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Share™ Program

When Recovery Starts Studies show the longer a person in recovery stays involved with consistent monitoring, the better the long term outcome. Soberlink’s Share™ program delivers real-time blood alcohol results to people who support individuals in recovery. The visibility of the results strengthen their involvement and allow for timely intervention when necessary. Ultimately, these shared results are documented and promotes accountability.

Participant Alcohol addiction is NOT a moral failing, addiction is a disease and therefore should be treated as such. Soberlink’s Share™ program is a way to monitor sobriety for long term success.

Modern Recovery Technology Using suggested protocol published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine by an expert panel, participants will agree to test 2-3 times per day. The Soberlink Recovery System will send text message reminders for each scheduled test to the participant. After the breath test is completed, the system sends the results to the recovery circle by real-time text and/or email alerts.

Recovery Circle Early recovery can be the most difficult time. Soberlink’s Share™ program was designed to make sure participants do not face this time alone.

Strengthen Your Recovery Circle Soberlink’s Share™ program keeps participants connected with counselors and loved ones in a way that does not disrupt day-to-day life. Scheduled Soberlink tests will be a great reminder of recovery. Self reporting to loved ones is no longer necessary with real-time documentation through Soberlink technology. With Soberlink, participants can test from anywhere, at any time. Just a few moments throughout the day can help keep you connected to your recovery circle.

How Does Soberlink Share™ Work? 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Participant receives scheduled test reminder

Step 2 Participant submits a breath test

Step 3 Recovery circle receive real-time BAC results via text and/or email

Key Feature: Facial Recognition Software

Breathalyzer with Facial Recognition

Cloud-based Recovery Management Software

Recovery circle receives real-time BAC results via text and/or email

Treatment Provider

Friends / Sober Coach

Family Member

The Benefits of Using Soberlink For Participants • Stay connected with your recovery circle • Builds accountability and structure • Documents sobriety For Families & Treatment Providers • Share in the recovery process • Helps rebuild trust • Peace-of-mind

Soberlink Testimonials “Soberlink helped me change my behavior and mindset, it also helped me keep in contact with people who support my recovery.” — Soberlink Participant “Soberlink’s Share™ program gave me the tool leaving treatment that I needed to stay accountable to my sobriety.” — Soberlink Participant

Soberlink FAQs How do I get started? Get started online by visiting or call our toll free number at 714.975.7200. How many times a day do I have to submit a breath test? Soberlink encourages a simple schedule of 2 to 3 breath tests per day. Is Soberlink covered by my insurance? Soberlink is not currently covered by major health insurance carriers, but the Soberlink System does qualify for Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA Reimbursement). Please check with your employer about your FSA program. Call 714.975.7200 Email BR-001-16-004

Soberlink Share  

Version from Dec. 22, 2016.

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