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Name: Sung June

Due Date: October 15 or 16

Section: E

Title of your Book: John Lennon

1. Primary Source: picture

a. Describe the primary source you are planning to use. If it is a picture, be sure to mention what type: a picture from the internet of John Lennon

b. Why did you choose this source, i.e. how is it connected to your book? Cause it show that John Lennon had another side of his life, besides making and playing music. This picture shows John Lennon in a peaceful way. 2. Secondary Source: John Lennon “ the life� ( book)

a. Describe the secondary source you are planning to use. : the biography of John Lennon

b. Why did you choose this source, i.e. how is it connected to your book?

Because this book very well portraits the life of John Lennon, as well as his thoughts about some specific things. 3. Review: Your review should try to persuade another grade 8 student to read it. This book is about John Lennon, from childhood till the day of his death. The book was very detailed, and also very easy to understand when you know what you are looking for, since it is very factual. It also shows the life of John Lennon, before he was famous, and of the hard times he had during his life.

a. Begin with a brief summary of your book. The book “John Lennon, the life” is a biography of John Lennon, starting from his childhood when his father left, to when he was shot. Also it shows the evolution from the Querrymen, to the Beatles, which lots of the people don’t know that much. Also since the book is very detailed, this is good for people to look for facts, as well as just reading if you’re interested in the Beatles.

b. What are at least 2 reasons why you think someone else would enjoy this memoir?

Reason: I think since the book has many detailed information about a lot of things about John Lennon in a very easy way to understand. Since it’s in a third person view, it shows the good things about John Lennon, and the bad things about John Lennon, which is a great way to write an essay.

Evidence from your book The beginning of the book, they explain why the father left, and why the mother made him leave, in a very detailed way. The book contains all the information as in the third person view.

John Lennon Childhood

I when I was young, I knew John before he was famous. Before he rose up to all the fame and glory hocus pocus that everyone dreams of. Before he changed. I was friends with him. I was in the first band John and I created. You would think that he had everything as a child. But he also had a unfortunate childhood. This is a story about one of his worst days. When John was very young, his father (Alfred Lennon) came home from the naval battle in world war 2, to find out that Johns mother(Julia Lennon) was going to divorce him for another man. In these times, this was a very wrong thing to do, since they believed that they should live together for a very long time if they marry. But Julia divorced Alfred and the new guy moved in. the family didn’t mind about the divorce, but they never approved the new guy as a member of their family. In these times, divorcing was a really big deal. And after the divorce happened, John told us that his aunt was going to somewhat adopt him. he was moving in with his aunt and his “law enforced” step father was moving in with his mother. We asked him why. He replied, “ my aunt thinks that a sudden change in the environment would be bad for a child.” And then, he was never the same.

When his father ( Alfred Lennon) visited, John and Julia greeted him. And at the end of the day, Julia and Alfred, decided that it was up to John, who he wanted to live with. They told him the truth, and asked him. he first went to his Alfred, but then as Julia turned to leave, John ran up to her and begged her not to leave. This was the last time John saw his father for a very long time. ( John did not see his father again until he was 25 years old.)

4. Works Cited Book: John Lennon ( the Life &tbnid=GdViRnihHhIcIM:&imgrefurl= O1BQwUM&imgurl= &ndsp=36&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:20,i:46&tx=81&ty=73

Use Easybib to keep track of your sources.

John Lennon historical investigation  

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