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Welcome to 2013 I took this month’s cover photo almost two years ago and, as with many of my own photographs, it transports me mentally to the time and place in an instant. This one, taken on Brand Lane between Old Woodhouse and Swithland just after 9.30 am on Friday 21st January 2011, evokes all the tingle of a dazzlingly bright and frosty morning. It really was a moment to savour and the picture almost does it justice. I remember driving to my first appointment and taking a different route as it was such a lovely day; I had passed the gateway but then stopped to back the car up because the view was so appealing and the new compact camera I’d been given for Christmas needed to be tried out with a shot into the sunshine. On the opposite side of the road a little further back I’d noticed flocks of birds, thousands of them, swooping to and fro over the bare and frozen fields with the woods of Beacon Hill forming a backdrop. After I had taken the gateway picture I walked back and took a few more, maybe I’ll put them on the website at some stage. But the feeling of being alive and very present in those few minutes readily returns each time I re-visit the photographs: the open gateway leading into the field towards the rising winter sun, pulling your gaze along the tractor furrows and up to the leafless trees, all cleansed and eager for spring’s return; as indeed we might well be after the last few rain soaked months! With Christmas gone for another year and all the decorations back in the loft we move into 2013 with lots planned and many positive changes to work upon. We’ve another new writer this month - Phillip Mark McGough on page 40 who will be supplying us with seasonal contributions on a regular basis - and we now have the walks we’ve published available on our website to download for free. We continue to grow, constantly evolving, and January sees the start of our on-line newsletter which will go to more than a thousand email subscribers each month, keeping Soar Valley businesses and organisations in touch with all that we’re doing to help our community thrive and prosper. So, a very happy and positive New Year to you all, enjoy each season, relish each new challenge the year brings, find and keep peace in your soul and with all your neighbours… And may we see our sun rise and shine a little more this year!

Steve & Mary Johns Editors - Soar Valley Life

Gateway on Brand Lane, near Woodhouse January 2011


Your Eyes and Diabetes Poem – Puddles It’s all for Charity! by Si Klyst Space – Sort - Enterprise RTI – Flat Rate VAT – HMRC and SME, CIS – PAYE – GAAP and IHT !!! Here’s a popular thread... Quiz – Review of the Year Do what you will unless you don’t... Fab Fitness Pullout Newsletter New Help for Sufferers of Tinnitus Walking Devil’s Elbow Short Story – The Resolution From Little Ninjas... Top Tips by Charnwood Maintenance General Knowledge Crossword Recipe – Pecan Pie Recipe – No Bake Easy Cheese Cake Recipe – Ginger Nut Roll Win an Experience Day at Ragdale Hall Buying and Selling – the Jargon Explained Introducing Phillip Mark McGough Spot the Difference? Spot the Difference Puzzle Sudoku Food prices on the increase? Not ours! Answers to Puzzles

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Your Eyes and Diabetes According to research, an estimated 2.9 million people in the UK are diagnosed with Diabetes. More worrying, estimates also suggest over 1.1 million people have the condition but are undiagnosed. Diabetes is a condition that can affect the blood vessels in your entire body which in turn can cause serious damage to all organ systems including your eyes – the blood vessel changes that occur can be best observed in your retina Type 1 Diabetes develops when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insu- lin. As a result the body is unable to produce insulin and this leads to increased blood sugar levels Type 2 Diabetes develops when the body does not produce enough insulin to maintain a normal blood sugar level, or when the body is unable to effectively use the insulin that is being produced After having had Diabetes for 20 years, nearly everyone with Type 1 Diabetes and over 60 % of those with Type 2 have some degree of Diabetic retinopathy - changes to the blood vessels of the

eyes. In its early stages, this can go undetected as symptoms are not usually obvious until vision deteriorates. Blood tests by your GP to check for changes in blood sugar levels are therefore vital as are regular eye checks. These should include a yearly photograph of the retina and many eye specialists now advocate a regular eye test that includes an OCT eye scan of your central retina. OCT stands for Ocular Coherence Tomography and is the latest technology that picks up some of the earliest changes in your retinal layers before permanent damage occurs thereby increasing the prospect of successful control and treatment. These early changes cannot be seen by relying on a photograph alone. The Zeiss OCT eye scan is a powerful screening tool for the analysis, detection and diagnosis of the earliest sight threatening changes in macular degeneration, glaucoma and in diabetic retinopathy by allowing us to see all 10 layers of your retina (like an X ray) – it can be used without the need for drops and is now available at Visual Answers Optometrists. Although not part of the NHS eye examination, we offer this enhanced level of eye examination as part of our commitment to excellence in eye care for a small additional fee. It is some thing we now recommend to all our Diabetic patients. OCT eye scan technology is also available in leading private hospitals such as the Spire and the Nuffield in Leicester, where the cost of a single scan is in the region of £200 per eye - excluding consultant’s charges. The charge for scanning both eyes at our practice is currently just £35. Standard eye tests are covered by the NHS for all Diabetics; the additional charge will be is made if the option for an enhanced examination is requested and will include retinal photography, an FDT field scan as well as the OCT retinal eye scan with its analysis and interpretation. Call us on 01509 416800 to make your appointment today. The enhanced examination is the choice your eyes would always make. Mohammed Bhojani BSC(Hons) MCOptom is the principal optometrist at Visual Answers Opticians based in Quorn and Barrow Upon Soar.

