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Life After Active Duty

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tODAY iS #NATIONALSOMETHINGDAY Today is #NationalSomethingDay. It can spice up your social media marketing. Are you posting or tweeting about it? In fact, often its more than one thing we are celebrating on any given day. Seems we cannot go one day of the year without celebrating something and I'm okay with that. #NationalLipstickDay got me thinking.

Debbie Harris CEO/Founder of Performance Intermedia 702-720-6560



I bring this up because one of the things I hear so often from my clients is that they simply don't know what to post on their social media sites or they always post about their particular business. For example, if you are a retail store you are always posting about your own specials, discounts, etc. If you're an attorney, everything is about legal issues and can get pretty dry. If you're a chiropractor it's about the body and health. Great info but most of us zone out when we see the same type of posts on a business's page. On Twitter, these #NationalSomethingDay trending conversations give you a way to enter the conversation. Don't sell, just tweet something like your favorite ice cream flavor and ask what other people's favorite is. On

Facebook, I would suggest talking about an experience related to whatever the #NationalSomethingDay is commemorating. People want to KNOW whom they are doing business with. People want to LAUGH and feel an affinity with those organizations they patronize. Pinterest and Instagram offer an explosion of pictures and you can use these #NationalSomethingDay celebrations to reach out on those very visual platforms. Not every business will be on these platforms but for those using them, have some fun. The only platform I would recommend not engaging in #NationalSomethingDay would be LinkedIn. Too many people are using LinkedIn as they would Facebook and frankly, it is diluting the professionalism of LinkedIn and the meaningfulness of what is posted there. Perhaps #NationalBossesDay or #NationalAssistantsDay, but keep it off your LinkedIn profile. Happy #NationalSomethingDay celebrating!


Tamir Kreisman | President Exodus Jets 917-946-5526 Exodus Jets began five years ago when owner Tamir Kreisman decided to cultivate a career path that supported his deep passion to impact his environment in a positive way.

He discovered in the world of private aviation the opportunities to develop strategic partnerships in line with this vision. After working for a charter company he quickly realized his gift for cultivating lasting, trusting relationships with his clients and Exodus Jets was born. Exodus provides a way for those who fly private the opportunity to give back to their world through our partnerships with Humanitarian organizations.

Our goal is to not only provide the best possible service available to our clients, but, in addition, continue to realize that even in business, companies are able to reinvent their visions to be globally inclusive through giving back to our world.

Born in Metz, a vibrant city in the northeast of France, Veronique started her career in business and tourism. Eager to discover the world, she travelled extensively and spent a long time in French Polynesia, where she discovered her interest and love for interior design and decoration. At Sud France Design Veronique is responsible for the business development and Sales & Marketing in order to bring the exquisite taste and charm of Southern French interior design to a prestigious clientele of Las Vegas.


Pascal Becourt | CEO SUD France Design 725-502-8095 |

Pascal, a native of Normandy has discovered since his young age his love and passion for design, colors and refined architecture. During his voyage to perfection he discovered the South of France, with it’s charming landscape, multiple natural colors and the perfume of the rolling hills of Lavender, which told him, that he has arrived. Together with his wife “Sylvie” they are now bringing the taste, charm and interior design of this magnificent part of France to their new home country, but especially Fabulous Las Vegas.


Veronique Teahui Marketing & Sales Manager SUD France Design 702-466-5966

Veronique speaks fluent French, Spanish and English, which helps her to establish “Sud France Design” as a new trademark for exquisite living in Las Vegas.

Sylvie Becourt | CFO SUD France Design 702-333-0580 Sylvie was born in Versailles, where she spent most of her childhood in the shadow of the world famous Castle, center of cultural and political influence for many years.

Very young Sylvie discovered her passion for numbers and financial management, which she applied for many years in privately owned companies, until she joined her husband’s business in 1995.

Sylvie shares the passion and excitement of her husband to bring French style, taste and design to Las Vegas, while keeping a close eye on the financial side of the enterprise, to ensure that “SUD FRANCE Design” will remain an institution of French “Art de Vivre” for years to come.




