NC State Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018-2019 Annual Report

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1 Welcome Letter Program Director Elizabeth Benefield reflects on the past year and an emerging campus vision.

2 Getting to Know Us Understand our who, what, why and how we achieved our goals. Our Mission and Vision / 2 Values / 4 Model / 5 Impact / 6

8 Fitting Into the Bigger Picture See how we have built an expanding network both on and off campus. Ecosystem / 8 Collaborations / 10 Craig Prince's Story of Impact / 12

14 COMx Our goal for COMx is simple – build community across sectors and among diverse stakeholders.



Dinners With Purpose

Social Innovation Fellows

Lively conversation and invigorating stories told this semester by aspiring young entrepreneurs.

See what the best of the best at NC State University are working on. Haiti Goat Project / 21

17 CGI U Six bright and ambitious students from NC State had the opportunity to engage with public policy leaders and changemakers at the annual CGI U conference.

Farmworker's Garment Project / 23 Nikolas Mihaliak's Story of Impact / 24 Root Bioscience / 27 Sandhills Region Farming Initiative / 29 Alysa Buchanan's Story of Impact / 30 Flexcrevator / 33


Elizabeth Benefield

Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship Program Director

Folks who know me know that I love quotes. I often open events with quotes, and you will usually find a few taped up somewhere in my office, nudging me back to my moral center or offering a fresh perspective. And so, in an effort to describe the work of NC State Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship I turn to Parker Palmer, founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal. He writes, “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” It is clear that our students are seeking to discover “who they are” in addition to what they want to study and what they aspire to accomplish in a career. Increasingly, it seems, they want to be grounded in a sense of purpose and guided to engage meaningfully in the world. This report offers a snapshot of the evolving opportunities we are creating at NC State to respond to a growing demand by students to do good in the world. Anchored by the Social Innovation Fellows launched in the fall of 2017, our programs are creating new spaces on campus for exploration, creative problem solving, interdisciplinary and experiential learning, and connection. We are teaching technical and adaptive skills to become change leaders and at the same time building a vibrant campus community that extends beyond class year and disciplinary boundaries. As the field of social entrepreneurship continues to evolve and take root on campuses around the world, NC State is committed to being a leader. We welcome ideas and insights as we shape our vision. Take a look at how our students are “thinking and doing the extraordinary.” I know you will be inspired! 1

Vision Statement Nurture a campus culture that inspires and empowers students to become local and global changemakers.

Mission Statement We motivate students and the broader university community to build the skills, self-awareness, cultural competence and connections to understand and solve complex social problems.


Our Values Inclusivity Actively pursue the creation of new spaces for many different perspectives

Sustainability Properly equip and empower communities to support future generations

Empathy Form a deeper awareness of core belief systems to create compassionate and holistic innovations

Accountability Communicate with transparency about our successes and failures to build trust and add personal value

Resilience Foster solutions that can adapt and transform through shifting circumstances

Interconnection Catalyze exchange across networks to tap into skills and expertise necessary to create impact

Creativity Connect knowledge, insight and inspiration already on campus in new, exciting ways

Our Model NC State Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship embodies the University’s commitment to Think and Do the Extraordinary. In order to cultivate an inclusive, entrepreneurial spirit on campus, we: Prepare students to think critically, overcome challenges creatively, and communicate effectively; Invest in multi-disciplinary cross-campus relationships in order to infuse innovation in both theory and practice; Embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework; Provide experiential learning opportunities through engagement with local and global partners.


Our Impact A changemaker is someone who is creative and intentional about solving a social or environmental problem, and motivated to act. With the mission of empowering a university community to take on complex social challenges, true impact can be hard to measure. It can take form as technical and adaptive skill development to amount of hours invested by students and stakeholders. Specifically, the Social Innovation Fellows has established six learning outcomes to measure success:

Leading with Self Develop an enhanced sense of purpose and motivation to take action Cultivate a deep understanding of a social problem from multiple perspectives Leading with Others Build an inclusive and insightful team Grow in creativity, confidence, and resilience Leading with Community Engage a network of supportive stakeholders Create a viable solution to a social problem


increase in Fellow applications for the coming cohort

Students First Year through PhD

$6,500+ raised by the Haiti Goat Project

200+ hours of mentorship provided


NC State colleges represented


donated by the Eastman University Engagement Fund


awarded to the Farmer’s Garment Project

$15,000 36

in support from Kenan Institute

members in Brain Trust Network 7

Innovation + Entrepreneurship Ecosystem We are for all. Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship is a part of a robust campus ecosystem whose lifeblood is multidisciplinary collaboration and deep partnerships. Our programs offer a lens through which to view and measure impact; a lens not only for students who wish to “change the world,� but for all those building ventures and practicing entrepreneurship.

