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issue 100/jan 2010

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issue 100/jan 2010

editors letter Seasons greetings to all, and welcome to the year 2010. To coincide with the tenth year of the millennium, our first issue for this year is the hundredth ever edition of Soca News. This year will be an exciting one for us, as we realise the full potential of probably the best Caribbean music and culture brand in the world. This doesn’t happen overnight, and the last 14 years have been memorable. Trinidad and Dominica Carnivals are fast approaching, and come February 15th and 16th the streets of Port of Spain and Roseau will be exploding in a fusion of colour, feathers and scantily clad ladies (and, OK, a few men in skimpy outfits, too). To help you realise just what you’re missing, we’ve included in this issue a guide to Trinidad Carnival 2K10 and information about carnival in Dominica; if it really gets you in the mood, you can still pick up a flight, prices starting from £649, by calling Sackville Travel on 020 7274 2242. From Monday 25th January you’ll be able to get all the information you need, online, by visiting Trinidad. There will be full lists of all the latest music, events, mas bands etc, and even live coverage of some of the major events taking place this year. Finally, in place of a resolution, I offer you my words of wisdom for the new year: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Or, if you prefer, Pablo Picasso’s version: Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. Yours in soca The editor

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beyonce bacchanal Beyoncé Knowles is scheduled to perform in Trinidad in February, but what was supposed to be a fantastic show to end the carnival celebrations has been marred by demands for the show to be rescheduled. The fear is that money will be siphoned from Carnival sponsorship to pay for the show, which is projected to cost TT$30 million (18.75 million pounds). The row, which started in early January, looks like it will rumble on for some time. Beyoncé is due to perform at Queens Park Oval on 18th February, just two days after the carnival celebrations draw to a close, and is being blamed for the lack of funding being given to local promoters, mas bands and artists by local telephone company Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TTST), one of the main sponsors. Already, artists are saying that they’re feeling the fallout, as TSTT has cancelled its Soca in B-Square, a week-long series of lunchtime concerts by popular bands, during the week before Carnival. However, TSTT has indicated that this was due to popular soca artist Machel Montano’s decision to sit out this year’s festival.

carnival gets off the starting blocks The official media launch for Dominica’s ‘Real Mas’ carnival took place on Thursday 7th January. The Dominica Festivals Committee and Carnival Development Committee hosted the official event, which featured guest speakers including government officials, associate sponsors, DFC members and representatives from LIME, who are the headline sponsors for the carnival.

The launch took place at the Fort Young Hotel, with an array of performances by Dominican soca artists including reigning Calypso Monarch, King Karessah, and Daddy Chess. The 2010 carnival season will feature an array of events during January and February, including calypso tents, pageants, the Lagoon Street Jam, the international artist concert, the Lapeau Kabwit/Sensay Festival and the National Queen show. For more information on Dominica Carnival visit www.

st vincent Skinny in video Vincentian soca artist Skinny Fabulous is set to release an eponymous album this year. It will feature a number of producers, including Alex Barnwell and Daryl Braxton, and will incorporate collaborations with Movado, Patrice Roberts and Machel Montano, with whom Skinny recently produced Feteing On, a big track that is on heavy rotation in Trinidad. The album will feature a collection of hits both new and old, including his soca monarch



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title-winning Head Bad and De Beast Leh Go. Recently Skinny Fabulous received a grant from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority in order to shoot his first music video for the 2008 track, De Beast Leh Go. Vincentian Tourism Minister Glen Beache said, “This is his time. He is a quality entertainer originating from our shores, and this grant provides the opportunity for Skinny Fabulous to showcase his talent and consequently further boost recognition for both himself and his homeland”. Skinny revealed that the video, which was filmed in Jamaica, will have a Thrilleresque feel to it, with De Beast wielding its tantric soca influence. Beache added, “Vincy music has been some of the best in the region over the past four or five years, in part due to Skinny Fabulous. This is the first time the authority is providing such a grant, but we see Skinny Fabulous’ potential and will do everything in our power to ensure that his music is exposed in the region and beyond.”

trinidad & tobago Brass is back ‘Brass – The Re-Birth’ is scheduled to be held on February 6th, at a yet undisclosed venue. In the past, Brass Festival was one of the most popular Trinidad Carnival events, and was held at the PSA Grounds in Long Circular. Promoter Cliff Harris and his company Tropix Entertainment have reformatted the event, since it was marred some years ago by several incidents, which led to its demise. According to the promoter’s release: “In 2010, the reemergence of Brass seeks to

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indulge all peoples of TT and the world, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status. A production of this event means that, from beginning to end, the festival will provide entertainment that is choreographed and suitably tailored to patrons of all walks of life.” Artists featured in the past include Roy Cape, Xtatik, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, Invazion, Surface, Square One, Burning Flames and Krosfyah. The festival will now have fewer lapses between bands, and tighter onstage performances by the artists and the bands. ‘Brass – The Re-Birth’ will include performances from some of the biggest performers from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, St Vincent, Antigua and Grenada and, this year, will pay tribute to the late Byron Lee, leader of one of the most popular brass bands ever – his Dragonnaires. The chutney train rolls on The preliminary stage of the Chutney Soca Monarch competition took place in Trinidad on Saturday 9th January, with 35 bands making it through to the next round, including popular Rikki Jai and Crazy. The event saw the Samar Entertainment Centre come alive with the sweet sounds of chutney music, as 94 bands battled it out for six hours to claim a spot in the semi finals. Crazy managed to secure a place with his latest track, Stop Wasting Time. “It’s a call for all the young girls who work hard for a living and give their money to men who are not employed,” Crazy said. George Singh, the chief executive of Southex, is said to be ‘very pleased’ with the response by the public during

the event, and is looking forward to better patronage for the semifinal on January 16th. The semi-final will pare down the field once more, as 10 artists advance onto the finals at Skinner Park on 20th January, where the ultimate winner will receive TT$200,000 (£19,500).

united kingdom Merging Mas There are currently two mas band associations in London - NHMBA, the Notting Hill Mas Bands Association, and GLIMA, the Greater London International Mas Association – but they are due to merge shortly, according to plans laid out at a combined meeting in December. The new organisation, name yet to be announced, should be ratified by March; in the meantime, joint meetings will be held to focus on the formation of one organisation and the planning of Notting Hill Carnival 2010. The existence of just one central organisation should streamline things, allowing mas to move forward into the 21st century. Notting Hill Planning Planning for the planning of Carnival 2010 appears to be underway, at least. Whilst ECCA, the Executive Committee of the Carnival Arenas which is supposed to the umbrella representative body for the various carnival arts associations, seems to be moving out of the picture somewhat, the LNHCL still needs three new board members for their interim board; then a consultant is to be brought in to help restructure the organisation. Carnival 2010 will essentially be planned along similar lines to that in 2009, although with some amendments based on recommendations made by two reports on noise and health and safety.




