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Our Story

Owners: Kevin & Jill Calefate Experience: I have over 14 years experience photographing different clients & subjects as well as over 11 years experience as a TV producer, director, and graphics designer. What is a unique service you offer brides?: Among many perks and discounts that I offer my brides, a favorite by far is that I perform image editing one by one. This allows me to pay enough attention to each photo so that it looks even more beautiful than the original. It truly gives each image a unique look.

Behind the Scenes

Favorite Wedding Story: I was hired to follow a client as he planned to propose to his girlfriend in the airport as she arrived off her flight. I captured the entire thing without her knowing I was even there. I must say, it was hard to focus on taking the photos while I had tears in my eyes. Nothing like seeing genuine happiness! What inspires you? A laugh, a cry, a piece of paper, even a staircase…everything has beauty in it; figuring out how to capture it is what I love and enjoy.