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Sileby, Mountsorrel, Seagrave, Cossington, Rothley, Thurcaston & Cropston Edi on 20,000 Copies delivered by Royal Mail & GPS Tracked Distribu on team every two months

Issue 19 Oct/November 2013


This month’s edi on delivered in October by Royal Mail to all 7,274 addresses in LE12 7: Sileby, Mountsorrel, Seagrave and Cossington, plus 3,000 addresses by GPS Tracked Distributers in Rothley, Thurcaston & Cropston plus further copies available in libraries, pubs, surgeries, tourist informa on centres, newsagents, Great Central Railway sta ons and major places of interest Next month’s edi on delivered in November by Royal Mail to all 6,086 addresses in LE12 8: Barrow upon Soar, Quorn, Walton on the Wolds, Woodhouse Eaves, Woodhouse and Swithland, plus 3090 addresses by GPS Tracked Distributers in Hathern, Su on Bonington, Zouch, Burton on the Wolds, Long Wha on, Hoton, Cotes, Prestwold, Normanton & Stanford on Soar plus further copies available in libraries, pubs, surgeries, tourist informa on centres, newsagents, Great Central Railway sta ons and major places of interest.

Free Compe on Win a Wine Cooler Recipes Country Walk Puzzles What’s On Trades & Services

See back page and page 44 Copy deadline for November Tuesday 22nd October

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The March of Progress There seems to exist a paradox with progress. Certainly there are polarised viewpoints, opposing camps, if you like, especially when you throw in the climate change argument that suggests it’s all our fault with our insa able appe te for burning energy. Nedd Ludd, born and bred on the fringes of our own Soar Valley lent his name to the pioneers of progress halters, smashing stocking frames by the score in the hope of preserving jobs and stopping the march of progress. Whilst looking up a few interes ng facts for the feature I was wri ng for Mellee Crea ons (Page 20) I discovered that patents for a mechanised sewing machine were taken out some 50 years before its introduc on. But the inventor chose not to develop his ideas because he felt it would lead to mass unemployment and inevitable poverty. But the reality was, when Isaac Merri Singer introduced his falling shu le locks tch treadle sewing machine in the second half of the 19th century, within twenty years many mes more people were employed in clothing manufacture worldwide than ever before. Clearly there were many factors brought to bear on that massive rise, but in no way did the mechanisa on of sewing bring about unemployment ­ exactly the opposite in fact! Sure, not all progress has the same effect, but most of it does. As I see it, mechanisa on, automa on, and technology help people make things more efficiently. Efficiency lowers costs, lower priced products create bigger markets, bigger markets mean more sales, more sales means more jobs, more jobs means more people with money to spend, more people… and so on. Our own Soar Valley Life would not have been possible 25 years ago; it would have been far too expensive to produce and print and then deliver to more than 10,000 homes and businesses every month without having to charge a cover price. Digital technology, computers, desk top publishing so ware and the internet have transformed the media world almost beyond recogni on. And it is here where there’s another paradox: Soar Valley Life progresses; it seems that people s ll love to have the printed word delivered to their door. We have seen back to back record months, more adver sers with each issue, more features, more pages, more interest and now more copies too ­ last month we went to LE12 5 in the north of our region and this month into LE7 7 in the south, making a combined distribu on of more than 20,000! Oh yes, and from now on we are using the very latest technology to make sure Soar Valley Life goes exactly where we say it does. Our core distribu on will s ll be handled by the Royal Mail un l December, but our new areas will be delivered by teams of distributors who each carry a small GPS tracking device, mapping and recording their posi on every few seconds on Google Earth. We think our march of progress is certainly a posi ve one. And don’t just take our word for it: we’ve been shortlisted for the award of The Best New Magazine 2012/13 at the Independent Magazine Publishers’ Conference held this month. We’ll let you know next month if we’ve won!

Steve & Mary Johns

Editors ­ Soar Valley Life Page 2

Seedhead Sundown © Rebecca Soanes 1st September 2013 – Linton, Derbyshire. “It was a par cularly stunning sunset that evening so I went for a different perspec ve and used the seedheads as a contrast against the sunset to show up its fantas c colours"

Contents Poor Eyesight and Visual Impairment Create Holiday Style in Your Home Employed or Self­Employed? Quiz – Halloween Mind­full? Quick Crossword Easy Sudoku Compe on ­ Win a Wine Cooler A S tch in Time Recipe – Chilli Chicken Stew October Anniversary Recipe ­ Cherry Fudge Costco Leicester All Change by Phillip Mark McGough Moss Solicitors Lend a Helping Hand Walking – Grimston Tunnel Around Britain – Famous Trees Spot the Difference The Rolls Royce of Kindergartens? Photography Tips by Rebecca Soanes Posture by Paula Reed The Pla orm Cafe – Greenacres Cruising all the way to Stardom What’s On Answers to Puzzles

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Copyright © Fantas c State Limited trading as Soar Valley Life. The Publisher reserves and controls all rights to the work presented in this magazine. Any applica on for any use of any of the work, features, adver sements, quota ons, photographs, images or other work within this publica on must be made directly to the publisher. No part of this publica on may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmi ed, in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher.

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Soar Valley Life Trades and Services Builders Merchants John A Stephens


Child Care and Educa on Kumon Maths and English Tutoring Parkside Nursery School Rothley Park Kindergarten Starlight Theatre School

17 40 39 48

Clothing and Accessories Baby Gosling Happily Ever A er Brides Mellee Crea ons Smartly S tch Tailors

38 14 20 19

Entertainment A all the Way Discos Great Central Railway

14 24

Hair and Beauty Hair and Nails at Home


Health Care Ac vity 4all Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Gareth Hudson – Foot Health Professional Oooh... My Feet Reed Wellbeing ­ Complementary Health Vintage Soul Studio Visual Answers Op cians / Optometrists Walk­in Physio Ltd

Woodside Animal Centre Bradley and Benson CP Accountancy Ltd Moss Solicitors Rebecca Soanes Photography

33 6 7 16 41 23 9 45 17 19 28

Residen al Care

Informa on is included in our What’s On sec on subject to space being available. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publica on is accurate, Soar Valley Life cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and neither do we endorse companies or adver sers or their products and services appearing in this magazine.

19 15 34 19 14 19 10 16 8 18 7 34 13 7 10 41 16 25

Pet Care

28 28 11 28 41 12 5 13

Home and Garden A 2 Z Cleaning Services Absolute Window Solu ons Limited Acacia Curtains and Blinds AMW Kitchens Bradgate Forestry Firewood Bunny Appliance Warehouse Carpets of Choice Charnwood Tree Services Colourful Blinds DCI Kitchens Delta Aerials

Fab Plumbing GPS Plumbing & Hea ng Harrison Landscaping Hollyoak Wooden Floor Restora on Instant Cleaning Services KR Electrical Lakes An ques & House Clearance LockXpert Lo Storage Solu ons Melton Glass Mr B Property & Garden Maintenance Neil Philips Interiors Richard Watson Painter and Decorator SJS Professional Carpet Cleaner Soar Valley Aerials The Chimney Doc The Oven Cleaning Company Whelband Windows


Professional Services 27 8 35 40

Pubs, Restaurants & Catering Greenacres Pla orm Cafe Green’s Loughborough Ltd The Free Trade Inn The Queen Victoria The Swan Inn The White Horse Inn Yasmin’s Indian Restaurant The Abbeyfield

43 29 13 33 21 37 17 11

Sports and Leisure Aqua Fitness Cyclops Cycles

14 10

Motoring and Travel Charnwood Airport Taxis Mr P’s Driving School

45 10

Wholesalers Costco Leicester

email to book your advert


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Poor Eye Sight and Visual Impairment by

Mohammed Bhojani

The majority of people with blurry vision have this easily resolved with the prescribing of appropriate glasses, or some mes with the help of medicines or surgery. Optometrist Mohammed Bhojani explains more about those people who may have low vision... There are individuals that may have reduced vision on one or both eyes that cannot be improved with normal glasses and this is commonly described as having low vision. Sta s cs show there are over 6000 people in Leicestershire alone that have been registered as sight impaired or par ally sighted; but it is es mated that there may be over 3000 more that currently have low vision to the extent that they struggle to do everyday tasks such as ge ng about, cooking, crossing roads safely and reading. These people may benefit from support and advice, including the supply of special equipment & training to manage their daily tasks be er, thereby reducing the feeling of distress, isola on and frustra on.

hand magnifiers through to telescopes and the latest electronic devices. Optometrists can offer free NHS eye tests to those people who have been registered as sight impaired. Specialist optometrists can also offer advice on ligh ng and supply appropriate devices as well as organise referral to free rehabilita on services, free home assessments and support, as well as referral to other healthcare professionals if necessary. If you feel that you or a family member would benefit from an eye exam and appropriate guidance or referral, please contact us on 01509 416800 (Barrow Prac ce) or 01509 414151 (Quorn Prac ce) for an appointment or for more informa on. Mohammed Bhojani is the principal optometrist at Visual Answers Op cians based in Quorn and Barrow upon Soar.

