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The broken lamp

James Deaner

A week before Christmas, my brother, Thomas, and I were playing in the lounge with our mini soccer ball while my grandparents and my Parents were making cinnamon pie. Thomas tackled me into the shelf and it shook. A second passed and we heard a big CRACK! “What was that?” my Grandma yells. “Nothing! I just…Uh…I… I dropped my watch!” I lied. “Ok! Your grounded if you’re lying!” Grandma shouts. Then my body went cold. I have lied and now I am grounded. I felt the pain and the taste of my salty blood by Thomas tackling me. “What should we do?” Thomas asked me. “ I don’t know! You should know because you’re the older brother!” I shouted back. My brother shouted, “I know what to do!” “What?” I asked. “You’ll see!” Thomas shot back as he walked to the garage. 10 minutes later he came back with a broom in his hand. “You’re going to sweep it to the trash can?” “No. I’m going to sweep it into the darkest place under the couch!” “Wow! I think that is the first good idea you have ever had!” He frowned at me with a mad face. “Well, it’s true!” I said with a laugh. Three days past and it was the every kid’s favorite holiday, Christmas. We got a lot of presents. Then my mom found little pieces of glass on the floor. “Why is there glass on the floor?” Mom shouted. I quickly break the glass of my 3-year old watch. “It’s from my watch!” I yelled back. Whew! I thought. Then Thomas came and picked up the little pieces of glass. “That was close,” he said. “Yeah! That was really close.” I whispered back. There was warm sweat on my forehead while I felt guilt and there was a silent chill on my spine. Then for Christmas we had a big feast with some warm, creamy soup, and other great food. “This soup is good on the last day!’ I said in a nervous voice. “Yeah it is good!” Thomas said in the same way.


Then we finished our dinner and packed our bags to go back to Tokyo the next day. We packed our clothes, some snacks, and presents from Christ mas. “Today is the last day, right?” Thomas asked. “Yeah. It is the last day in America.” I answered hoping my parents wouldn’t notice that we broke the lamp. We packed our bags and headed for the airport. 30 minutes later we got to the airport and went on the airplane. When we got to Tokyo, we headed home and my parents slept on the 1st floor while we were playing video games upstairs. “Yes! We didn’t get in trouble for breaking Grandma’s lamp.” I shouted happily. “Yeah. We succeeded a very hard “mission” that we might have suffered.” Then we did a high-five and continued playing video games.

Afterword: Even though 2 years passed, we still didn’t get in trouble but I still feel guilt and I learned a lesson and that lesson is to tell the truth.

The Broken Lamp  

About when I broke my grandma's favorite lamp.

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