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AUSTERITY ISN’T WORKING. n October 27 Dublin West By-Electio

wth o r G & s b o J in t n e tm s For Major Public Inve austerity cutbacks that ENOUGH – No more

l ENOUGH IS onomy and jobs. are destroying the ec this A victory for them in s. TD 3 11 ve ha l ae G rogance. l Labour & Fine e worse austerity & ar ag ur co en uld wo n tio by-elec promise. Don’t ge but betrayed that an ch d ise om pr ey Th l trust them again! Hospital. l the cuts to Connolly al ng rsi ve re to S YE l yments, to -of f mortgages & repa rip of wn do ite wr a l YES to homes. d keep people in their lift the strain of debt an rty to lp us launch a new pa he d an er ing pp Co th l Elect Ru le. ry working class peop really represent ordina

Joe Higgins says: your new TD Make Ruth Coppinger to turn out on October 27th to Joe Higgins is appealing to you all your friends and family to vote 1 for Ruth and to encourage do the same.

1Coppinger Cllr RUTH


Vote No. 1 or highest preference


Markets wage class war

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, Rolling Stone magazine April 5, 2010

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going “Class warfare is n’t is ass on and my cl I g, nin n wi just mean we’re killing them”

World’s third richest man, WARREN BUFFETT, October 2011.

PUBlIC INvESTMENT n Investment down €26 billion n Austerity has cut €14.6 billion out of the economy


nemployment is up since Fine Gael and Labour took office, despite nearly 40,000 emigrating. Living standards are down and the crises in health and education are dire. The cuts in Connolly Hospital and to local SNAs and resource teachers shows this. This Government believes that the wealthy elite who caused this crisis can get us out of it. That approach, coupled with the policy of austerity, is madness. The only alternative is for the state to implement a massive programme of Public Investment.

and all Public Services. n Develop the infrastructure we require and create jobs. Proceed with Metro North and Metro West immediately. n Defend the right of all to a decent job and education. n Every €1 billion invested can create in the region of 12,000 new jobs both directly and indirectly. n Just €15 billion of public investment, a fraction of the Anglo bailout, could provide jobs for the 150,000 jobs and transform the performance of the economy overall. n For a massive programme of democratically controlled public investment to develop a strong wealth producing industrial base and economic security for all.

The only way out of this crisis

Where is the money? n Productive investment would quickly pay for itself and adds to the value and wealth in society. n In 2010, 300 people in Ireland had assets, excluding the primary home, of €57 billion - up €6.7 billion on 2009. n The top 1% have 20% of the wealth and the top 5% have 40%. n Last year, economist Michael Collins said there were 110 tax loopholes that overwhelmingly benefit the super rich, costing the exchequer €11 billion. n Big business raked in €30 billion profits in 2010 alone.

n Stop austerity cutbacks now. Defend Health, Education

We are told that this wealth can't be taxed or taken because they will then stop investing. But they aren’t investing! And they won’t unless they can make a big enough profit. That is capitalism. This system has failed and should be ended. We say don't allow them to squander key economic resources while the majority are hit by an unprecedented economic and social crisis. n Tax the super-rich and big business No to the Household or Water Taxes. n Scrap exemptions and subsidies to big business. n For a significant increase in corporation tax – Every 1% rise would net another €300 million. n An emergency 10% wealth tax on the richest 300 would net €5.6 billion. A tax on all the super rich would yeild a lot more. n For public ownership of the banks and financial institutions and democratic control, so they serve the needs of ordinary people and small businesses. n For democratic public ownership of the key sectors of the economy so the resources can be used in a planned way for people’s needs.

For a real bailout – Not this EU / IMF rip-off


he EU crisis and financial instability is getting worse and the EU leaders are responsible for this. They facilitated the casino financial markets over many years. Their bailout deals are just about saving bankers and speculators at our expense. They are using blackmail to demand that €3.5 billion is paid to unguaranteed Anglo speculators in the next months, nearly the total of the austerity due in December’s Budget. New estimates say the cost of the

Anglo bailout could be between €70 and €90 billion. This is obscene and it must end. Resisting the EU / IMF Deal is the best way to fight bankruptcy In Ireland, to pay back the debts and interest we've being saddled with would need a sustained high growth rate significantly above 3.5%, the EU / IMF interest rate. But EU / IMF austerity and the strike of investment rules that out. We can’t pay or abide by this austerity/bailout deal.