The degree of this visual problem varies between individuals and depends on their own par cular eye condi on. There is now a huge range of low vision aids available, from simple Page 4

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Take a look at our ‘A’ rated energy efficient Upvc Windows, Doors and Conservatories in a choice of over 40 different colours

Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:12 Page 7

Create Holiday Style in your Home

Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds and Shutters For expert advice and a free, local ‘At Home’ measuring service Contact Judy Andrews Telephone 01509 650832 Mobile 0788 1681556

As this fantas c summer draws to a close why not keep your memories alive by adding a bit of holiday style living to your home with window shu ers? Shu ers are used around the world for their simple, colonial style and sheer prac cality against the bright sunshine. Closer to home, cream or white shu ers can echo Medi eranean style by crea ng a cool and calm coastal feel or New England look, while stained or lacquered wood colours are ideal for a more country feel. Shu ers are available from Acacia Curtains and Blinds. Contact Judy Andrews Tel: 01509 650832


Carpet Cleaner Dry in 1hr

- email or call Stuart for



• Carpet Cleaning • Suites - Leather and Fabric • Oriental Carpets/Rugs • Curtain Cleaning


Stuart Simpson carries out the cleaning himself with all the care and skill you would expect from someone with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

call 01509 412797 07825 795558 *when patented Texatherm cleaning system used

email stuart@the visit

Visit for details of adver sing rates

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Employed or Self­employed? If you are thinking of taking on a worker it is extremely important to determine their employment status correctly. If you make a mistake it could prove costly in extra tax and na onal insurance payments together with possible interest and payments being charged by HM Revenue & Customs... A worker can be employed or self employed whether they are full­ me, part­ me, temporary or permanent. Employment status is based on fact and someone is not necessarily self­ employed just because they chose to be. As a very brief guide, an employee will be told what work to do, how to do it and when to do it. They will also be paid a regular wage for a set number of hours and have a right to holiday pay.

CP Accountancy Ltd End of year accounts, Bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE, CIS, and Tax Returns for Sole-traders, Partnerships and small Limited Companies Office 9

A self­employed person will have an element of risk involved with running their business. They could make a profit or loss on a par cular contract and would be able to decide how, when and where the work is done. This is just a very basic guide and further points should be considered carefully. Please seek professional advice if you have any queries. Also remember that the Na onal Minimum Wage increased from 1 October 2013 21 years and over ­ £6.31 18­20 years inclusive ­ £5.03 Under 18 years (but above compulsory school age) ­ £3.72 Appren ces under 19 years or aged over 19 years but in their first year of appren ceship ­ £2.68


UPVC hinge down loft hatch Two section aluminium loft ladder 100 square feet of loft flooring


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 100 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

ONLY £435

ONLY £585

Lazarus Court, Woodgate Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7NR Tel: 01162 303 973 Mobile: 07749 650129 Email:

Caroline Parnell is licensed and regulated by the AAT under license number 5865



Balancing on a stepladder, clambering over loft joists with a torch in one hand and a box in another is not only awkward but potentially dangerous.

Boarding, lighting and a ladder not only gives you the opportunity to unclutter your living space, but also creates a cleaner and more useful environment. Solve your storage needs and start utilising the largest space in your home from only £435.


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 200 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

ONLY £765


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 300 square feet of loft flooring One Fakro Roof Window 550mm x 780mm

ONLY £1295


Additional boarding to any package £30 per 16 square foot


Our luxury storage rooms are surprisingly affordable at just a fraction of the cost of a standard loft conversion. Our luxury storage rooms can include the strengthening of loft joists, flooring, lighting, roof insulation, stud walls, roof windows and either plasterboard or skim finish.


01530 5879749 327 0116 367

07515 526959 / 079615 76020

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Adver se in Soar Valley Life from £28 per month plus VAT

Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:12 Page 9

Good choice of rugs always available in store

Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:12 Page 10

Call/Text 07786 961 326





Cheaper than a skip

Free Friendly Advice • Same Day Service

“We clear the whole house, garage, shed, outhouse and garden - and leave no mess!” Single antique items also wanted – top prices paid

Thirty years in the business – excellent local reputation.

Lakes Antiques 29 Cossington Road, Sileby LE12 7RW

01509 815218 • 07724 555 348

Page 10

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Quiz ­ Halloween 1. In Stephen King’s novel It, Pennywise was the name of a monster who disguised himself as what? 2. If your birthday was on Halloween, what would your star sign be? 3. On Sesame Street, what colour is the Cookie Monster’s fur? 4. How does the Wicked Witch of the East die at the start of the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz? 5. What is the only American state that does not contain any le ers from the word “Halloween” in its name? 6. Found on the island of Madagascar, what animal is named a er a type of ghost or spirit from Roman mythology due to its reflec ve eyes, nocturnal habits and a ghostly sound that some species make? 7. What word from the NATO phone c alphabet is also the first name of Doctor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s famous novel? 8. In which 1999 film does Cole Sear say “I see dead people”? 9. True or False... Vampire bats feed on blood? 10 Which 1990s film features the character of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of HalloweenTown? Answers on page 47

• Independent care home and sheltered accommodation on separate sites • Not for Profit Charity run by board of local trustees • Person Centred care • Assisted independent care • Dementia registered • Daily and weekly activities and trips

Gareth Ga a Hudson MCFHP MAFHP

Foot Fo oo Health Professional Visiting Practice For all your foot care needs in the comfort of your own home: + Nails + Corns + Calluses + Ingrown toenails + Fungal infections

01509 266605 44 Westfield Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3QL

+ Diabetic foot care Registered Member Of The British Association Of Foot Health Professionals

01509 844461 Tel: Mobile: 07896 945156 Email:

Feature your business in Soar Valley Life – contact

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Mind­full? In this busy, busy world we live in, with all its stresses and pressure to get this done or that sorted and informa on bombarding us from all sides, it’s no wonder many of us o en feel overwhelmed by everyday life... It’s all too easy to become concerned because we ran out of me, le something unfinished, promised to get in touch and forgot to ring back, or start to worry about something we have to do being unsure how we’re going to manage. Research shows that many of us go through each and every day with our minds full of what we’ve done or what we have yet to do. Not many of us give ourselves the luxury of understanding and enjoying the present moment. Yet, if we heed the words of the great T.S. Eliot from his work ‘Four Quartets’ ­

“Time past and me future; what might have been and what has been point to one end, which is always present…” ­ then we had be er make the most of now! But how on earth do we do that? Recently I met with Lyndsey, Holis c Therapist and Medita on Coach at Vintage Soul­u on at her studios in Syston. She took me through the simple, yet very effec ve Mind Calm technique. I have to admit I was a bit scep cal about medita on ­ most likely because I could never get my mind to slow down enough or to sit s ll for long enough to give it half a chance! Lyndsey explained, “Mind Calm is a modern­day medita on technique that gives people what we call 'peace with mind'. Instead of having to fix, change and improve their thoughts,

emo ons, body and life circumstances BEFORE peace is possible, Mind Calm can help people to live more in the present moment and engage with life in a more consciously aware way. By using Mind Calm people develop the new habit of thinking less and living in the present; o en becoming more aware of the 's ll and silent' presence of their inner consciousness ­ which is a key to feeling calmer, more confident and content in daily life.” The session took about an hour and was one of the most relaxing and beneficial therapy sessions I’ve ever known. I came away calm and at peace; the sun was shining, ducks were splashing in the brook outside the studios and the world seemed a more orderly and peaceful place...

Vintage Soul Studio Meditation Coaching and Holistic Therapies

Meditation • Massage • Reiki • Reflexology Indian Head Massage and much more... Contact Lyndsey Burton on: 0116 319 0455 Page 12

email to book your advert

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Richard Watson Professional Painter and Decorator out from internal to external

Quality service with a professional finish • Free Estimates For a full personal service call

T: 01509 815753 M: 07880 754011 Sileby Based

For appointments call or text: Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

07884493809 •

Graham & Lisa extend a warm welcome to all

Five ales on handpull + 1 Cider Three course Christmas Lunches £14.95pp available every day from 26th Nov to 20th Dec except Mondays

Light bites, daily specials board, main meals, starters and desserts every lunchtime

1, 2 & 3 course traditional Sunday Lunch using local seasonal vegetables and all the trimmings. Dog friendly

Regular Live Music nights Quiz Night every other Tuesday Darts ~ Cribbage ~ Charity Nights There’s always something going on! See website for details 27 Cossington Road, Sileby, Leicestershire. LE12 7RW

01509 814494

Excellent selection of good value fine wines.


Find us on Facebook – thefreetradeinn.sileby Follow us on twitter @The_FreeTrade

Visit for details of adver sing rates

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Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:13 Page 14

Hair & Nails@Home


by Kelly

Specialising in all aspects of Hairdressing and CND Shellac Nails

Special Offer! em Have th

CND Shellac ne at th do bo time e Nails only £15 m sa e th during October

Relax and Enjoy having your hair and nails done in the comfort of your own home

Please call Kelly 07855 962 811 Senior Executive Hairstylist and CND Shellac Nail Technician

...and they lived

Happily Ever After Brides

Water based fitness sessions




Roundhill Academy Thurmaston

Term time only £3 cash only on entry

Contact Lindsay 07746 223197

Affordable Wedding Dresses available from stock 5 Barkby Road Syston Leics LE7 2AG Open Saturdays 10am - 4pm Weekday Appointments

Contact Bea or Val

Tel: 01664 424086 / 01664 424137 07906286530 / 07752324522 Weekends & Evenings Email:

INSTANT CLEANING SERVICES UK Tel: 0788 800 0991 83 Belgrave Boulevard, Leicester LE4 2JE Tel: 0116 4313254 E:

We are professional, specialist cleaners taking pride in all aspects of every job.


