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Annual Review 2012 2012 APP Student, Erim, with her mentor, Alex

“The APP is honestly an unforgettable journey.” Kavimeela, 2012 APP Medicine Student

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Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 2

About us The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds.

Trustees’ message

2012 Highlights

2012 was the busiest and most successful year yet for the Social Mobility Foundation. As well as supporting a new cohort of several hundred young people on our Aspiring Professionals Programme, we ran brand new programmes, welcomed new employers to our activities and further increased our profile.

• SMF partnered with J.P. Morgan to coordinate a twoweek summer residential internship, welcoming 50 students from across the UK to get first-hand experience at the global firm.

We were delighted that individuals and organisations, including the Royal College of Physicians, chose us as their charity of the year and fundraised for us in a number of ways, including completing the gruelling 3 Peaks Challenge and competing in a bike race from Whistler to Vancouver, as well as more relaxing methods including a charity concert. In October, we welcomed Theresa Loar, Senior Vice President of CH2M Hill, onto our board and recently appointed Sir Victor Blank, a leading UK businessman, as Chairman. In December, our CEO David Johnston was selected to be on the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, established by Parliament to monitor progress made on improving social mobility and child poverty by the Government and other key actors. 2013 is set to be an exciting year in which we continue to refine our Aspiring Professionals Programme, run the J.P. Morgan Programme, co-ordinate a larger Whitehall Internship Programme and deliver brand new initiatives, including one involving top City firms.

• After 2011’s successful Whitehall Social Mobility Internship Programme, the SMF won the contract to coordinate the Programme for at least three more years. • Since 2011, 1 in 4 MPs have hosted an APP student either in their parliamentary or constituency office for a placement.

left: SMF Students on internship at Clifford Chance. above: Mentoring Meet-up at Baker & McKenzie.

Our work Each of our programmes are carefully designed to open up professions for those with the ability to join them in the future, but without the means or networks to get there. We aim to give people a real insight into top professions and to provide them with the skills needed to achieve their aspirations.

Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP)

More than

Our core work is with high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds, who we support through our Aspiring Professionals Programme of mentoring, internships, university application support and skills development sessions.

of young people we work with are from an ethnic minority

Who we work with Students To qualify for the APP, students must: • Be in Year 12 (16-17 years old) • Be predicted at least ABB at A-Level

85% More than



of young people we work with are female

• Have at least five A grades at GCSE AND EITHER • Be eligible for free school meals (household income less than £16,190) OR • Be the first generation in their family to attend university, having attended a state school where 30% or more students are eligible for free school meals Sectors On applying to the APP, students choose from a list of 11 different professional sectors: Accountancy, Architecture, Banking & Finance, Business, Engineering, Law, Media, Medicine, Politics, Science and Technology. We also have a strand for young people who don’t yet know what career they’d like to pursue.

More than



Cities In 2012 we ran the APP in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Nottingham and in 2013 we will be adding Glasgow to this list. Each year, we aim to increase our reach to other parts of the country so that we are supporting students who need it.

“Without the SMF I could only dream of getting amazing work experience placements. The internship gives me the edge when it comes to applying for top universities.” BRIGHT, 2012 APP LAW STUDENT

Aspiring Professionals Programme The APP supports students from Year 12 until they are successful in obtaining a graduate-level role in the sector that they want to work in. We provide intensive support for APP students throughout sixth form to enable them to have the best chance of getting a place at a top university. Once at university, we continue to provide a network of support, including career guidance, further opportunities for internships and CV/interview advice, to give them the best chance of entering their chosen profession.

Mentoring Each student is matched with a mentor working in the profession they aspire to join and they communicate regularly via email, as well as attend our facilitated mentoring meet-ups to speak to each other in person and to develop their mentoring relationship. “Without the help of Gary and SMF I would not have been well prepared for university aptitude tests or gained valuable work experience during the summer. Attending the SMF’s meet-ups and talking to Gary face to face has helped me know how to interact with professionals in the banking industry.” Karen, 2012 APP Banking & Finance student

“I’ve gained a sense of satisfaction in being able to answer Karen’s questions and concerns, and in seeing her grow in confidence. More directly, mentoring has forced me to be more aware of changes in education and helps me when recruiting at work.”


the average number of emails exchanged between our 2012 mentoring pairs


Gary, Finance Mentor, on his experience of mentoring Karen


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 6

Internships To help young people gain real insights into their chosen profession, we organise short internships during holiday periods to give them access to what would otherwise be closed work places.