EMPOWERING WOMEN Las Vegas Empowering Women and Educational articles to enhance every women’s mind, body and soul! 8



Eva Secchiari , is the Founder/Executive director and President of Life After Active Duty a Nevada nonprofit organization. Eva brings 15 years of experience working in the health care industry combined with a military perspective growing up on the military family and mother to a combat veteran. Her work, ranging from direct patient care and service provider, has enabled her to interact and support individuals and groups from differing socioeconomic backgrounds, including the military. More important her passion is driven by witnessing firsthand the results and direct support veterans and their families desperately need. She possesses a Professional Life Coaching Certification from Erickson College and NeuroLinquistic Practitioner (NLP) certification.

Life After Duty

Eva Secchiari

Life After Active Duty (LAAD) is a 501Š (3) nonprofit organization that supports veterans, focused on those from the Iraq and Afghanistan era, but not to exclude other theaters of war; assisting them in effectively re-acclimating as thriving and contributing members in our communities. Life After Active Duty (LAAD) was designed to advocate for veterans at every stage of their lives, in particular, their life after active military service. With an emphasis on identifying and addressing individual needs, LAAD focuses on the emotional, mental, and physical needs of each veteran through the implementation of innovative and forward-thinking programs and services. To ensure long term success, families and loved ones are included and closely involved in programs to ensure the entire process empowers, supports and strengthens the family dynamic.

Founder & Executive Director 702-497-8744 10



Dr. Herte is the Director of the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery. She has devoted her practice solely to cosmetic surgery. She is: Ÿ Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Ÿ Was the 1st female plastic surgeon to become board certified in the State of Nevada Ÿ Was the 1st female Chief of Surgery at Sunrise Hospital Ÿ She was also the 2nd female surgeon to ever be invited to become a member of the American College of Surgeons in Nevada She has: Ÿ Won awards from Good Housekeeping Magazine Ÿ Is a Talk of the Town Winner Ÿ Has been a Top Doc honoree and has earned the title of Expert Injector from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery In our practice we strive to protect and enhance your unique natural beauty to keep you looking like you. We want to be your best resource for personalized information about your aesthetic choices. Together we can craft unique solutions to help you feel confident and project your best self, with safe, effective and personalized solutions that fit you.

Mary C. Herte M.D., FACS, Plastic Surgeon 2555 Montessouri St. #A Las Vegas, NV 89117 702-732-9600

Our relationship with you is important to us and we want to protect that personal connection through Dr. Herte’s direct and guiding attention from consultation to full recovery, and with gentle caring treatment at every step. About Dr. Herte “I perform all surgical procedures in my practice’s fully accredited surgical suite, where I always sit down and reassure patients before surgery,” says Dr. Herte. “I am standing right next to them, usually holding their hand, while they fall asleep.” Dr. Herte believes in an “all about you” philosophy, treating her patients as she, herself, would like to be treated to deliver a respectful, dignified experience for patients. “When I meet a patient in consultation, we settle in together in oversized easy chairs. Such attention to detail is our way of saying, “Welcome. We’re here to accommodate you. Let’s get to know each other.” Ÿ She is an upscale provider with artistic vision Ÿ She is focused on patient care and meticulous details to achieve natural results




Amy is an accomplished educator, trainer, speaker, keynote presenter, group facilitator, author and coach for leadership and life programs ( Her professional experience has provided her the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders, managers and employees dealing with a multitude of workplace related human resource issues (i.e. transitions from promotions, job reassignments, layoffs, dealing with difficult co-workers and employees, and day-do-day changes that impact company morale and productivity). Amy realizes that one size does not fit all. For this reason, she customizes workshops and programs for your, your team's and organization's needs. Taking complex theory to pragmatic solutions, from where you are to where you want to be, all while having fun!!! She can take her large collection of modules and prepare them as a keynote presentation or as short impactful workshops. Amy worked for the Department of Defense for 21 years as a contract negotiator and a Total Quality Management (TQM) facilitator. She was on faculty at the University of Phoenix where she was distinguished as an outstanding faculty member and was a faculty mentor. In 2012, she was given the Oprah Magazine, Crocs Cares and Nonprofit Sector Foundation Stepping Up to your Purpose and Walking for Good Award. Individual Coaching Amy Frost has over 25 years experience in coaching clients through several national employee assistance programs. She takes what she has learned and provides her clients a weekly coaching session designed to understand the issues they face, the goals they aspire to reach and helps them create and implement an action plan to move forward.