Page 14

Office & Domestic Cleaning Commercial Kitchens, Ovens & Cookers Warehouses & Factories Estate Agents Student/Letting Accommodation Health Centres/ Surgeries/Waiting rooms Council/Communal Accommodation & Leisure Centres Carpets & Floors Removals & Recycling

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Quick Crossword 1












13 14





19 20







7 Take away (6)

1 Nothing (4)

8 Irish lochs (6)

2 Vegetable (6)

9 Couch (4)

3 Umpire (7)

10 Wraps around (8)

4 Drudge (5)

11 Disregarded (7)

5 Type of fish (6)

13 Hard, strong alloy (5)

6 Tends sheep (8)

15 Hints (5)

12 Ran very fast (8)

17 Supply (7)

14 Authors (7)

20 Easy going (8)

16 Power, stamina (6)

21 Ashen (4)

18 Gas (6)

23 Heavy mass (6)

19 Prickly plants (5)

24 Woken up (6)

22 Untruths (4) Answers on page 47

SPECIALIST IN Central heating installations Boiler upgrades Boiler repairs Boiler and fire servicing Central heating power flushing Landlord gas safety certificates Bathroom installations Cooker and gas hobs fitted

Telephone 0116 2694669

❄ Winter’s Coming ❄ Boiler Service from £40 Fire Service from £50 Radiator Power Flushing from £200 Unvented Cylinder Service from £50

Have your appliance serviced today.

Mobile 07866 452155

Email: 26 Oak Drive, Syston, Leicester LE7 2PX

Visit for details of adver sing rates

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Food tastes better from a clean oven! Doesn’t your oven deserve a spring clean too? Let us restore your oven to near showroom condition!

Kitchens Fitted

Have your kitchen how you want it at a budget you can afford


• Kitchens and worktops supplied at trade prices

from £38

• Having invested in your dream kitchen ensure that it is fitted to an exacting standard

Get your oven professionally cleaned 10% senior citizen discount

• Professional oven cleaning • 100% biodegradable materials • Local, friendly service • We also clean hobs, microwaves, extractors & even BBQs!

07969 135210 or 0800 043 7861

Please call Andy Webb on

07904 987234 / 01509 414484


Offer price based on single residential oven with average use. This advert must be produced to qualify.


LOCK For peace of mind while you’re away – call LockXpert – don’t delay!

Page 16

• Granite supplied and fitted • Gas Safe plumber

Call now for a free quotation


• Worktop replacements, pelmet/cornice only through to full kitchen fits Where bespoke really means..

Your kitchen made to your order!

Easy Sudoku


& Security Solutions SERVICES OFFERED


Domestic and commercial locksmiths Rapid call out for lock opening & lock replacements Locks serviced and repaired Moving home package Master keyed systems Keys cut on site Upvc door & window specialists Window and garage door locks supplied & fitted Work & materials, insurance & local authority approved

01509 412 412 07860 456 474

Put these numbers in your phone in case of emergency.

EMAIL: 21 Welland Road, Barrow upon Soar, Loughborough LE12 8NA

Answers on page 47

For how to play go to h p:// Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 26/09/2013 09:37 Page 17

Contemporary Tandoori & Balti Restaurant

37 High Street, Sileby LE12 7RX Tel 01509 815050

Take Away - Free Delivery

On all orders over £10.00 • 3 mile radius

10% Discount on all orders over £10.00 collected Credit Cards Welcome

Opening Hours Sunday to Thursday - 5.30pm to 11.30pm Fridays & Saturdays - 5.30pm to Midnight

*Buffet night every Monday (including bank holidays)* Wednesday special 4 course set menu for £9.90* *Bring your own alcohol

This Size of Advert

1/6th page 65mm X 65mm Full Colour With Free Layout & Design for only

£28 + VAT

Get your business through 10,000 letter boxes every month and free entry in our on-line our trades and services directory Call Steve for details on

01509 813125


Book your Christmas Party NOW

01509 815050


Woodside Animal Centre 190 Scudamore Road, Leicester LE3 1UQ

0116 233 6677


Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to develop your child’s confidence and independent study skills so they excel throughout the new term and beyond.

verticals • rollers • wood & aluminium venetians romans • conservatory • skylight

60% OFF

Made to Measure Blinds Free Quote • Free Fitting Plenty of selection Fully Guaranteed Evening/Weekend appointments

Contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment. Leicester, Anstey Study Centre 01509 414866

Plus an


10% OFF

orders until end of November 2013

Tel: 0116 316 9866

Visit for details of adver sing rates

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Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:13 Page 18


Misted up? Discoloured? Condensation?


UPGRADE TO Low-E PLANITHERM GLASS Supply Only or Supply and Glaze


• Windows • Doors • Mirrors • Table Tops • Greenhouse


Tel: 01664 564813 Established for over 30 years

WIN! Perfect for when you're having a dinner party or a barbecue, this table top wine cooler has a capacity of 12 wine bottles and an adjustable temperature range. It has a stainless steel door with a tinted glass window. For your chance to win this superb wine cooler from Bunny Appliance Warehouse, complete the following sentence in an apt and original way using 15 words or less: “I go to Bunny for my kitchen appliances because................” Email your answer, together with your name, address and telephone number to: or post to Soar Valley Life, 1 Burton Road, Sileby, Leicestershire LE12 7RU The most apt and original answer received by the closing date of Friday 22nd November 2013 will win. Editor’s decision is final. Terms and conditions apply.

See page 23

Stainless steel door and handle Toughened UV protected glass Black cabinet interior and exterior • Single temperature zone Maximum capacity 12 x 750ml bottles Dimensions: H507 x W435 x D463mm

Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:13 Page 19

Plumbing or Heating Problem? • • • • • •


Re-wires Fuse Board Upgrades Extra Sockets & Lighting New Builds & Extensions Inspection & Testing Garden & Security Lighting • Electric Showers • Burglar Alarms


For a FREE quote: M: 07970 893250 T: 0116 2303166

A local professional service for all your gas, plumbing and heating requirements Boiler breakdown and upgrade specialists Full range of work undertaken (free quotes) Installations • Breakdowns • Repairs • Service Fully insured • Qualified Engineers Part L • Part P • WRAS • City & Guilds Vented and Unvented heating systems Safety certificates/checks • Power flushing

24 HOUR EMERGENCY CALL OUT Contact Darryl now for obligation free assistance

0333 456 7080 07867 301862

Saxon Drive, Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7SR

KITCHEN • BEDROOM • BATHROOM • STUDY DCI Kitchens Ltd specialises in making high-quality, fitted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and studies to suit all tastes and budgets - priding itself on understanding your needs. • Transform a dated kitchen by refurbishing any aspect of the existing design • If bedroom space is limited, consider our huge range of sliding doors available in many different materials and designs • Local, friendly business with over 30 years experience • Professionally designed in the comfort of your own home

Call Bryan Bowler 01509 415627 / 07802193928 Or visit

1A Little Church Lane (next to St. Mary's Church) High Street, Sileby, LE12 7NE

SMARTLY STITCH CLOTHING ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS Professional Alterations and Repair Work to all garments including trousers, jackets, coats, skirts, dresses, new zips

Made to Measure Curtains alterations also undertaken

Motorbike and Equestrian Leather Clothing repaired and altered



01509 815 658


Sanding & Refinishing of Old & New Wooden Floors, Parquet, Planks, Mosaic etc All work is virtually dust free Colour staining & repairs undertaken Domestic & Commercial Established 20 years

Call Dean on: 0797 1978460 0116 271 5625

Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

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Soar Valley Oct/Nov 2013 _Layout 1 25/09/2013 12:13 Page 20

A s tch in me... The first use of a needle­type device to bind two pieces of material together was most likely during the Stone age ­ Palaeolithic period ­ and was probably made from animal bone which would have been honed and sharpened on a stone... The eyed needle appeared in the fourteenth century and the first metal needle about a century a er that. Sewing machine patents began to be applied for towards the end of the 18th Century, but it would take another hundred years before the first really successful locks tch sewing machine transformed sewing into the fast­s tch mechanised process we s ll use today. The most famous of these was the American made Singer Sewing Machine, and up un l about thirty or so years ago, most homes possessed one. Melanie Russell of Mellee Crea ons, recently moved to Barrow upon Soar, has had a life long love of tex les and sewing.

