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Name: Ben House Due Date: October 15 or 16 Section: C / D / E / F

Title of your Book Charlie Chaplin: The funniest man in the world

1. Primary Source a. Describe the primary source you are planning to use. If it is a picture, be sure to mention what type. I will be using a picture and it is a picture of Charlie and his classmates at school. b. Why did you choose this source, i.e. how is it connected to your book? I chose this source because you can see Charlie close to the bottom row and there is his brother in the back and this source shows just how rarely the two get to see each other at the school. It also shows how Charlie really didn’t have any friends at the school either. 2. Secondary Source This is a quote from the book on one of Charlie’s first money-making schemes. “At the flower market, he purchased two bundles of narcissus, and after school busied himself into making them into penny bundles. With black crepe on his arm and with the flowers of death in hand, he would pop in and out of saloons. The women always responded: “Who is it son?” And I would lower my voice to a whisper “My father” He was able to return home and shower a rattle of coins before his mother. When she had discovered the money had come from bar-rooms, she put an end to the enterprise. Money from those sinful sources always rubbed her religious scruples the wrong way. But she kept the jackpot.” a. Describe the secondary source you are planning to use. I am using a quote from the book. b. Why did you choose this source, i.e. how is it connected to your book? I chose this source because it gives us an insight on how even in poverty; Charlie always had the talent to be creative and resourceful. One of the most key traits a good actor must have.

3. Review: Your review should try to persuade another grade 8 student to read it. a. Begin with a brief summary of your book. “Sir Charlie” is a fantastic book that tells the tale of Sir Charlie Chaplin and how he went from “rags to riches.” It then tells all the fantastic tales from his love life, to how he eventually led to produce, direct, and act in his movies, and then finally to the day he passed away. b. What are at least 2 reasons why you think someone else would enjoy this memoir? Reason People want to see Charlie as a kid

Evidence from your book The whole book is about Charlie’s life from baby to old man

People want to know what it was like to live in Great Britain before the world wars

The beginning of the book gives vivid details of the neighborhoods Charlie lived in.

4. Memoir Ben House Ms. Cross LA8 D Due October 2012

Poor Charlie

It was another gray day at the British factory. The clouds hung low and ominous for the umpteenth time this week. First of all the drill master didn’t have his morning coffee, so no orange or stick of candy this year, then Sydney was off to the Navy again. I was alone here with no friends or family. Why couldn’t I havebeen born into a richer family? It’s not like every family has their children slaving at factories and mothers spending weeks at a time at the asylum, not to mention the father that I never met. But yeah, this is the best it gets I guess. My plans to be rich and famous have been postponed at this moment but that will all change in a manner of time. Anyways, back to work. This bread factory was almost everything to me now, I lived here, learned here, ate here, slept here. And yes, this is the place where I go to school with all the other “orphans.” But it’s not a very impressive school especially because well, it’s in a factory. And the drill master is actually a very brutal chap who finds any excuse to punish me and my classmates. He’s also not a very effective teacher. But we do learn the basics: Maths, Science, Language arts and Social Studies. The next day things got worse, I forgot to make my bed and the drill master ended up beating me with a birch stick in front of everyone else. Then for the rest of the day, my bottom felt like an army of fire ants had waltzed across it. I was really tired of this place and wish I could go. On the bright side, Sydney was expected to return in a week and I was shivering in excitement to see my brother again. A year later , my dreams came true and mother was permitted to leave the asylum. Sydney and I left the factory to go and live with her. We were overjoyed despite the fact that we lived in an even poorer place than before. Poverty was showing his ugly sidefrom here on out but I

knew everything would be okay. Now, I could get back to my money making schemes- I mean plans. A week later I devised a plan that was completely failsafe and will even use our poverty to our advantage. I went to the flower market and I purchased two bundles of narcissus. After school, I decided to make penny bundles out of them. With my arm dressed in black, and the flowers of death in my hand, I would pop in and out of saloons. The women always responded with “Who is it, son?” And I would lower my voice to a whisper “My Father.” I would be able to return home and shower a rattle of coins before my mother. She eventually found out where they came from and stated that “Money from those sinful sources rubbed her religious scruples the wrong way.” But she kept the jackpot. Unfortunately, the joyful life ended quite abruptly a month later and it was back to the asylum for my mother. Coincidentally, my “father” found me and he decided to take me to custody. But life with him was even worse than at the factory. First his girlfriend “Louise” had a drinking problem that mostly led to us being kicked out of the apartment and back to the city streets. Then if we were lucky, I could sometimes see my dad walking in his drunken stupor back to the house back from work. But sometimes we would have to run all the way to the pub to see him and that was the worst because that was a few miles away.

Then life spiked up a bit, mother was once again cured from the asylum and we had to live in another smelly basement close to the slaughter house. But this time, poor wasn’t even what we could describe. We would go for days without food and that was quite a chore to get the money to buy food. But then my life changed by just a mere paper on the wall. Karno, the famous pantomime troupe was hiring young boys like me and they were offering a handsome reward and so I thought it would be fun to try it and that’s when I realized I had talent. But that’s a story for another time.

5. Works Cited Use Easybib to keep track of your sources. Chaplin at the Hanwell Schools 1987. 1987. Photograph. Hanwell.Http:// Roy Export Company Establishment. Web. 10 Nov. 2012. <>.

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Bens Memoir Historical Investigation Planner  

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