,700rpm with 450Nm of torque between 1,600 and 5,300rpm. The engineers had to alter the intake system when they moved the TT RS transverse five-pot motor to an in-line configuration. Together with a bespoke exhaust system and an ECU remap of the fuelling, ignition and boost pressure, the result is 408hp and 480Nm of torque. “Changing the motor to an in-line arrangement and mating it with the S4’s six-speed manual did not present as many challenges as we thought,” explained engine specialist, Peter Seizinger. “Although the motor is longer than the V8, it is lighter at 183kg, and only one cylinder overhangs the front axle. In the end, we have a front/rear weight distribution of about 59/41 percent.”


The computer calculations show that the 0-100km/h time will be a rapid 3.9 sec, but no top speed is being discussed as the aerodynamics have not been fully worked out. The carbon-fibre rear spoiler will rise automatically at 120km/h and provides significant downforce for stability at high speeds. The question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is whether or not Audi will turn the quattro concept into reality. At this point in time, the answer is very much up in the air. The number of potential owners is large, of that there is no doubt from the number of people banging on Audi’s door. But the reality of the quattro as a business case is down to volume and the choice of materials. As Audi’s ASF construction is very expensive, making 500 or 750 cars this way would put the unit price up tremendously, while making 10,000 would likely pitch it just under Porsche 911 Turbo money, which is where the Sport quattro was in 1984. On the other hand, a super low volume hand-made car with a carbon-fibre tub would not be in the ur-quattro spirit, would be horrendously expensive, and would create a marketing problem with Audi’s R8 V10 supercar. The ultimate solution will come out of a debate that looks set to run for the next few months. The one certainty is that if Audi is going to build this charismatic car it cannot arrive later than 2014, the 30th Anniversary of the Sport quattro.

Teetime: 10.00 Shotgun Lunch Cocktail and Prize Giving: 15.30

Prizes: Individual Stableford 1st & 2nd Hcp: 0 - 12.4 1st & 2nd Hcp: 12.5+

Charity Golf Tournament Sunday, May 29th 2011

Pairs Stableford 1st & 2nd Best Gross Longest Drive (Men & Ladies) Nearest to the Pin WIN A NEW MERCEDES FOR A HOLE-IN-ONE!

Participation Fee: € 95,incl. Green Fee, Buggy and Lunch Cocktail.

In aid of

We donate € 50,- per participant to Charity.

Reservations: Susanne Paessler Tel: 662 374 212 · Fax: 952 785 460




Stylish hotel opens its summer restaurant Last month saw the re-opening of Roberto Restaurant at the Puente Romano Hotel. Joined by a few famous faces, guests were treated to amazing culinary delights and the wonderful talents of singer and entertainer Tom Rust. Every summer this beachside restaurant serves diners amazing food in a superb location, and we look forward to many warm nights spent gazing out over the Mediterranean.



Puerto Banús bar officially opens The ever-popular Room 101 in Puerto Banús was officially inaugurated by a crowd of guests and friends. Owner and artist Danny Robson was, as ever, the perfect host, greeting guests with complimentary cocktails and canapés, and ensuring everyone was enjoying the stylish and elegant surroundings.




New delights at popular Nueva Andalucía restaurant Ristorante Regina next to the Hotel Andalucia Plaza has been entertaining guests for the past 20 years, and has recently updated its menu to include a wide range of culinary treats. With entertainment from Sammy Davis Jr and Marilyn Monroe acts, the dishes (and the drinks) went down a treat at the launch night of the new menu. The girls at Regina’s now offer a pasta show to suit all needs and luxury pizzas made using rustic Italian flour, all of which is affordable and unbelievably tasty.





PURO PARTY Puro Beach in Laguna Village recently opened for the summer, and it has already hosted its first party. The patch of rainy weather we had last month didn’t dampen people’s spirits as they filled the dance floor and enjoyed the great music tracks and free-flowing drinks.



BARBIE GONE BAD Tribeca 12 retains its reputation as one of the coolest clubs in Spain, hosting an outrageous “Bad Barbie” themed night. Partygoers donned their craziest outfits, savoured Grey Goose cocktails and partied all night long with DJ and production duo Chris and Danyo Wallem. Don’t miss their next rebellious return on May 28th and check out Tribeca 12’s facebook group or for updates on the hottest parties ever!




Charitable venue in the heart of Marbella

Molecular gastronomy restaurant Amapola hosted a charity event on the April 3. They hosted a lunch buffet for €40, and proceeds were donated to the Asociacion Amigos y Protectores de los Gatos. The beautiful weather ensured that the outdoor terrace was overflowing with wellwishers and the restaurant served up delicious food.



