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Hideyuki Nakayama 2004 House


the unassuming “2004 House” by Hideyuki Nakayama explores what is the “now” in the domestic space of a small daughter and her two parents… this project is a charged arrangement… a subtle circuitry that moves through the life of the family:

daughter grass daughter -and- grass daughter pit daughter -and- mom daughter -and- dad void mom basket little opening from the top floor … the daughter’s face

architecture is often portrait by its aesthetic value, its vistas, its formalism… however, instead architecture and dwelling always becomes background when we use it … Nakayama avoids entering into the architectural problem via formalism but instead evolves into the fainting backgrounds in which we live…



daughter and grass

daughter pit

daughter area

mom & dad area from daughter pit

sleeping area…..

……daughter pit

mom basket……….

…work pit collided collided




‌little floor-window +

…an unassuming house…

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reference material summer abroad program tokyo reference material summer abroad program tokyo

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