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Puddles I wish with all my heart I’d bought that nice house on the hill, Not the cottage by the river, where the banks now start to spill, I look towards my garden, where the water’s getting deeper, And suddenly I realise, why this house was so much cheaper, I glance out of my window, from my kitchen snug and dry, And notice my best fuchsia, as it gaily floats on by, The bushes swirl below me, they’re all caught up in the flow, And my faithful rabbit Flopsy, floated past an hour ago, I look into the garden pond, now full up to the brim, With a cheery wave to Tiddles; never knew that cat could swim! I go into the hallway; there’s a letter through the door, Its from the water company, I’ve seen all this before. “We are running short of water, so be prudent where you can, We regret to have to tell you that we’ve set a hose pipe ban, So customers, turn off your taps, use showers, please don’t bath...” And I look out of my window, and I slowly start to laugh... ©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2011. Commission a bespoke verse at

RJB Plumbing & Repairs Reasonable rates, no job too small. • Professional bathroom installations. • Supply and fit only available. • All wall, floor tiling and plastering undertaken. • General plumbing, maintenance and repairs. • Discount for OAP’s. • NVQ2 Registered plumber.


ONE STOP SHOP for all your plumbing requirements

Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse Comedian/Poet Jan Jack is one of the UK’s leading writers of bespoke verse for

Weddings & Occasions

• Part P registered for domestic electrical installations.

We complete all aspects of every job entirely to our customers satisfaction YOU MAY NOT NEED ME NOW BUT REMEMBER ME FOR THE FUTURE!

Emergency call out Call Jennifer for an appointment on

0116 2302660 / 07795 393332 / 07788 555449

Winner of Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award

Tel: 07917 127381 Find us

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Manufacturers and Installers of PVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories Established 1991

All work carries a 10 year insurance backed guarantee Mark Whelband

“Our goal is to delight existing clients and prospective customers�

New showroom opening soon! T: 01509 211990 F: 01509 267806 E: Unit 6, Festival Drive, Loughborough, LE11 5XJ

Specialist window repairs sealed unit an , lock replacem d en Call us now fo t. expert advice.r


It’s all for Charity, Mate! Ah, the joys of a night out in Sileby! There was I with a few friends standing in the pub atop the hill, enjoying a pint of mild and a bit of banter while clocking the sights that only a Friday night will offer, when some bright spark notices an inoffensive little poster in the corner proclaiming a forthcoming Charity Bike Ride in aid of Leicestershire Air Ambulance... And so it started: “Here - you think you’re Bradley Wiggins - I bet you...” And this was how I found myself roped in with a couple of other aspiring charity athletes. The plan was simple: cycle round all seven of Leicestershire’s Steamin’ Billy pubs on a Sunday. Refreshments would be supplied and bars would be open should the spirit need a helping hand, which made it seem a jolly good idea. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t done any training as I’d cycled to Leicester only the other day. I’d even invested in cycling shoes - not the ones that make you walk like a penguin but the ones that look like trainers - which clip onto the new pedals I’d bought. The nice lady in Cyclops said it would make a world of difference going up hills but that I needed to practice getting my feet on the floor when stopping at traffic lights before I keeled over. Good advice, especially if you’re not thinking too hard, like you don’t sometimes. I spent the next week or so bothering people for sponsorship and exaggerating my status as a worthy citizen. I even left the bike alone for the week before the ride to let my body build up as much energy as it could before the event. I had been paying attention during the Olympics and thought this was the best bit of their training regime, so I adopted it.