Live music Música en vivo

every weekend

todos los fines de semana

May/Mayo 2011

Weekday lunch menu only €15.00 for 2 courses! Menú especial semanal solo €15.00 para 2 platos. Join us now for Sunday Lunch with Live music. Set menu €29.00 for 3 courses or a la carte. Acércate para almuerzo los Domingos con música en vivo. Menú €29.00 para 3 platos o la carta. TikiTano has re-opened under new management since 01 January 2011 TikiTano ha re - abierto bajo nuevo dirección desde el 01 de enero 2011

06 May


27 May


*There is no cover charge for our resident entertainers however a cover charge will apply for our special entertainment evenings as shown. Mediterranean sea

Web: Email: Tel: Fax: (+34) 952 79 84 49 (+34) 952 79 10 47

TikiTano is open every day from 13.00 Food served all day from 13.30 Kitchen open all day Free Wifi

TikiTano_Spain TikiTano Beach Restaurant & Lounge

Urb. Guadalmansa, Ctra de Cadiz 340 – KM 164 29680 Estepona (Málaga)


World Record Smashed for Champagne Sabering Nermans Restaurant set a new World Record for sabering the most champagne bottles in a minute. Julio Chang, member of Team NR Sabrage Professionnelle, successfully sabered 32 bottles with a traditional sabre sword, breaking the previous record by five bottles, set in South Africa in 2010. Witnessing the spectacular event was Sandi Davidson, Officer Maitre Sabruer and Rosibel Barrera, Spanish actress, fencing master and official witness and counter. Upon setting the record, Sandi Davidson surprised Julio by knighting him as a Sabruer.



Seductive show at Marbella restaurant Evita Restaurant in Marbella offers dinner with a twist. Every Thursday and Sunday, diners are treated to a seductive tango show. The professionally trained dancers are fantastic entertainment and a great experience for all customers to enjoy. The restaurant serves traditional Buenos Aires cuisine throughout the tango show, transporting you right to the heart of Argentina.


Inside Urbanisation La Alzambra next to Dreamers disco in Puerto Banus Aerobic Step Spinn Pilates Yoga Box Strength Free parking We also have a kids park and much more

Tel: 952 907 090

Garra Rufa Fish Spa Pedicures Often referred to as “doctor fish” the therapeutic nibbling of the fish is said to have skin healing properties as well as leaving the skin silky smooth. These tiny toothless carp, native to the Middle East, secrete an enzyme in their saliva – diathonol – known to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

To purchase a fish spa for your salon call NOW Tel: 666 761 409



MANILA GRACE To mark the arrival of the stunning, Italian clothing brand Manila Grace to Puerto Banús, the reception of the newly-refurbished H10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel was turned into a tasteful and elegant catwalk for the evening of Wednesday April 20. The latest collection from this designer brand with a youthful spirit harmoniously blends neutral, muted tones in contemporary cuts and drapes. The quality and calibre of the brand speaks for itself and there is an urban versatility to the collection, enabling the clothes to be worn both casually and formally. With canapés and drinks to complement the sophistication of the models and the attire, the evening was enjoyed by all, including the management team of Manila Grace from Bologna. The store is located in Calle Ribiera, at the main entrance of Puerto Banús, opposite Salduba Gift shop. It is open daily from 11am, and is an exciting addition to the luxurious boutiques of the marina.



tel: 952 90 61 05 . .

Rooftop Terrace



Renovated restaurant in La Heredia Having already established itself as one of the best restaurants on the Coast, La Casita restaurant in La Heredia has recently been restyled and rejuvenated. Owner and Head Chef Lawrence Otterburn was able to expand and completely transform the restaurant, with the help of John May from Quay Property Group and design consultant Hayley Reed. The restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, now boasts a luxury, intimate dining space, a comfortable lounge area and live “kitchen cams”, so diners can watch the talented chefs in action. The restaurant continues to offer the high standard of cuisine that it has become known for, with a fusion of European and oriental flavours. Lawrence himself has been cooking passionately for the past 25 years, working alongside some of the world’s most extraordinary chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Shaun Hill. “We wanted to revitalise the village and build on its infrastructure, and I think we did that with La Casita,” gushes Lawrence. Due to the outstanding turn out at the opening event, we have no doubt that La Casita will raise La Heredia’s profile as a beautiful village.




Stunning roof-top nightclub opens for the summer Marbella’s most exclusive roof terrace and members’ club held its grand opening party on April 22. After substantial refurbishment throughout the winter months, Pangea now features Dom Perignon tables on the luxurious roof terrace, and the inside lounge boasts a serene Belvedere Vodka bar. The invitation-only event attracted a big crowd of party-goers, including some famous faces, and all guests drank, danced and partied into the early hours of the morning.



