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Conversion Rate Optimization: Revisions in Google Algorithm SEO Google Maps Local Business Professionals As of the moment, Google search engine enjoys its spot as the leading web search tool with an estimated 83 percent of the market share. Also Google is available in many regions and this was made possible by using local languages so that users can utilize Google web search even if they are not familiar with the English language. Apart from these, Google has the simplest interface because people back at Google believe that the search engine must be simple as possible so that even novice users can take advantage of their technology. On another note, because Google has many internet users using their page, their technology is also popular among website owners. As a result, web owners base their sites according to Google’s standards since the aim is to become visible in the eyes of the spider crawlers because it is beneficial to the company if Google includes their sites in the result page. However, because so many companies have established webpage to represent their business, Google has to constantly update their algorithm in order to better serve their users and website owners. In the past Google picked up sites based on the keyword or phrases used in their contents. This was also the strategy used by early SEO firms because this approach have helped sites being included in the Google result page. Some even practice keyword density because they used to believe that the more they use them, the higher chances of Google picking up their sites. SEO service orange county Along with the repeated keywords in the webpage, Raw PageRank was also one of the factors SEO firms relied on since Google placed huge emphasis on this when they first began operating. This is because Google used to operate based on this algorithm because logically, sites which have popular links have high rankings in Google. Any sites with links from any of the popular ones would somehow get high ranking too. However due to issues of spamming, Google had to lower the weight of Raw PageRank. As of the moment, Google just updated their algorithm and placed a better percentage on Domain Trust and Anchor Text in External Links. When Google began operating, Domain Trust had the lowest percentage however, today it has the highest weight making this the most important factor in SEO. On the other hand, Anchor Text remains popular in Google page ranking and SEO firms prefer this strategy because apart from it hyperlinks keywords, links are provided as a supplement to that word. Blogging is one of the popular interests in the social media these days. It can be likened to the activity of writing a personal account however the difference lies with the chosen venue. The main reason why it is completely different with writing a diary is because the stories are uploaded online for absolutely everyone to examine. Bloggers utilize a domain which they

keep regularly by posting stories and other articles which are related to their interest. With these in mind, blogging can be considered as contemporary writing. The appearance with the net assisted individuals who produced an curiosity for producing to enhance their activities in the refreshing environment. Web publishing tools which emerged in the late 1990s allowed internet users to utilize the technology without requiring them to know highly technical stuff like in the internet. With these, non-technical individuals were able to connect with the online community through the blogs they keep. Social Media Optimization In the early years of the internet, the activity of blogging was approached with simplicity but because there were changes in the environment, blogging activities were updated too. Before, blogging used to be a simple task of uploading contents online but nowadays this activity is as complex as maintaining a website for internet business. Many individuals today use blogs as a source of income. Because of this purpose, bloggers were now required to use the available tools to optimize their sites. For instance, there are tools available online which bloggers can take advantage in order to promote their sites. A perfect example is a web browser which comes with tools to enhance blogging. WordPress Stats for example may be a software used by bloggers who would like to know the on a daily basis site traffic data in their weblogs. On the other hand, ScribefireÑanother app found in Google Chrome is one popular blogging tool which users utilize to manage blogs. This feature allows users to manage multiple blogs since it integrates popular platforms like WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, Tumbler and others in the web browser itself. Graphic Designer Orange County

Conversion Rate Optimization: Revisions in Google Algorithm  

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