Never mind, we should be done by two at the latest, so off to the starting point we went - in a van! This was in Thornton, specifically the Steam Trumpet car park which was full of cars and folk in Lycra crunching around in cycling shoes and looking healthy. The machinery varied from racing bikes, mountain bikes and a rusty old piece of scrap found in a shed, to a bicycle with a chainsaw engine cleverly attached to it. In fairness, he was older than most and seemingly a good engineer. I had opted for the ‘bit of a day out’ look and ‘room for improvement’ body shape. I was not alone in the body shape department. Everyone was issued with a bright orange t-shirt proclaiming our task, the names of the pubs we were to visit and the charity - the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance. All was good as this t-shirt co-ordinated with no colour worn by anyone, so we all looked decidedly unfashionable and it ruined the Lycra look for some.

When the great day arrived, I had a quick look at the weather forecast and saw that all would be well until three o’clock when a deluge was expected all over the county.

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It’s all for Charity, Mate! Thornton, it turns out, is not in the flattest part of the county and our first target is the Paget Arms in Loughborough which seems to be the other side of little Switzerland and involves a lot of climbing, a bit of going downhill, but mostly climbing and then for good measure another hill. But we have fresh legs and this is just a warm up; all the same after ten miles or so the Paget and a rest are welcome. Bacon sarnie and a bit of spirit lifter consumed then it’s off to the Trumpet in Sileby. This is much better as the hills are now away to our right and we are in the Soar Valley. Six miles or so later we’re up the hill and past the church to a break with pork pie and a chocolate bar. No rest for the wicked, it’s off to Syston and the Dog and Gun which is less than four miles; this is easy and we are three pubs down already! But alas, the Cow and Plough on Gartree Lane in Oadby is next and after trying to work out the least hilly route we head off towards Scraptoft and more hills which just grind on and on; but it’s for charity and we are smiling some of time. At least it’s not raining and the reward on arrival is hot cobs and a welcome drink.

Now it’s raining! This is where we get to see what these assorted folk consider to be waterproof and the motley fashion parade sets off to the Time Bar at the bottom of London Road. It looks more like a bookie’s front window than a bar but is in fact a barn of a place and more food and fluid replacement are taken in while we look out at the now heavy rain and decide that the met office need to buy a watch. Never mind it’s all for charity and off to the Western we go, scooting through the university complex, dodging freshers with their new found freedom and impending bank balance. The Western is full, after all it is a Sunday, and it’s here we rest and again try to work out the best route back to Thornton. This is not good, as the map has little brown lines very close together, each representing 25 feet which means it’s going to be mostly uphill again!

Leaving Leicester and going through Ratby the road heads skyward for what seems to be an eternity and the feeling is heightened by the rainwater running downhill the other way; but nothing lasts forever and eventually we turn at the sign for Thornton village and freewheel down to the reservoir which is being filled by rain as we sail past and there, at the end of the causeway, is the last laugh. It is the hill up to the village and it’s steep; so much so that my legs have had it and I opt to walk up. It was that or a sense of humour failure and I don’t apologise for it. The Steam Trumpet is then a mere two hundred yards further on and very

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...Cont welcome. A free beer, always nice, and a barbeque await us. In summary the route was 42.9 miles long and took 3 hours 43 minutes of cycling time, I used 2,674 kcal (still not sure about them) and climbed 2,693 feet. 109 people got wet and the event raised £3,800 or so. I discovered that all the pubs were individually pleasant places and their customers all good sorts with unusual tastes in clothing. Everyone felt a smug satisfaction at completing the tour and even the Lycra clad folk admitted that it was quite tough in places. Me? I am not doing it again for at least a year. Editor’s Note: We are very grateful for the unwavering, unselfish enthusiasm, commitment and effort, above and beyond the call of duty of our feature writer: Si Klyst (Especially when there’s a free pint in it!)

The seven Steamin’ Billy Pubs around Leicestershire: Melton Mowbray

The Padget Arms,


Loughborough Ashby-dela-Zouch



Dog & Gun, Syston


The Western, Leicester

Leicester Time Bar, Leicester



Cow & Plough, Oadby


0116 260 8500

2013 MERIDA BIKES now in stock with prices starting from £299 A few 2012 models still available at SALE prices.


Horse & Trumpet,

Steamin Trumpet,

1120 Melton Road, Syston


Cyclescheme ‘Tax Free Bikes’ Member


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ABOUT STEAMIN' BILLY PUBS The Steamin’ Billy Brewing Company Ltd was founded in 1995 by brewer Bill Allingham and licensee Barry Lount. Their first outlets were The Vaults in Wellington St, which became Leicester’s premium real ale house, followed by the Robert Catesby in Norfolk a 16th century Inn. After some reorganisation in 2000 the two directors currently own the 7 venues featured on this website.