Amy Frost MBA and MA Psychology 702.362.7239

10 reasons to hire Amy! 1. Amy turns complex concepts into simple, pragmatic solutions. 2. The tools Amy provides can bring about immediate change upon implementation. 3. Amy has over 25 years of experience, wisdom and knowledge to pass on to others. 4. Amy will help any business see immediate results. 5. Amy's trainings are fun and interactive creating buy-in and lasting results. 6. Amy is always prepared and timely making it very easy to work with her. 7. Amy can effectively work with individuals as well as any size group. 8. Amy has strong community ties through her selfless service. 9. Amy has a high level of integrity and loyalty. 10. Amy customizes each training session to meet the specific needs of each organization, team and person she works with.



“How Vitamin D & K effect your HEART HEALTH and more.” There are many facets, thousands of pieces of the wellness puzzle, bits of information that can keep you looking and feeling young and beautiful. Of course we cannot tackle them all in this one article. So today I would like to focus on one line of thought and information. “How Vitamin D & K effect your heart health and more”. Over the past decades there has been an explosion of research revealing the many beneficial roles vitamin D plays in keeping you healthy. (D3)

Sheila Z Stirling , Owner True Life Solutions, Inc. 702-227-9415



But there's a new kid on the block that could end up being "the next vitamin D," and we are finding that some of vitamin D's benefits are greatly enhanced when combined with this other vitamin. According to recent findings, the benefits of vitamin D, in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health, are greatly enhanced when combined with vitamin K2. Vitamin D improves your bone health by helping you absorb calcium. However, it is vitamin K2 that directs calcium to your skeleton, to prevent it from being deposited in the wrong areas.

Vitamin K2 activates a protein hormone produced by osteoblasts, which is needed to bind calcium into the matrix of your bone. K2 also appears to help prevent calcium from depositing into your arteries. Also, taking calcium in isolation without complimentary nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K (K2) can have adverse effects, including the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries and heart attacks. Calcium intake can be balanced out with vitamins D and K, and other minerals crucial to your bone health. You can find Vitamin K in deep leafy greens like “kale” Vitamin K helps to coagulate the blood so please steer clear for about 3 months after any surgery. Vitamin K2 can be found in, grass fed chicken eggs, fermented foods, natto. These simple facts can keep your heart happy and keep you “youthing” Our bodies are miraculous and gaining the correct information is crucial. Lets all stay “30 until we are 90” in great health. *Research: Dr Day, Dr. Mercola, Web MD, Harvard Med.

WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN Of all the female billionaires in the United States, less than 12% are self-made billionaires, the rest inherited their money from men. Oprah Winfrey leads the charge as the #1 black female billionaire self-made women who have made it! Women are still in the earlier stages of business acuity and education compared to men. Women in general, have not been in the workforce as long. Women need to make time in their schedules, to look at other women in the USA and the World, who have made it and achieved success, self-made through their hard work and passion and learn from these women. Women, lets educate ourselves through other women! Let's face it ladies, we are busy! We are often juggling careers, children, men, relationships, fashion, fitness, me time (if we get this at all!) and family. I want to convey one message in this article, and that is we need to "Make time to Create Success". How do we make time to create success? Start with setting aside 1 hour a day for your success power hour! There

are many paths to creating success and I suggest that women learn from other women that have made it. Select a Female Icon of Success: First, you can find a female multi-millionaire, billionaire or woman in power that you admire, and begin to study them, understanding how and why they achieved success. Get a Mentor: Secondly, I highly recommend that if you don't have a "mentor" that you get one. You can learn to experience "practical applications" to overcome challenges by having a mentor, and I suggest you select a female mentor who has achieved what you desire or more. Surround Yourself with Women a Level or Two Above You: If you want to progress and become more successful, you need surround yourself with women that have achieved a bit more than you. Surrounding yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve, you will gain keen insights and nuggets of information that will become the building blocks to your success. Every woman has the ability to inspire other women, if we only take the time to do so. Lori Nguyen, Entrepreneur and Female Business Owner of Diamond Group Marketing LLC, Diamond Entertainment LLC, HiTech Vegas LLC, Las Vegas Community Tech Fund and the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards 2016. 855558-4100,

