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Memoir Historical Investigation for Leonardo DaVinci By: Niki Rose Klodowska

This is a picture of Leonardo’s notebook. I chose this as my primary source since this is where all his greatest ideas were locked up. This book shows the true genius he was. The very old and frail book is connected to the book since this is proof about all the ideas he had written down. Evidence is why it is connected to the book, it proof of her being historically correct. At least when it comes to quotes and his ideas.

For a secondary source I decided to use a TV show being made about his life. The show is called “Da Vinci’s Demons” and it shows how his life would be like. I chose this since it has the same topic as the book, which is the life of Leonardo DaVinci. It also will be able to show you what you couldn't imagine.

Leonardo da Vinci is about (suprise, suprise) leonardo da vinci and all the rises and falls in

his extraordinary life. Leonardo had a tough childhood being considered a “bastard” (a child with a “player” as a father and a peasant as mother) Fortunately since he had such a popular father he was able to become an apprentice for one of the most famous painters in Florence at that time. This was the start of his artistic career. As of being his apprentace his dad realized the potential his son had. After being at the age of 23 (which was past the limit of an usual apprentice) Leonardo finaly left his teacher and the guild to go live himself. He has a roller coaster of a journey trying to do his artwork, learn about everything humanly possible, and being sent to a cort meeting for possible having homosexual intercourse with a male. I wouldn't give this book a very good rating since the way the book is written is quite boring. It almost felt like you were being told an amazing adventure someone had in the forests of south america by a very dull teacher in a robotic tone. Also the book was kind of hard to read since it made you feel like you were reading a history book. Leo’s life might have been a roller coaster full of drops and rises but it couldn't have been written any worse.

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Memoir Leonardo Da Vinci

I will admit that I am not just the average Joe; to be honest I am the exact opposite. Heck, I created some of the most famous painting to be ever known. Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Madonna on Rocks is just a few of the master pieces that I have created. Also not everyone gets to be known as a renaissance man. You might be wondering who I am since I haven’t really introduced myself. My name is Leonardo da Vinci and this is the story of when I was convicted of an unholy act. First of all, I would like to say I am not gay. Even though I find woman quite useless and a disgrace I still have never thought of “going further” with either gender. “Love” never was easy for me to understand and neither was the need for reproduction. By “need” I mean the impulses to be intimate with another, not the need to create more population, but I would assume you would understand. Where was I, oh right! Tis was 1475, I was inside my workshop working on my new pair wings after hearing a delightful story about a boy who flew to close to the sun. Almost finished with my sketching, there was harsh knocking at the door, and with came a deep voice barked. “Royal guards, open the door” Before I had the chance to respond, the door flew open and men in uniform came marching in. “May I assist you sir?” I muttered, not lifting my head from my drawing. “Are you Leonardo da Vinci” “Yes, I am quite certain of it. And who might you be and why are you trespassing through my house? “You are to be taken to court to be investigated for having unholy acts involving a man who is in an unclean, impure profession.” One of the men answered. My head slowly lifted as I heard this. Me, try to actually mate with another human? By it is an act which remains foreign to me and I and am planning to stay that way till the day I die. Never have I been so insulted! “I will have you know, never in my life have I ever seen male or females in any other way then colleagues. Not to mention I am still a virgin and find “mating” quite repulsive.” “Please come with us now, or you will be held under arrest” demanded the uniformed man, sounding slightly angered. I stood up, and walked out of the house. Outside stood the towns tailor and goldsmith. With them was a man I didn’t recognize. Quickly and forcingly the men crammed us four into a tiny carriage. After what felt like ages, the goldsmith broke the silence. “For what reason are you guys in here?” “Not so sure what thy reason might be, but what I have been blamed for is simply preposterous! Never have I been so insulted to do such an unholy deed.” Uttered the tailor.

“Even though thy would never dare do this, I have been claimed to have inappropriate relations with a male who works in an unsavoury profession.” I scoffed. “How odd, so have I.” The unknown man responded. Both the tailor and the goldsmith looked at us. “So have I” They said in unison. With puzzled looks on our faces we examined each other. For the rest of the ride (which fortunately wasn’t too long) we sat in silence wondering what this could possibly mean. Wasn’t it odd that we were all were claimed to have done such an unholy deed? Now and then I had the feeling that I was being watched. But never did the thought come to mind that the idea was actually plausible. Suddenly, the carriage took a halt and there was a click. Slowly the doors opened and I was in a room that I wasn’t familiar with. There was a table in the front with a large desk. Behind the desk sat a man with a long, curly, white wig. On his far left were two rows of men. This, I assumed, is where the judging beings. *** After being tortured and screamed at, they saw this wasn’t working. They decided to lock us in a filthy cell for a night, hoping to have one of us confessed. The night was horrendous. Dirt covered every visible inch, and from time to time a mouse scurried across the floor. In some way, I fell asleep in that excuse for a room. As they promised, they let us go and that we were supposed to come in a week for another court meeting. Two days had passed after being “claimed” of doing something I clearly didn’t. Walking through the streets of Florence, people seemed to have been crossing to the other side when they saw me. Nobody tried engaging in a conversation. The news must have leaked about the jury meeting. This would have usually pleased me since I enjoy having time to myself. Since I have left the painters guild, I have to make my own money. No one wants a man who was convicted of such an unholy act to make a painting for them. Having been ignored and my career taking such a huge drop, I decided to make a change about this. Instead of trying to convince people of what I haven’t done, I have decided to move to another city. A new start, new people, new environment, and no history, this would be the perfect way to plunge myself into new discoveries and finally get out of my financial drop. This decision was one of the most career changing events I have ever taken. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how I changed and immerged myself out and into the person I am now known as, the famous Leonardo Da


Niki's Memoir  

My memoir is about leonardo da vinci and his life

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