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Owner: Parker Wallace: Personal Chef, Cookbook Author, Cooking Party Hostess and all-around cool chick to hang with in the kitchen Edible Heart is not a culinary concept-- it’s a foodie love connection! The motto for my business and my upcoming cookbook is “Eat Your Heart Out, Share Your Heart and Come Back For More!” I’m helping my clients discover that the most important ingredient in ANY recipe is TLC-- and I’m not talking thyme, lemon or cayenne! The TLC factor transforms people and their palettes. Whether I’m doing the cooking for you, or teaching you how to whip up a great meal for your new hubby, my goal is to make the experience one that you remember....and can continue to share with the people you love. Favorite Wedding/Client Story: Magic is the key word in this story! There are certain people we meet who startle us awake into consciousness and change our life trajectory. When I met this particular couple, all I could think of was one word: Magic. Their energy, their connection, their whole vibe was sheer magic. I had never experienced that feeling in a romantic relationship and frankly, didn’t think it existed until I witnessed it between them. I agreed to be set up on a blind date with one of their friends, and let’s just say he turned out to be my Magic Man! “The ONE” had never been in my vocabulary before that date. Fast forward to now: I am blissfully in love and will be hosting and catering the rehearsal dinner for the magic couple who changed my life and introduced me to L-O-V-E. How or why did you get into the bridal industry? Edible Heart is a business that thrives on food and connection....Two people in love who are getting ready to take that next step can only benefit from what I have to offer: Divine food and a recipe road map to get there together.

38EdibleHeartGuide • 678.897.1717 • • @parker100 How or why did you get into the bridal industry? Edible Heart is a busine...

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