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11/19/1952 The Logan Family 8 Traxs Rd Spokane County, Mississippi 30356 Cassie Logan 16 Plea Ct Montgomery, Maryland 40956 Dear Cassie, Hey, child. It’s your Big Ma. How’s you been? When I last saw you, you were only 16 or 17 yrs old. Then you went to the University of Mississippi and I never got to see your pretty little face again. Now you are 29 yrs old. Oh Lord, how my have you grown! How is your family, your husband and your two twins? Are you still working at the University of Mississippi? Let me tell you what has happened over the years. Well, first Harlan Granger ain’t bothering us anymore because he knows we aren’t givin’ up our land that is rightfully ours. And we already covered the loan for the house for 2 yrs already. And Little Man is still as clean as ever and he received a New Berry Award for stopping segregation. And Christopher John has changed a lot, he talks a lot now (well at least in his letters he does). Uncle Hammer is right near you. He was in Montgomery on his honeymoon with his new wife, Elsa when he bumped into someone named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He taught him to control his anger or else he will get himself in to a lot of trouble. He also taught him the Philosophy of Nonviolence meaning to do everything in a nonviolent way. Now Uncle Hammer is turning into a married and nonviolent man. Your mama is helping your daddy right now pick cotton to make some money in Strawberry. I’ll let her talk to you next. Anyway enough about me, what about you? What about you? How's life? I love you, Big Ma

11/22/1952 Cassie Logan 16 Plea Ct

Montgomery, Maryland 40956 The Logan Family 8 Traxs Rd Spokane County, Mississippi 30356 Dear Big Ma, Hey, Big Ma. It is Cassie. Thank you for the card. I love how everybody changed but how have you changed Big Ma. Anyway, everybody is great. Thank you for asking. Tell everybody that I miss them so much and I hope to visit soon. Also tell them that I said “hello”. This is what happened over the years. I graduated from the University of Mississippi 10 years ago. Surely, you know that from all the newspapers saying that I was the first black person that ever entered the school. And after I got married to my husband (Adam), I went to an all-white restaurant by mistake with my friends and some white folk just wanna beat me up. Then I was the one that ended up in jail. That ain’t right, Big Ma. I didn’t even do nothin’. Anyway, how's Mr. Jamison and Mr. Morrison, I didn’t hear how they was doin'. Let me tell how my family is doin’. I am married to Adam Hicks. He is a wealthy planter and he is a blacksmith. My two twins, Alex and Stacey. Alex is going to an all-white American school with her brother, Stacey. They go to the same school, same class and same age. I am still the first black folk that’s working at the University of Mississippi in History. Let me tell you my accomplishments that I have over the past years. As you know, I am a history teacher in the University of Mississippi. I also made a playwright called The Flower Will Bloom Someday. It is about how black people will finally get their independence someday from white folks. But now us, black people pray and hope for our independence. Tell me how everything is back in Spokane County soon. Please let the Lord help us, Cassie

11/30/1952 The Logan Family 8 Traxs Rd Spokane County, Mississippi 30356 Cassie Logan 16 Plea Ct Montgomery, Maryland 40956

Hey Cassie, It’s your Mama. I miss you so much. How have you been? How is the family? You should come down here over winter break. And help in the farm with us like you used to or we could go down to Strawberry together to sell items. And we can catch up at what all your beautiful accomplishments are. See you, Cass. Hey Cass, it is Stacey. How have you been? Man, it feels good to talk to you again since the accident years ago. I hope you got over it. Anyway, let me tell you what has been happenin’ with me over the years. Of course, you know I am married to a beautiful woman named,(Ask Stacey Group in English on Monday). We have three kids, Catherine (12 yrs old), Mary (13 yrs old) and Jacques (10 yrs old). We love them to tears. My wife stays home with them while I go to work as a (Got to ask Stacey group). I love my job and my family. So tell me how everythin’ is. BYE!! Hey Cass, it is Christopher-John. How have you been doin’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’? By the way, Happy Anniversary!!! I know that this is a very exciting day remembering your wedding! Anyway, I am still in college thanks to your brilliantness of becoming the first black student in college. I am not married yet, but not for long. And Mama is right, you should come for winter break and spend New Years with us. So how are you?. Anyway, I have to go back to my studies. BYE! Hey Cassie, it is Little Man. How have you been? Anyway, I am in my first year of college. I am so excited! Thanks to you and your achievement I can go into college as well. And by the way, Happy Anniversary! Christopher-John told me. BYE!! Hey Cass, it’s Papa. I just want to say how proud of you I am you really helped the family’s reputation and know you are the smartest daughter and girl ever. I love you. We love you, The Logans 12/4/1952 Cassie Logan 16 Plea Ct Montgomery, Maryland 40956 The Logan Family 8 Traxs Rd Spokane County, Mississippi 30356 Hey guys, it is Cass. Thank you so much for that beautiful letter. It helped me so much throughout the day. I had a rough day today but that letter helped me through it. And Mama and Christopher-John, I‘d love to come over winter break and New Years with you. Can I bring the family, too? Mama, Thank you for being so proud of me but I wouldn’t have made it without you. You gave me life, you helped me succeed in anything I had a

problem with and you taught me so much including how to succeed in the real world. So thank you and I love you as well. Stacey congratulations on your new family, your wife and kids. I hope to see them when I visit the house during break. I know that you will succeed in life just like when we were young. Christopher-John, I know that you will do great in college and become a great scientist or something. What are you majoring in again? And thank you about remembering my anniversary!! Little Man, I hope you have a great time in your first year of college and nobody picks on you. And thank you again for remembering my anniversary!! Papa, I love you too. Someday, maybe you will get to see my later plans for the future and maybe you could help me achieve those goals just like you did when I was little. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! I hope to see you guys soon, Cass

Cassie Logan  

It is a biography about Cassie Logans later life when she grows up.

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