ROOM 101

he official opening of Room 101 was attended by a huge crowd of friends and locals. On the night, guests enjoyed complimentary canapés and cocktails. The tasty culinary delights are a staple of the bar throughout the week, and the tasty cocktails were created by experienced mixologist Rafael. Trained in Sweden, he can create any concoction from spicy chilli tipples to the world-renowned Mojitos; all you need to do is ask.

Room 101 has retained its vibe of a stylish bar to meet with friends, and remains a place to enjoy an elaborate mix of classic 80s, 90s and vocal, funky house music. The seating area has also been extended outside, but remains in keeping with the chic interior décor. This relaxing seating area will be perfect for those long, summer nights.

Owner and artist Danny Robson hangs his artwork in the bar, and is constantly updating and changing what is on display. As planned, he uses the bar as his own personal gallery, and has already sold a number of paintings to clients visiting Room 101. The bar has been a fantastic success with the local crowd from Marbella and Puerto Banús due to the familiarity of the venue, the warm and stylish décor, and Danny’s hosting skills. His genuine approach to entertaining clients has set Room 101 as a benchmark for bar owners in the area. Room 101 Next door to Wok Away, opposite the taxi rank in Puerto Banús. Tel. 693 547 666



Words by LauraJane Bruce Photos by Ruth Jones

TIKITANO Beach Restaurant & Lounge


he first thing that hits you when you arrive at Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge is its setting. Situated right on the beach, with uninterrupted views of Gibraltar and Africa, it is a place of beauty where you can gaze out over the Mediterranean Sea for hours. With space available to lounge in the comfortable seating area, intimate tables for those of you in love and outdoor decking for sunny days and balmy nights, Tikitano caters for any experience. However, Tikitano is not only a restaurant; it is also becoming the most sought after venue for events, weddings and celebrations. The thatched roof, wooden beams and ethnic, red brick design gives it a Polynesian feel, setting itself as a niche venue for all types of event. Since opening under new management in January of this year, Tikitano has been going from strength the strength. The inviting and warm atmosphere of the restaurant can be credited to Scarlett Smits, the General Manager. She has worked in the restaurant business all her life, and after starting out as a hostess in Tikitano itself six years ago, Scarlett has worked her way up the chain and is now proudly in charge of “the most beautiful venue on the coast”. Her enthusiasm and natural charm shines through, as her energy ensures no detail is overlooked. Tikitano is open everyday from 13.00, with the kitchen serving from 13.30. Delicacies served at Tikitano include a range of international dishes, without forgoing on the Mediterranean influence of living here on the Costa del Sol. The creative menus are created by the talented and experienced chefs, who work tirelessly to generate tantalising dishes for all their diners. Another tip, check out the recipe of the month on their website for the inside scoop on how to create their mouthwatering dishes.


Living here on the Costa del Sol, we are blessed with some of the finest eateries in the world, giving us the luxury of being able to choose from an amazing range of delicacies and cuisines. Every month, Society Marbella reviews a great selection of the coast’s restaurants to keep you up to speed with the best places to wine and dine.

Head chef, Nicholas Echazarra, has travelled throughout Spain, London and Paris, cooking in many different kitchens, and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the 15-man strong kitchen team. The front of house staff at Tikitano is friendly, attentive and well-presented. They are continually on hand to ensure you get nothing but the best out of your experience; and they are able to explain any dish in a multitude of languages. Tikitano also has fantastic offers available. In the week, its lunch menu consists of two courses for just €15, and when you see the quality of the food, you’ll be just as surprised at the prices as we were. If that’s not enough, a three-course Sunday lunch meal from the set menu or a la carte costs €29, with live music entertainment including the local talents of The Rat Pack, the graceful Phoebe and Michael Bublé tribute Tomas. Once we took in the grandeur that was the beauty of the venue, we were kindly shown to our seats – a table in the corner overlooking the Med. An aperitif of quiche, and red pepper and green asparagus moose was served to tantalise our taste buds whilst we took in the extensive and innovative menu. We were delighted with a choice of two starters; fried goat’s cheese breaded with nuts, honey vinaigrette and a mixed salad. The beautifully decorated plates made it a shame to mess it up, but it all looked so delicious that we couldn’t wait to dig in. The goat’s cheese was coated perfectly, and was

