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By Bennett Marcus

By Bennett Marcus


MUSEUM SHOWS & COLLECTORS                            Marcus Jansen began his art career 20 years ago. His work is in collections worldwide, including those at Guild Hall in East Hampton, the Smithsonian Institution, the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Moscow Museum, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, the Kemper Museum, the National Taiwan Museum, and the Housatonic Museum of Art. Like his contemporaries Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Banksy, he started out selling his paintings on Prince Street. One of his first works was sold to the Carlito’s Way actor John Ortiz, who was in the neighborhood shooting a film with Julian Schnabel. “He bought one of my first paintings when I set up on the street in SoHo,” Jansen recalls.  

DOCUMENTARY HAMPTONS DÉBUT The Emmy-winning filmmaker John Scoular, a friend of Jansen’s, made the documentary Marcus Jansen: Examine and Report. It had its NY premiere at the East Hampton TV, Art & Film Festival at Guild Hall, where it won one of the top prizes. 

PHILANTHROPY Jansen is active in the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, which helps support veterans with PTSD, low-income children, housing, and environmental issues. The Marcus Jansen Foundation Fund helps nonprofits provide exposure to culture for underprivileged families and communities.

Nancy Chemtob, known as one of New York’s top family law practitioners, has high-profile clients who include Tory Burch, Annette Lauer, Bobby Flay, and Star Jones. Nancy leads a firm of over a dozen lawyers with offices on Madison Avenue and in East Hampton. She has also developed a reputation as the go-to lawyer for samesex couples seeking divorce and child custody. As different types of families have become more prevalent, Chemtob has broken new ground in marriage law, even changing laws in cases where there had been no precedents.

SAME-SEX DIVORCE Chemtob handled New York’s first-ever same-sex divorce case that recognized out-of-state divorce for a same-sex couple who had married in Massachusetts. In a 2017 first-of-its-kind case, Chemtob fought to win shared custody of an unmarried same-sex couple’s adopted son for her client, Kelly Gunn. The case, Gunn v Hamilton, was the subject of a 14-page New Yorker article.  

EVOLVING FAMILY LAW Now, Chemtob is finding that these rapidly evolving definitions of what constitutes a family have affected divorce and custody cases for everyone, including those of heterosexual couples. “Transgender and same-sex couples marrying, not being married, surrogacy, who’s the parent, all of these had been issues for same-sex couples,” Chemtob says, “and now the law is also shifting for couples that are not same-sex.”

PHILANTHROPY NEW SHOWS Up next is an exhibition in Paris from September 7 through October 12, at Galerie DANYSZ and a traveling museum show that will launch at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Florida and then travel to university museums around the country.​

Nancy is also on the board of the David Lynch Foundation, which promotes transcendental meditation. Chemtob introduced Katie Couric at the organization’s recent event in the Hamptons. She is also an ABT trustee and the founder of Friends of Newborns at Mount Sinai Hospital.​

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Social Life - August 2019 - Sasha Pieterse  

Social Life Magazine is the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons, celebrating 16 years of print. This issue features Sasha Pieterse.

Social Life - August 2019 - Sasha Pieterse  

Social Life Magazine is the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons, celebrating 16 years of print. This issue features Sasha Pieterse.