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About Us We are a full-service social media management company with a concentration on lead generation and sales. We position our clients for success through social media management services, social media advertising services, website design, and content marketing. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing result-driven social media marketing services that help with every stage of social media – attracting potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into website traffic, leads, and sales. Our Services under social media management include:   Social Media Marketing We will optimize, create and run bespoke social media marketing campaigns for your business. Our campaigns are run through software’s through which we can optimize your reach and target audience and maximize your ROI.   Social Media Strategy, Training & Policy We will help you identify & improve your marketing objectives using a variety of social media services. Depending on your guidelines and business requirements we can cater to a unique and

About Us Social Media Community Management We can help you manage and maintain the community created by your brand and activities on social media. Our organization will handle all the enquiries coming through social media and forward them to you on a regular basis. We can join existing communities to further promote your brand and attract new consumers to your brand and community. By doing all this we can increase the customer engagement, word of mouth and loyalty to your brand.  Search Engine Optimization What’s the first thing you do when you need to find something online, you Google it. SEO services are essential to get that organic traffic from Google searches onto your website. Each website has a purpose, we simply abbreviate your website into keywords and cross examine them with the most keywords searched on google and work to get your website at the top. There are many ways to get this done and we do them all. Google AdWords We can optimize your Google ads, optimize your keywords to make sure you get the correct audience and capture the most of searched keywords.

Search Engine Marketing SEM is an umbrella under which we have Digital Paid Adverts (PPC/CPC), SEO and SMO. Here are a list of our Services which we offer to optimize your search engine marketing to reach the highest in volumes of your targeted market and optimize your ad budgets. Google AdWords Using AdWords or any other PPC platform requires a lot of time and money to optimize. If done correctly, it can give you instant access to huge amount of relevant traffic. AdWords are beneficial as they can be saleable, flexible, measurable and can get you traffic a lot faster. We have created and optimized a series of smart algorithms that analyze the campaigns that you are running currently. Our algorithm computes the best CPC for every keyword and reshuffles it daily to reach an optimum. You will start seeing improvements to your campaigns within the first couple of weeks. At 6 months you will reach an optimum on your campaigns and keywords set. At optimum, you will see an average increase of 40% on the same amount you are currently spending on AdWords. If you choose to, you can also continue to run your campaigns as you like and we will optimize them, giving them the same benefits.

SEO Services Link Building Our link building campaigns are a carefully planned initiative, using combined tactics to create an predominant strategy, designed to secure backlinks from other websites over the course of months. The primary goal within a link campaign is to consistently increase the quantity and quality of third party sites linking what pages you want us to target for you. Content Writing Our copywriters and content staff create handwritten relevant content that will directly relate to your core message. 100% authentic, unique, handwritten content ensures that your SEO content will align with your message everytime.

SEO Services SERP With our services you are guaranteed to reach your targets. All you have to do is provide your link and your keywords and you will not need to worry about it anymore. Our team will take care of all that needs to be done and will report to you with a detailed progress report at the end of every month. Backlinks We will provide high quality backlinks to your website from .gov and .edu sites. These links will be targeted from category related forums to your website. By doing so we increase the domain authority hence helping us reach the top of Google a lot faster and stay there for a lot longer.

SEO Services Keyword Analysis Performing a thorough keyword analysis is highly essential as these are the keywords that will help you find your customers online and bring them to your website. Keywords need to be carefully selected and checked with the amount of searches performed for your keywords so that you can be sure that there will be traffic coming your way. Social Media Social Media plays an important role in SEO. As the ranking web crawlers also crawl through social media, it is important that all your social media channels be optimized and infused with your keywords bringing you more organic traffic, and building a community around your brand.

SMO Services Regular Posts Regular posts on Social Media channels are needed. It is essential to create a community revolving around your brand and business. Posts should be posted regularly and should be infused with your keywords that you have chosen. This will help a great deal and increase the speed of your SEO.

Post Engagements High quality posts will lead to engagement. Relevant # will increase your audience and get you more response for your posts. We optimize the posts with your relevant keywords and enable micro-advertisements to increase the spread and reach benefitting you both in SMO and SEO.

SMO Services Direct Messaging We offer direct messaging services where we can enable you to send your message in text, graphic or video to your targeted selection on social media channels. This enables you to have a more direct reach to your potential clients and overall to your targeted market.

Increase Engagement By increasing engagement we mean the connection of your brand and company with someone who likes/follows you on social media. We like their posts, follow them back, unfollow/block when necessary and overall monitor your social media activities. We respond to queries, stay in connection with your team and share updates frequently as needed.

SMO Services Graphic Designing We offer high quality graphic designing for any requirement and size. From hoarding designs, to social media posts, flyers poster, tickets and more. Our team can assist you, guide you and create and revise graphics as per your liking. We can also make custom Infographs with explainer points for your customer to easily understand what you are offering. Videography Videos are the next most important factor in Digital Marketing. It is important to explain your product or service in a video as an explainer or even as a reviewer. This engages customers to your brand and increases their trust and understanding to your product and service.

Why Social Stardom? Our team consists of dozens of goal driven employees. We take it as a personal challenge to get your keywords at the top and we provide our employees plentiful rewards to keep our core business engine running on challenge, speed and motivation. We consistently keep track of Google updates changing and updating our strategy to SEO to gain optimum results. Your keywords will be closely monitored for changes in search patterns and new keywords with a good search rate will be scouted down and suggested to you for updates. We offer our clients the best SEO services and guarantee to show results in 60 days. Head Office Please Send us your requirement, and let us show you the results. Kunal Dhameja +91 95 616 42424

598 Sachapir Street Camp, Pune +91 94042 24030

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Social Stardom – Digital Marketing and Web Development Company in Pune  

We are a full-service digital marketing Agency in Pune India with a concentration on lead generation and sales. We position our clients for...

Social Stardom – Digital Marketing and Web Development Company in Pune  

We are a full-service digital marketing Agency in Pune India with a concentration on lead generation and sales. We position our clients for...