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Manchester United Vs Wolverhampton Manchester United Vs Wolverhampton (Avg. at Home Vs Very weak at Away in this season ) The Fight between the Manchester United ( Rank -2) and Wolver Hampton( Rank -16) looks to be a one sided affair. Is it so – lets look at it. From the last 6 matches played home Manchester United wins 3, lost 0 and made 3 draws ( Too many draws at Home – Manu should make fans more happy!!!!) From the last 6 matches played home Wolverhampton wins 2, lost 3 and made 1 draws From the last 6 matches played away Manchester United wins 5, lost 0 and made 1 draws . The draw being against Liverpool is not that bad though Man Utd fans will not agree with me. From the last 6 matches played away Wolverhampton wins 0, lost 5 and made 1 draws ( This is pathetic stuff from Wolverhampton) Man Utd is not going great guns at Home – but WolverHampton seems to be very weak in the away games. It looks like a 2-1 win for Man Utd – but to make fans happy they should be all over WolverHampton and increase their goal count. For epl highlights visit:

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