COSTA CUISINE a perfect balance of smooth and crunchy. The choice of using strawberries in the salad was a refreshing alternative to the conventional pear and goat’s cheese salad. Our second starter was carpaccio of beef with truffle oil, pine nuts and parmesan. The beef was tender and deliciously thin, and the truffle oil developed flavour with every bite. For our main dishes; one meat and one fish dish was served. The meat dish was prime cut filet of beef with caramelised gorgonzola cheese, which was juicy and cooked to perfection, and the accompanying vegetables were crunchy and fresh. Our fish dish was sea bass with green pepper sauce and vodka. The bass just fell apart once it was carved, and was melt-in-the-mouth delicious. The sauce was creamy and married beautifully with the fish. Pudding came next; an assiette of three desserts, where each diner chooses a selection of three bite-size desserts from the a la carte menu. This was perfect for me, as I enjoy trying different dishes along with my own. Our dessert consisted of a fondant of Saint Dominique chocolate, a mousse of passion fruit and raspberry sorbet. The moist chocolate fondant mixed perfectly with the fresh passion fruit and sorbet. To finish off the meal, two refreshing cocktails were created for us, a fresh Mojito and a fruity strawberry Daiquiri – the perfect way to end the flawless meal. Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful settings on the coast, Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge caters to all wants and desires. Whether you are looking for a cocktail and a snack on the beachfront, or a lavish three-course meal with friends and family, this restaurant offers it all in abundance. Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge 952 798 449



The Studio is Marbella’s latest meeting place for ladies who love to lunch and to look good. Opened at the end of November 2010, The Studio is a great spot to meet with friends for a bite to eat or to join in one of its exercise classes such as pilates, aerobics, body toning and zumba. There isn’t a better place to do your class and then stay for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although it has only been open since November, The Studio has quickly become a popular venue with ladies about town. Located in Aloha Gardens, it is easy to get to and has a welcoming, cosy atmosphere thanks to its owner, Ilse Pijpers. “I owned a studio with the same

concept and philosophy when I lived in Holland,” she explains. “I managed it for 13 years and it was a huge success. I am really happy that the same philosophy is working out here in Marbella,” she adds. The Studio serves fresh, wholesome food at very reasonable prices. Dishes on the menu include salads, sandwiches and wraps, fish, pasta, chicken sate and, of course, delicious desserts. The specials board changes daily and it is also extremely popular on a Sunday for its generous Sunday roasts. Classes cost 58euros per month or 10euros per class. T: 951 082 632 A: Aloha Gardens, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella



Our selection of international cuisine

SAN ROQUE Oriental KAMAKURA Location: Golf resort Tel. 956 646 575 Considered one of

the finest Japanese restaurants in Spain.

SOTOGRANDE International

KE BAR Location: Frontline Port Tel. 956 793 333 Chic venue ideal for watching the world pass by with snacks and full meals. FLAHERTY’S Location: Frontline Port Tel. 956 790 390 Lively Irish bar and restaurant with well-priced snacks and full dishes – fun ambiance and live music evenings.

CASARES International

SCHILO Location: Ctra. de Casares Tel. 952 937 800 Gourmet Asian-fusion cuisine created by world-class chef Schilo Van Corvorden at the Finca Cortesin Hotel and Golf Resort. Superb service, elegant setting and excellent wine list.



LA PAPPARDELLA Location: Laguna Village Tel. 952 807 354 Popular Italian restaurant group that made its mark in London and Puerto Banus. Extensive list of dishes made using the finest Italian ingredients, and great service. A fine dining experience in chic, luxurious surroundings. PURO BEACH Location: Laguna Village Tel. 951 316 699 Casual, elegant and chic beach club and restaurant serving delicious international dishes.

BENAHAVIS International TABERNA DEL ALABADERO Location: Ctra. de Ronda Tel. 952 812 794 Creative inexpensive cuisine in

elegant surroundings including stunning garden setting.

SAN PEDRO International

PASSION CAFÉ Location: C.C. La Colonia Tel. 952 781 583 Fresh and creative food served throughout the day. Fantastic breakfasts, salads, wok dishes, fajitas, burgers, wraps and sandwiches. Daily specials and superb evening menu. Eclectic décor and pleasant ambience.

PUERTO BANUS Italian MACCHERONI Location: Jardines del Puerto Tel. 951 703 175 Fashionable pizzeria serving authentic Italian specialties. Takeaway available. Open every night from 8pm.


Bollywood Restaurant, Bar & Terrace We offer a unique dining experience, serving an exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food in an ambiance inspired by rich culture with excellent service. We can accommodate tables for 2–20, inside the restaurant or outside on the terrace. Conveniently situated in the heart of Nueva Andalucia minutes away from the famous Puerto Banus and Aloha Golf courses.

