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Effective Social Media Scraping Tools

A social media scraper often refers to an automatic web scraping tool that extracts data from the various social media platforms which not only include social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., but also include blogs, Wikipedia, and various news sites.

Social media or web scraping tools help us in getting important information such as product/service reviews, feedback, objections, brand monitoring, brand review, competitor analysis, overall sentiment towards the brand, and so on.

Social Media or web scraping tools are especially advanced software for extracting useful information from the websites. These tools are also known as web harvesting tools or web data extraction tools. These tools are useful for anyone trying to collect some important data from the Internet. Web Scraping is the new data entry technique that does not require constant typing or copy-pasting.

Social media scraping tools can be used for unlimited purposes in various scenarios but in this article, you will get some common use cases that are applicable to general users.

 Collects Data for Market Research  Extracts Contact Information  Download Solutions from Stack Overflow  Track Prices from Multiple Markets  Online branding monitoring  Market trends identifying

Top and effective Social Media Scraping tools which are available in the Market such as:ďƒź Scraper API

Scraper API tool helps you to maintain proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. This scraping tool allows you to get the HTML from any web page with a simple API request. Specialties:1. Helps you to execute JavaScript 2. It allows you to customize the headers of each call as well as the call type 3. The tool offers exceptional speed and support which allows building scalable web scrapers 4. Geolocated Rotating Proxies

ďƒź Octoparse

This is another useful web scraping tool which is easy to configure and also one of the best free automatic web scraping tools in the market which is developed for non-coders to help complex web scraping tasks.

Specialties:1. Ad Blocking technique feature 2. Allows you to run your extraction on the cloud and your local machine 3. Allows you to export all types of scraped data in TXT, HTML CSV, or Excel formats


This web scraping tool helps you to form your datasets by sending the data from a specific web page and exporting the data to CSV.

Specialties:1. Easy conversation with web forms/logins 2. Plans data extraction 3. Can save and enter data by using cloud 4. Increases insights with reports, charts, and visualizations 5. Automate web intercommunication and workflows

ďƒź Dexi Intelligent

Dexi Intelligent is a web scraping tool which allows you to convert unlimited web data into important business use. This web scraping tool allows you to cut cost and saves valuable time for your business.

Specialties:1. Improves performance, efficiency and quality 2. Ultimate scale and speed for data intelligence 3. Fast and effective data extraction 4. High scale knowledge capture

ďƒź Scraping hub

This tool is a hassle-free cloud-based data extraction tool which helps companies to obtain precious data. The tool allows you to store data in the high-ability database. Specialties:1. Allows you to converts the entire web page into related content 2. Helps you to expand crawlers and scale them on demand without the need to care about servers, monitoring or backups 3. Supports avoiding bot counter-measures to crawl large or bot-protected sites

All these mentioned top and effective social media scraping tools are very helpful and obvious to use. You can prefer any of these social media scraping tools for your purposes. If you are using Facebook social media platform and also looking for the best Facebook Scraping Tool then have a look at the mentioned link for further information.

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Best Scraping Tools  

This PDF will suggest the best and effective Scraping Tools for Data Extraction. For More Details Visit:-

Best Scraping Tools  

This PDF will suggest the best and effective Scraping Tools for Data Extraction. For More Details Visit:-