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BAM! it’s Breastfeeding

Awareness Month


To keep your supply up: Pump after every nursing session, even if you're only getting a couple ounces per breast. Consult a lactation specialist: Breastfeeding for the first time can be scary. There are a lot of questions such as, is my baby eating enough? How long can my milk stay out? Or, why won't my baby latch? Try to consult with a lactation specialist to get the answers to all of your questions. I also find that talking to other nursing mamas helped. Surround yourself with support: Whether it be your partner, your family, or your coworkers, surround yourself with supporters on your breastfeeding journey. Everyone from my partner, to my mother, to my boss has supported me on this journey, and it has made all of it easier. Use nursing sessions to unwind and connect: When you are nursing, try to turn the television off, put your phone down, go into an empty/quiet room, and connect with your child. Breastfeeding won't last forever, and it is one of the best bonding moments I have with my child.

Source: Brittany Bright, Be Bright Daily

Bio: Brittany E. Bright is the founder of Be Bright Daily, a blog following her post-grad, new mom journey. She is a graduate of the University of Mississippi. In August 2016, she began a career at a full service advertising agency. That November, she gave birth to her first child, Jaxon.

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