“Ever since I was a li le girl I’ve loved making clothes, cushions, curtains, appliqué pictures ­ anything with a needle and thread, really. I enjoy working with an que and vintage fabrics to make something unique and individual; to transform an idea into reality, whether it is altering a piece of clothing into a new design or simply re­using cloth from an old dress or curtain to incorporate into cushions or other unique crea ve projects. I par cularly love the fashion of the 1950s, an era of much femininity, which has led me to specialise in custom made affordable dresses, from a child’s size upwards. Clients can have their very own ‘one­off’ design ­ far removed from the mass produc on you find on the high street.” Just a few of the clever ideas which Melanie has turned into reality are pictured here.

Singer Sewing Machine circa 1930s

Mellee Creations

Dressmaking Vintage recreations Clothing alteration service Soft furnishings Mellee Creations is owned and run by Melanie Russell, who offers her considerable wealth of needlework knowledge and experience to clients looking for something that will reflect their individual style As a passionate professional with a life long love of textiles, you can be assured all items will be beautifully hand crafted, combining her unique creativity with finest attention to detail

Tel 01509 769772 Mob 07841 647568

Melanie Russell brings flair and creativity in traditional needlework to deliver truly stunning and unique designs for you and your home.

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Recipe This month’s recipe sponsored by

Bunny Appliance Warehouse

Chilli Chicken Stew

Serves 6 ­ 8 Ready in 1 hour 45 minutes

With Halloween at the end of the month, why not plan a ghostly gathering and serve up this hot and spicy chicken stew? Perfect for filling up hungry trick or treaters.

1 tbsp of the oil in a large, deep 1 Heat flameproof casserole and fry the onion and

garlic for 5 minutes un l so ened and golden. Add the chilli pepper (if using) and chicken pieces and cook over a medium heat, s rring all the me, un l the chicken pieces are lightly browned all over, adding a li le extra oil if needed.

2 S r in the tomatoes, tomato puree, oregano

and 200ml water and bring to the boil. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper then reduce the heat, par ally cover and simmer for 40 minutes, s rring occasionally.

3 Add the kidney beans and diced peppers to the casserole and simmer, uncovered, for a further 20­25 mins un l the peppers are tender and some of the liquid has reduced. Serve in mugs or bowls with chunks of warm crusty bread.


For a hot non­alcoholic punch to serve with the stew, pour a large carton of apple juice into a saucepan. Core and slice 2 small apples and add to the pan with one thinly sliced lemon and a couple of cinnamon s cks. Heat gently for about 10 minutes, then pour in 1 litre of ginger ale. Heat through for a further minute then serve in heatproof glasses or tumblers.

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Ingredients: • 1­2 tbsp sunflower oil • 1 large onion, peeled and cut into chunks • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed • 1 small red chilli pepper, deseeded and finely chopped(op onal) • 6 large skinless chicken fillets, cut into pieces • 2 x 400g can chopped tomatoes • 2 tbsp sun­dried tomato puree • 2 tsp dried oregano • 1 x 400g can kidney beans in chilli sauce • 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow pepper, deseeded and diced • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • Warm crusty bread, to serve

Recipe sponsored by Bunny Appliance Warehouse See their full range of fabulous cooking appliances at

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Why buyy from us? • Established family business

Our showroom display features a large selection of both built-in and freestanding appliances, including ovens, hobs, dishwashers, fridge freezers and laundry products. And if that’s not enough, why not come in and see our wine room for an excellent selection of wine coolers which are powered up, full of wine and ready for a demonstration!

• We are the appliance specialists • Highly competitive internet prices and deals for multiple products available • Large showroom with many products on display and available for demonstration • Expert sales team offering great advice and product knowledge • Excellent reviews and feedback from thousands of happy customers • Next day delivery service available on many products

Bunny Appliance Warehouse, Bunny Trading Estate, Gotham Lane, Bunny, Nottingham NG11 6QJ

Tel: 0115 984 4357 ©NM

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Trains T Trai r ns rrun un every weeke weekend end 23rd mber to 23rd November 23 Novem t 24th December December

Weekdays W eekdays e ys - Wed Weed 11th, W 11th, Wed Weed 18th, W 18th, M Mon on 2 23rd, 3rdd,, TTues ues 2 24th 4th December

S visits every child o oaard Santa onn bboard Festive refreshments refreshments with ourr compliments Toys from To T oys fr om Santa S Have your your pphoto hoto taken with SSanta

“Ch “C Chhri ristmas istmass is a magical mag maggical gica gi gic ical time tiim tim ime at at Great Greaatt Ce C Cent ntraall Railw Rai Ra ilillw waayy” y” “Christmas Central Railway” Prices start from from £10 0 Prices ADVA SSENTIAL ADVANCE ESSENTIAL VANCE BOOKING BOOKING IS E To re eserve yyour our se at pick up a leaflet, use o ur o nline bbooking oo To reserve seat our online system 32 50 9 6 01509 632323 g or call 01 ay www.gcrailwa


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Manufacturers and Installers of PVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories Established 1991

Mark Whelband

All work carries a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

“Our goal is to delight existing clients and prospective customers�

T: 01509 211990 F: 01509 267806 E: Unit 6, Festival Drive, Loughborough, LE11 5XJ

Specialist window repairs sealed unit an , lock replacem d en Call us now fo t. expert advice.r

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October Anniversary October 6th 1888: Edison patents the Kinetoscope October 6th 1927: Warner Bros release The Jazz Singer In the 1880s, inventors almost everywhere were trying to develop a more commercial variety of the magic lantern, which had been popular as a party novelty and fairground sideshow for genera ons. They mostly seem to have known what their compe tors were up to, and if they heard of an idea they thought promising... they just stole it. Take the Lumière brothers. Their combined camera and projector, the Cinématographe, was actually invented by Léon Bouly and when he couldn’t afford to renew the patent, the brothers took it for themselves. Furthermore an inven on by Charles Emile Reynaud ­ perforated celluloid film – was also appropriated by the brothers despite a patent being in force. They showed their first film, the 49­second long Workers Leaving the Factory, in December 1895. By 1895, though, the great American inventor Thomas Edison had already been cheerfully profi ng from other people’s ideas for seven years. In February 1888 he was approached by the English photographer Eadweard (no, really!) Muybridge with the idea of moun ng s lls on a phonograph cylinder. Edison told Muybridge it was imprac cal, and on 6th

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October filed a pre­emp ve patent for the idea of – guess what – moun ng s lls on a phonograph cylinder. The Kinetoscope wasn’t that prac cal, though; the breakthrough came the following year when Eastman Kodak patented celluloid film on reels. Even Edison couldn’t steal from Kodak. Kinetoscope films had to be watched one viewer at a me on a peep­show device, the Kinetograph – basically a What the Butler Saw machine – developed by Edison technician William Dickson, who wasn’t above a bit of plagiarism himself. Dickson was approached by an inventor called Woodville Latham for advice on making the Eidoloscope, which projected the pictures on to a proper screen. Dickson took the idea, rechristened it the Mutoscope, and set up his own company. Edison hit back with Projectoscope, which was essen ally the same idea, and the movie industry was born. 39 years later, moviegoers at the Warner Theatre in Times Square, New York, were stunned to hear Al Jolson say: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You ain’t heard nothing yet!” Jolson was a major star of musical theatre, and plenty of the guests at that evening’s premiere were more than familiar with the sound of his voice. But this was a

movie – The Jazz Singer – and it was the first custom­made talkie in history. It was a sensa on. Warner Brothers had been developing the Vitaphone for some me and on October 7th 1926, released a recording of part of Jolson’s stage act. The Vitaphone was pre y crude: as each scene was filmed the dialogue was simply recorded onto a 16­inch shellac disc, and if the cinema projec onist dropped the needle on to the right place at the right me, then sound and mo on were synchronised. But a er just 20 plays the disc became impossibly scratched. RCA’s Photophone sound­on­film system was already welladvanced by the me The Jazz Singer came out and was officially launched the following year, making Warner’s Vitaphone obsolete almost overnight. So were silent movies: within two years of The Jazz Singer’s New York premiere, every studio in Hollywood was making only talkies. Finally, suppor ng an idea that October could be Movie Month: on 5th October 1962 the world first heard Sean Connery u er the immortal line: “My name ish Bond – Jamesh Bond.” The movie was Dr No, and if that’s not worth raising a vodka mar ni to, nothing is. By Ted Bruning

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For Peace of Mind

IMPORTANT NOTICE If you require help or advice on any of the following:

MAKING YOUR WILL Protecting your property against CARE Appointing your



Monthly or Lump Sum payment


Let’s face it, none of us likes to think about death, but having your Will written isn’t the daunting prospect you might imagine! On the contrary, it gives most people a feeling of great relief that their affairs have been put in order.

Making a Will lets your loved ones know that you cared enough to “sort things out” in advance... We believe you’ll find our service to be friendly, helpful and professional - and not in the slightest bit stuffy! We’re a local firm, and we’re offering all Soar Valley Life Magazine readers a huge 20% Discount off the cost of writing your Will!




(with this advertisement)

Home visits with pleasure Call us now, you’ll be glad you did!

Bradley & Benson

Members of the Society of Will-Writers One Coach Drive, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire NG16 3DR

Tel: 01773 711222

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Oooh… MyFeet ... is the answer to happy feet!