Roti Stop Roti Stop was made famous back in the 90’s by Bernard, aka The Roti King, who was well known for attending most soca events, fetes and Caribbean concerts. Now situated at 36b Stamford Hill, London N16 6XZ, next to Stoke Newington train station, the current premises opened in April 2008. Their ethos is Bringing the Caribbean to you through food, and the aim is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. As the name suggests, the speciality is roti, but they also incorporate a wide range of Caribbean dishes - a range which will never be exhausted, as Caribbean food is so broad. The selection of Trinidadian dishes includes doubles, phulourie and roti with a variety of fillings including pumpkin, channa, lamb, boneless chicken. Customers have even been known to create their own combinations, for example, jerk chicken roti, ackee and saltfish roti, stewed chicken or even fried plantain roti. Roti Stop promotes various Trinidadian products, such as Apple J, Solo, and orange juice, as well as creating their own homemade drinks including mauby, sorrel, ginger beer and soursop, and of course making their very own pepper sauce. Open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, Roti Stop has now moved to another level to be able to provide a more complete service, and can also provide catering for any function.

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Roti Stop

36B Stamford Hill Stoke Newington London N16 6XZ Tel: 020 8815 4433

review andre tanker

power music man lives again picture david wears / Words natasha ofosu

Traditional African belief holds that the dead leave their physical bodies, but continue to exist in a real way in the realm of spirit; their influence can still be felt and experienced long after their transition. The rhythm and spirituality of Africa was central to the work of Andre Tanker, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s foremost exponents of roots music. Now, six years after his physical departure from the earth, he has been brought to life again on the CD Andre Tanker Live. This treasure trove of ten tracks, released in August 2009, allows listeners to experience the warmth, wit and wisdom of this celebrated musician and composer who died of a heart attack in February 2003, aged 61. Tanker is backed on this recording by his band, One World Contraband, and together they traverse three decades (’70s to ’90s) and multiple genres – all of which went into creating Tanker’s unique brand of Caribbean world music. Strains of African high-life music infuse Creation of the World and Tell Me Where We Going, neither of which would have sounded out of place if played in Accra or Soweto. Reggae and dub flavours are heard on Here and Now and Basement Party, while a jazzy saxophone enlivens the delightful Calypso Soul Food, an ode to Caribbean cuisine. Then there’s the drumming and chanting of the Orisha yard (traditional Yoruba

Religion which survives to this day), brought to life on Sayamanda but present throughout his music. The journey begins with an instrumental incantation, then shifts into reverse, presenting the more recent songs first, followed by the older classics. Many of the songs share a common structure: an opening where Tanker speaks a few lines, before singing the rest of the verse. These poetic intros illuminate the songs on which they appear. Consider this snippet from Forward Home, his unforgettable record of an immigrant’s experience: “I went away, Through clouds and falling mist. Multi-national galaxies Floating on inflated bliss…” And, on Thanks For The Music, a song of praise which celebrates life, he chants: “Life-giving waters fall from the clouds, Bring drink to the thirsty and water the grounds. Thanks for the sunshine, thanks for the rain, Let’s work and take courage, live up in his name.” This song also features a mean guitar riff and sparkling sax solos. After a verse and a chorus or two, the songs

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“This quality is perhaps shown most clearly on Sayamanda” unfold with extended instrumental passages which create a platform on which the musicians may demonstrate their dexterity. Dawud Orr excels on saxophone and flute; Theron Shaw on rhythm guitar; Douglas Reddon on bass guitar; Tamba Gwindi on African drums and percussion. Tanker himself lets rip on the harmonica on the jazz-calypso Calypso Soul Food. In a song that seemed to be written with him in mind, Orr is exceptional on Call of the Water Dancer. His synthesised saxophone takes on a heraldic voice on this up-tempo zouk track. It is a testament to Tanker’s generosity of spirit and lack of egocentricity that he allows his fellow musicians such freedom. The result is a win-win situation, as the listener is able to indulge in tracks lasting anywhere from six to nine minutes each. Themes of unity, love and peace permeate the lyrics of Tanker’s songs. They are apparent on Creation of the World, (where he refers to

12 | 01/10

‘Children of one great love’) and Tell Me Where We Going. Combined with the poetry and spirituality evident on this collection of work, Tanker takes on the role of mystic and pointer, giving added resonance and relevance to the term ‘power music’ as a description for his work, about which he sings in Here and Now. This quality is perhaps shown most clearly on Sayamanda, one of his best-loved songs. In it one hears the drop-beat that accompanies Spiritual Baptist and Orisha ceremonies. Such a beat often invokes manifestations of the deities of these spiritual traditions, and is extremely powerful. In a 1997 interview, Tanker explained that the word sayamanda was one he coined, that has no meaning. He later interpreted it as ‘Is I a man there’, meaning, he said: “We’re all human. We all have a common kind of feeling, we can identify with what’s happening in another place.” The power of the music does not hide the fact that Tanker’s

voice is reedy and sometimes off-key. The backing vocals are also inconsistent, due more to inadequacies in the mic’s the singers used rather than their voices. These, however, do not detract from the music - nor does the scant information contained in the CD’s liner notes. They don’t reveal, for example, where these songs were performed, although thanks to Tanker’s rap with the audience we know that Basement Party was sung on a Saturday night in Trinidad’s southern city, San Fernando. It is ironic that, as someone who eschewed stardom, Tanker died at a time when his star was rising and was poised to soar to higher pinnacles of success. It is doubly ironic that, in death, he has released more albums than he did in life: the efforts of his family have ensured that three compilations of his work have been released so far, and they have promised a lot more to come. His body of fans the world over will no doubt respond, “Bring it on.”


