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Doreen Creede By: Christian S. Doughtery Photo: Floyd Dean


Style Maniac

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Philadelphia is certainly a place to take note of when talking East Coast fashion. And, who better to get a real sense of style from other than the founder of STYLEMANIAC.COM – Doreen Creede. CD: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? DC: As a girl, I was always scribbling stories, rearranging my room, reading under the covers till dawn and searching for the perfect pair of shoes. Not much has changed! I’ve been lucky to take what I love and make it into a career – first writing for corporations and magazines, then owning a decorating business and starring on HGTV, and now working with an emerging fashion brand. And then there’s my lifestyle blog, Style Maniac, which combines all those passions.

CD: What does fashion mean to you? DC: My Italian grandmother was an incredible seamstress – she created everything from wedding gowns to upholstery to theater costumes -- and my mom and sister both love fashion and have great style. Growing up, fashion was simply part of life. So much that no matter what the occasion I always think of what I’ll be wearing. Even when being interviewed on the radio. CD: How would you define your personal style? DC: Clean lines plus a touch of drama, such as a just shy of gaudy cocktail ring or a lush velvet fringed scarf or a gold snakeskin bag. And I believe that, like black, leopard never goes out of style. I almost always have it on my body somewhere. CD: How long has Style Maniac been in existence? How did you come up with the concept? DC: The Style Maniac blog launched in 2009 as an antidote to the recession, a place where people could come for a sunny dose of beauty and inspiration and I could share my philosophy that as long as you decorate, dress, eat and entertain you may as well do it with style. As I say: use the good china for breakfast, wear cocktail rings at lunch, and eat by candlelight on Tuesday night. Take these ordinary moments of life and make them special. That message has resonated with a great group of women and men and blossomed into a community of friends who share, inspire and support each other; an unexpected development









BLACK + WHITE 2014  

BLACK + WHITE 2014  

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