Mobile Foot Health Care Relieve the Pain and Discomfort of Corns • Callus • Ingrown Toenails • Verrucas • Cracked Heels ... in your home or by appointment with

Gillian Brierley DipCFHP MPSPract Foot Health Practitioner Vintage Soul Holistic and Beauty Studio, 8 Brookside, Syston LE7 1GG 07816 113259 or 01509 216155 A member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners

Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Ltd Lynne Leeming, MSc RHAD MSHAA

Your local hearing specialist 5 Stadon Road, Anstey Leicester, LE7 7AY Existing hearing aid users welcome Hearing protection for both children and adults Friendly and professional service

Telephone: 0116 236 6633 Email:

For people who care about their hearing Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm Wed & Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm

26 High Street, Barrow Upon Soar Over 13 years’ experience in Adult and Children’s NHS, Private Practice, Post Operative Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Management.

Joint Pain and Stiffness Back and Neck Pain Repetitive Strain Injury

Muscle Spasm Sporting Niggles Bad Posture

Claire Lidstone Chartered Physiotherapist Health Professions Council Registered

There is no need to be in pain. Call: 01509 414 581 for advice or an appointment. email:

01509 768831 • • • •

In business since 1983 5 year warranty We’ll beat any like for like quote High Quality Digital TV, DAB & FM Aerials • LCD/Plasma Wall Mounts • OAP Discounts • Tune-in & System set ups 133 Highgate Road, Sileby LE12 7PW

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Halloween Treat... Cherry Fudge This home­made fudge is a delicious sweet treat that kids will love and is great for a Hallowe’en treat. You can replace the cherries with raisins, chopped stem ginger or chopped nuts.

450g (1lb) granulated sugar 75g (3oz) bu er 150ml (¼pt) milk 170g can evaporated milk 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 100g (4oz) glace cherries, chopped Place the sugar in a large heavy­ based pan with the bu er, milk and evaporated milk. Heat gently, s rring all the me with a wooden spoon un l the sugar has dissolved. Bring the mixture to the boil, without s rring, and con nue to boil un l the mixture reaches 116C/240F on a sugar thermometer (see p). S r the boiling mixture occasionally to prevent it from s cking. Remove the pan from the heat and s r in the vanilla essence and chopped glace cherries.

Beat with a wooden spoon un l the mixture is s ff, grainy and paler in colour. Quickly pour the mixture into a greased 18cm (7in) square shallow cake n. Leave un l almost set then mark into squares. When completely cold, cut or break into the squares. Store the fudge in an air ght container. TOP TIP ­ If you don’t have a sugar thermometer, place a jug of very cold water by the hob. A er boiling the fudge mixture for about 5 minutes, drop a teaspoonful of the hot syrup into the water. If the syrup forms a ball which you can roll between your fingers then its ready – if not, boil for a further few minutes then test again.

Sandwich Shop & Outside Caterers

Green’s is Loughborough’s finest sandwich shop and Leicestershire’s first choice for Cold Buffet options.

From our charming shop, welcoming staff and inventive menu, together we will create a bespoke menu for you which is sure to satisfy your budget as well as your palate.

Think quality, think freshness, think Green’s 9A Great Central Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 1RW Tel: 01509 210200 Fax: 01509 210201 Email: Want your business featured in Soar Valley Life? Call Steve on 01509 813 125

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Costco Leicester Costco Wholesale Corpora on operates a chain of Costco membership warehouses that carry quality name brand and related private label merchandise at substan ally lower prices that are typically found at conven onal wholesale sources. The warehouses are designed to help small to medium sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and everyday business use. Costco currently operates 25 warehouses in the UK. Leicester was the 23rd warehouse which opened 1st December 2012, bringing 140 new jobs to the area working with the local Job Centre plus. Costco warehouses present one of the largest and most exclusive product category selec ons to be found under a single roof. A few of the categories include groceries, confec onery, appliances, television and audio equipment, automo ve supplies, tyres, toys, hardware, spor ng goods, jewellery, cameras, housewares, apparel, health and beauty aids, tobacco, furniture, office supplies and office equipment.

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Costco is known for carrying top quality na onal brands with 100% sa sfac on guaranteed to its members. Costco also features a fine line of quality products under its own Kirkland Signature private label. The company has taken great care in selec ng products such as housewares, luggage, pet food and bedding, nappies, wipes, coffee, wine and snacks as well as a large selec on of fresh meats, dairy, deli products, fresh and frozen foods and baked goods. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of quality or be er quality than name brands. Costco’s Steve Pappas, Managing Director explains “Costco is able to offer lower prices and be er values by elimina ng virtually all the frills and costs historically associated

with conven onal wholesalers and retailers, including sales people, delivery and credit accounts. We run a ght opera on with extremely low overheads which enables us to pass on drama c savings to our members.” Costco is only open to members. Members pay an annual fee. There are two types of membership ­ Trade and Individual. Trade members qualify by owning or managing a business. Individual members qualify by being employed in or re red in specific employment groups.

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Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.


Trade Membership*

The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership is £20 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Individual Membership*

The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership is £25 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Join in the warehouse or online: Costco Leicester Westmoreland Ave Thurmaston Leicester Leicestershire LE4 8PH

For further information, please contact our Membership Team at Costco Leicester on

0116 269 0730

*Membership Criteria applies. Accepted methods of payment: cash, debit card, cheque or American Express. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made.

T: 0116 269 0730 E: marketing123 Central Membership: 01923 830 477

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All Change

Phillip Mark McGough

It is late August, and you can feel the world turning. From my kitchen window these past few days I have watched starlings ea ng apples straight off the tree, jostling and flu ering with one another for the best spot, like ungainly hummingbirds. I’ve seen starlings eat windfalls before, but never the fruit on the branch­ a rare sight in more ways than one, since starling numbers have plummeted over the past thirty years or so and the huge cyclone­like clouds of them that used to twist and wheel at dusk over the fields adjacent to my boyhood home in Nuthall are a thing of the past. All change... Other birds, other flocks: Geese of many kinds are already arriving at A enborough Nature Reserve, a gunshot or so from my house in Beeston, and you can hear them flying overhead Page 32

at all hours, exhausted having made the journey from Scandinavia, Siberia, even Greenland; at twilight these noisy immigrants form a ragged, asymmetrical “V” against the sunset, like the ck to a maths problem, calling all the while to one another, a sonic version of holding hands: “I am here­ are you?” Migra on is one of the natural world’s great wonders, though looking up the word just now I am surprised to learn there is no universally­accepted defini on of the phenomenon. There is, it turns out, only one universal: All change. In the garden something has been digging holes in the shady flowerbed where a peach tree, long gone, once grew. Now there is a plum tree. Lots of li le holes, maybe a colony of grubs. Whatever it is, it has turned that part of the lawn into a fraying rug. I rake earth over the damage and hope for the best. My children have been visi ng from France this month, and even as I write I see them gathering the plums, figh ng over whose turn it is to mount the stepladder. The plums are actually damsons, and this year’s crop is very good. I see buckets brimming with them already, and I remember that the damson was first introduced

to Britain by the Romans, who brought it from Syria. The damson was named for Damascus. Syria is in the news again of course, for unhappy reasons, which brings this all to mind. All change­ or just regime change? In fact, not a few of our most familiar plants are actually immigrants, too, like those geese arriving from the north. Researching this piece I discover that all 33 of our “na ve” trees are actually post­Ice Age imports, and even the DNA of the quintessen ally Bri sh oak indicates that it came originally from Iberia. So. The Royal Oak of England is a Spanish migrant. What place for certainty in such a world? And speaking of things that come and go from these shores to Europe, and back again, soon my children will return to France un l they next visit at Christmas. Each me they return they are that li le bit bigger, that li le bit smarter, and that li le bit closer to adulthood. All change. By the by, a robin was flicking around while I was raking over the earth in the shady flowerbed. Robins have a choice: They can migrate or stay put. In winter, many of our robins leave for southern France and Spain­ while thousands of con nental robins take their

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place and arrive from northern Europe. There is a sexual divide here, however. It is mainly the females who migrate, and mainly the males who stay put. The Christmas robin, then, is almost invariably a male, hanging on to his territory un l the spring. Deep in summer, spring is s ll a myth for the me being­ the earth is so superabundant it’s hard to imagine winter, let alone what comes a er winter. But it will come. All change. I look up, and see the bu erflies having their final fling in the garden before autumn. Those

apples I saw starlings squabbling over are falling faster and louder now, and the Red Admirals and even the odd Cabbage White are landing to make the most of this li le suburban harvest. The entomologists tell us that the bu erflies, high on the sugar from windfalls, can become drunk. Perhaps this explains why they let me approach so closely, as I do now, and marvel at their beauty and symmetry. And the red admiral, you guessed it, is also a migrant. Those that arrive here in the spring from Europe will die soon

Newly Refurbished Beer Garden Complete with Bouncy Castle and Tuck Shop, Weather Permitting!