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art in association with campbell’s of london Vishni

Vishni was born in 1958 in the Kutch region of India. The low hills and dust coloured ridges of the region provide a muted background for the brilliant clothing traditional to the Kutchie people. Though she moved to Barbados at the age of 16, Vishni regularly visits India, exploring and documenting the life of the nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes of her childhood. Her rich cultural background, a unique blend of both Indian and Bajan cultures, facilitates the honest yet sympathetic portrayal of the gypsy girls, the men, the women and the elders who make up these unique communities and whose portraits comprise the exhibition ‘Of 2 Faces’, which was recently held at Campbell’s Art Gallery in South Kensington.

Leroy Clarke

Leroy Clarke is one of the most prolific artists of Trinidad and Tobago, known for his complex and layered grand-scale paintings. His images are rife with symbolism and social allegory. Artists like Clarke reclaim or reinstate the Afro–Caribbean spiritual dimension into the formal experiments of early Modernist painting, particularly that of the Cubists and the Surrealists. For Clarke, whose first major body of work, in the early 70s, was called Fragments of a Spiritual, an epic personal, ethnic and cultural narrative began to take shape. His message was one of personal and spiritual reconstruction in the aftermath of slavery, colonialism as well as post-colonial questioning and political disillusionment. There has been much in the interim, and Clarke’s most recent work is a book, Poems for Ettylene, a collection of images of his most recent paintings and poetry.


Feeling the need to expand his horizons and take on a new challenge, Jonathan Gladding joined the Peace Corps, and was stationed in St Lucia. Serving as a woodwork instructor at primary schools in the beautiful southern coastal village of Laborie, he found there an unending supply of rich subject matter in the faces and postures of the people going about their daily lives and the traditional cultural aspects that make St Lucia such a wonderful and distinctive place. The pride in heritage and Creole culture, combined with a sense of community and responsibility toward one another, deeply impressed him and gave direction to his work. All this set in a landscape of vibrant greens, stunning blues and warm browns, illuminated by a quality of light that he is so good at portraying on canvas. Campbell’s of London carries an exclusive collection of Clarke’s prints and originals, and Gladding’s Gicleé prints may be purchased at

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top 25

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1. Palance – JW & Blaze 2. Anything – Buffy 3. Zombie – Blaxx ft Wendelle Manwarren 4. Call Meh – Bunji ft Fay Ann 5. Barman – Rikki Jai 6. Ants In Yuh Sugar Pan – Jamesy P 7. The Template – Super Jigga TC 8. Wicked Jab – Tallpree 9. Pavement – Farmer Nappy ft Kerwin Du Bois 10. All Woman – Benjai 11. Puncheon – Hunter 12. Bumper to Fender – Machel Monatno HD 13. Heaven – Kes the Band ft Nadia Batson 14. Start Wining – Fay Ann 15. Fireworks – Destra 16. Smile – Ataklan & Terri Lyons 17. Ramajay – Machel Montano HD 18. Steam – C.C. ft Benjai & Kernal Roberts 19. Party Hard – Iwer 20. Jam Meh Baby – Rita Jones 21. Huntin – Blaxx 22. Tension – Trini Jacobs 23. Rules for the Road – Patrice Roberts 24. Red Over – Zuki & Tim Tim 25. In Front Ah Meh – Umi Marcano 01/10

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music in association with

top soca hits as of 1st january 2010

1. gotta feeling Honor Rebel and D Wassi One 2. bumper to fender Machel Montano 3. jouvert jam Patrice Roberts 4. in front of meh Uni Marcano 5. ramajay Machel Montano 6. call on me Alison Hinds and Jah Cure


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7. staggerah remix Fadda Fox & Skinny Fabulous 8. Jammaz Shurwayne Winchester 9. call meh Bunji And Fay Ann Lyons 10. carnival SW Storm 11. Liquidator Nicholas Brancker 12. Twist and Turn Leighanna 13. talk nah Traffik feat. Sharlene Samuel 14. Wuk Up On It King Shepherd 15. i pay for this Farmer Nappy 16. hunting Blaxx 17. feteing on Machel Montano & Skinny Fabulous 18. no behaviour Machel Montano 19. gully or gaza Bunji Garlin 20. melee Kes The Band

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album reviews by martin jay

Artists watch

by SOca baby

the caribbean dream scrappy

Garvin Johnson, aka Scrappy, hails from the emerald isle of Montserrat. Since relocating to the UK he has been very active on the music scene, as well as in the carnival arena in Montserrat, where he in fact not too long ago made Runner Up in the Soca Monarch competition. The Caribbean Dream is Scrappy’s latest album, and I’m really impressed with its versatility, and the overall mood of the set. It tells me that soca music is going in the right direction, even if it is getting there very slowly. Watching You Watching Me is probably my favourite track on this album; no matter how many times I listen, it still catches me when it starts. Another great number is Start to Bounce, which will always bring back the vision of Scrappy mashing up The Tudor Rose on Carnival Saturday night in front of the likes of Iwer George, Lil Rick, Blaxx and Benjai. There is a nice hub of activity going on here in the UK, and Scrappy demonstrates that with his mixture of ragga soca, groovy soca and uptempo numbers. I don’t think we’ve heard the best of Scrappy yet; I think that he will definitely be a name to look out for in the future.

carnival hits various Top producer and soca veteran Smokey Joe has began this new decade with a re-invigorated passion for making sweet soca music, and that is precisely what he has achieved with his 2010 compilation album, Carnival Hits. The set kicks off with a really nice instrumental of reggae classic The Liquidator, put together by Bajan maestro Nicholas Branker. The album in its entirety is an example that sweet soca is still being created, and that not everyone is on a fast food soca diet of junk music. Traffik feature heavily on this album, as does the awesome voice of Anslem Douglas. TC, from Barbados, is included on this collection with her infectious Hot Sun and Rhythm, and the extremely popular Cropover hit from newcomer King Shepherd, Wuk Up On It, also makes an appearance. There are a couple of songs where the thinking has definitely been outside the box and it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction they get once the carnival hype has died down. This is a great album to sit back and relax to.