Introducing Exciting New Fish Dishes to the Menu From April

For Take-away, Home Delivery and Reservations, please contact: T. 952 906 748 Avenida Del prado. Local 4, Edificio Picaso, Aloha, 29660 Nueva Andalucia


Oriental THAI GALLERY Location: Puerta de Banus Tel. 952 818 392 Creative cuisine with professional service and lively atmosphere. Open daily for dinner. NAGA THAI Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 815 319 Wide range of exquisite and exotic dishes enjoyed in stylish surroundings. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Takeaway and full catering service also available. NARUTO Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 811 827 Contemporary cuisine, presented by Sushi des Artistes (Golden Mile) – sushi, sashimi and Japanese tapas. Takeaway available. Open seven days a week from 1pm till late.

International BUDDHA BEACH Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 Luxurious Balinese setting with al fresco restaurant ser-ving an appetizing selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood platters to Thai fusion cuisine, sushi, creative salads and lighter dishes. A ‘snack and wrap’ menu can be enjoyed from Buddha’s beach beds.


LA SALA BANUS Location: Calle Belmonte Tel. 952 814 145 Open from 10am to midnight, seven days a week, La Sala offers eight individually styled settings to suit whatever mood you are in – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon drinks with friends, evening cocktails or private business meetings. A set lunch menu from Monday to Friday is available for 15€ for two courses, and complimentary valet parking is available from 10am. BUBLES Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, TIBV Tel. 606 070 979 bubblesmarbella. com Superb international cuisine and cocktails in stunning Balinese roof terrace setting. OCEAN CLUB Location: Avda. Lola Flores Tel. 952 908 137 Luxurious beachfront restaurant and beach club located in the heart of Puerto Banus, offering traditional French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Also Asian specialties on offer.

NUEVA ANDALUCIA International GIRASOL Location: Avda. del Prado Tel. 952 813 859 Superb service and excellent food from award-winning

chefs. Attractive surroundings and pleasant patio terrace overlooking golf valley. MAGNA CAFÉ Location: Magna Marbella Golf Tel. 952 929 587 Exquisite cuisine in stunning surroundings. Bar and large terrace with breathtaking views. STARZ MARBELLA Location: C.C. Centro Plaza Tel. 952 816 313 International food with all-day breakfast and extensive lunch menu. Open Monday to Saturday 8.30am-5pm. Free wifi. EVITA BY BUENOS AIRES Location: Avda. del Prado Tel. 952 929 620 Superb Argentinean cuisine. Golf views on a beautiful terrace. YANX CAFÉ Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 952 818 861 A prized location and lively atmosphere make this a great choice allround. NERMANS RESTAURANT AND BISTRO BAR Location: Avienda del Prado Tel. 952 815 398 Sumptuous home cooking in a relaxed atmosphere, with attentive bilingual staff and good value for money. POLYNESIAN’S RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL BAR

Location: Urb. La Alcazaba Tel. 952 816 100 Exotic fusion of tropical and oriental cuisine, with indoor or al fresco dining, relaxing ambience and Chinese woodfired oven specialties.

Indian BOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT Location: Urb. Fuente Aloha Tel. 952 906 748 Exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food, 
ambiance inspired by rich culture and all topped off with excellent service.

Italian REGINA’S Location: near Andalucia Plaza Tel. 952 814 529 Elegant surroundings with highquality Italian dishes ranging from traditional to creative.


Established in the late eighties this landmark restaurant in the heart of the golf valley continues to offer GREAT food and GREAT wines in comfortable surroundings!!

THAI BANGKOK Location: Plaza de Las Orquideas Tel. 952 813 603

GOLDEN MILE Oriental SUKHOTHAI Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 770 550 Fabulous Thai cuisine with intimate surroundings and cosmopolitan décor. TAI PAN Location: Puente Romano Tel. 952 777 893

Open fOr dinner frOm 19h30 Avenida del Prado, Aloha 29660 Nueva Andalucía, Marbella

Tel: 952 813 859

The Finest Inn on the Coast

Good, fresh simple cooking • Selection of real cask conditioned ales • Fine wines & chilled beers • Wood burners & Snugs • Fabulous beer garden with dining and sun terraces • Outdoor Bar & BBQ Grill • Hog Roast • motogogo Rent A Scooter Service • Open daily from 10.30 until late

“The most beautiful English Inn in Spain” Next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Robin•Hood•inn fine ales good food

Ave de Dos Hermanas • Benamara • 29688 Estepona • Malaga • Spain Tel: 951 272 169 •

RESTAURANT LISTING taipan-restaurante. com Enjoy cocktails at Polynesian Bar before sampling oriental cuisine in beautiful surroundings. THAI ELEPHANT Location: Opposite Marbella Club Tel. 952 779 166 Sumptuous original Thai and Japanese cuisine including sushi and a selection of curries, with a large terrace area perfect for al fresco dining. Takeaway and delivery service also available – with full menus and online order service.


