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The trouble, and we say trouble? Agreed? Y. With technology sensitive enough to allow..... (sensitive issue: world system, of 'de-hives'.....) we thnk (we tell you) in 'non-linear' fashion..... with the %delucation process. 1) by the second, microseconds, even, 'delukr'..... '1-click'..... decision making.... (with and sometimes, without explanations, awareness of the decision maker.... only by intimations, as well, forming part o the 'penitence' process..... some of these, split second decisions, carry consequences, that are quite 'unimaginable', on hindsight, based on simple choices, pc user procedures, daily pc usage 'processes', 'activity' carried out,..... even, cept for the fact, that it could be a penitence action, perhaps with some consequences. 2) 'built-in' some form of training..... with some proven results, perhaps.....but in the early stages, usually, very ough..... in the sense..... “no rehearsal, is possible.” 3) it all really depends on the “grace” factor of the “delucator”..... norms etc, in keeping with international stds..... 4) and the 'admin' side, might be workng out a future system.....?

Comment 1) *we'finks not supposed to (or rather, put it as, humanly possible) make decisions by the microseconds (w/o some kind of interface). If you are having, such kind of interface.... be careful the rate of clicking, and the 'fn', that you click, and especially, 'as and when' you click, try nt to interfere wiht processes going on (as ethic, perhaps). 2) Now with a software that let's you read data, or 'script', by the microseconds, don't you think, you can create a software that sends out cues by the microseconds, v. lightly, for an augmented reality experience, perhaps, everyone different, perhaps, same for some, tat, we do not know, for sure. 3) postulate: now with capability of devices, that let's the software stream data by the microseconds, to any kind of advanced computational facility, it is possible, we'fink, to send back sequenced data, from the same HPC facility, or devices, other scientific equipment, for a real-time 'environmental' augmented sensory experience, etc. 4) put it this way: if yo can stream data by microseconds, it is possible, by the nano.... etcetc. and if, by microseconds, you need software to 'process', or 'analyze' information, streamed at these speeds..... 5) adage: "thread lightly, respond in like fashion, or manner....."

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