As the curtain rises on Carnival 2010, a sea of new faces are rising to the forefront of the soca world. While some have been knocking on the door for some time now, others are definitely approaching it for the first time. While many may wonder what has caused the changes in an industry that seems almost reticent to allow newcomers, some positively attribute it to the void caused by Machel’s decision to sit out this year’s Carnival and the upcoming birth of Destra’s first child. Radio announcers turned soca artists JW and Blaze are setting the pace with their hit Palance, which is already receiving the nod by many partygoers as heading for a Road March victory. Benjai, although having been on the scene for a number of years, does not fail to impress this year with another massive hit, All Woman. Super Jigga TC, another announcer and TV personality, seems to be everywhere and has been enjoying success on numerous songs and even some riddim tunes including the extremely popular The Template, Where D Gyal and We In Dat with Shal Marsall (also a radio / TV personality). Terri Lyons, the daughter of four time Soca Monarch and eight time Road March winner Super Blue and sister of Soca Queen Fay-Ann, has finally come out of the shadows of her father and sister. She is giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy her powerful vocals on Gone, Fed Up, Carnival Again and the extremely popular groovy soca Smile, with rapso artist Ataklan.


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soca people shyann

From Trinidad’s sister isle, Tobago, comes Shyann, a beautiful and gifted young vocalist, multi instrumentalist, lyricist and composer who is this year seeking to claim her space within the soca arena. A true Caribbean woman, Shyann was born in Tobago to a Grenadian mother and Bajan father with Trinidadian roots. As a child she shared her time between the three countries, as her father’s job required travel. A cousin of soca great Mighty Shadow, Shyann grew up surrounded by music as both her parents are also accomplished musicians. She is a skilled guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, pannist and teaches voice at her family’s music school. Shyann kicked off her career in 2002 with the single entitled Leggo Meh Man, which was a hit among soca lovers throughout the Caribbean, New York, Atlanta, Toronto and London. Last year, she enjoyed success with Sweetness, which earned her the award for Best Overall Vocalist (female) at the 2009 International Soca Awards. Carnival 2010 has thus far seen Shyann release three solo tracks, Drag It, No Way and Pure Sweetness as well as Overtime, a duet with Kerwin Dubois. There is more in store from Shyann in the coming weeks, and the versatile artist will be at the major fêtes and other events in Trinidad throughout the season.

18 | 01/10

words & pics w.l.b

Introducing Shyann

soca people 3 Suns

3suns in 10 3Suns, the soca music trio which consists of Sherwin ‘Menace’ Jeremiah, Damien ‘Ace’ Oliviere and Olufemi ‘Crym’ Williams, is this year celebrating ten years in the industry. Formerly known as Treason, the popular group has already been enjoying success with four songs this carnival: Miss Bonita, Wine Low, Nadia and Gyal Clown. The trio, who do not consider themselves to be just a carnival group, or that their music is seasonal, already have three albums under their belt: Insanely Gifted, Word on the Street and Definitely, and is set to release a fourth later this year. The as-yet-unnamed album will commemorate the band’s anniversary with ten new songs, and according to Menace it will be groundbreaking, and an all rounder. “Our dream is to really rock the world, and to be recognised on an international level. We don’t want to be carnival artistes, we want to be world artistes—reaching the VMAs,” said Ace. And they’re well on their way; the group is known for hits including Dah Is Nuttin, Wah is Dah One, Carnival Darlin & By D Bar.


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soca people fay-ann lyons-alvarez

fay-ann lyons-alvarez picture softbox / Words hymie lowwu

Hailed by some as the Lion Empress of soca music, Fay-Ann Lyons achieved what no other woman in the arena ever has - and she did it whilst pregnant with her first child. Lyons is these days basking in the combined glow of new motherhood and her other Carnival 2009 achievements. She is the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch, International Power Soca Monarch and National Road March Champion in Trinidad, having won the latter two titles with Meet Super Blue, a tribute to her father and then unborn baby. She captured the Groovy Soca Monarch title with Heavy T Bumper. The daughter of the legendary SuperBlue, who has himself won the International Soca Monarch title six times and claimed the National Road March eight times, Lyons now has three Road March wins under her belt: she first garnered the title in 2003 with Display and again in 2008 with Get On. Asked whether she was now aiming to beat her father’s run, her response was, “My father told me last year that my goal should not be to beat his eight wins, but to break Kitchener’s record of eleven National Road March titles. So, he said I have to win twelve,” Lyons said. Based on her track record thus far, one would be foolish to deny that was a possibility. Born in 1980, Lyons is also the daughter of Lady Gypsy (Lynette Steele) and the niece of former National Calypso Monarch Gypsy (Winston Peters), considered one of the best extempo calypsonians ever. With that blend of blood coursing through her veins, one might take it as a given that Lyons would blossom into an artist of note at an early age. She, however, never took her gift for granted. “I was singing for as long as I’ve been aware of being alive and I have loved performing for family members and seeing them enjoying what I was doing. Calypso and soca was all around me as a child because my father was always there even when he wasn’t. What I mean is that even when he was away, his music was on the radio and videos on television. Then there was my mother, who was doing her calypso, my uncle, Gypsy, and all their calypsonian friends. So the music was always alive for me.” During her teenage years Lyons began to develop an interest for performing publicly, and one day approached her father to compose a song for her. He refused. SuperBlue told his daughter he would assist her in writing her first song, and after that she must

20 | 01/10

write her own. What he was teaching his daughter is that as long as she composes her own songs she owns it all, and no one can stake any claim on what is hers. Lyons took this advice, and has become one of the most prolific female writers within the soca arena. All the songs with which she has won titles were penned by her, with arrangers working alongside to add the music to her lyrics. Lyons, since she was as young as 23, seemed to hit on the formula for a solid Road March contender. She is one of very few to achieve this at such a tender age, the Mighty Sparrow and her own father sharing that claim. Wife of Bunji Garlin and former lead vocalist of the now defunct Invazion Band, Lyons said that she made the decision to perform throughout Carnival 2009 in spite of her pregnancy mainly to prove that she was capable of it. At no time did she or her husband place either her or the baby at risk, and she did everything under the watchful eyes and taking the advice of her doctors. Amidst the criticism she received from detractors, Lyons forged ahead valiantly, inspiring women from every walk of life across the Caribbean to reach for their dreams in any circumstances. On the Friday following Carnival, Lyons was ordered by her doctors to check in to the Mount Hope Maternity Hospital, having been diagnosed with preeclampsia, a form of high blood pressure that affects one in ten pregnant women and is very dangerous for both the mother and unborn child. Thankfully, Lyons came through it well, and the next morning gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Lyons made her first public appearance after giving birth to her daughter at the official prize-giving ceremony for the International Soca Monarch competition. At the time, she and her husband were nto ready to ‘go public’ with the name or photographs of the infant, but now Syri Lyons Alvarez had been introduced to the world – and she is, of course, a true carnival baby. Fay-Ann Lyons has created history, and is poised to continue doing so in the coming years. She is the second chapter in an epic created by her father, and perhaps now through her child with Bunji, an acclaimed freestyle artist, a third generation is set to carry on the legacy. It remains to be seen whether she can follow-up the storm she created last year with a soca hurricane in 2010.