“The internships provided by the SMF truly exceeded my expectations and I was blown away at how organised everything was, as there was not one day where I was bored during my internship. This experience was one of a kind and actually helped to increase my desire for a law career; without it, I would still be confused about what the right choice for me is.” Nasima, 2012 APP Law Student


of students said their internship either met or exceeded their expectations “My internship enabled me to explore the exciting and diverse world of working in a hospital. I met many doctors who were friendly and engaging. My experience dispelled any myths about entering my chosen profession.” Aita, 2012 APP Medicine Student

University Application Support In order to reach the top professions, we encourage students to consider Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge, via large-scale workshops. We also arrange specialised SMF university trips and prepare them for admissions tests and interviews.

“Without going on the visit to Cambridge that SMF arranged I would never have mustered the courage to apply. Now I just have to practice interview skills at your workshops and prepare for my interview with my mentor.” Reshma, 2012 APP Medicine Student

“Attending events at The Guardian and the Houses of Parliament really boosted my personal statement and made me stand out from other applicants. I am now studying English Literature at King’s College, London and I could not be more thankful to the SMF for helping me get here.” Zarah, 2011 APP Media & Creative Student


university visits in 2012, including Cambridge, Manchester and Southampton Over the past 6 years,


of SMF students started their university career at a Russell Group university



Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 8

Skills Sessions In 2012 we organised more than 40 events, from specialised career days to give students an overview of the sector that they want to work in, to large-scale workshops, such as Making an Impression and Interview Skills. Some exciting new events this year included: Accenture “Skills to Succeed” As part of their ‘Skills to Succeed’ initiative, Accenture supported 97 students through training workshops, ranging from CV writing to interview skills. 92% of respondents agreed that they now know how to make a good impression in a professional environment. The Video Game Challenge Hosted by BIS, the challenge gave students the chance to work with computer game experts to design a smartphone video game app. This was followed by a lively discussion with Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP. Supreme Court Visit In April, we invited 30 students to visit the Supreme Court of Justice, giving them a unique insight into how the Court operates along with getting them to think about the legal career they would like to pursue.


“Social Mobility Foundation is incredibly important to students such as me, as these high profile opportunities and internships would have never been available to me otherwise. Through these events I have become more proactive and able to conduct myself in a professional manner.”




in 2012

Ladan, 2012 APP Banking & Finance Student

SMF 639stu


in numbers:


• Over 93% of students stated that they would not have been able to get an internship at the organisation they were placed at without the assistance of the SMF • Despite over 50% of students not having heard of the organisation they were placed at, nearly 90% of students want to work for that organisation in the future • Over 80% of students stated that their internship increased their desire to enter the profession they wish to join

In 2012, we supported students from across 80 local authorities


students — from Plymouth to Glasgow ­­— supported on J.P. Morgan and Whitehall Programmes

AS/A-Level Results • The SMF 2012 cohort achieved over 840 ‘A’ grades at AS Level in 2012 • The SMF 2011 cohort achieved over 905 ‘A*’ and ‘A’ grades at A-Level in 2012

Since 2011, 1 in 4 MPs have hosted an SMF student either in their Parliamentary or Constituency office

twenty-seven: 98.3% of students said their the average number of emails exchanged between our 2012 mentoring pairs



internship either met or exceeded their expectations

Events in 2012

Applications to the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme more than doubled in 2012


orted in 2012 Employers: • Over 90% of internship hosts thought students were of the calibre they would employ after university • Over 90% of internship hosts agree that working with the SMF allows their organisation to reach students they do not usually reach through their traditional recruitment channels • Nearly 100% of our supporters would recommend the SMF to other firms and organisations

Russell Group Universities: • In the past 6 years, 53% of student university destinations have been Russell Group universities • Top 10 destinations for SMF students in 2012: v Bristol v Cambridge v King’s College London v LSE v Manchester v Nottingham v Oxford v Queen Mary, University of London v UCL v Warwick

left: Statistics drawn from the array of work carried out by the SMF in 2012.

MP Placements Each student on the APP, no matter what future career they are interested in, is offered the chance to get an insight into the life of an MP by undertaking a placement in an MP’s office. With cross-party support we encourage more young people to engage with politics as well as bring a different perspective to the offices of MPs.

In 2012, each of the 3 main party leaders hosted an SMF student

Simranjit 2012 APP Politics Student: Office of Rt Hon David Cameron MP

“In the office, I drafted letters on behalf of the PM to his constituents, which was rewarding especially when their problems were being solved. Once I had started, it didn’t take me too long to start working more independently, which made me confident and now I am more motivated than ever to continue working hard so that I can have a successful career in politics.”

Yasmin 2012 APP Politics Student: Office of Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP

“The highlight of my placement was definitely meeting Ed Miliband. As well as talking to him about my week, I was able to sit in on his meetings with local constituents. I saw how the leader of the party in opposition is able to balance both major political appearances like PMQs whilst taking time to address the other tasks of being an MP.”

