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Kristina Mahoney Project Statement BackgroundI am creating a type representation of Shell Silverstein. To promote his upcoming book that he will be selling at the beacon hill library branch in Seattle His whole face will be created with type, and will be displayed as a poster to promote an upcoming event in Seattle where he will be reading from pages of his book to children, along with doing signing. Shell Silverstein is a children’s short story and poetry author that has written over 25 books designed to entertain and make you laugh. Target audienceHis target audience is for little kids but it really reaches out to all ages. Adults can relate to a lot of his stories from their own childhood experiences. ObjectivesMy objective is to make the poster look fun and have the on looker want to attend the event. I want to use a playful type that is somewhat kid like since he is a childhood author. I also choose a picture of Shell where he is giving a funny face because that helps represent what he is about and that is to have fun. ObstaclesThe biggest obstacle for me will be making the font come together to create the right dimensions and shades to his face. I feel when you are creating something that is real it is harder to fake you cant abstract it, it must be almost exact to be recognizable and that in itself with be the biggest challenge (making the picture look like him). This is mainly important because if no one recognizes him they aren’t going to want to go to the event. Key benefits I feel that the audience that will receive this poster will get some insight on the author and find out a little more about what he is about through the picture choice I am using and the fact that all the words I will use to make up his face with be that of his poems and short stories so they will even be able to read some of them if they take the time to look closely. This will also help in making the poster and author memorable. Supportive statements: The key benefits outweigh the obstacles because the obstacles state that its hard not impossible. Knowing that its obtainable alone and if executed correctly more people will know about my favorite author and enjoy him enough to keep the poster. Tone: The tone should be fun and light with a comedic type of feel Media

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Shell Silverstein

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Digital Process


Work cited Some of the poems is used messy room peanut butter jelly the book the giving tree

shel silverstein  

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