| 21

soca people trini jacobs

trini jacobs For Trini Jacobs, a former lead vocalist of Roy Cape All Stars where she performed alongside Olatunji and Blaxx, 2010 is already a success. “I’ve been preparing for carnival since June last year, and have been working really hard to make certain things materialise in a manner pleasing to me. It’s coming along. I’ve accomplished so much more than last year, be it that I’m a solo act now.” Although she misses the band, life really has not changed, says the daughter of calypso legends Carl and Carol Jacobs. “To me, no band is just less company, as I’ve been just as busy and productive. It’s probably just a little lonelier.” Already enjoying the success of her first release for 2010, Tension, she is looking forward to the releases of Wine Back and How Yuh like Meh, before the season is over. The talented artist is hoping to achieve what she calls ‘medium to high rotation’ on the radio stations, and to have fun with her performances while developing greater respect from her musical peers.

22 | 01/10


| 23

sailing s

Closing Sailing St Lucia Antigua St. Kitts Barbados Dominica J Date Date Castries 13 Jan

19 Jan


20 Jan

















































11.Feb 19.Feb


25.Feb 05.Mar








24.Jun 09.Jul



10.Jun 25.Jun



27.May 11.Jun



13.May 28.May



29.Apr 14.May



15.Apr 30.Apr



01.Apr 16.Apr



18.Mar 02.Apr



04.Mar 19.Mar




*Mobay - Kingston + 5 days Schedule is subject to alter 24 | 01/10


Jamaica Trinidad Grenada St Vincent St Lucia Guyana Montserrat Kingstown Vieux Fort *Mobay














































































ration, cancellations and delay without notice 01/10

| 25

26 | 01/10


Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb


mas dominik 2k10

It’s that time again, and in Dominica everybody is gearing up for a carnival that promises to deliver like no other. On February 15th and 16th, the streets will be crowded, colour will take over the town, and people to be jumping up to the sweet sounds of calypso and soca. But Dominica Carnival is so much more than just the two days. The weeks leading up to the final two days are a culmination of calypso competitions, in particular the Calypso Monarch show, Pan on the Boulevard, Lagoon Street Jam, the Queen Show and the Sensay Festival, plus so much more for locals and visitors to take part in. With a musical mix that is unique because of its French and West African influence, any visitor to Dominica can expect to hear zouk, bouyon, cadence and the fusion genre, cadence-lypso, and to be greeted by the popular moko jumbies. Like many carnivals across the Caribbean, Dominica’s Carnival is held during the traditional pre-Lenten period, with a great show of pageantry and sense of revelry. For further information, visit and click on the ‘carnival’ link.


| 27

28 | 01/10


You are strongly advised to check with the event promoter, as details sometimes change and cancellations may occur; all information was correct at the time of going to print. For more event information visit or to advertise in this section send your details to

Sat 16th Jan 2010

Sun 24th Jan 2010

Sat 30th Jan 2010

Touch Promotions

Carnival Village

Steven aka Credable

@ Club Lick, 58 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4PG. DJs: Feminine Touch, Lady SP, Zoomer D, Tiny Winey & Sexy D. Price: £5 B4 midnight, more thereafter. Time: 10pm - late. Tel: 07932 400 932.

@ The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London, W11 2AY. Featuring: The Engine Room Collective - Daniel Louis, Delphine James & Tim Cansfield. Price: £18.50 dinner & jazz, £10 jazz only tickets. Time: 5pm 9pm. Tel: 020 7193 5859.

@ The Mass, St Matthews Church, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1JF. DJs: Credable, Digger D, DJ Bliss, DJ Tate, DJ Tyrone, Hyper Spice, Mr Hardwine, QT 2Hype & Vinny Ranks. Price: £5 before 11pm, £10 thereafter. Time: 10pm - 6am. Tel: 07950 715 598

Sat 23rd Jan 2010

Fri 29th Jan 2010


The High Commissioner for Saint Lucia, His Excellency Mr Eldridge Stephens OBE, in association with The Saint Lucian UK community and friends

Projam Promotions & Blue Bar

A Charity Fundraising Dance in aid of The St Jude Hospital Restoration Appeal

@ Chocolate City, Southend Road, East Ham, E6 2AA. DJs: Active Force, Country Boy, Equation Roadshow, Ninjaman Lloyd, Mr Fix It, Hector Selector & Zouk Beat. Price: £10 advance, £12 at the door. Time: 9pm - 4am.

caribbean dinner jazz

Represent Yuh Country Colours 2K10 Carnival Warm-up!

@ Blues Wine Bar, 260 Brixton Road, Oval, SW9 6AQ. DJs: DJ Bliss, DJ Scooby, Soca Phd & D.S.I. Price: If reppin’: £5 b4 1am, £7 after. If not: £7 b4 1am, £10 after. Time: 10pm - 5am. Tel: 07908 725 015. NextLevel Poison UK

One 4 De Road

@ Se One Club, 41-43 Weston Street, London, SE1 3QX. Price: £10 on guestlist B4 11.30pm, 10% discount for PUK card holders, more on the door. Photo ID required on entry. Time: 10pm - 4am. Tel: 020 7193 5859

Release D Riddim - RED EYE

de warm up session

@ Abacus, 24 Cornhill, London, EC3V. Price: £10 advance, £15 guest list. Time: 9pm - 3am.