Lori Nguyen, Entrepreneur and Female Business Owner Diamond Group Marketing LLC Diamond Entertainment LLC HiTech Vegas LLC Las Vegas Community Tech Fund




Empowerment and success through self care

After 21 years with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), I realized that I was a workaholic. When I left the DoD, three people replaced me. My wake-up call were numerous visits to the emergency room for massive chest pains. My father died of a heart attack when he was age 49. Self-care became my focus and part of my work. Self-care does not have to tax the budget or require huge investments of time and can be done within the workday and can fuel productivity.

Ÿ Held a team meeting on Monday mornings,




Here are some tools of self-care:

Amy Frost,

Ÿ Place meaningful objects, quotes,

MBA and MA Psychology Ÿ





photos around you that motivate and inspire you. Spend some quiet time alone each day, even if it is for only a short time. Recharge your batteries daily. Don't wait until burnout. What simple things can you do? Breath, take a short walk, eat a healthy snack, etc. Have one focused, connected, and meaningful conversation per day. It can give you energy. Spend “real” time with family and friends.

How I supported myself and my colleagues at work: Ÿ Implemented a daily quiet time before

diving headlong into my official” work day and I supported everyone on my team in taking time to organize their day.




letting everyone know what projects and deadlines were ahead in the coming week and discussing how they could support each other as a team. Had a wall in my office with thank-you cards and other significant items that kept me motivated and attuned to the bigger picture. Hung a punching bag in my office that I or anyone on the team could use to release tension. Had an office white board committed to a group art project. Every Monday I would add a quote or picture and throughout the week people would come in and add their favorites. Traded offices at lunch time with another leader. I created the “Your Best Work” sheet and process to support my daily quiet time and time management from the inside out. A series of question to set “Intentions to Start your Day” and “Reflections to end your day”.

By making self-care an integral part of my work life, I have been able to keep my inner workaholic in check. Burnout has been replaced with energy and inspiration. What are some ways you can implement self-care in your life, workday and organization? This article is an excerpt from: "The Leadership Imperative of Self Care" written by Amy Frost MBA and MA Psychology and Kymn Harvin Rutigliano, Ph.D. that will be published in 2016 Strategic Leader and Manager Encyclopedia

networking tips net¡work 'net?w?rk/Submit verb gerund or present participle: networking connect as or operate with a network. to operate interactively. interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. "the skills of networking, bargaining, and negotiation�

TIP If you see someone standing alone, immediately go over and introduce yourself and help introduce them to others in the group. Making others feel welcome is something they will remember when considering someone to refer their business to.

Pioneering a L as Vegas

Technology Community LORI

NGUYEN Entrepreneur and Female Business Owner

3RD ANNUAL LAS VEGAS WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY AWARDS 5 awards will be given to local women leading tech in Las Vegas. Presented by HiTechVegas and Women Advancing.



It’s the place where the local Las Vegas technology community meets!

The Las Vegas Community Tech Fund is a non-profit organization, who is establishing a large fund to create the Las Vegas Technology Community.

DIAMOND GROUP MARKETING Lori Nguyen forges the vision and operational strategy, as CEO for Diamond Group Marketing, LLC, a national digital marketing agency

Lori Nguyen, Entrepreneur and Business Owner Lori Nguyen is an entrepreneur and female business owner in Nevada, Lori owns and operates many companies, including Diamond Group Marketing LLC, Diamond Entertainment LLC, HiTech Vegas LLC, Las Vegas Community Tech Fund and the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards 2016. Lori has industry expertise in Computers, Laptops, Hardware, Software, Internet products, B2B Ecommerce, Global Printing, Commercial Printing, Gaming, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Lori Nguyen is an expert in marketing programs strategy development, MARCOM mix planning, agency management, advertising creative development for both print and online marketing and has launched numerous products throughout her life and has performed advanced-level work in global high-technology markets and her work has been featured on CNN, Market Watch, USA Today; PC Magazine, Windows Magazine, PC World, Smart Computing, EDN, PC Gamer, PC Gaming, EETimes Magazine, EETimes ASIA, EETimes Europe, Xilinx Xcell Journal, FPGA Journal, Washington Times, USA Today and the Washington Post.



