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CONTACT Primary Contact Hannah Caines Email


+(44) 7557907917

SOCIAL SECRET SKILLS Social Media Marketing

combined 12 yrs

Marketing Management combined 12 yrs Advertisng

combined 8 yrs


combined 6 yrs

Brand Mangement

combined 6yrs


combined 3yrs

Design Management

combined 6 yrs

Design (ID & Ai)

combined 1 yr

FACING THE FACTS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA... Social media isnt about technology – its about relationships Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic – people are using social media to primarily research into companies. 50% of internet traffic on


mobiles is spent on FACEBOOK. Imagine what that means for bad customer experiences.

Online behaviour HEAVILY impacts offline behaviour...

“95% of companies use social media for recruitment – Linkedin being the top form. A new member joins linked in every second.”





“If facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world.”

90% of consumers trust peer online recommendations.


W H Y THE ANCHOR N E E D #S O C I A L S E C R E T To drive a new brand of customers to the pub from increasing online engagement. To create and build The Anchor’s online presence. As you are not harnessing the power of social media, blogging and marketing channels, you are potentially hurting yourself and damaging your brand. During these tough economic times, it’s important to make The Anchor known as the best country pub and restaurant, and networking online when done properly can make all the difference. “We don’t have a choice as to whether we DO social media, its a matter of ‘HOW WELL’ you do it.” It is essential to use these platforms to confirm to your potential and existing

clients that you are better than everyone else in your field. Social media for restaurants and pubs is all about networking, engaging with the online community, talking to present customers to increase your reach and target new customers who will love what you offer.

It is essential now through social media that you engage with potential, and current customers constantly. Beware that it is called social media - That’s exactly the aim of it; to be social! Too many businesses are creating social media accounts, posting on them once a week or month and not interacting with relevant data and channels. This damages the brand even more when potential customers are

researching you, it makes you look foolish and in all honesty it would be better to close the account. #SocialSecret will be effectively engaging with your audiences making you stand out against your competitors.

SOCIA L S E C R E T - O U R S E R V I CES OBJECTIVES: Help to build The Anchor’s online brand. Attract new customers to the restaurant and reach a new demographic of people. Interact with current clients and use them and their reach to their full potential. Support sales by answering any prospective questions and queries on social media. Engage with company fans to give them a reason to talk about The Anchor and encourage others to use the restaurant.

PROPOSED SCHEDULE FOR THE ANCHOR INN SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter – Constant interaction with current suppliers (drinks brands, food suppliers etc), brands and customers that use you. Tweeting companies with pictures of their brands and make them re-tweet creating high reach figures. 2-3 tweets a day. Shared restaurant news, local interests (Badbury Rings, Monkey World etc), funny posts. Connect with all current customers and groups too e.g #dorsethour – Mon 7:30 – 8:30pm. Hashtag and create reach to 1000’s. Facebook – 1- 2 posts a day at prime time (e.g. 8am, 11am, 6pm) 80/20 rule (20% about you – a hard sell, 80% about what your customers want to see (news, local interest, funny). Pinterest – create a Pinterest account, keyword focused boards around The Anchor – appetisers, starters, recipes, what you are jealous of, what’s around you, take advantage of location based pins.


Company Blog – 1 weekly post researched and written to agreed topics. To be signed off by Rich. Blogged on #SocialSecret website, sent to press.

PROPO S E D C O N T E N T : The history of the restaurant - historic images, how the restaurant started, where we are now. News blogs. What is in the local area - The perfect day out within a 10 mile radius with lunch or dinner at The anchor - Approach and link with these companies for specific discounts. Food images of the best sellers on the menu - Specials of the day. Recipes. Personal approach, images of Rich, staff, locals. Behind the scenes in the kitchen. iMovie. Specific nights - e.g - Lobster and Steak Night. Funny lobster facts, famous people - #howdoyoueatyours Live Music niGHT - Aprodisiac, reach to their crowd, radio station FB & Twitter. What foods are in season.

Just for fun - personal and funny quotes. Best cocktails, hangover cures; Who makes the best Bloody Mary. Friday Fizz; link with businesses in Wimborne. The best place to escape to #Shapwick - #Dorsethour ÂŁ12 Menu - Get Offer; similar to The Print Room steak offer. Special doggie discounts.

PROPO S E D C O M P E T I T I O N S & O FFER S : T H E A N C H O R Get offer on Facebook - expand reach and boost posts with a offer. TBC. Best business card design wins 1000 business cards printed for free. Win a meal for 2 at The anchor, get well known companies to share this and they get 20% off specific to them. Local B&B’s lunch offers. Other services and cross promotion Networking and constant PR to our other clients - e.g. Wimborne / Blandford Estate Agents - Voucher for 2 drinks - Put a postcard in the new rented accommodation, saying to Wish you were here? Welcome to Dorset‌ Come down and visit us. Let people know what is going on around The Anchor - Events (Badbury Races etc) and local places to visit.

Link your Facebook and your Twitter to your website, gain as many followers as you can. Sunday offers to St. Bartholomew’s Church. Offers specific to Kingston Lacey Invite them down for tasting. Invite bloggers down for a meal - get them talking and reaching others.

The anchor inn @ shapwick