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FOR FAMILIES LIVING IN POVERTY. $23,550 a year for a family of four. poverty programs working with When a family is struggling to Founded by Jessica Seinfeld, families at a critical pivot point in make ends meet, providing their journey out of poverty. These GOOD+ Foundation is a nonprofit diapers and essential items like a programs provide comprehensive organization that partners with crib or stroller for a new baby can a national network of leading services (counseling, job training, be impossible. These struggling parenting support) over a families often endure long period of time, allowing an unimaginable stress “More than 16 million GOOD + Foundation to making tough, everyday children in the United States, provide children’s gear decisions, like choosing that is nearly 22% of all children, and supplies to encourage between buying food or diapers. Parents are forced live in families with household and reward parental program enrollment and to reuse diapers, mothers incomes below the federal have to carry their child in achievement in these lifechanging programs. In their arms for an extended poverty level...” period, and babies sleep in this way, we use a twogeneration approach to helping programs to break the cycle of drawers because parents cannot families by providing immediate afford a crib. More than 16 million family poverty through the power material needs for a child, while children in the United States, that of donated child products and his or her parents take the steps is nearly 22% of all children, live in transformational family services. GOOD+ Foundation carefully necessary to move the family families with household incomes toward a brighter future. below the federal poverty level – selects high performing anti-

Best in Baby Biz & Kids Magazine - SUMMER 2017  

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