Pioneering a Las Vegas Technology Community


Cover Story

The landscape of the technology scene in Las Vegas is quickly changing. Brand new software startups are springing up around the Las Vegas valley, there is growth in the number of STEM jobs, our state and cities are now focused on technology, more technology companies are moving in, and all of this is forming a burgeoning new Las Vegas silicon strip. Lori Nguyen is at the helm of 3 new companies with the focus on building the "Las Vegas Technology Community".

HiTech VEGAS™ is a professional event organization for local Las Vegas technology companies. The purpose of HiTech Vegas is to become the "meeting place for the Technology Community in Las Vegas". HiTech Vegas is a place where local Las Vegas technology companies can meet together regularly to network, partner, and conduct commerce. HiTech VEGAS is comprised of 6 bi-monthly mixers, mega-mixers, special events and will be launching a new business educational luncheon series. Contact:, Dan Morelli, HiTech Vegas and Las Vegas Community Tech Fund, Director of Membership Services at 702.800.5539 or Lori Nguyen's latest non-profit is a hot new tech fund geared to create a true, centralized, Las Vegas Technology Community. The Las Vegas Community Tech Fund is a non-profit organization, who is establishing a large fund to create the Las Vegas Technology Community. The Las Vegas Community Tech Fund (not for profit) will be established by means of sponsorship and donations used solely to market the leading Las Vegas technology companies (brands) and organizations to technology and engineering professionals located in Las Vegas or visiting Las Vegas on "How to Plug in to Las Vegas Tech Community" with many programs targeted at education, mentorship, funding for start-ups, connecting employers and resources for technical staffing, and many more programs. The Las Vegas Community Tech Fund will have a board of officers, a Corporate Board consisting of 15-20 leading Las Vegas based technology companies with an expanded Advisory Board Members of 200-300 Las Vegas technology advisory charter members. Through Corporate sponsorship, Advisory Board Members annual dues and donations, this non-profit entity will pool all the funds into one nonprofit tech fund. All funds will be used to create and establish the Las Vegas Tech Community. We are actively seeking Corporate Board members, sponsors, donors and philanthropic donations contact: Dan Morelli, HiTech Vegas and Las Vegas Community Tech Fund, Director of Membership Services at 702.800.5539 or

HiTech Vegas LLC and WomenAdvancing, a national mentoring organization for women, present the third annual Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards 2016 to recognize the achievements of leading women in technology fields working in the greater Las Vegas metro area. The Las Vegas Women in Technology awards will be awarded to five women representing many technology industries including: Robotics, Information Technology (IT), Computer Engineering, 3D Printing, new technology inventions, technology entrepreneurs and technology startups. Last year's award ceremony was sold out and covered by Channel 13, channel 8, Vegas Inc and The Review Journal, we had support at the 2015 award ceremony from Dina Titus, Joe Heck and our city's Mayor, Mrs. Carolynn Goodman! We invite the Las Vegas technology community to nominate local Las Vegas women for these awards. Five awards will be given: High Tech Woman of the Year, High Tech Rising Star, High Tech Community Service, High Tech Entrepreneur and High Tech Mentor. Nominations will open in November 2016 at We are looking for corporate, educational or political sponsors to support these awards please contact: Dan Morelli, HiTech Vegas and Las Vegas Community Tech Fund, Director of Membership Services at 702.800.5539 or