Community Stakeholders Microinvestments

Venture Partners

Social Innovation Fellows

Social EntrepreneurIn-Residence

Brain Trust

International Experiences

Student Internships

Dinners With Purpose

Social Venture Coaching

Clinton Global



Entrepreneurship Alliance Global Entrepreneurship Week

Student Entrepreneurs

Alumni + Supporters



Local Social Enterprises K-12 Educators 9

Connection + Collaboration Supporting programs and students. NC State Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship engages with partners both on and off campus to broaden opportunities for students and faculty within the entrepreneurship landscape. During the 2018-19 academic year we: Provided scholarships for two students to attend the annual Ignite Retreat hosted by the Sullivan Foundation Connected with the international community of social innovation educators at the annual Ashoka U Exchange Collaborated with Poole College’s Business Sustainability Collaborative to host Speed Networking for Impact during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 Provided scholarships for six students to attend Clinton Global Initiative University at the University of Chicago Partnered with Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs to host COMx featuring local female entrepreneurs Hosted a table as a feature organization at Entrepalooza, NC State’s annual festival celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation, and sponsored social impact track for Lulu eGames

Ashoka U Exchange


Ignite Retreat

Speed Networking



Craig Prince, '19

“The Ignite Retreat helped me realize how I can use my skills and interests as a guide to change the world.”

‘‘ W

The purpose of the Ignite Retreat is to spark social change in whatever way is most helpful for the individual. For me, the retreat was centered around personal development and exploring the idea that connecting with ourselves and others is central to good social entrepreneurship. I spent time in workshops that practiced active listening, exploring creativity, and envisioning small steps and distant leaps in preparation for the future. Being at the Ignite Retreat helped me realize how I can use my skills and interests as a guide to change the world. One workshop I participated in which I believe everyone could benefit from was called Head, Heart, Hustle. It was simple, involving a Venn Diagram and creative introspection, and had you write down anything you are passionate about and anything you are skilled at. You and the other participants then had to find ways to connect those two groups into a venture you would find engaging. It was helpful to see my passions and skills laid out next to each other and even better to have feedback from others on what patterns they see emerging in my interests and skills. As a whole, the retreat was a great developmental experience that laid an excellent foundation for me to embark on my social impact journey.



COMx is a dynamic, panel-style external event that is offered once per semester for students, faculty and community leaders. The goal of COMx is to provide informal networking and sharing of expertise across business and social sectors. Through COMx, social and business sector leaders and entrepreneurs explore ways to build a common language and potential sustainable relationships. During the 2018-19 academic year, we presented COMx with many community and university partners including the NC State campus organization Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs, Google Fiber Raleigh, and the Office of Raleigh Arts.

Dinners With Purpose

Dinners With Purpose highlights the purpose journey of social entrepreneurs. Attracting over 100 students and scholars each year, this event aims to inspire students to become global change leaders. Past speakers have included CNN Hero Robin Emmons, Ashoka Fellow Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, and many other business leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship. During the fall semester of the 2018-19 academic year, we partnered with Apex Friendship High School faculty and students to highlight youth stories of social innovation for Global Entrepreneurship Week. The spring 2019 Dinners With Purpose was presented in partnership with the NC State Union Activities Board for Pan-Afrikan Week and featured Black upStart founder and social entrepreneur Kezia Williams.



