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Social Media Strategy Proposal Prepared for

Jakarta, October 2013

ABOUT ARWUDA Arwuda is a digital and social media agency, focuses on real-time brand communication activities in the interactive realm. The word Arwuda is actually derived from an ancient language of Sankritin Indonesia which refers to the number 100 million. In the era of social media, numbers become more and more important, due to the fact that the medium allows continuous measurement. This sense of accountability reflects in the philosophy of how Arwuda operates and its recommendations to clients.

Arwuda is a unique social media agency based in Jakarta, with quite a wide range of services to cater to the various expectations of clients. Some of the services range for a few weeks and some for an entire year.

Facebook and Twitter Facts

Social Media Strategy

Objective & Target Audience OBJECTIVE • Build awareness about Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia • Create information for Fans/Followers about program, campaign of Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia • Create engagement with Fans/Followers • Build and increase community of Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia TARGET AUDIENCE • SES A, B • Gender Male (Primary) and Female (Secondary) • Age 15-25 y.o • Demographic National– Indonesia

Social Media Ecosystem

Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia Twitter Account

Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia Facebook Account

Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia Official Website

Creating promotion outside your social media accounts. This will involve at least 20 other social media accounts, reaching almost 20 million Twitter users in Indonesia.

We will work with Indonesia’s top Twitter buzzers.

Increase brand awareness, engagement and sales need to be supported with an intergrated marketing strategy.


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