Lori's Day Job Since 2010, Lori Nguyen forges the vision and operational strategy, as CEO for Diamond Group Marketing, LLC, a national digital marketing agency with 172 resources across the USA, providing outsourced marketing and development to companies such as Mentor Graphics Corporation, SEN Technologies, Nevada Easter Seals and FILMLOOK Inc., including: design, print, video, public relations, marketing, advertising, tradeshow booths, promotional items, graphic design, software and website. SRLV |



Building and Maintaining a Solid Financial Foundation. Part II Written by: Adam Goodman

I hope you found value in the previous issue of Society in learning the first 3 areas suggested to consider when it comes to building and maintaining a solid financial foundation. In this article we will cover the last 3 areas suggested to consider. Before we do, to review, the first 3 areas are: 1) Have a plan to manage/eliminate debt 2) Proper short term protections are in place 3) Short term savings/emergency fund Areas 4 through 6 are as follows: 4) Long term savings/retirement - IRA's, 401K, Annuities, Cash Value Life Insurance & Investments Ahhh‌The area everyone loves to focus on, however if a solid foundation isn't in place in areas 1, 2 and 3, then long term savings can face significant challenges when an unfortunate life event unexpectedly happens. In this area there are lots of options ranging from stocks, bonds, annuities, cash value life insurance, mutual funds, real estate, oil & gas, commodities, to gold & silver Most people tend to gravitate to one or two areas that they have the most knowledge in, and haven't had a bad experience in yet. This is where learning from others experiences and working with a knowledgeable advisor can make a big difference in how well this area performs. The right investment strategy offer differs for each of us, based on our income, lifestyle costs, retirement goals and tolerance for uncertainty. For most people the optimal approach is a blended approach utilizing 2 or more strategies. The most overlooked area where I see individuals could greatly improve is factoring in taxation to their plan, we often hear it isn't as important what you make, as is what you get to keep! Making optimal decisions when it comes to tax deductions, tax deferral and



tax free distribution greatly helps! Another simple idea for employees with an employer sponsored plan (401K etc.) is to at least contribute enough to maximize the employer match, often referred to as free money! For those self-employed without that type of help, attention and priority in area 4 is often crucial to achieve ones financial goals and to realize a comfortable retirement lifestyle. 5) Long Term Care asset protection planning No one is excited about this area. Statistically according to 2014 Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, September 2013, at least 70% of people over age 65 will need long term care services and support at some point in their lifetime. With the costly and in recent years rising costs of care, hundreds of thousands of dollars can quickly be depleted should one find themselves in this type of situation. For those lacking assets, they may be eligible to receive government assistance through Medicaid. However Medicaid has very strict guidelines on qualifying for the program and feedback is often that the types of facilities and options available aren't desirable to most people. Due to the cost of care and likelihood it will be needed, a comprehensive retirement plan needs to factor in how can we optimally address the need and costs. Hope for the best, but protect against the worst. There are several strategies available in this area, in addition to a traditional long term care policy. 6) Wealth Transfer & Legacy Planning This is an area that is very important to some people and for others is lesser or not a priority at all. For those interested in maximizing assets for others and minimizing taxation of those assets there are some financial strategies that stand head and shoulders above others when comparing the options. Our government wants individuals to financially protect their families and provide for their loved ones upon their death, which is one of the reasons a Life Insurance death benefit is income tax free. When you add into the equation individuals can receive insurance company guarantees, it often makes the right type of life insurance policy be the best solution, and one of the challenges in that regard, is many people view life insurance at that age as something they don't "need" anymore. I always say, nobody "needs" to do anything, but if you want the greatest advantages for you and your family, minimize taxes to the government, then this option if available to you (must be healthy enough to get it), is often the optimal solution‌ I hope you found this article helpful when it comes to building and/or maintain a solid financial foundation! With comments or questions, feel free to contact me.

Charity Spotlight

Life After Active Duty

Life After Active Duty (LAAD) is a 501© (3) nonprofit organization that supports veterans, focused on those from the Iraq and Afghanistan era, but not to exclude other theaters of war; through the difficult reintegration from existing in a military-war environment to thriving in their communities. Established in 2012, Life After Active Duty (LAAD) was designed to advocate for veterans at every stage of their lives, in particular, their life after active military service. With an emphasis on identifying and addressing individual needs, LAAD focuses on the emotional, mental, and physical needs of each veteran through the implementation of innovative and forward-thinking programs and services.

