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How to Maximize Google Adwords for E-Tailers

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Kelli Prakash – Senior Marketing Strategist, Google Samir Janveja – Strategic Partner Manager, Google David Jaeger – Director of SEM, National Positions Adam de Jong – Marketing Director, National Positions


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Understanding the Digital World E-Tail Marketing Overview Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads Advanced Adwords Strategies for E-Tailers Conclusion Q&A


Understanding the digital world #PLAninjas

The digital world in 2009 $130B US Ecommer Mobile ce Accounts market for 6% of 2.5M consumers Tweets ’ time per day

1B YouTube views per 300M day Faceboo k users 0 Monthly unique to Source: IDC, Mar visitors 2012

23% of the worl

The digital world in 2013 $224B US Ecommer Mobile ce Accounts market for +53% 10% of consumers 340M ’ Tweets time and per 12% of day internet +13,500%

4B YouTube views per day 1B +300% Faceboo k23M users +233% Monthly unique Source: IDC, Mar 2012 visitors to

35% of the worl

THE WAY WE SHOP NOW Nearly 50% of retail sales will be online or influenced by web-research this year Shoppers use 10+ sources on average on the path to purchase They transition between devices while shopping Positive consumer reviews increase their level of trust in a business Source: Forrester Sales Forecast, Google/Shopper Sciences Zero Moment Macro Study , April 2011; Search Engine Land “Local Consumer Review Survey� 2012; AYTM Market Research via Emarketer; The e-tailing group superior shopping experiences via videa

in-store consumers Influenced by the web 89% of consumers making in-store purchases now conduct online research prior to purchase

Stimulus Pre-shopping | In-store | Inhome

First Moment of Truth

Second Moment of Truth

At shelf In-store


Source: Google ZMOT Study

Branding is crucial. Without it you must compete on price & shipping alone!


Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads #PLAninjas

What do they display? Top Ads (5)

- & Google Shopping


Desktop, mobile & tablet Right Ads (8)


PLA Traffic

Since launching to all US advertisers in Nov 2010, Product Listing Ads have seen significant growth with advertiser adoption and product improvements

+600% 2X CTR

traffic growth YoY globally vs. text ads

Nov 2010 to Dec 2011

Why Use Product Listing Ads #PLAninjas

click through rates Because Product Ads are more attractive and engaging than standard text ads, they offer better CTRs.

Conversion rates Product Ads give users information (merchant, price and picture) before they click through, so they are better informed and more likely to complete a sale when they arrive on your site.

Easy targeting Google automatically selects the most relevant products to show from your Merchant Center account when a user enters a related query.

Increased exposure Because both Product Ads formats can show at the same time, your exposure on given query can increase 2x or more.


age Cost Per Sale Via Google Shopping is 23%

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Standardized CPA


Cost Per Sale by Click Type

Biggest Paid Sales Increase due to PLAs




Monthly Sales






Mar 2012

Mar 2013

Avg. Paid Sales Increase Due to PLAs

180% 160% 140%

Avg. Paid Sales Increase Due to PLA's

120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%

Mar 2012

Mar 2013

Google Shopping % of Sales PLA; 44%

Text Ads; 56%

How to match your products to user queries #PLAninjas

Better Data Feeds. Better Results. More Sales

most merchants aren’t taking advantage of product listing ads #PLAninjas


Before (30 Days)

After (30 Days)

Google Shopping





Before (30 Days)

After (30 Days)

Google Shopping






82% 1112%


Before (30 Days)

After (30 Days)

Google Shopping




Advanced Adwords Strategies for e-tailers #PLAninjas

Adwords best practices    

The Importance of Search Contextual / Display Advertising Search + Display Is Even Better Advanced Adwords Strategies

Targeting Customers In-Market Comparison shoppers are ready to buy. Are you part of the conversation?

The average shopper uses 10.7 sources of information before they buy




50% start with a search engine.


Source: Google ZMOT Research, 2011 Google Eye Mapping Study, 2009

Missed Search Opportunities

Low Ranking Organic Queries

71% of searchers look at the top 3 AdWords ads on a search results page.

Source: Internal Google Data, June 2012

Paid + Organic SEARCH Increases a consumer’s likelihood to visit your site by 95%

Source: Internal Google Data, June 2012

Paid + Organic SEARCH Increases a consumer’s likelihood to convert by 73%

Source: Internal Google Data, June 2012

Search is Not Enough Today’s consumer spends 95% of their time on the web not performing a Search



Consideratio n Purchase

Capture their intent beyond the search results page, on the Google Display Network Source: WordStream “Google: the war on free clicks” Study, July 2012.

With Contextual Targeting, Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time. Google technology scans millions of pages at scale to find the best placements for your campaign. Mass reach in highly relevant locations, like articles related to your brand, products, or services You choose the keywords, we find the right sites.

DISPLAY DRIVES PURCHASE INTENT and speeds up the purchase funnel 5x

increase traffic & engagement search + display increased the average number of webpages viewed by 68%

increase offline conversions A major consumer products company saw a 52% increase in offline sales after a successful display campaign

search + display


increase in store visits when combined, search + display can lift in store visits by 43%

supercharge paid search campaigns after seeing a display ad, customers are 136% more likely to search for your brand and 140% more likely to click on an organic link

Source : Dunhumbee and Google Study, November 2008


88% of online shoppers have recently put an item in their shopping cart and abandoned it Create targeted lists of users who have visited your site and instantly re-engage them as they continue to surf the web Increase your conversions by up to 51%

Source: Forrester, 2011


Be in the best position Show your best offer

 Brand coverage on  Desired position in search search  Category coverage on (top vs. side) search  Strive to be above the  Presence across all fold in display devices  Best targeted content  Desired impression on YouTube share on search, GDN, and YouTube

 Longer Headlines  Social/Location Extensions  Sitelinks  PLAs  Remarketing  Offer Ads

Adwords Ninja Tips    

How to Use Pricing In Ads Targeting by Model Number Adwords Scripts Remarketing  Tagging vs. Using Analytics URL  Category Targeting  Dynamic Display Ad Targeting

PLA Ninja Tips   

 

Optimized Data Required Product by Product Segmentation Unclick the import from Nextag etc. (bids are way cheaper) Bid Optimization by Product – Prepare for the future by optimizing bids for CPA / ROAS / Margin 1¢ Bid Strategy Using Negative Keywords / Search Query Report to manage which products show for which keywords

conclusion #PLAninjas

GET Your Free Audit!  Pay Per Click Campaign Review & Recommendations  Google Shopping Review & Recommendations  Get actionable techniques specifically for your campaign goals David Jaeger Phone: 818.224.7517 Email:


Thanks for Attending. Questions Or Comments? #PLAninjas

Maximizing google adwords for e tailers  

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