NC State is a proud University Network member of Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). CGI U engages young leaders who are solving today’s problems through new, measurable, and specific “Commitments to Action.” We provided funding for six students to attend the October 2018 annual meeting at the University of Chicago. NC State student commitments included: creating economic opportunities for girls and women to sell African clothing and products in Zambia; creating recycling technology to help clean up beaches and to bolster local economies in Haitian communities; using pop-up coffee shops operated by individuals with special needs to display their biggest strengths; and working to address the food and housing insecurity among students on NC State’s campus. Students Claire Mellott, Fumi Agboola, Lindsey Wrege, Hampton Clark, Adrian Teegarden, and Michael Evans comprised the university's largest cohort ever at CGI U, with mentorship and support from the Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship team.


Social Innovation Fellows

A dynamic, year-long team experience offered to students across disciplines that teaches adaptive leadership skills to become successful social entrepreneurs and innovators, and technical skills to create and launch enterprises or projects that seek to achieve social impact.


“Moving forward, we hope that Haiti Goat Project becomes a leader in nutritious Haitian feeding programs that inspires other nonprofits to replicate our theory of change in Haiti.�

Haiti Goat Project

A venture returning for its second year, the Haiti Goat Project trains Haitian farmers to breed more robust goats in order to provide nutritious local school lunches. The Fellows helped them raise $6,500+ and diversify their funding as a nonprofit.

Jordan Bowman Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Studies Senior

Nimet Degirmencioglu Textile Technology Management Ph.D.

Marcie Laird Graphic Design Senior

Paige Swanson STS and Applied Nutrition Sophomore

Miles Wright Team Mentor Entrepreneur

Anirudh Akula Senior Fellow Biological Engineering Ph.D.

Charlotte Farin Venture Partner Faculty, Animal Science 21

“We hope that our garment may influence policy change to regulate personal protective equipment, like this garment, to be mandatory for farmers to provide to farm workers.�

Farmworker’s Garment Project

The Farmworker's Garment Project partnered with Wilson College of Textiles researchers to explore the sustainable and cultural challenges in creating a protective garment for migrant farmers suffering from pesticide exposure in rural North Carolina.

Alyssa Cox Mechanical Engineering Junior

Nikolas Mihaliak Computer Engineering Sophomore

Anna Petrova Industrial Design Master's

Sam Sharp Textile Technology Senior Raj Narayan Team Mentor Kenan Institute Victoria Luong Vu Venture Partner Graduate Student, Textiles

Fumi Agboola Senior Fellow Education Senior

Dr. Kate AnnettHitchcock Venture Partner Faculty, Textiles 23


Nikolas Mihaliak, '21

“The Social Innovation Fellows captures what it means to be a social leader.”

‘‘ W

Being a part of the Social Innovation Fellows at NC State has had a profound impact on the way I look at current social issues. One key thing I learned through the program was separating the idea of social entrepreneurship with entrepreneurship in general. Social entrepreneurship focuses on helping solve the human rights aspect that every person deserves a fair chance at life. As a part of the Farmworker's Garment Project, our task was to determine how to implement a new protective garment for migrant farmworkers to wear to shield themselves from the harmful flumetralin pesticide used in tobacco farming. We met with incredible people from Duke University, NC State, and the NC Farmworker Institute to help narrow our scope and really understand what challenges current migrant farmworkers regularly encounter. This in turn helped us to where we are today-- creating a detailed roadmap for turning this idea into a full-fledged venture. Overall, the Social Innovation Fellows captures what it means to be a social leader and helps educate people in the world of social entrepreneurship. I am grateful to be a part of such a talented cohort and am excited to see where our venture ends up.


“We were able to see that this was a problem not only of today but of the future, especially if nothing is done about it. Also we were able to come together with our various backgrounds to brainstorm solutions to the hemp waste problem.�

Root Bioscience

Root Bioscience transforms phytocannabinoids into health and wellness products. The Fellows team studied the perception and policy implications of this emerging field, focusing on the challenge of plant waste. They produced a prototype of cat litter and are studying market opportunities.

Catherine Chirichillo Industrial Engineering Sophomore

Trent Haire Fashion and Textile Management Sophomore

Rebecca Popov International Studies Senior

Haley Pratt Veterinary Medicine DVM Adrian Teegarden Senior Fellow (Fall) Marine Science Jane Rogers Team Mentor Consultant

Gracie Hornsby Senior Fellow Civil Engineering Senior

Miles Wright Venture Partner Entrepreneur 27

“Supporting local farmers can have a transformative impact on the local community, but if we don’t start investing in them now we might lose the valuable agricultural tradition that exists in our state.”