Our Mission To honor and empower veterans and their families through the transition from active military service to building a successful life after active duty.

Our Vision To be a collaborative resource that provides life enhancement programs, mentorship, and coaching, while promoting veterans as productive, contributing members of society. Our Core Values - Actively supporting our veterans Aspire - Helping veterans to want and achieve their goals of a successful life after active duty Care - Supporting and creating provisions that ensure the health, welfare and protection of our veterans Teach – Giving veterans the tools to achieve their goals Inspire – Inspiring veterans to believe in a better future for them Value - Ensuring that veterans are seen as having worth and importance in our communities Enrich – Enriching the lives of veterans and families so that they may live in peace and harmony LAAD's goals are focused on ensuring that veterans and families have a life success plan to guarantee self-sufficiency and longterm sustainability. Our three areas of focus include: Ÿ Offering direct support and training for veterans Ÿ Assisting families to empower themselves and strengthen their bond Ÿ Raising community consciousness about veterans through ongoing outreach, education, and advocacy | 702-497-8744 | Mailing Address: 9030 W. Sahara Ave. #286, Las Vegas, NV| 89117 Office Address: 401 S. 4th St., Suite #180 Las Vegas, NV 89101 | 22


A Destination Travel

702-248-1234 DON'T FORGET HAWAII! We have clients who want to go somewhere different, and they often overlook Hawaii. Having lived there for over 10 years and visiting two or three times a year, I can assure you that you will not regret vacationing there. Oahu is a great island with lots of choices. Honolulu is the main city, and Waikiki Beach is only 10-12 minutes from the airport. The main tourist hotels are in this area, of which several are on the beach. You can get a tan, surf, or paddle board off the shore. Shopping, restaurants and nightlife are abundant here. It is easy to walk from one end of Waikiki Beach to the other, as it is only about a mile long. You are close to the zoo, the aquarium, and the Diamond Head crater. If you would like a quieter area, about 15 miles from the airport, (or another 5 minutes east of Waikiki) is the Kahala Hotel & Resort. This wonderful resort has its own private beach, fish, string ray and turtle pond, and a dolphin pool with 5 dolphins. There are four restaurants onsite. It is my personal favorite resort and where I stay when visiting Hawaii. The Aulani Disney Resort is about 20 miles west of the airport, in the Ko Olina community. There are seven lagoons, with several major resorts and golf courses in this area. The Aulani was named North America's Leading Family Resort in 2014. You can drive up to the North Shore of the island, where between November and February, waves can be 30" tall. The North Shore is a mecca for surfers. Haleiwa Town is nearby with art galleries, eclectic shops and boutiques, and restaurants. At Laniakea Beach, you can get close to the huge green sea turtles (some over 80 years old) who come ashore to feed on seaweed growing on rocks. Close by is the Turtle Bay Resort & golf course. It can get a little windy there, but is always a beautiful place to stay. The Polynesian Cultural Center is east between Honolulu and the North Shore, where you can get a taste of six different Polynesian cultures with old island village lifestyles, native art

demonstrations, games and activities, and attend an authentic luau feast. It can be a full day experience. This is great place to take a family. Closer to Waikiki than the Polynesian Cultural Center is the Kualoa Ranch with its green valleys and mossy mountain peaks. You can tour the ranch by horseback, ATV, or even take a movie tour where films and TV shows such as Jurassic Park and the new Hawaii Five-O TV series were shot. What else can you do? How about a 20 minute train ride through Hawaii's only working pineapple plantation? Visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor WWII memorial? Play golf at one of the 40 public and private golf courses. Relax? Let us plan your vacation. We will not only book your flight, but we will arrange transportation to your hotel, and book personalized excursions. We can suggest restaurants, and seasonal events you can attend or participate in (including golf, marathons, or the Ironman). Don't want to spend all of your time on Oahu, we can book your trip to any of the outer islands, including air and hotel, and excursions. Each island is different, and you are sure to find your favorite. We know Hawaii. Call us today to start planning your next getaway.

