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Social Innovation Unit News: For immediate release LOCAL SOCIAL ENTERPRISE CHIEF INTERVIEWED IN THE GUARDIAN 28 March 2011 Dr David Land, Co-Managing Director of the Social Innovation Unit is interviewed in The Guardian this week, as part of their Leading Questions series. The Social Innovation Unit has it’s Head Office in Green Park Station, Bath. The Guardian was interested in civil servants that are being made redundant, along with their post-redundancy leadership actions. Until the end of March 2011 David was employed at the Commission for Rural Communities, based in Cheltenham, a quango of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). It was one of the very first organisations to be burned in the Coalition’s ongoing ‘bonfire of the quangos’. In the article, published on Wednesday 30 March, David talks about his career, his reaction to news of redundancy, and the situation inside the civil service; where some individuals have improved their careers at the cost of other people’s livelihoods. He also raises the lack of humanity from those civil servants who were secure in their jobs and who saw no problem making redundant those with families, mortgages and bills to pay in order to further their own career. Dr Land said: “One of the reasons we established the Social Innovation Unit, is to ensure we save the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that are being lost with the abolition of the Commission for Rural Communities. Whilst we are a new entity we retain our contacts and it’s our aim to ensure the voice of the people is fed back into the civil service. We understand the process of the civil service and we believe social innovation is at the heart of developing appropriate public service provision” The Social Innovation Unit is a new social enterprise that seeks to find, uncover and listen to quiet, whispered, fragile new ideas and innovations for public services, and to help see those ideas made real. Coupled with this is the wealth of contracting knowledge, which the Social Innovation Unit believe can help local South West social enterprises and business to start winning government contracts. Between them Dr Land, and his business partner, Andrew Lee, have been responsible for managing budgets of approx £6million and understand what it takes to crack the public sector tender process. Further details can be found by visiting

ENDS Notes for Editors For further information please contact either Andrew Lee on 07977 211005 1. The Social Innovation Unit exists as a central hub for ideas and innovations to improve the public sector. It offers research, training and support for social enterprises and private businesses that want to know how to engage with the public sector, and how

to find a better way to work to deliver better services for all. It is a social enterprise, a registered Community Interest Company, and a company limited by guarantee, registered company no: 7444012 2. On Wednesdays The Guardian publishes its ‘Society’ supplement. Leading Questions is a regular feature, asking people in the public eye, usually in the voluntary sector, about their current projects and approach to leadership.

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Press release about our Guardian interview

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