Sun 31st Jan 2010 soca gold

@ Excelsior Club, 191 -195 Balham High Street, London, SW12. DJs: Martin Jay, Mike Forbes, Soca Devil & Zoomer D. Price: £5 before 10pm, £10 thereafter. Time: 9pm - 2.30am. Tel: 07956 715 598.

soca storm

@ Visions, 588a Kingsland High Road, Dalston, E8. DJs: Representing


| 29

continues over

Soca Lockdown

Events cont from pg 29 bumpers - Lady SP, Maad Pineapple & Tiney Winey. Representing Fender DJ Scooby, L T & Mr General. Intimate DJs (DJ Ready Again) Sincere & DJ Papi. Price: Ladies with bumpers Free B4 12midnight, £5 thereafter, Men with fender’s £5 all night long. Time: 9.30pm - 3am. Tel: 07949 368 618

Sat 6th Feb 2010 Caribbean Awareness Worldwide and Tudor Rose Celebrate

Grenada Carriacou & Petit Martinique - 36th Independence Anniversary Dance

@ Tudor Rose, The Green, Southall, West London, UB2 4BG. DJs: 24ct Golden Touch & QT 2Hype. Price: £10 plus booking fee, more on the door. Time: 10pm - 6am. Tel: 07956 250 005 020 8843 2132 Flagz

Flagz St Lucian & Grenada takeover

@ Excelsior Club, 191-195 Balham High Road, LONDON, SW12. DJs: DJ Cash, QT 2Hype, Remie.D, Soca Devil & DJ Boastman. Price: £5 before 11pm with a flag, £10 after 11pm with flag, NO FLAG - £15. Time: 10pm. Tel: 07956 815 370. Grenada Voluntary Hospital Committee

36th Anniversary of grenada’s Independence

@ Novotel London West, Hammersmith International Centre, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DR. Tel: 07980 316 831.

Fri 12th Feb 2010 Tune Inn

roses (wear something red) sugar bum, bum valentine fete.

@ Tune Inn Wine Bar, 48 High Street, Acton, London, W3 7LG. DJs: DJ Spice, Trevor Davis, DJ Trix & Trini Top Shotta. Price: £10 advance from the DJs. Time: 8pm - 3.30am.

30 | 01/10

Sat 20th Feb 2010

Sat 13th Mar 2010

Unity of (UK) St Lucian Associations

J&G Promotions

St Lucia’s 31st Independence Anniversary Celebration Dance

@ Stratford Rex, 361-365 Stratford High Street, London, E15 4QZ. Performance by the The Lucianites & The La-Rayan Folk Dancers. DJs: Equation Road Show, DJ Cass & Country Boy, Fatman & The Colonel. Price: £12 advance, £15 at the Door. Time: 9pm - 3am. Tel: 07815 453 210, 07506 957 175, 0121 422 9545. Gold Rush and Club Libertaire

Greenz Jam - The Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique 36th Independence Jam

@ Libertaire Club, 2-3 Acton Hight Street, Acton, London, W3 6NG. DJs: 24ct Golden Touch, DJ Shiney, Hyper Spice, QT 2Hype & Remie.D. Price: £10 in advance. Time: 10pm - late. Tel: 07961 188 170 Touch Promotions

Soca Lockdown

@ Club Lick, 58 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4PG. DJs: Feminine Touch, Lady SP, Zoomer D, Tiny Winey & Sexy D. Price: £5 B4 midnight, more thereafter. Time: 10pm - late. Tel: 07932 400 932.

Fri 26th Feb 2010 Projam Promotions & Blue Bar

Represent yuh country colours Lucian independence and 2k10 carnival return

@ Blues Wine Bar, 260 Brixton Road, Oval, SW9 6AQ. DJs: DJ Bliss, DJ Scooby, DJ Tyrone, QT 2Hype, Soca Phd & D.S.I. Price: £5 before 1am & £7 after if ‘REPPIN’ or £7 before 1am & £10 after if NOT!. Time: 10pm - 5am, no entry after 4am!. Tel: 07908 725 015.

more events

a mothers day ball

@ Holiday Inn London - Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London, WC1N 1HT. Live PA: Caroll Thompson plus other special guest PAs. DJs: Mr Fix It. Price: £55.00, includes a Cockspur Rum Punch reception. Time: 7pm - late. Tel: 07968 846 827. Soca Massive Promotions

mothers day concert

@ Excelsior Club, 191 -195 Balham High Street, London, SW12. Live Acts: Baron and Lord Nelson. Tel: 07958 319 954.

Mon 5th Apr 2010 Cocoyea

easter fete / ramajay

@ Hidden, 100 Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5EQ. Price: £5 for the first 100 available online only at, more thereafter. Time: 10pm - 5am, no entry after 4am!. Tel: 07908 725 015.

advertising To advertise in our business directory cost just £15 per month or £80 for 12 months. To advertise in our event section coast £35 per month. To place an advert call

08450 175 076 or email


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32 | 01/10

Trinidad & Tobago

Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb


Probably the best carnival in the world

Representing more than 500 years of European and African cultural heritage, Carnival was originally a Catholic festival, a final fling before the denial of the flesh ordained by Lent. Today, however, it is a show of cultural expression and solidarity, and occurs at different times of the year on many of the islands. Carnival season is party season, and in Trinidad it begins many months in advance. There are mas band launches, large fêtes, and calypso tents where contenders for the Calypso Monarch crown perform nightly. No carnival would be complete without the various competitions that highlight the thought, skill and creativity on which each component of the festival is based. After weeks of intense preparation, steelbands deliver their best interpretations of leading party tunes and custom-made pan songs at the Panorama finals. The climax to it all, however, takes place on the Monday and Tuesday which precede Ash Wednesday. Festivities begin on the streets in the small hours of Carnival Monday morning, with J’Ouvert. In Trinidad this includes a celebration of ‘ole mas’ or ‘dirty mas’, when many revellers, their bodies smeared in tar, oil, paint or mud, take to the streets. They wear costumes made of rags and old clothing, portraying all kinds of ghouls and devils. Later in the day, the big mas bands and spectators converge on the streets for the parade of the bands in the heart of the capital. On these two days, thousands of masqueraders take full possession of the streets in the main cities and towns. They wear carefully crafted costumes, portraying themes inspired by nature, history or simply a fertile imagination. On the road, much of the music is supplied by DJs on big trucks, although some of the larger bands hire popular artists to provide live entertainment and others prefer to move to the sound of the steelbands. It all comes to an end on Tuesday, at the stroke of midnight, with Las Lap - the concluding chapter of this wild array of sound and colour, when there’s just a little bit more dancing and following of trucks, to the very bittersweet end.


| 33

Voice Overs for Adverts Station Imaging DJ & Night Club Drops & More...