VILLA TIBERIO Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 771 799 Highly popular

restaurant set within Italian stylish surroundings; al fresco at it’s best. TERRAZZA DUAL Location: Marbella SMALL WORLD Mar CAFÉ Tel. 952 925 250 Location: C.C. Le Village Great service and Tel. 952 771 046 attractive surroundsmallworldcafe. ings. Homemade com dishes. Takeaway Small World Café also available. is a cool, contemporary restaurant MARBELLA where diners can enjoy lazy breakInternational fasts, a quick bite for lunch or a ZOZOI relaxed dinner from Location: Plaza the simple yet Altamirano creative menu. Tel. 952 858 868 SUITE Location: Hotel Puente Romano Tel. 952 820 900 Stunning restaurant and lounge serving superb Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine in luxurious surroundings. Old converted house provides perfect atmosphere for cuisine with a difference. SANTIAGO Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 770 078 Specialising in fish and seafood from throughout Spain. CASAMONO Location: Calle Estebanez Calderon Tel. 952 774 578 The cuisine is in the style of a classic French bistro with a delicious array of cocktails.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12:30-4:00pm Friday and Saturday 8:00-11:15pm (closed Sundays)


daily for dinner from 6.30pm till late; early evening menu until 8pm. BIJOU BAR & BISTRO Location: Plaza Juan de la Rosa Tel. 952 776 468 Varied and wellpriced cuisine, designed to include fresh ingredients, in comfortable environment with excellent, friendly service. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm. AMAPOLA RESTAURANT Location: Calle Ortega y Gasset Tel. 952 774 650 amapolamarbella. com Quaint restaurant set in the heart of Marbella, with experimental molecular gastronomy.

French CASANIS Location: Calle Ancha 8 Tel. 952 900 450 Exquisite bistro serving menu del dia as well as a la carte, aperitifs and cocktails. Open Monday to Saturday for dinner.

GARUM Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 858 858 garummarbella. com Great for drinks, snacks and a la carte dining. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.


THE ORANGE TREE Location: Orange Square Tel. 952 924 613 Creative contemporary cuisine, with innovative new menu every six weeks. Open

CASA NOSTRA Location: Calle Camilo Jose Cela Tel. 952 861 108 Local dining institution since 1988, with extensive selection of superb Italian cuisine.

ZAFFERANO Location: Calle Gloria 12 Tel. 952 863 125 Beautiful renovated old town house with modern Italian cuisine in elegant surroundings.

DA FABIO Location: Marbella and El Rosario Tel. 952 823 376/952 833 467 Friendly, authentic Italian restaurant offering traditional cuisine and special dishes prepared by the chef. Open daily 11am-midnight, with easy parking.

EAST OF MARBELLA International MOZAIC RESTAURANT & LOUNGE Location: Las Chapas Tel. 952 839 901 Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9am till midnight (lounge until 2am), offering Belgium and International cuisine. BONO’S BEACH Location: Costabella beachside Tel. 952 839 236 Fine cuisine in a stunning location on one of the most beautiful beaches in Marbella. THE BEACH HOUSE Location: frontline beach Elviria Tel. 952 839 458 Idyllic location by the sea with stunning sunsets over one of the Coast’s best beaches. Open daily for lunch and dinner. NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos (beachside) Tel. 952 836 239 Marbella Nikki’s signature ‘global’ cuisine served in luxurious beach club surroundings either on

he palm-shaded al fresco terrace, or from one of the oversized beach beds.

MIJAS COSTA International MIJAS PLAYA Location: La Cala seafront Tel. 952 493 749 Popular restaurant overlooking the sea, with entertainment and dancing every evening. Superb food in elegant surroundings. VALPARAISO Location: Ctra de Mijas Tel. 952 485 996 Excellent Italian and International cuisine in charming and elegant surroundings.

FUENGIROLA International PUEBLO LOPEZ Location: off Calle Valencia Tel. 952 471 929 Well-established, family-run restaurant in charming Pueblo Lopez cobbled courtyard.

LOS BOLICHES Vegetarian VEGETALIA Location: Calle Santa Isabel 8 Tel. 952 586 031 Salad buffet with hot dishes of the day at lunchtime; a la carte selection in the evenings, fresh juices and homemade desserts. Open MondaySaturday lunch; Friday and Saturday dinner.