76 High Street, Syston LE7 1GQ

0116 260 5750

a er laying their eggs on the upper surface of s nging ne les. This means that the ones who delight me in my garden at the moment must be the children of these con nental travellers. In a few weeks they will be moving on to feed on one of the final flowers of the year, the ivy blossom, before heading back across the Channel­ though apparently there is an increasing trend for some to overwinter here in sheds and outhouses. The immigrant is becoming a na ve. All change. Phillip Mark McGough

Meal Deals

Available Tuesday to Saturday 12noon to 2.00pm & 6.00 to 8.30pm

Sunday Carvery

Pub Favourties - 2 for £10 Queen Victoria Griddle

Available 12noon - 3.00pm Adults £8.75, Children’s £5.25

Great British Queen Vic Carvery

Food Hygiene Rating 5

2 for £17.95 includes a bottle of House Wine 2 for £10

For up to date events guide and all menus and deals go to and click on the Queen Victoria picture on our home page


Professional, friendly, fully trained & above all great value for money.

• • •

Carpet Cleaning Gutter and UPVC Cleaning Window Cleaning Patios & Driveways Cleaned Home Cleaning

Pressure Washing A2Z can clean any hard surface with the latest in Pressure Washing equipment the results are spectacular. We can clean Car Parks, Car Dealerships, Forecourts, Driveways, Patios, remove Graffiti and much more.

2 Abbey Business Park, Friday Street, Leicester LE1 3BW

T: 0116 2629596 • E: •

Adver se in Soar Valley Life from £28 per month plus VAT

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manufacture and


of kitchens, bedrooms & fitted furniture

For free quotations call

01509 816391 07875 64 0074 Unit 2a Manor Drive, Sileby, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 7RZ

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Moss Lend a Helping Hand with their New Pay as You Go Family Law Service Are you involved in a divorce, separa on or a dispute regarding your children, but are worried about the cost of instruc ng a solicitor to act for you? Do you feel that you could run your own case but would like to have a solicitor to ask for advice when things get complicated? In today’s difficult economic climate, together with the changes which came into effect on 1st April 2013 severely restric ng the availability of legal aid for Divorce and family cases, there will be an increasing number of people who wish to separate or divorce but are worried about or can’t afford large legal bills. However, the prospect of dealing with Divorce proceedings, a financial se lement or a dispute regarding children completely on their own is very daun ng. Moss Pay as You Go Family Law Service is a scheme designed to help people represent themselves, providing advice and help as and when required. Advice is given face to face and can include the dra ing of complex le ers, checking forms, considering the case and the pros and cons of taking

a par cular course of ac on. Each mee ng is paid as you go, so there are no big bills to pay at the end of the case. You do the rest of the work, keeping your paperwork organised and corresponding with the other party, their solicitor or the court, but with the peace of mind that there is someone who knows your case and can advise you if you need it. For example, if you receive a le er that worries you, make an appointment with us to discuss it. You control your own case and only seek the advice that you need. If at any me you feel that your case is ge ng too much for you under this scheme, you can always transfer to being represented by us under our regular terms of business. If you feel that Moss Pay as You Go Family Law Service would suit you or would like further informa on regarding matrimonial or family ma ers please contact, Rita Rathod r.rathod@moss­ or Ann Ellio a.ellio @moss­ or telephone 01509 217770

MOSS SOLICITORS LLP County Law Firm of the Year 2010 & 2008

01509 217770

80-81 Woodgate, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2XE Want your business featured in Soar Valley Life? Call Steve on 01509 813 125

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Walking – Grimston Tunnel Walk instruc ons 2 Hours 4 1/4 Miles Find a parking space in Grimston ­ between the A606 and the A6006 ­ no toilets. Local pub the ‘Black Horse’. Start from the church. 1 Turn le from the churchyard, towards Asfordby, around the corner to the bridleway signpost and go through the wide gateway marked ‘The Lilacs’, con nue through the gate at the end, by the yellow topped marker post. Carry on slight le through the metal gate and downslope with the hedge to the right. The ground starts to rise again with trees now le , as the trees end (before Barn Farm) turn back to the narrow gate. 2 Go through and follow the path right, the path bears further right and meanders to a gate into a field. Keep ahead upslope to a yellow top post and turn right, along the path in the gap and up the le hand field edge. Go through the gate here and bear le , then turn le up the wide stony track to the road. 3 Cross this surprisingly busy road with care and turn le along the wide grass verge to the s le close to the house. Go over the s le and follow the path through the trees, con nue direc on between fences and along the right hand field edge with the hedge to the right, parallel to the telegraph poles. Go through the wide marked gate at the far end to the s le on the right a er just 30yds. 4 Step over and take this lesser path through the trees, go over the s le at the end and turn le along the field edge with the trees to the le . Carry on across the road and along the next field edge to the s le, bear right with the wire fence and the trees to the le to a marker post. Bear right over this field, which may be under cul va on although a track should be well marked, to a hedge gap and cross the s le to the road. If for any reason this field is impassable carry on around the edge and back to the s le at the road. 5 Cross carefully and turn le to the gateway, go through and cross the s le in the hedge ahead; bear right across the field, a track should be visible through any crop and keep direc on through two boundaries. Con nue ahead through the corner of the trees to the stony farm track. 6 Turn right, for three quarters of a mile, through the dip and over the road, con nue ahead with the house to the le down into the dip and through the gate le of the trees. Carry on through the gate at the top and along the farm road between hedges, downslope le of Barn Farm to join the outward route at point 2. Retrace steps back to the star ng point. © Clive Brown ­ all our walks are compiled by Clive Brown who holds the copyright. You can order any of his 74 walking guides at: Or email Clive directly at

Page 36

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Around Britain 5 Famous Trees 1. Boscobel, Shropshire ­ Boscobel House in Shropshire was once home to The Royal Oak, the tree in which Charles II hid whilst fleeing from the Roundheads a er the Ba le of Worcester in 1651. The original tree was destroyed in the 18th century, but one of its descendants, now 300 years old, stands in its place. 2. For ngall, Perthshire ­ A yew tree in the Perthshire village of For ngall is almost certainly the oldest tree in Europe, with es mates of its age reaching a staggering 5,000 years old – it would already have been 1,000 years old when the Pyramids were built. 3. Ha ield, Her ordshire ­ On 17 November 1558, Elizabeth Tudor was sat beneath an oak tree in the gardens of what is now Ha ield House when she received news that her sister Mary had died, and that she was now Queen of England. The tree, now known as the Queen Elizabeth Oak, is found on the Ha ield coat of arms. 4. Runnymede, Berkshire ­ King John signed the Magna Carta beneath the Ankerwyke Yew in Runnymede, Berkshire, in 1215. It is also thought that the tree served as a mee ng place for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in the 1530s. 5. Southwell, No nghamshire ­ The first Bramley apple was grown in Southwell in No nghamshire from a seed planted by Mary­Ann Brailsford in 1809. The apple takes its name from Ma hew Bramley, a local merchant who bought the garden containing the tree in 1846. © Taken from The Bri sh Isles: A Trivia Gaze eer by Paul Anthony Jones, out now. The White Horse Inn, 6 Church Street, Seagrave, Leicestershire, LE12 7LT

01509 814715

Opening times: Tuesday 6pm – 11pm Wednesday – Saturday 12pm – 2pm & 6pm – 11pm Sunday 12pm – 5pm Home cooked food served: Tuesday 6pm – 8.45pm Wednesday – Saturday 12pm – 1.45pm & 6pm – 8.45pm Sunday 12pm – 2.15pm

The White Horse is a great pub to visit all year round, whether you choose to enjoy the delightful views in our garden in the summer or relax by the fire with a newspaper during the winter. Whenever you come to visit, you will always find friendly staff, excellent food and drink and a great atmosphere.

Christmas Menu 2 courses £15.95 3 courses £19.95 Available from 19th November to 24th December Function Room available to hire for Christmas events! Contact us for more details. Booking always advisable to avoid disappointment

The Stables Shop and Function Room at The White Horse are now open! Visit for more details.

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Spot Ten Differences Answers on page 47




servicing and valet on all buggies over £100 bought in-store during the lifetime of the warranty. non customers valeting starts from £10.00

All top brands and some exclusive brands in Leicestershire The new iCandy Apple

Syston 0116 3190804 1 BROOKBRIDGE COURT LE7 2JT

Melton 01664 668191 6 KING STREET LE13 1XA

Ask about our hand luggage sized folder-buggy holiday rental. Page 38

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The Rolls Royce of Kindergartens? Rolls Royce began manufacturing aeroplane parts in Mountsorrel right at the end of WW2. By the 1970s more than 1,200 people were employed at the factory which by then was making parts for the RB211 ­ the most advanced jet engine in the world. The factory closed in 1994 and the land was sold to build new houses. The last remaining building was the Rolls Royce Sports and Social Club which s ll stands today and is now also home to one of our region’s best kindergarten nursery schools... Rothley Park Kindergarten Manager, Narinder Kaur, showed me around and I must say, it’s a very happy, bright and safe place. It sits in two acres of land with open countryside on three sides and is set well back from the road and traffic noise. No danger here, with ample off road parking for parents and staff. There

are separate rooms for all age groups: from six week old babies to pre­school age ­ all on the same secure site. Every room has access to a secure outside play area. Narinder is a nursery professional having spent 29 years in child care. “We’ve completely re­built the inside of the building to the highest specifica ons available in our inten on to offer the very best in Kindergarten nursery school care. I have parents who bring their children to us who I once cared for when they were of nursery age. I’ve been here myself since day one, ten years ago, and we now have 113 child care places in what is probably the best equipped nursery educa on facility in Leicestershire.”