Tel 020 8090 0983

on sale now at 34 | 01/10


| 35 “linking the Caribbean to London and soca music to the world


Email Studio 07960243799 Facebook Lynx London To advertise on 07903 344 345 36 | 01/10

Trinidad & Tobago

Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb

Panorama sat13th feb @ 7pm

As the countdown for Panorama begins, pannists from all over the globe will be converging on Trinidad and Tobago to be part of the annual showdown for pan supremacy. Once gathered, they will tirelessly attend nightly rehearsals in an effort to learn their band’s chosen piece for the competition. Pan lovers, aficionados and the merely curious should all make the effort to visit various panyards to enjoy these rehearsals, where the talents of pannists young and old will be on display for the enjoyment of all.

Birdsong Steel Orchestra

@ Corner Connell & St Vincent Streets, Tunapuna.

Caribbean Magic Steelband

@ 28 Fourth Street, Barataria. Tel 640 7291/678 8059

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

@ WITCO Desperadoes,Upper Laventille Road, East Dry River, Port of Spain. Tel 627 2262

Exodus Steel Orchestra

@ Corner St John’s Road and Eastern Main Road, St Augustine.

Merry Tones Steel Orchestra

@ 1 Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin. Tel 709 8933/706 5597

Invaders Steel Orchestra

147 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain. Tel 772 9156/632 8730

Melodians Steel Orchestra

@ Bellamy Street, Arima. Tel 667 3788

Pamberi Steel Orchestra

@ 11a Santa Cruz Old Road, San Juan. Tel 638 0014

Panfamily Steel Orchestra

@ Bath Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain. Tel 624 4066/750 9030

Pan Knights Steel Orchestra

@ 157 Eastern Main Road, Barataria. Tel 632 2539/684 5260

Phase II Pan Groove

13 Hamilton Street, Woodbrook.

Redemption Sound Setters

Montgomery Road, Bethel, Tobago.

Renegades Steel Orchestra

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra

@ Coffee Street, San Fernando.

Sforzata Steel Orchestra

@ Corner Harris & Evans Street, Curepe. Tel 662 3636/662 0214

Starlift Steel Orchestra

@Starlift House of Music, 1a Mucurapo Road Extension, Mucurapo, Woodbrook. Tel 622 9308

Trinidad All Stars

@ 46-48 Duke Street, Port Of Spain. Tel 627 2127

West Side Symphony

@ Patience Hill, Tobago.

For more information

Renegades Pan Theatre, 138 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.


| 37

image courtesy

Arima Angel Harps

@ Corner Eastern Main Road & Olton Road, Arima.

38 | 01/10

Trinidad & Tobago

Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb


mon 15th feb @ 4am

Hordes of devils and demons dripping in blue or black paint line the streets of Port of Spain and heckle spectators as they chip down the street. Mud is strewn over bodies to the tune of constant mockery of the social and political situation. The Jab Molassie is restrained by a rope as he moves to the beat of a tin drum; adorned with horns, a pitch fork, red paint and a menacing look, he taunts the audience and tries to scare them. This traditional, or ole mas, has its beginning in the 1780’s French settlers’ Carnival. A combination of costumery, oration and choreography were adopted and transformed into a selection of characters mixed to create what is now J’Ouvert: literally the ‘opening of the day’, the 4am beginning of Carnival. A Midnight Robber, dating back to the African Speech band of slaves, takes centre stage in his oversized hat, with either sword or gun and a coffin for the collection of coins, proclaiming his greatness whilst mimicking the slave masters; the Pierrot Grenade wears multicoloured rags and carries a bull pistle and long carriage whip to draw attention to his comedic speeches. The Dame Lorraine displays her exaggerated costume accompanied by string music; the Burroquite is, from the waist down, a (wire and bamboo) donkey, decorated in satin and coloured paper.

Bubble Bath

@ Red 96.7 FM, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain. Facebook - Bubble Bath Jouvert Band

Chocolate City / $350

@ The Corner Bar (cor. of Aripita Ave and Gatica St, Woodbrook. Facebook - chocolate city jouvert band Tel 704 9999

QPCC Jouvert / $325

Facebook - QPCC J’Ouvert

Red Ants / $350

Facebook - red ants crew

Section 8World / $350

@ 114 Alyce glen Avenue, Petit Valley.

Silver Mudders / $300

Dirty Dozen / $350

@ 15A Mucurapo Road, Woodbrook Tel 622 0154, 785 3702, 758 7766

Insomniacs / $350

Tel 369 4307, 765 3027, 728 1975

Mas Jumbies / $250 - $300

@ Mangoes on Aripita Ave or Flam Coutre on Aripita Ave. Tel 628 4747, 681 4972


@ = camp address, Bands are usually all inclusive but please check before purchase. Prices are quoted in TT dollars.

@ 16 Hayes Street St.Clair Tel 7-JOUVERT @ 5 Bengal Street, St James Tel 622 6017 Facebook mas jumbies Tel 687 4251, 761 7808, 480 3961

@ The Officers Mess Hall, corner of Barbados and Long Circular Road Tel 781 1464 / 741 7130

TroopersInternational/$260 Yellow Devils / $299


| 39

Our story begins with the journey of a young lady named Kutchela, who migrates to Trinidad with her uncle, Raj, in search of a more promising life. They settle in a village in central Trinidad, where her uncle finds work in the all-important sugar industry. One day, Kutchela lets her curiosity guide her as she explores the various cultures around her. She notices that her neighbours look like her, though with differences subtle yet distinct. When she sees how proud the people are of their culture, she becomes excited to showcase hers … and this she does. The traditions and inspiration of her forefathers, whilst present, have transcended that continent to create a Caribbean experience that has its own interpretations, mores and textures - and celebrates its unique fusion of cultures. The moral of the story in a basic sense is to embrace other cultures, exchange yours, and we will all learn to understand and appreciate each other. Our design concept was to combine culture with the carnival of Trinidad and Tobago. The common thread words / guidelines for our designs were ‘sexy saris’, hence we used combinations of plentiful fabric to compliment the exposed skin of other designs. We always try to stick to our theme; it’s important to us to maintain a strong storyboard, hence we have chapters and not sections in our band. The ISLANDpeople road experience is going to be one of excellent service, great food, accessible bar service, rest stops, the best DJs, and the biggest supply of natural energy taking our masqueraders to full Carnival bliss, ‘palancing’ all their stress and worries away. KUTCHELA…..Let your curiosity guide you. camp 11 Stone street • port of spain tel + 1 (868) 625 1386 web email

