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Delegate Booklet


Chapter 1

Conference Information

Section 1

Conference Information INTRODUCTION TO AIESEC AIESEC is global non-profit, independent organization run by university students and recent graduates. We are operating in 124 countries and territories with over 86,000 members worldwide.

WHAT WE ENVISION The purpose of AIESEC is “Peace and fulfillment of Human’s Kind potential”.

Strategic Leadership Conference 2013 Strategic Leadership   Conference   will   be   a   pla6orm   for   you   to   have   stronger   leadership   skills   as   the   leaders   of   AIESEC   Cambodia,   to   understand   AIESEC   relevance  to  the  country,  and  know  how  to  move  fast  and  boldly  to  enable  sus-­‐ tainable  growth  in  our  enAty.

AIESEC CAMBODIA AIESEC Cambodia was found in 2009. Now we have five (5) local committees that you might find yourself belong to, including: - AIESEC IFL - AIESEC LUCT - AIESEC NUM&UP - AIESEC RULE - AIESEC PP

Conference Theme


Objective 1. National Quarter 1 evaluation
 2. Build strong alignment as ONE AIESEC in Cambodia towards AIESEC 2015
 3. Strengthen the capacity of Leadership Body in AIESEC Cambodia.


Special Guests Jan Bartscht Jessica Macias Bartscht Founder of AIESEC Cambodia 

Golden Sand





Special Events Nig! 1: Ghost Night Nig! 2: Mr & Ms AIESEC Nig! 3: Crazy Night More information and detail will be provided by OC team in the conference.


Chapter 2

Conference Team

Facilitators Team

MC Team 1314 AIESEC in Cambodia


P.S We are missing Weilin, because she was taking photo.

International Faci Weilin Wu CEM Director AIESEC Cambodia P.S Lin is a very new member of MC Angkor team. That’s why she is not in the team photo.

Nicholas Diaz 

International Youth Programmes Director AIESEC Thailand

Muhammed Khalilullah Sales and Marketing Director AIESEC Thailand

Basma Abid  Vice President of Outgoing Exchange AIESEC Oman


Organizing Committee Team Socheata Bun MCM iGIP 1314 AIESEC Cambodia Conference Manager OCP Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Email: Phone: 010 545 605

Chanrachana Vorn Member OGX AIESEC IFL OC Finance Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Email: Phone: O84 222 456

Dozanith Vuth TL MarCom & TM AIESEC IFL OC Logistics & Special Events Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Phone: 017 897 939 x

Rith Chhorvorn Lee TL OGX AIESEC RULE OC Logistics Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Email: Phone: 093 694 005

Sydalis Sim TL iGCDP AIESEC IFL OC Promotion & Delegate Services Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Email: Phone: 010 326 948

Rithipolmoly Khun TL OGX AIESEC IFL OC External Relations Strategic Leadership Conference’13 Phone: 069 240 881


Chapter 3

Delegate’s Responsibilities

Delegate Checklist Items



Notebook, Pen, Pencil (necessary)


For taking notes during the conference

Laptop (necessary)


Personal uses, registration

Casual Clothes (necessary)

For 5 days

Sleeping Clothes (necessary)

For 4 nights

Towel (recommended)



Personal uses

Camera (optional)

Capturing the memories of this event

Slipper/Scandals (optional)

A pair

Personal hygiene products including soap, shampoo, lotions, hair gels, foams (recommended)

In case you don’t like the Hotel products

Power adapter/charger (necessary)

For your electricity devices

*** Crazy Dresses/make up

In case you don’t want to share a towel with your roommates

In case you want to wear comfortable shoes at night

Something that you think you will use it to make you crazy as much as possible.


More Information Sydalis Sim

OC Promotion & Delegate Services Email: Phone: 010 326 948

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AIESEC SLC'13 Delegate Booklet