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For professionals to connect, engage, grow their business and brand, LinkedIn remains the # 1 social media platform. As a platform, LinkedIn has transformed. But sometimes back, it used to be for job seekers only. People would post curricula and connect only with people they knew and nobody else. Now, it has become more of a platform of content. Around the globe, it hosts a community of over 575 million professionals. Whoever the B2B clients are, they're on the network almost certainly. With more than 500 million users on LinkedIn, 61 million of whom are senior-level influencers, 40 million users are decision-makers, and about 7 million users are C-level executives, it is definitely the vision of a B2B marketer. Therefore, having a marketing strategy for LinkedIn is becoming more important for any company. This article discusses marketing strategies and ideas for LinkedIn to grow followers and get the organization's actual business results. So, let's start! Write articles on LinkedIn

Writing articles on LinkedIn can generate leadership of thinking. LinkedIn's ability to publish articles that you can share on their page is one of the main features. Whatever you want, you have the freedom to write whenever you want. It can be about your experiences, your knowledge in an area, or you'd like to express a professional opinion. It's critical for your personal brand to write these articles. You create a personal brand by writing a piece that is unique to you and your business. Your words are added to your work and then your company is promoted. Writing and publishing your business regularly creates an online presence. Add most relevant comments on trend topics As with most social media platforms, it's all about engagement and community. No wonder, connections for most social posts are formed in the comment section. Don't believe us, check any YouTube video trend, and go through the section of comments

where there are actual debates. Comments make content literally leading to great post ideas!

Find top-performing posts in your area by searching for relevant hashtags or searching for "top posts" in your area— and add your opinion to the comments. Through putting yourself out for a discussion with your audience, they can post questions and make suggestions that you can use to generate relevant content that is closely linked to their desires, issues and needs. Add your LinkedIn profile link to Email Signature If, despite having many followers, you have published an article on LinkedIn and you don't get any likes or shares, but you communicate very well with people via phone, then this hack is for you!

Fill in your signature with your LinkedIn profile! It's a quick way to get more exposure and more followers to your LinkedIn profile. As you get more and more connections, it might be the match that starts the process of getting your content higher. Use LinkedIn to host in-person events

Hosting in personal events is recommended especially if you are in B2B. People in B2B recognize the value of hosting conferences or workshops to get leads and customers–but many don't consider hosting smaller events to be worthwhile.

If you're hosting a small event that matches the type of customers you want to get, you're going to put yourself in a disproportionate advantage to convert those customers down the road. You can use the organic search of LinkedIn to get those attendees, or you can put up an ad in specific locations to target people. You can send invitations to your event, and that would be the best way to network and increase your brand's awareness. Use hashtags to get discovered “What exactly is a hashtag?� A "hashtag" is the name given to the term or series of words prefixed by the symbol #, according to the digital marketing agency. It is used on many sites of social media where hashtags help to categorize tweets or comments on specific topics. This helps people quickly and in one place to find all the posts related to a particular subject.

The use of hashtags has several technical benefits, from expanding the network to communicating with potential customers. When you have something in common– whether it's a profession, a hobby, a personal interest or a sporting activity–it's easy to connect with people. It's building up your connection. This would be the best way to get in touch with our new followers as well. Help prospects find you What’s better than finding the right client! Prospecting on social media is easy, you can learn a lot about your customers from their profile information before your first meeting, and it's a new way to stay connected and communicate with customers all the time. Upload video To make the most of LinkedIn, stand out from your peers, and quickly capture the attention of the people who are making decisions about you, add your words with pictures–moving pictures. Video allows you to provide a complete communication, thereby making a better first impression–one much closer to being there in person. The first experience you have provided online has changed–along with much of your other interactions–so that video has become more important and valuable.

On LinkedIn there is so much opportunity to go out and explore the LinkedIn community world. This platform gives you the opportunity to connect, grow and transform your business. Invest time and focus on the people that matter most to you. Go through an article and make constructive comments, add value to the conversation, share knowledge and be consistent. We assure you, it will pay off in big dividends. It has become crucial for every business to not miss this and start connecting now! Stay connected with us for more such blogs. This article is originally posted here -

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business  

" Synclarity Digital is an Inbound & Content Marketing agency that provides - Content Strategy & Development, SEO, Digital Marketing & Web D...

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business  

" Synclarity Digital is an Inbound & Content Marketing agency that provides - Content Strategy & Development, SEO, Digital Marketing & Web D...