40 | 01/10


| 41

Trinidad & Tobago

Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb

Mas Bands

mon 15th & tue 16th feb @ 12am It’s finally here…..Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. It’s always easy to tell its approach by the increase in gym attendance, as well as in those walking around (and around) Queen’s Park Savannah. There’s a saying, ‘Carnival is woman’, and that’s certainly no joke when spectators see women of every age, size and complexion wining (no, it’s not a drink) and gyrating to the latest soca (no, I don’t mean the UK crime bureau) hits, come carnival Monday and Tuesday. If you have not already chosen your band, and then which section with which to play mas, then be sure to check out the information below. However, be quick: bands are selling out as I type.

glen Carvalho

Evolution Carnival

Glen Carvalho +1(868) 622 8811

Curtis Eustace & Kevon “Umba” Antoine +1 (868) 622 0944


d harvard revellers


Tony Stanford + 1 (868) 678 2919

D Krewe


+1 (868) 622 8834

Dream Team TnT

Gems Of The World

+1 (868) 756 2449

42 | 01/10



The Desert

Ian McKenzie +1 (868) 622 8060

Gerard Kelly Childrens Carnival

Festival in Dance

Gerard Kelly +1 (868) 737 4013



+1 (868) 622 8038

Island People


+1 (868) 625 1386


Precious Gems

+1 (868) 222 6994



Mike Antoine +1 (868) 622 7466

MacFarlane Carnival

Rosalind Gabriel

+ 1 (868) 628 4168

Rosalind Gabriel +1 (868) 628 8055

Trevor Wallace +1 (868) 628 4185

Showtime Trinidad


+ 1 (868) 681 6117

Dean & Monique Ackine + 1 (868) 625 6800

Resurrection The Mas



Earl Patterson

Pulse 8


love your country


Spice Carnival

The Spice Route

+1 (868) 627 8330

+ 1 (868) 222 0475

Ronnie & Caro

Spoilt Rotten Kids

Ronald & Caroline McIntosh +1 (868) 627 6945

Christine Nunes +1 (868) 757 8484


colours of the wind

Trevor Wallace & Associates

Fire & Ice

The Secret of Silk

Trini Revellers

Festivals of the world

David Cameron

for more info


| 43

Trinidad & Tobago

Carnival 2K10 mon 15 & tue 16 feb

Official Carnival Events 2010 sun 31st jan

sat 6th feb

tue 9 feb

National Panorama Semi-Final @ Queens Park Savannah. 1.00 pm

Red Cross Kiddies Carnival @ Queen’s Park Savannah. 8:00 am

Senior Kings Semi – Final Queen’s Park Savannah 7:00 pm

Calypso Fiesta @ Skinners Park. 12:00 noon

fri 12th feb

sat 13th feb

sun 14th feb

Senior Queens Semi-Final Queen’s Park Savannah. 7:00 pm

Jr. Parade of Bands Lower St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain. 8:00 am

Dimanche Gras Queens Park Savannah 8:00 pm

Re- Enactment of the Camboulay Riots @ Piccadilly Greens, Port of Spain. 5:00 am Dragon Festival Parade through the streets of Port of Spain. 12:00 pm Traditional Carnival Characters Parade through the streets of Port of Spain. 12:00 pm

44 | 01/10

National Panorama Final Queens Park Savannah 8:00 pm

mon 15th feb

mon 15th feb

carnival monday Parade through the streets of Port of Spain. 12:00 noon

carnival tuesday Parade through the streets of Port of Spain. 12:00 noon


| 45


directory record shops everybodies music

261 Tottenham High Road Tottenham London N15 4RR 020 8802 0146

............................... websters records S61 Shepherds Bush Market Shepherds Bush London W12 8DE 020 8740 4651

Shipping A Hipp Service

PO Box 62657 London EC1P 1PY 07957 267 281

takeaways big appetite

11 Medway Parade Perivale Middlesex UB6 8HN 020 8998 5372

............................... cummin up 293 Sydenham Road London SE26 5EW 020 7776 5868

.............................. cummin up 7B Dartmouth Road Forest Hill London SE23 3HN 020 8699 6144

.............................. cummin up

389 Lewisham High Street London SE13 6NZ 020 8690 9167

46 | 01/10

cummin up

Travel Agents

.............................. roti joupa

201 - 203 Stockwell Road London SW9 9SL 020 7274 2242

265E New Cross Road New Cross London SE14 5UL 020 8694 1745

12 Clapham High Street North Clapham London SW4 7UT 020 7627 8637

.............................. roti stop 36B Stamford Hill Stoke Newington London N16 6XZ 020 8815 4433

tourist boards Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority UK

Suite UG.0725 Floral Street Covent Garden London WC2E 9DS 020 7031 8160

............................... Barbados Tourism Authority 263 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 7LA 020 7299 7175

............................... grenada board of Tourism c/o Representation Plus 11 Blades Court 121 Deodar Road London SW15 2NU 020 8877 4502

............................... saint lucia Lower Ground 1 Collingham Gardens London SW5 0HW 020 7341 7000

Sackville Travel

............................... stoke newington Travel 168 Stoke Newington Road Stoke Newington LONDON N16 7UY 020 7254 0136

venues Mr Jacks Wine Bar

38/40 St James Street Walthamstow E17 7PE

............................... the tabernacle Powis Square London W11 2AY 020 7221 9700

............................... tudor rose The Green Southall Middlesex UB2 4BG 020 8843 2132

advertising To advertise in our business directory cost just ÂŁ15 per month or ÂŁ80 for 12 months. Your listing will also appear online at for the duration of your advert.

To place an advert call

08450 175 076

socanews To advertise call

08450 175 076


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48 | 01/10

Soca News Magazine | January 2010  

Soca News, both online and in print, aims to produce material that will further educate and entertain, as well as raise awareness of a wide...

Soca News Magazine | January 2010  

Soca News, both online and in print, aims to produce material that will further educate and entertain, as well as raise awareness of a wide...