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“I believe that Caribbean culture, and our food in particular, is so exciting, vibrant, and offers so much diversity” Currently, Hasan is involved with a number of business ventures and is a consultant chef. “Each of these businesses have their own concept, but the main thing is that all of them are about Caribbean food, and this means a lot to me,” he said. “I opened a restaurant with a school friend, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, called Tropical Krave. It’s a beach front restaurant, five minutes from the sea, with food influences from Cuba right down to Trinidad. So you can come island hopping with a beer or rum cocktail.” More recently, the chef has overseen menu development for Spiced Roots in Oxford, whose focus is on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that support the hundred mile diet. “I have worked with Grace Foods, one of the largest distributors of the Caribbean food brand, and they play a major role in putting Caribbean food out there. If we as a people can own it, and develop it, the potential is massive - so I’m on a mission. I’ve worked in French restaurants, and the Chinese or Indian food brand is known globally, so my dream is to make a difference to the image of Caribbean restaurants,” said Hasan. Another venture is Lime House, in Singapore, with business

028 SN OCTOBER 2017

Soca News | October 2017  

In this month’s issue, read our exclusive report on the reclaiming of Notting Hill Carnival. Also check out our interview with Chef Hasan De...