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Reasons Why Every Business NEEDS a Blog Social media now dominates the business world, whether we want to admit it or not. And if you haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet, you're missing out BIG TIME. It's one thing to have a Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account for your business but there's another tool that's quickly becoming a social media darling, the blog. It's a simple way to reach your customer base with valuable information, share company news and just show off what you can do! If you're still on the fence about throwing your hat into the blogosphere here's five reasons that will make you think otherwise: #1 Business Blogs Drive Traffic to your Website A beautifully designed website is useless (and a waste of your hard earned money) if no one is visiting it! A business blog helps make sure your site isn't just another pretty face by increasing your online visibility. Here's where that mysterious and often scary concept comes into play, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Basically you want your website to show up in search engines like Google. Well the only way that's going to happen is if your website is indexed and the more it is, the higher up you will rank on a search page. The more pages a website has that more chances it has of ranking well. Having a business blog is an easy way to publish additional pages since each and every post adds a new indexed page to your website. When someone reads your blog posts, they will click through to your website and voila, you've got traffic baby. #2 Helps to Convert that Traffic into Leads So after you've got a steady flow of readers coming in, you need to turn those leads into customers/clients. Is your content compelling enough to prompt them to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list? (If you're working with me then yes it is!) Call to actions at the end of a blog post are a great way to generate a lead. Offer up a free fact sheet, eBook or trial for your product/service in exchange for their information. Let's be realistic though‌ not every visitor is going to become a lead or customer, so don't set that lofty, unattainable goal upon yourself. #3 Establish you as an Authority in your Field You're the best at what you do and can prove it in a business blog. Share your knowledge and expertise with readers by answering frequently asked questions in one post. In another, highlight one specific employee or product/service you offer. This helps your readers learn more about you and why they should enlist their trust in your business. Walk the walk my friend, don't just talk the talk! #4 Lasting Results The beauty of a blog post is its longevity. Something that you wrote last year will continue to show up in search engines if it includes appropriate keywords and searchable topics. The more people read your posts the more they share it, a classic domino effect. In a nutshell, an hour's worth of work writing a post could realistically turn into thousands of views, leads and ultimately sales over time.

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#5 FREE Marketing and Advertising Last but certainly not least, blogs are essentially free marketing for your business! Use your posts to spread the good word about a new product or service you're offering. Think of your business blog as the hardest working salesperson that's on the clock 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Business blogging is such an underutilized marketing tool and the benefits are simply undeniable. Think of your posts as a trail of breadcrumbs leading people to your website. Well-written content will drive brand awareness, generate leads, develop great customer relations and improve the SEO value of your website. Who wouldn't want all that? SRLV |



Announcements Congratulations to our esteemed member, Gianna Miceli, CEO of Sexy And Fabulous Over 40, for the launch of her new book. The Sexy And Fabulous Over 40 Academy - How To Look 10 Years Younger, Lose The Weight, Ditch Hot Flashes, And Get Back To Having Fun. If you're a woman struggling with hormones, weight problems, skin problems, building lean muscle, chronic inflammation, or anything that ails a woman over 40, this book will tell you what's happening inside your body and how to fix it. Available on

Congratulations to our very own esteemed members and Corporate Sponsors, Infinity


Business Media Group, who just published their "2 year Anniversary Issue" of Infinity Business Magazine.

Congratulations to our esteemed Member, Dr. Joseph DeMaria for being selected ISHM Executive Committee Institute of Safety and Health Management (ISHM) announced that Joseph DeMaria, Ph.D., president & CEO of Americana Safety was elected to their Executive Committee. Dr. DeMaria will also serve on the ISHM Examination Committee. This committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, administration, and review of the examinations and examination procedures for regularly conducting studies to ensure the validity of all safety and health certification examinations. ISHM is dedicated to serving all industries by providing accredited Environmental, Health and Safety Management certifications that improve safety for workers and value for employers. Its Directors and Committee Members assure the highest professional standards and candidate qualifications. For further information about the Institute of Health and Safety Management visit For further information about Americana Safety, please call 702.837.8540 or visit 26



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