Daniel 2012 APP Banking & Finance Student: Office of Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP

“The week definitely helped me improve my communication, writing and research skills and it has also made me realise certain things: the prejudice that Parliament is made up of old, white, middle/upper class men is not entirely true, and that anyone can get there if they work hard enough for it. Although I never considered a career in politics, the placement made me realise that there are many jobs related to politics, apart from being a politician, which I didn’t think of before.”


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 12

Student profiles The SMF continues to support APP students until they are in graduate-level employment. Support includes providing them with opportunities to undertake additional internships and skill sessions whilst at university to help them make competitive applications for graduate jobs. We are delighted to track the progress of each SMF cohort and share this with our supporters.



Janki has been supported by the SMF since 2011. Having an interest in Banking & Finance, the SMF matched her to a mentor at Lloyds TSB and gave her an internship at Henderson Global Investors. She is now studying Maths and Economics at LSE.

Nitish has been supported by the SMF since 2006, when he first undertook his internship at the law firm, Morgan Lewis. He is now a trainee solicitor at Allen & Overy.

“As well as help with my personal statement, the SMF provided me with two internships in the financial sector, one of which led to a job offer. I honestly do not think I would be where I am today without their constant support over the past three years!”

“My internship provided me with strong foundations for a career in corporate law, allowing me to have invaluable firsthand experience at a top firm in the City. Shadowing solicitors and helping with real legal work allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the profession and make an informed decision that a career in the law was for me.”



Max was placed on an internship by the SMF at Serle Court Chambers in 2007; he went on to complete a degree in Law at King’s College, London, and the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law. In September 2012, he began a training contract with city law firm, Baker & McKenzie.

“My involvement with the SMF was integral in me obtaining a place at university, and later, a training contract with Baker & McKenzie. Applying to read Law at any London university is incredibly competitive, and being able to show legal experience helped in making my application stand out. The SMF provided me with invaluable UCAS advice, without which I might not have been accepted by my chosen university.”

Monomita IS A MEMBER OF OUR 2008 COHORT, WHO went on to study PPE at Warwick. On graduating, she undertook a placement at WHEB Asset Management and has now joined CentreForum.

“Support from the SMF was truly invaluable. Not only did they cater to my preference to the best of their ability by securing me an internship, the wealth of support that came both before and after the internship was outstanding. We were provided with networking and interview workshops, which set me up for jobs in the ‘real’ world after university.”



of 2012 J.P. Morgan students said their internship exceeded their expectations


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 14

Residential Internship Programmes In 2012, the SMF ran two very successful residential programmes: the J.P. Morgan Programme and the Whitehall Social Mobility Internship Programme for a total of 110 students. By offering residential internships, we can provide great opportunities to high-achieving young people from anywhere in the UK. Last year’s selected participants hailed from a very wide range of places from Plymouth to Glasgow.

J.P. Morgan During the summer of 2012, the firm welcomed 50 students to its offices across London, including its Canary Wharf HQ, giving students the chance to work in the fast-paced environment of global finance for two weeks. Students spent their time living and working in London, learning what it takes to be a part of a professional team by undertaking tasks, attending meetings and giving presentations. During the evenings, students got to relax by being invited to exclusive events, including a tour of the National Portrait Gallery, a visit to Lord’s Cricket Ground and a workshop at the National Theatre.


of the J.P. Morgan participants were eligible for Free School Meals



of the J.P. Morgan students had the equivalent of 10 A grades at GCSE

Whitehall With 2011’s Whitehall Social Mobility Internship Programme proving such a success, the SMF were delighted to win the contract to deliver this Programme until at least 2014. In 2012 60 young people came from across the country to London to undertake an internship at a government department, such as the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Treasury. Welcomed by Baroness Warsi, the group had an action-packed two weeks in London gaining an insight into government and undertaking workshops and social activities in the evening, including a flight on the London Eye, trip to the theatre and a River Thames boat cruise. We are excited to welcome more students onto this programme in future years, with the number of places being increased to 100 in 2013 and 150 in 2014, and each student having the extra support of a mentor from the Civil Service.



“An unbelievably exciting two weeks! I was able to gain experience at J.P. Morgan and in the banking and finance industry, where I learnt so much more than from a text book. This experience confirmed my choice to study economics at university and has increased my determination to work in the financial industry.” Ruhi, J.P. Morgan student

“The students demonstrated outstanding qualities: they were thoughtful, diligent, interesting and interested. They worked very hard over the two weeks and delivered high-quality results.” Hang Ho, J.P. Morgan

of students said that they wouldn’t have been able to get an internship within a Whitehall Department without this Programme

opposite: J.P. Morgan students learning presentation skills. Left: J.P. Morgan students discussing their internship project.

Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme is now in its second year and has so far enabled 19 people to work for an MP in Parliament for nine months. The Scheme is a cross-party initiative set by up Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Eric Ollerenshaw MP and Jo Swinson MP, to help those who have a passion for politics but are unable to undertake an unpaid internship to gain valuable experience in the political sector.

The current cohort are enjoying life in Parliament, working for an MP Monday – Thursday and spending Fridays in different divisions of the House of Commons or undertaking activities with the firms who sponsor the Scheme, such as CH2M Hill, Prudential and Aviva. Year two has seen different MPs host successful applicants, including Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility, Damian Hinds MP, Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP and Julian Huppert MP, along with new sponsors such as Royal Mail and BP.

“The Speaker’s Scheme has provided me with an excellent opportunity and it is now down to me to make the most of it.” Ellen, who is now working for Mary Macleod MP

applications to the scheme


top: 2012/13 SPPS Cohort with Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP and Mr Speaker. bottom: 2012/13 SPPS cohort opening trading at the London Stock Exchange.

in 2012


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 16

Forthcoming projects One of the SMF’s key aims is to reach young people wherever they live in the UK. In order to achieve this we continue to develop innovative new projects and we are delighted to be launching the following programmes in 2013.

City Talent Initiative In 2013, we will be working with firms such as Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan and RBS to support students interested in city careers with an intensive new programme. As well as receiving mentoring, university application support and skills development, participants will undertake a placement at the same firm every year throughout their sixth-form and university years with the aim of preparing them for getting a top graduate role.

Linklaters Residential Programme We are delighted to be extending our work with Linklaters in 2013 by organising a residential internship programme for students from across the country who are interested in law. The exciting programme will include mentoring from a Linklaters lawyer and undertaking a placement at their London office, alongside core SMF workshops and the opportunity for further events with the firm as they move through education.

Above and below: students develop their skills.

top: 2012/13 SPPS Cohort with Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP and Mr Speaker. bottom: 2012/13 SPPS cohort opening trading at the London Stock Exchange

SMF Trustees Lis Astall was formerly Managing Director of Accenture UK plc. She is a non executive director of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and a member of the Court of Governors of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Simon Hughes MP is Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. He is the MP for North Southwark & Bermondsey.

Sir Terry Leahy was Chief Executive of Tesco PLC for 13 years. He received a Knighthood for services to food retailing in the 2002 New Year Honours. He is a member of the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership.

Sir Victor Blank (Chairman) is a leading UK businessman and a former UK Business Ambassador. He has been Chairman of a number of major companies in banking, media, retailing and business services and his philanthropic activities include chairing four UK charities.

Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Member of Parliament for Salford and Eccles was first elected in 1997, going on to serve as chair of the Labour Party, Minister of State for Policing and Counter Terrorism followed by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Peter Boursnell MBE is the former Aimhigher Coordinator for the London Borough of Brent and a former Headteacher.

Theresa Loar is a Senior Vice President of CH2M HILL, was a founding president of Vital Voices Global Partnership and served in a range of senior presidentially appointed positions at the US Department of State and White House.

Dr. Geoff Parks became a university lecturer in 1996, having received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Geoff is a former Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Cambridge.

Tom Cassels is a solicitor and a partner at Baker & McKenzie. He is a member of Baker & McKenzie’s London office management committee.

Trevor Phillips OBE is former Chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, previous Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, the co-founder of the Equate Organisation, and a Director of Pepper Productions.

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP is the Member of Parliament for Charnwood and the elected Chairman of the Health Select Committee. His previous appointments include Secretary of State for Health and Secretary of State for National Heritage.

Polly Toynbee is a journalist and a writer, who was formerly the BBC’s social affairs editor. Polly is currently a Guardian columnist and has worked for the Observer, the Independent and the Washington Monthly.


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 18

Supporters The SMF would like to thank its 200+ supporters, without whom our work inspiring and motivating young people to fulfil their potential would not be possible. Supporters include:

supporttheirjourney Together, we can develop the professionals of the future


Social Mobility Foundation Annual Review 2012 20

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Working with us Everything we do requires the support of enthusiastic individuals and employers, who provide us with mentors, internships, venues, speakers for events and financial support. If your organisation is interested in working with the SMF, we would be delighted to hear from you. We have ambitious plans to improve social mobility in the UK and with your help we believe they can be achieved.

90 Over


of employers stated that working with the SMF allows their organisation to reach students who they do not normally reach through their usual recruitment channels.

“Working with the SMF is a refreshing exercise, giving employers an insight into tomorrow’s talent whilst the student gains a useful insight into the world of work that awaits them at the end of their studies.� Carolyn Lees, Permira

left: Mentor-Mentee Meet Up. Above: Students practising their networking skills. Registered charity no. 1115888

SMF 2012 annual review