Sandhills Region Farming Initiative

In partnership with NC State Extension and the Sandhills AGinnovation Center, the Fellows worked to connect more markets and vendors to local farmers in the Sandhills area by partnering with Freshspire, an online produce marketplace, and Vacation Vittles, an NC State social enterprise.

Alysa Buchanan Graphic Design Master's

Sierra Jones Business Administration Junior

Craig Prince Electrical Engineering Senior

Laura Schoeck Sport Management First Year Sofia Abdo Senior Fellow (Fall) Business Administration Senior Bart Creasman Team Mentor Entrepreneur

Ruth Kintzele Senior Fellow Political Science Senior

Davon Goodwin Paige Burns Venture Partners NC State Extension 29


Alysa Buchanan, '19

“There is a whole community of kind, intelligent, driven, passionate and creative individuals right here on campus who are making a difference.”

‘‘ W

In my final year as a Master’s student at NC State, I was feeling disconnected from the rest of the university. While I loved my program, I desired more collaboration from scholars in other departments. I was curious about what they were learning, how they were applying their skills, and if my knowledge as a designer could be a valuable asset to a research team. When I learned of the Social Innovation Fellows, I knew working with an interdisciplinary group of students all while being guided by a diverse Brain Trust was exactly what I was looking for! During one of my graduate studios, a peer commented that they felt the world was becoming a worse place to live because there are so many problems that “no one is doing anything about.” I disagreed and immediately commented that there is a whole community of kind, intelligent, driven, passionate and creative individuals right here on campus who are making a difference in our local communities and across the globe. That group is the Social Innovation Fellows. I am excited and honored to continue working with the Social Innovation Fellows as a Senior Fellow; I truly believe they are making a difference in the lives of these scholars.


“We discovered that the challenge for our team is not ‘How can we solve the manual pit emptying problem?’ but instead, ‘How can we address the disconnect between the problem of manual emptying and the solution of the Flexcrevator?’”


NC State researchers and the Global WASH Cluster invented the Flexcrevator, a machine for emptying pit latrines. The Fellows team helped refine this technology and developed a trade show marketing strategy and 2D visual tools.

Daniel Choi Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Senior

Raunak Mahtani Industrial Design Master's

Allison Williams Chemical Engineering Sophomore

Ben Saia Senior Fellow (Fall) Aerospace Engineering Junior Lisa Grele Barrie Team Mentor Consultant Francis de los Reyes III Venture Partner Faculty, Global WASH Cluster

Mohit Kamat Senior Fellow Industrial Design Master’s

Jocelyn Tsai Venture Partner Graduate Assistant, Global WASH Cluster


Thank you for a great year We could not accomplish our goals without your support, involvement and enthusiasm Elizabeth Benefield, Program Director Alisha Brice, Program Coordinator Aly Khalifa, Social Entrepreneur-In-Residence Jack Ratterree, '19, Program Assistant and Designer Katherine Stubbs, '19, Marketing and Communications Intern

Supporters Kenan Institute Eastman Foundation NC State Entrepreneurship Alliance NC State Institute for Nonprofits Advisory Board Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs Business Sustainability Collaborative NC State Union Activities Board People-First Innovations Fund Office of Raleigh Arts

Social Innovation Fellows Brain Trust Katie-Gray Altmann Lisa Grele Barrie Melissa Driver Beard Jeffery Braden Jennifer Capps Richard Clerkin Bartley Creasman Marc Dreyfors Steve Earp Charlotte Farin Christopher Gergen Catherina Gomes Greg Goodfliesh Megan Greer Shelby Hallman Pamela L. Jennings Clare Jordan Grant Kaley Maggie Kane

Cari Keller Steve Kelley Aly Khalifa Tsai Lu Liu Lisa Merritt Tom Miller John F. Muth Raj Narayan Jaclyn Parker Tony Pease Beryl Pittman Adam Rogers Jane Rogers Ted Rueter Kristine Sloan Jessica Thomas Liz Tracy Randy Woodson Miles Wright

A big thanks to all of the Team Mentors, Venture Partners and other supporters that made this year so impactful.