Following on from the success of the Songs From Broadway show at Hotel Puente Romano in May last year, Centennial Nordic Capital is once again joining forces with the coast’s leading venue and hosting another fantastic production, Judy and Liza The Musical; a gourmet music evening showcasing the life stories of these two outstanding performers. The event is hotting up to be one of the most spectacular shows on the coast this year, so it’s no wonder Centennial Nordic Capital couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

We caught up with LARS OSEN CEO of Centennial Nordic Capital at MC Café to discuss business, sponsorship and stardom. Centennial Nordic Capital is an investment company, which focuses on long and short shares trading. The team – which is made up of experienced stockbrokers and investment analysts – strives to achieve absolute returns to the client. Last year, Centennial Nordic Capital made 170 percent profits on returns, which is an absolutely outstanding achievement as well as a testament to its professionalism and dedication. The company’s ties with Marbella, and with the arts, are strengthened by its sponsorship of a hard-core drama Norwegian film Dynasti, part of which is currently being filmed on location here. The film tells a semi-true story of a professional gang of robbers stealing €10 million from a bank in Norway. So why shoot part of the film here in Marbella? “Our decision was based on the climate and the location,” explains LARS. “We are

going to shoot some scenes in the Marbella Club Hotel and also in Suite Nightclub throughout August. We want to promote Marbella in a good way,” he added. LARS is a huge fan of Puente Romano Hotel. “Corporate Director of Food and Beverage for Marbella Club and Puente Romano Hotel Group, John Thomson, and Public Relations and Events Manager, Tara Lorimer, as well as all the other staff, continually make me feel welcome, so much so that I have stayed at the Marbella Club Hotel 40 times in the past two years, for both business and pleasure,” he reveals. The film is set to be released before the end of the year, so look out for its release in the cinema. For more information, please contact: Centennial Nordic Capital 0047 9171 8776 Hotel Puente Romano 952 820 900



Having been described as “the latest singing sensation to sweep the coast”; now with ever increasing popularity and critical acclaim STEPHEN LLOYD-MORGAN has recently been hailed as “one of the finest discoveries the Costa has ever seen” and “is without doubt, the best Tenor on the coast”. From large-scale concerts, charity events, weddings to more intimate after-dinner performances, STEVE never fails to enthrall an audience with his powerful voice and energetic performance, as well as his

evident joy and passion for singing! He has an extensive repertoire of show-stopping hits from musical theatre, opera and crossover numbers sung in English, Spanish and Italian; STEVE is now in constant demand throughout Europe. Check out the feature article on Steve in the next issue of CONFETI MAGAZINE out May 15. Stephen Lloyd-Morgan 0044 208 711 6949

From now until the live final in June, Britain’s Got Talent will engulf the nation and dominate the airways every Saturday night. The eight-week long series showcases the talented (and not so talented) acts from the UK. But, it’s not just the UK that has talent; here on the coast we have a heaps gifted artists of our own.

DEVELOPING STYLE Property developer JOHN MAY unveiled his latest completed project on the coast last month: La Casita Restaurant in La Heredia. His warm personality shines through in the venture. The restaurant, designed in conjunction with consultant Hayley Reed, showcases his modern contemporary style, without detracting from the core values of the established business. La Casita is JOHN’s second commercial project in Spain – his first was Nicholas Dunne Properties on the Golden Mile. He is currently commencing work on another res-

taurant project in Puerto Banús. The high standards he sets with his design and build approach mean he is involved from start to finish in every project. By including his clients in the creative process, developing their ideas and suggestions, JOHN is successfully setting Quay Property Group apart from other developers on the Coast. As JOHN MAY says, “Expect the exceptional.” Quay Property Group 951 319 728

FA-SHION PHOTOGRAPHER Self-taught photographer JAYDEN FA is a freelance photographer who is really making a statement on the coast. Born and bred in Gibraltar, this creative genius shot our fashion this month, and brought nothing but passion and energy to the set. It was so great so see someone so young with such enthusiasm and inspiration. With four years of experience under his belt in fashion, beauty photography and styling, it is such an achievement for someone of only 22 years of age. However, JAYDEN has never taken a course in photography, he remarks, “It’s almost like my passion has trained me and I hope it will carry on to make me grow into a better photographer with every shoot.”

JAYDEN has even shot for clothing brands Soda Pop and Aftershock London (among others), both brands matching his style perfectly; vibrant, fun and energetic. Aided by art director Guy Baglietto, whose vivacious personality and fresh approach to direction and teamwork sets this duo apart from the rest. It is really a breath of fresh air to see such focus and passion. Always looking to push the boundaries, JAYDEN comments, “I am so grateful that I now know what I want to do in life; I have always felt artistic but never found a medium that truly fulfilled me, until now.” Jayden Fa 00350 54000029



latest news from the coast

Cuban Fiesta Restaurant Menu Gourmet at Camping Marbella Playa in Las Chapas held a “Noche Cubana” last month. The night consisted of a live band entertaining the audience with traditional Cuban songs, sexy Cuban dancing from members of the audience and specially designed dishes for all in attendance.