An aerial view of the Rolls Royce Aero factory in Mountsorrel circa 1970

Well ­ having seen it for myself, I can’t think of a be er way to describe Rothley Park Kindergarten than the inference in the tle above!

Open: 8am - 6pm Mon - Fri 51 Weeks of the year Mon - Fri 51 Weeks

Celebrating Celebrating 10 10Years Years of of Success! Success!

Rothely is a well RothleyPark ParkKindergarten Kindergarten isvery a well established private day care nursery established dayof care nurseryOur bright, spacious, air-conditioned celebratingprivate 10 years success. celebrating 10 years of success and classrooms are designed and equipped to provide quality childcare in a continuing to deliver an enhancing stimulating and learning environment. We offer 113 childcare places environment to allenjoyable the children and their for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years. parents. We provide quality maintained standards of such high calibre within the provision.

Nursery manager Narinder Kaur and her team of professional nursery

Our bright spacious and air conditioned classrooms designed and to equipped to practitioners deliver a second-to-none childcare are service tailored your child’s provide a quality child care provision, delivering a stimulating and enjoyable learning individual requirements. environment. We offer 113 childcare places between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years.

Limited Government funding is available for 3 and 4 year-olds. We also offer full

From the beginning Narinder Kaur, the nursery manager togetherfor with or part-time sessions as required, depending on availability, allher children professional nursery practitioners continue to deliver a quality childcare service, under the age of 5 years throughout the year and during school holidays. tailoring to your child’s individual requirements.

A warmGovernment welcome awaits you no appointments necessary as all new Limited Funding is–available for 3 and 4are Year olds. We also offer fulland and prospective parents are invited to visit us at their own part time sessions as required depending on availability forconvenience. all children under the age | tel: 0116 230 3888 | mob: 07813 021410 Rothley Park Kindergarten, Loughborough Road, Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7NL email to book your advert

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Photography Tips by Rebecca Soanes Paths and roads are tools I use all the me; a very simple p that I can’t recommend enough. It makes such a difference and can turn what looks like just a nice picture into a scene that draws the eye in and adds real depth. These two images illustrate this point; they were taken in the same bluebell wood in very similar condi ons with dappled sunlight coming through the trees in places. The first looks like a pleasant woodland scene, however the second has the ability to go beyond that and take you along the path giving you the feeling that you

are in the wood. This second image has proved very popular and evoca ve, mainly due to the woodland path, and as a result I am pleased to say it’s my bestselling canvas design. I find it so rewarding to hear that customers mentally walk along the path through the bluebells as they look at it on the wall, just as I do myself. Obviously there isn’t always a path available to include in your photo! However there are o en more eye­

drawing paths around than we are at first aware of and I would like to encourage you to take a moment to look around before taking a photo to see if there is a ‘path’ that could be included to draw people into your image. This trick of using eye­drawing ‘paths’ can also be used with fences, tree branches and other lines to draw your eye into the photo, but that is a p for next me...

Parkside Nursery School 25 Charnwood Road, Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 2BN

Telephone 01509 213329

email Long Established Qualified Staff Fantastic garden area Small and homely Competitive prices Term-time options available

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Seasoned Hardwood Logs Delivered FREE DELIVERY

throughout the Soar Valley Region

Contact Doug Paudy Lane, Barrow upon Soar

01509 816640 07976 291653

Tree Stump Removal Service Available






1,2 & 3 cubic metre loads available




   # "   

      " #! """#!


For physical and emotional wellbeing

Complementary Health Practitioner REFLEXOLOGY Relieving stress using gentle pressure strategically applied to your hands and feet, helping to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health - especially where conventional medicine has failed. REIKI Holistic healing helping to integrate your body’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components by balancing your energy centres, stimulating natural immunity and promoting relaxation. HOPI EAR CANDLING Reduces congestion in the ear and sinus area inducing a feeling of general tranquillity, composure and comfort. EFT ‘Acupuncture without needles’ creating balance within your body’s energy system, particularly successful with addictions, weight, pain, anger management, severe trauma, stress and phobias. Paula Reed is a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners All treatments delivered in my professionally appointed clinic in Barrow-upon-Soar

Telephone: 01509 415125 Email: Website:

Stand up straight – another easy way of improving your health... How many mes were you told to stand up straight when you were a child? You may not have realised the relevance but did you know that poor posture can lead to health problems? If you slouch you cannot breathe deeply which means there is less oxygen being taken into your lungs and therefore less oxygen available for your body and your brain to func on eec vely. This can result in breathlessness, fa gue, lack of energy and feeling red all the me. Slouching and slumping puts the body out of alignment which may result in headaches and backache and it is now thought that it may aect blood pressure. Slouching not only aects your physical health but it also makes you feel ‘low’ whereas standing up straight makes you feel ‘high’. So how do you adopt good posture? It’s quite easy: just loosen your arms and shoulders and imagine you are holding a ÂŁ5.00 note between your shoulder blades. Try to get into the habit of doing this as o en as you can so that good posture becomes the norm. Paula Reed:

Adver se in Soar Valley Life from ÂŁ28 per month plus VAT

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The Pla orm Café – Greenacres

Part of The Great Central Railway

If you have not yet discovered our li le ‘oasis of tranquillity’, The Great Central Railway’s newest addi on to its café collec on is The Pla orm Café, within the Greenacres facility. If visi ng for the first me, by train via the Leicester North Sta on, the café is situated right out of the pla orm gates and just down the path, the entrance to the café is then on your le . By car we are just off Redhill Roundabout and up The Sidings, (follow the brown tourist signs to Greenacres). Open Tuesdays to Sundays 10am un l 4pm, the café provides customers with stunning views of the City’s skyline along with delicious home­made food including main meals, panini, jacket potatoes and more. We

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have meal deals available on a weekly basis with GCR staff happy to tempt you with home­made cakes and scones served with teas and coffees of your choice. From 10th October, every Thursday 12noon ll 2pm will be ‘Pensioners Lunch Club’ with home­made soup and a roll £2.50 or two main meals for £6.99. Why not pop along for lunch then stay a erwards and play a board or card game?

and meet and pass on their Christmas wishes. Velvet Divine will be singing some good old fashioned Christmas tunes on the Saturday and Laura Jane Vintage will be with us on the Sunday. There’ll be face pain ng magic on both days too. If you are interested in hiring a stall at the fair please contact Lesley at We are also now taking bookings for Christmas dinners and par es, for a Christmas menu or further informa on please use the above address. To keep up to date with all the news and events at Greenacres please go to or ring the office on 01509 633870. Find us on Facebook with Greenacres or follow us on Twi er @TheSidingsLE3 We hope you will pay us a visit soon….

The Pla orm Café is available for private hire for Birthday Par es and Special Occasions. The Greenacres facility also hosts conference space with freshly prepared buffets and refreshments available on request. The facility will be holding its second Christmas Fayre with a ‘vintage’ theme on Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December. There will be Christmas Cra Stalls, Roast Chestnuts, Mulled Wine & Mince Pies for all to enjoy. Also a special someone will be there in his Gro o for the li le ones to come

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Vintage Divine

Laura Jane Vintage

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Vintage Christmas Fayre

at Greenacres, The Sidings

Saturday 30th Nov & Sunday 1st Dec 10.30am – 4.30pm

Christmas Craft Stalls Entertainment by Velvet Divine (Sat) & Laura Jane Vintage (Sun) Face Painting Santa’s Grotto will be open from 11am – 3pm Letters From Santa

Donkey Rides Tombolla Stalls Home-made Cakes Mulled Wine & Mince Pies Roasted Chestnuts and much more

The Platform Café at Greenacres will be open all day serving lovely hot home-made food


The Sidings, Leicester LE4 3BR

01509 633870 / 07778 512275

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Cruising all the way to Stardom… Starlight Theatre School, which started over 30 years ago in a village hall and moved to its current premises 10 years ago this year, now boasts 3 fully equipped, mirrored studios and a host of exper se in the faculty... As well as 3 registered Bri sh Theatre Dance Associa on teachers, the school also has a professional Ac ng teacher, a commercial teacher and Royal Academy Ballet teacher. Starlight aim to give the best possible training to prepare students for a career in the performing arts. Their students have gone on to successfully audi on for performing arts colleges both in Leicester and London to enable them to further their careers. Success story: Lilie Sco , who started dancing with Starlight at the age of 3, audi oned for a performing arts college at 16 and a er 3 years training is currently dancing aboard the Costa Atlan ca, cruising the Far East. Sophie Derry, who began with Starlight at the age of 8, successfully audi oned at the age of 16 for the pres gious Bird College of Performing Arts in London and is currently furthering her studies there.

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All students work towards gaining Bri sh Theatre Dance Associa on examina ons in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Lyrical. The school produces annual shows plus compe on work. In January 2014, stage class pupils will be performing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End, an event we are all looking forward to. We’ll keep you posted ­ watch this space!

