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The Alienware M17x Mac book pro Imac Ipad Sony HDR HC9E

The Alienware M17x is one of the most powerful laptops on the planet. It features graphics performance that puts most PCs to shame, and you can easily play the latest games on the move. Just don't plan on travelling too far, as it's also one of the bulkiest machines around.

This is the new Mac Book pro by apple. This is a great laptop and is for people who love laptops. With its brand new camera and a new HD screen this is a very good laptop. This can create a big data base and much more stuff. Many students in the UK use this as it is great for revising. The mac book pro also has a 4GB of ram. The mac book pro can also be used for editing.

The Apple iMac 20in features a 20-inch screen with 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, an Intel 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of memory, a 250GB hard disk drive, plus a dual-layer DVD burner. It comes with a built-in iSight camera, Bluetooth and Draft-N Wi-F in addition to the standard wired keyboard and mouse.

The Sony HDR-HC9E camcorder offers full HD video recording on DV tape for up to 1 hour, a ClearVid CMOS sensor for crisp and clear video images and a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with 10x optical zoom. It also sports a 6 megapixel still photo recording feature which is directly saved on to a removable memory stick. The HC9 is the Sarah Palin of the camcorder world. The slinky black dress and sharp eyewear makes you think you’re getting something new and exciting, then you realise it’s full of the same old story inside. That’s right, this cutting-edge Full HD camcorder runs on creaky old HDV (aka MiniDV) tapes. Having said that, video quality is out of this world, with the stabilised Carl Zeiss optics adding a steely Germanic twinkle to the dullest of scenes. There are also more high-end tweaks than you could ever want, such as spot metering, peaking and a glorious wide colour viewfinder to match the 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD.This is a pricey camcorder for one that uses yesterday’s technology, regardless of how good the video looks. The 10x zoom is shorter than Danny DeVito when he’s been through a hot wash and shooting time on tape is limited, too: just 60 minutes per tape.

Ok the gadget that everyone want's is the new IPAD 2. Apple have created a great product which has sold millions. But apple have not just created the IPAD 2 this year they have created the new Apple Mac Book pro. This is a greate computer

Gadgets and technology 12 November  
Gadgets and technology 12 November  

Gadgets and technology 12 November