In Ireland and across Europe – Put people’s needs first

n Refuse to pay the gambling debts of speculators - refuse to abide by the EU / IMF Deal.

n Build a united movement of workers and young people across Europe to stop EU austerity.

n Instead, demand an economic bailout that benefits ordinary people in Ireland and throughout Europe.

n Democratic public ownership of the banks and financial system in Ireland and Europe and run them for the benefit of society. Guarantee the savings of ordinary depositors and workers’ pension funds.

n Unite with the people of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, with whom we share a common misery and a common struggle. n Fight against the capitalist policies

1. 2.

of the EU, link up with workers and young people in all the other countries who are also suffering austerity. n For a Government based on working class people that implements genuine socialist policies in Ireland and gives people the chance of a decent future. n A Europe for the millions not the millionaires – for a socialist Ireland and a socialist Europe.

Stop the austerity

Tax big business and the super rich




Use economic resources for people not profit

Labour & FG aban doning struggling homeow ners we say bailout the victims not the perpetrato rs! n 10,000 cases in the cour t system - we sa y outlaw repossession s. n Reduce all “pro perty bubble” mortgages to af fordable levels.

5. Public Investment - For Jobs Now!

A CRAZY WORlD €3.6 to €4 billion austerity for us in December but Labour & Fine Gael will give

unguaranteed Anglo bondholders €3.5 billion at the same time.

449,600 - the numbers of ordinary working people on the live register, nearly one eighth of the entire population - what a rotten system that cannot use people’s capabilities and talents. At the height of the crash - 2009 - the top

300 people in Ireland increased their wealth by €6.7 billion, to a total of €57 billion. Anglo Bailout - pick your number. The Government insist that the total cost of the

Anglo bailout will be €47 billion. Other economists and commentators say €75 or even €90 billion over the next twenty years.

United LEFT ALLIANCE The ULA was initiated by the Socialist Party, People Before Profit and the Tipperary Workers and Unemployed Action Group. It has five TDs and wants to build a new party to really represent working people. Many have joined since its launch in November last get involved today! UNITEDLEFTALLIANCE.ORG

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DEFEND CONNOLLY HOSPITAL NO HOUSEHOLD TAX Ruth & Blanchardstown Hospital Ruth is a founding member of the Defend Blanchardstown Hospital Campaign. This campaign is fighting serious cuts to the hospital that will drastically reduce operations and patient care.

Ruth says: Don’t pay the Household Tax! Protesting at Connolly Hospital

It starts at €100 in January, but it will quickly rise to €1000. Ruth is a local organiser of the Campaign against Household and Water Taxes.

! Y T R A P W E N a d e e n e ited W n would position the Un tio ec -El By s thi in er ing

pp this country. A victory for Ruth Co lly shake up politics in ica at am dr to s, TD six unemployed up Left Alliance, with young people and the s, er rk wo r the ge to ate the It would bring lef t alternative and cre ine nu ge a nt wa o wh and down the country t won’t sell-out. w party nationally tha basis for building a ne

in us now! jo so al t bu s, u r fo te Vo / www.unitedleftallian

Ruth Coppinger with ULA TDs

Elect a TD who would oppose the cuts, not implement them - Ruth Coppinger Rip-off taxes: Ruth was an organiser in the campaigns against Water Charges and the Bin Tax. Planning & Green Belts: As a councillor, Ruth fought the big developer led planning that has left many communities without essential services and facilities and campaigned to preserve vital green belts at Kellystown, Barnhill and Navan Rd/Tolka Valley.

Hansfield: Together with the community, Ruth organised the public meetings and protests that forced the commitment to open Hansfield train station. Pyrite: Through the Pyrite Action Campaign, Ruth is fighting for an emergency fund for rapid repair of damaged homes, recouping this outlay from the building & quarry industry. Management Fees: Ruth fought rip-off estate management fees and

Fighting cuts to education management companies in a number of areas, pressurising Fingal County Council to change its policy. Special Needs: Ruth helped to initiate the SNAPT campaign to fight Labour and Fine Gael’s cuts to learning resource and special needs education.

With your support Ruth can win this By-Election - vote No. 1 or highest possible preference

Ruth Coppinger By Election 2011 Full Manifesto  

Full election Manifesto for Ruth Coppinger, Socialist Party candidate for the Dublin West By Election on October 27th 2011.

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