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“Actually, perchance, all these things, discussed penultimately, resulting int he Copenhagen Agreement, of the times.....”

'Many Worlds'..... call it, perchance, with parallels o with kabala theory..... 'Worlds' or 'Multiverse', etc

“watsoever's, all tat 'jazz about entanglement.... for quantum 'entangled', objects, it might be tat you can define, the relationship, in terms o a matrix, or matrices, in possibly, more than 2 dimensions, of spacetime.....!!!!

And you have a probabilistic interpretation..... from a probabilistic standpoint..... Schroedinger's wave functions...... “apply 'superposition' principle....”

In terms, of a matrix, say.....

“1 “......” 0 ......” “ 1 ......”

it c o ul d b e ap ta pe t, ar a ev nc en e , an i wi d ts th Un rea elf in ce pp , 'y rt e pr ou a in aran oba r' t c bi st y pr es, lis ack in e ti , c ip tc, c, 'in le a st . a . n .. re p ti . os at i s on ib ', l e .. .. .

un iv e rs e,

et c

Phenomena: the wave functions seem to collapse, and reappear, collapse, reappear.... etc. (for entangled, objects, etc.....) Pe r ha ps ,

Now, wat's the significance to you?

1 possibility..... certainly, many other fun postulates.....

Wat this means, is that, you could see someone, and the person, could appear, totally ignorance, of your presence.

0) you could be a 'quark' !! 1) the person really chooses, to ignore, you, for known, or unknown reasons, to you..... 2) the person is in another 'stack', in our usual parlance. But wat else can you say..... 2a) the person is in another stack, and his/her 'wave' function, is not collapsed, at that instance of time.

“Wateva, is worth illuminating..... in terms , of DOE!.....�

Cat alive, cat dead Possibly there is 'pattern', or perchance described in terms of a probabilistic, wave function, to the number of times, the cat is observed, alive, and the no. Of times, the cat is observed dead! For purposes, of discussion..... There could be 'perchance', 2 hypothetical, probabilistic 'wave' functions..... 1) cat is 'alive' 2) cat is 'not alive' Perhaps, in another way of looking at it..... Quite like, the processes, underlying the 'real time os' powering up your pc..... 'processes', are 'killed', and restarted, killed, and restarted, over and over again..... hence, collapsing, and reappearnce, of wave function 'elementals'..... at any instantiation, or instantiations, of time. Another perchance, termed, 'classical physics', interpretation, of its times, after Einstein, Schroedinger, Podolsky, Rosen et al..... 'Worlds', 'Multiverse', 'uvees' theory.....