Former Starlight student Lilie Sco is now a dancer aboard the cruise liner Atlan ca (Photo credit h p://crea­sa/3.0/deed.en

Visit for details of adver sing rates

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01509 414 169

0800 619 1155 01509 557 223 07450 002996

One price day or night!

E.M.A £22.00

(£15 from Loughborough)

B.I.A £45.00 Luton £70.00 Manchester £100.00

Heathrow £100.00 Stanstead £100.00 Gatwick £130.00 Southampton £135.00

Prices shown are for a car travelling one way, day or night

NO CHARGES FOR PARKING OR WAITING! Lowest prices in Charnwood! Please check web site for further discount details & terms & conditions

Regular journeys undertaken, long or short.

Adver se in Soar Valley Life from £28 per month plus VAT

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What’s On in and around The Soar Valley: Compiled by Claire Stevens – Soar Valley Life events and news reporter

Spooky Science 2013 at National Space Centre Join the team of mad scientists this Halloween Half Term at the National Space Centre to experience crazy science, make slime and discover the frightening side of space. Go along for lessons in potions, astronomy, make your own Halloween mobile using the ancient science of origami, and even learn about levitation! Saturday 19 October – Sunday 3 November 2013 National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NS 10.00am – 5.00pm Contact: 0845 605 2001 Dinosaur Zoo Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo brings these awesome pre­historic creatures to the stage, up close and personal like you’ve never seen them before. From cute baby dinos to teeth­ gnashing giants, meet the most recent addition to the Dinosaur Zoo, the most complete meat­ eating dinosaur skeleton yet found in Australia. Children can watch wide­ eyed from a safe distance or dare to get right up close to the creatures as they observe and interact with these extraordinary life­like dinosaurs in this entertaining and highly imaginative live show. Tickets £12.50. Tuesday 22 October ­ Thursday 24 October 2013 Tue 1.30pm, Wed 10.30am & 1.30pm, Thu 10.30am Curve Theatre, Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1SB Contact: 0116 242 3560 Ghosts and Ghouls at The Guildhall Take a trip to the haunted hall in your spookiest outfit and meet the witches of the Guildhall. Join in the Halloween activities with scary quizzes, creepy crawly crafts and face painting. £2.50 for activities. Thursday 24 October 2013 11.00am – 3.30pm The Guildhall, Guildhall Lane, Leicester, LE1 5FQ Contact: 0116 253 2569 Ghostly Engineer Take the spooky tour in the eerie engine house basement and hear the tragic tale of Robert Richardson, The Ghostly Engineer, all while one of the museum’s massive beam engines will be in steam right above your head! Wrap up warm and wear sensible shoes, pre­ booking essential, tours cost £3 but not suitable for children under 10 years. Monday 28 October 2013 7.00pm – 9.30pm Abbey Pumping Station, Corporation Road, Leicester, LE4 5PX Contact: 0116 299 5111

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Redlands Fireworks Extravaganza Friends of Redlands Community Primary School in Sileby are hosting the third fireworks display and bonfire event. The display will be produced by Phenomenal Fireworks and will also include children’s rides, stalls, refreshments, BBQ and a Guy competition. Family tickets £10, Adults £3.50, Children £2. Prices at the gate increase to £4 and £2.50. Friday 1 November 2013 Starts at 6.00pm Redlands Community Primary School, King Street, Sileby, Loughborough, LE12 7LZ Contact: 01509 812 376 Abbey Park Bonfire and Fireworks Display Abbey Park Fireworks is Leicester’s biggest display, bringing in 15,000 visitors. As well as the main display at 8pm, you can also enjoy a children’s firework display at 6.45pm, fire dance performances by Phosphorus, children’s funfair, food stalls and the bonfire. Advance tickets: Adults £4.50, concessions £3, family £13. On the gate: Adults £6, Concessions £4 (no family tickets available on the gate), children under five years are free. Saturday 2 November 2013 Gates open at 5pm, last admission 7.30pm Abbey Park, Abbey Park Road, Leicester, LE4 5AQ Contact: 0116 238 5084 Great Central Railway Bonfire Night ­ Tue 5th November On Bonfire night, Quorn and Woodhouse station is the best place to be! A fantastic fire, a huge firework display, refreshments and children’s rides. It’s a magical night out for all the family. It’s one of the biggest and best shows in Leicestershire so come along and join in the fun. You can arrive at the gate – or even better, travel in heritage style by train from Loughborough, Rothley or Leicester North station. Combine the magic of a train ride and a sensational fire work display – see you there! FOGCML rates are £7 Adult, £5 Children both on the gate at Quorn and from any other station (inc train fare) TRAVEL BY TRAIN TO AND FROM THE BONFIRE AND FIREWORKS You are strongly advised to travel by one of our trains to this event. If you use the earlier trains you can avoid the crowds and the last minute rush! More trains have been added to the timetable this year. Go to­ events/bonfire­night/ for details Tuesday 5th November Quorn & Woodhouse Station VIEWING THE BONFIRE AND FIREWORKS – Bonfire lit at 7.30pm & firework display at 8pm Loughborough Fair Fairs have been held in Loughborough for centuries, with current years having approximately 100 individual show people attending, bringing between them some 20 large rides, multiple children’s roundabouts,

game and novelty stalls and popular refreshment stands. Enjoy the old favourites such as Waltzers, Twist, Dodgems, Galloping Horses as well as more spectacular rides such as the Freak Out, Top Scan, Wild Mouse, Sea Storm, High Roller, Kiddies’ Corner and the Extreme Rode. Wednesday 13 November – Saturday 16 November 2013 Wednesday: 6pm – 11pm Thursday: 12pm – 11pm Friday: 11am – 11pm Saturday: 11am­11pm Contact: 01509 634 624 Leicester’s Winter Food Festival Starting off the holiday shopping season, Leicester Market will be hosting this event with a huge variety of artisan food producers, with emphasis on local manufacturers. Also there will be craft traders selling jewellery, artwork, decorations and much more! Sunday 17 November 2013 11:00am – 5.00pm Market Centre, Market Place, Leicester, LE1 5HQ Contact: 0116 223 2370/ 0116 223 237 Rawlins Christmas Craft Fair Rawlins Academy will be hosting a fair of over 40 stalls selling handmade arts and crafts by local artists. There will also be children’s art workshops and refreshments available. This annual event has been running for over 30 years and is a great way to commence the festive season. Entrance fee £1, 50p for concessions Sunday 17 November 2013 10.30am ­ 3.30pm Rawlins Academy, Loughborough Road, Quorn, Loughborough, LE12 8DY Contact: 01509 622 827 Jack and the Beanstalk at Loughborough Town Hall Enjoy the biggest pantomime of them all with stunning sets and fabulous costumes. This year’s show is the classic tale of an enormous evil Giant and poor young Jack who sells his cow for some magic beans, which unbeknown to him is the start of a huge adventure. Saturday 30 November – Sunday 5 January 2014 Times vary Loughborough Town Hall, Market Place, Loughborough, LE11 3EB Contact: 01509 231 914

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Solu ons Halloween Quiz Answers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

A clown Scorpio Blue Dorothy's house falls on her Mississippi The lemur Victor The Sixth Sense True The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Frog Cape Colour Teeth Ears Stars

Quick Crossword Across: 7 Remove, 8 Loughs, 9 Sofa, 10 Envelops, 11 Ignored, 13 Steel, 15 Clues, 17 Provide, 20 Tolerant, 21 Pale, 23 Weight, 24 Roused.

Sudoku Solu on

Down: 1 Zero, 2 Potato, 3 Referee, 4 Slave, 5 Mullet, 6 Shepherd, 12 Galloped, 14 Writers, 16 Energy, 18 Vapour, 19 Cac , 22 Lies.

Spot Ten Differences 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The moon Bird Wand Cat mouth Trees


CASTLE MEADOW ROAD • NOTTINGHAM NG2 1AG Tel: (0115) 941 2861 Fax: (0115) 948 3362 Email: As one of the largest and best stocked builders' merchants in the East Midlands, John A. Stephens has built its success on continually developing the range of services and products it has to offer, with the priority to provide an efficient service to all customers. Whether private individuals looking for DIY materials or contractors loading up vehicles with building materials, our yard and counter staff are here to provide the products and materials that you need, giving help and advice drawn from many years experience in the building trade. With our fleet of over 30 purpose built vehicles, same day availability is often given for our large range of stock items.

For the very best in

Quality Garden Landscape Products Nottingham’s Leading Heavyside Builders Merchant For Supplies of:

■ Hard Landscaping Materials ■ Bricks ■ Blocks ■ Aggregates ■ Cement ■ Plaster ■ Plaster Board ■ Drainage ■ Roofing ■ Timber ■ Insulation

New Depot

NOW OPEN on Radcliffe Road – Trent Bridge, Nottingham NG2 5FX

0115 981 4313

• Marshalls • Stonemarket

Garden Paving, Walling & Block Paving

email to book your advert

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Classes held at Starlight Theatre School, Saturday mornings and Thursday See afternoons. feature For more information contact 0116 2355495 or visit our website

on page 44

Starlight Theatre School Hadrian Road, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester LE4 2PQ

Tel: 0116 2355495



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