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Theory 1: Because of relativistics.... it is hard to maintain structures or hierarchies for that matter. Therefore “organisational tuning” has to be done ever as often. And it is often outside the hands of the individual, in “man-in-the-street” systems. A Japanese derivative concept.... perhaps. :)

Corollary 1: People are, perhaps being “unhived” from conventional notions of “organisations” even as we speak. And they are being “hived in” to networks of “street systems”.

Suggestion only: don't even worry about who's doing the hiving/unhiving... go with the street “delucation” program or “walkabout” program... and you might get an timation of the “official approved”color scheme, order, hierarchy, your scope, or place... in the scheme of things etcetc.... essentially an “international system”that determines order and the scheme of things.

Theory 2: conception of space... not necessarily hierarchical anymore... essentially driven or determined by personalities, character traits, dna... perhaps, not even capabilities (in time to come... does it make sense?..) but until then, we avoid prognosticating... ;) remember the earlier theory? An individual --> computing resource +?? intelligent agent?