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Women Perfumes

Exotic Fragrances From Around  The World

Looking beautiful  & get noticed.  These are the  properties which  makes women's  appearence quite  sophosticated.  Perfumes are the  one who makes  this possible. 

Classification of Perfumes +++++++++++++++++++++++ Concentration of Aromatic Compounds Fragrance or Scents +++++++++++++++++++++++

Concentration of Aromatic  Compounds ­ Eau de Parfum for Women (EdP)        ­  Esprit de Parfum for Women (EsdP) ­ Eau de Cologne for Women (EdC) ­ Eau de Toilette for Women (EdT)

Eau de Parfum for Women  (EdP) Aromatic Compound  Concentration:


Esprit de Parfum for Women  (EsdP) Aromatic Compound  Concentration:


Eau de Cologne for Women  (EdC) Aromatic Compound  Concentration:


Eau de Toilette for Women  (EdT) Aromatic Compound  Concentration:


Fragrance or Scents • • • • • • •

Oriental Perfumes Citrus Perfumes Chypre Perfumes Woody Perfumes Green Perfumes Aquatic Perfumes Fougere Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes

Citrus Perfumes

Chypre Perfumes

Woody Perfumes

Green Perfumes

Aquatic Perfumes

Fougere Perfumes

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Latest Women Perfumes And Cosmetics  

While discussing about fragrances, perfumes can never be forgotten. Womens have great sense of fragrances and they are really a true lover o...

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