Community Spirit for Children for Peace Redline Company, a local marketing and graphic design agency, often gets involved in philanthropic activities, believing that it is important to participate actively in the community to help those less fortunate. Currently helping the Children for Peace charity by designing their invitation and tickets for the upcoming charity event in Villa Padierna, Redline has a long list of past benevolent involvement. In 2009, they actively supported the Caras Felices Charity, a cleft surgery charity based in Marbella, through an event organised by Business First. In 2010, the new UK-based charity The Safe House needed a logo and came to Redline for support. Redline also produced the website in 2011 for the local exhibition featuring Dr. Hillary Jones “Living Well Marbella”, held in February at the Puente Romano Hotel in aid of Meningitis UK, to name a few. “I feel proud to be able to contribute to help these causes through my profession,” says Line Lyster, director of Redline Company. “I think it is important to actively support the community and the Redline team strives to be of assistance and help where we can.” Apart from its charitable work, Redline is pleased to be supporting The 3º Festival Internacional de Arte Marbella, which is taking place in Marbella Centre from June 23 – 26 June, by designing this year’s festival programme. Redline Company also finds it important to join the local networking organisations and is an active member of CIT Marbella, Women in Business and Costa Business Club to name a few.


Pangea The Pangea experience returns for summer 2011. This exclusive club reopened its luxurious roof terrace in April. This season also sees the return of the elite Membership scheme. Pangea members benefit from exclusive offers within the club, along with other local establishments. Offers include discounts in restaurants, beach clubs, boutiques and selected retail outlets. For further information and to apply for membership visit If you are a local business who may be interested in offering exclusive discounts to Pangea members, please call 633 180 021.

Halo Salon

Sergio from Kasab ian spotted at La S ala

Halo Salon in Marbella has recently been refurbished. The whole of the salon is now of an art deco style, with psychedelic wallpaper and decorative lighting. An exclusive champagne bar backs up this new look, where all ladies in the salon are supplied with complimentary champagne. Even though the dĂŠcor has changed, Halo still offers the same services: hair, nails, and the usual health and beauty treatments. For those special days and occasions, half day spa packages are available, including make-up, eyelashes, non-surgical lipo, vibro plate services and massages. They are also the sole distributor for flip-in hair extensions in Spain. Halo Salon is really the place where all the girls can go to get glam and have a good time! For more information on all of the above treatments, call the salon on 952 865 796 and speak to the friendly team or visit the website:

Confeti at The White Gallery We are pleased to announce that Confeti has been chosen to be a media partner at the prestigious White Gallery London show. Held at Battersea Park on 22-24 May 2011, this elegant event will be attended by world’s most exclusive wedding wear retailers and influential press. Confeti will be reporting from the front row where Amanda Wakeley, David Fielden, Ian Stuart, Matthew Williamson and Stewart Parvin will be among the top UK fashion names showcasing their 2012 bridal collections. On another note, due to the great interest in the Balearics from brides-to-be, we have decided to expand. From the next issue we will also be covering the latest wedding news in Mallorca, with Ibiza being added in the near feature. More great news! We have launched our very own blog, where advertisers can enjoy regular guest blogging sessions and brides to be can be kept up to date with the ever-changing wedding scene on the coast. Confeti Summer will be out in mid-May, featuring an exclusive interview with the A-List designer Elie Saab. Other highlights include unique and stylish entertainment ideas, a spotlight on Målaga, and honeymooning in the Bahamas.



MEDIA PARTNER of Marbella Masters N

orthern Vision is delighted to announce that 11 time Grand Slam title winner and unrivalled tennis legend, Bjorn Borg will be returning to the Puente Romano Tennis Club to play in this years Marbella Masters, 25-27 August 2011. Talking ahead of the tournament in August, Bjorn said: “I am really looking forward to returning to Puente Romano Tennis Club where l have many friends and such great memories.” Tournament Director, Anders Borg commented; “We are delighted that Bjorn will join us this year, the centre court at the tennis club is spectacular and should be used to showcase one of the world’s best ever players. Last year was a great success for us, however, this year with Bjorn signed up, we are sure that the stands will be full daily!” Bjorn is very familiar with the clay courts of Hotel Puente Romano as he managed the club after it opened in 1979, today, the club still attracts the world’s greatest tennis players and fans, Spanish legend Manolo Santana took over from Bjorn and is a fan of the Marbella Masters. As a member of the ATP, the club has played host to prestigious international tournaments over the years and last year hosted the inaugural Marbella Masters, which was attended by Pat Cash, Richard Krajicek, Mansour Bahrami, Martina Navratilova and was won by two-times French Grand Slam winner, Sergi Brugera.


Tickets are already available through the website of Ticketmaster and El Corte Ingles. For further information check out the website:



Society Marbella magazine, May issue with Rihanna cover


Society Marbella magazine, May issue with Rihanna cover