Our Philosophy Steamin’ Billy always source quality local ingredients, often buying the freshest meat and vegetables direct from Leicestershire farmers. Steamin’ Billy prides itself on serving great Real Ales, many of which are produced in our own brewery. We also stock a good selection of quality spirits, wines and soft drinks by staff that care to customers who care. We always strive to provide a quality experience in a British pub with high standards of service and surroundings.

A warm welcome to The Horse & Trumpet The Horse and Trumpet is situated between Loughborough and Syston, in the beautiful village of Sileby, fronting the High Street opposite St. Mary’s church dating back to the 12th century with a medieval bell tower, one of 4 grade 2 listed churches in the country.

Real Ale and Continental beers

Excellent facilities The skittle alley has been transformed into a fantastic function room for parties of up to 70 people, there are two open fires, dart board and four trading areas for you to get comfy and enjoy the great beer. A traditional range of freshly made cobs are available, no hot food is served.

The Horse and Trumpet offer 7 hand pulled real ales and a traditional Scrumpy Cider, alongside continental lagers and fruit beers.

Clive the Landlord is always happy to welcome you and discuss your party requirements.

A fantastic setting

Opening Hours

The Horse and Trumpet offers an al fresco seating area and private car park which catches the afternoon sun. The Horse and Trumpet is ideally located for refreshment after a long walk along the banks of the Soar.

Monday to Saturday - Noon til midnight Sunday Noon til 11pm

Well behaved dogs are welcome at the Horse and Trumpet in the bar areas and garden with water bowls provided.

Saturday 16th February – Dangerous Dogs Saturday March 16th – R + D Acoustic Duo

Forthcoming guests:


UPVC hinge down loft hatch Two section aluminium loft ladder 100 square feet of loft flooring


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 100 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

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ONLY £585



Balancing on a stepladder, clambering over loft joists with a torch in one hand and a box in another is not only awkward but potentially dangerous.

Boarding, lighting and a ladder not only gives you the opportunity to unclutter your living space, but also creates a cleaner and more useful environment. Solve your storage needs and start utilising the largest space in your home from only £435.


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 200 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

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Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 300 square feet of loft flooring One Fakro Roof Window 550mm x 780mm


Our luxury storage rooms are surprisingly affordable at just a fraction of the cost of a standard loft conversion. Our luxury storage rooms can include the strengthening of loft joists, flooring, lighting, roof insulation, stud walls, roof windows and either plasterboard or skim finish.


ONLY £1295


Additional boarding to any package £30 per 16 square foot

0116 367 9749

07515 526959 / 079615 76020

Space - Sort - Enterprise They provide what they say in their name – loft storage solutions... For many of us, especially at this time of year as we venture into the darkest recesses of our homes to dig out the dusty decorations, spare folding chairs, turkey-sized roasting tins and other once a year festive furnishings, our loft space does represent the final frontier. We haul ourselves into that dimly lit world, balancing on a wobbly ladder, squeezing ourselves through an aperture that we swear gets smaller every year, to tread tentatively on exposed roof joists through the ever growing piles of bags, suitcases, boxes of papers, photo albums, long-gone relative’s ‘precious’ tat and other mounds of stuff we can live perfectly well without day-in, yearout. We’ve all seen the day-time TV programmes advising us to de-clutter our homes and our lives, but we really don’t want to throw any of this away. Now there is an answer... Father and son team Neil and Callum Barnes provide loft storage solutions tailored to a wide range of budgets and

specifications creating usable and affordable space at a fraction of the cost of a typical loft conversion. As well as tailor made solutions they offer a range of packages from just a simple fitted ladder at £180, or the most popular deal - cutting and fitting a larger aperture hatch with 100 square metres of boarding and pendant lighting at £435, to a luxury insulated storage room with roof windows and strengthened loft joists from £2,995. First they measure up and consult with you to discuss what’s possible and how much it would cost. The loft access and boarding storage solutions are normally completed within a day and the luxury solutions a little longer, depending upon what’s involved. They provide all the electrics, materials and equipment, leaving you with a tidy house and a loft you can access easily with the space to sort and store all the stuff of your life that’s not yet ready for the boot or the car-boot. Not quite “Beam me up Scotty” but they are in our part of the universe

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CP Accountancy Ltd End of year accounts, Bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE, CIS, and Tax Returns for Sole-traders, Partnerships and small Limited Companies Office 9 Lazarus Court, Woodgate Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7NR Tel: 01162 303 973 Mobile: 07749 650129 Email:

Caroline Parnell is licensed and regulated by the AAT under license number 5865

A scroll down the home page of the HMRC website reveals no less than 21 abbreviations and the hyperlinks - blue lettered ones - will treat you to a mind boggling array of many more. But despair not, help is at hand. I asked Caroline Parnell of CP Accountancy Ltd about the first one on the list above as only last week I’d received an ominous letter from Her Majesty’s Rottweiler threatening me about this... Caroline explained, “From 6 April 2013 HM Revenue and Customs are changing the way employers are to report their payroll information. Details of any payments and deductions made to your employees are to be submitted to HMRC when they are made as part of your payroll process. The benefit of this is that the headache of preparing and submitting Employer’s End of Year forms P35 and P14 will no longer exist. If you manage your own payroll and do not use a software package you must start to prepare now for the change. My job is to work with clients, make sense of the paperwork, explain the jargon and make sure all tax and accounting deadlines are met in good time. And to see that you don’t pay any more tax than you should.” Caroline has agreed to give regular advice via your Soar Valley Life magazine - thank goodness - which over time should clear the fog in my brain...


CASTLE MEADOW ROAD • NOTTINGHAM NG2 1AG Tel: (0115) 941 2861 Fax: (0115) 948 3362 Email: As one of the largest and best stocked builders' merchants in the East Midlands, John A. Stephens has built its success on continually developing the range of services and products it has to offer, with the priority to provide an efficient service to all customers. Whether private individuals looking for DIY materials or contractors loading up vehicles with building materials, our yard and counter staff are here to provide the products and materials that you need, giving help and advice drawn from many years experience in the building trade. With our fleet of over 30 purpose built vehicles, same day availability is often given for our large range of stock items.

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For the very best in

Quality Garden Landscape Products Nottingham’s Leading Heavyside Builders Merchant For Supplies of:

■ Hard Landscaping Materials ■ Bricks ■ Blocks ■ Aggregates ■ Cement ■ Plaster ■ Plaster Board ■ Drainage ■ Roofing ■ Timber ■ Insulation

New Depot

NOW OPEN on Radcliffe Road – Trent Bridge, Nottingham NG2 5FX

0115 981 4313

• Marshalls • Stonemarket

Garden Paving, Walling & Block Paving

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Dave Keen

Professional Decorator

For all your Painting & Decorating Needs including Property Repairs • Tiling

No J o T b Largoo e Sma or ll

For a Quality Job with NO VAT TO PAY call

01509 812698 • 07710 409911

Over 30 years experience

01509 768831 • In business since 1983 • 5 year warranty • We’ll beat any like for like quote • High Quality Digital TV, DAB & FM Aerials • LCD/Plasma Wall Mounts • OAP Discounts • Tune-in & System set ups

133 Highgate Road, Sileby LE12 7PW

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Foot & heel pain? Plantar Fasciitis?

It could be helped by corrective orthoses!

Foot Care Services

Want to Lose Weight ? Tired of Diets ? 4 weeks could change your life! Let hypnosis help you to lose weight and keep it off for good! 4 session one to one weight reduction programme Special Offer: Book your first session in Jan or Feb and pay only £99 for the full programme (including CD) Saving over £80 on the regular price

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Kitchens Fitted • Kitchens and worktops supplied at trade prices • Having invested in your dream kitchen ensure that it is fitted to an exacting standard • Worktop replacements, pelmet/cornice only through to full kitchen fits

Custom insoles designed to equalise the pressure and provide the right kind of support for your normal activity. Created, while you wait, in the surgery using a world class SIDAS system. Gait & musculoskeletal analysis; Advice on treatment & exercise

Modern surgery: easy access & parking

: 0116 210 6413 Mobile : 0797 660 8913

Alan Postlethwaite DipCFHP,DipBMec,MSPract(FHP) 34A Halstead Rd., Mountsorrel, Leics. LE12 7HF

Website : eMail:

Parkside Nursery School 25 Charnwood Road, Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 2BN

Telephone 01509 213329

email Long Established Qualified Staff Fantastic garden area Small and homely Competitive prices Term-time options available

• Granite supplied and fitted • Gas Safe plumber Please call Andy Webb on

07904 987234 / 01509 414484

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Here’s a popular thread.

Judy Andrews of Acacia Curtains and Blinds in Shepshed knows a thing or two about threads, having worked in textile manufacturing for many years - going from buyer to marketing manager and then to general manager for twelve years. A career move then took her to the largest manufacturer and supplier of blinds in the UK as their product manager. Now, with her expertise and contacts in the trade, the best home furnishings, fabrics and blinds can be brought to us in our own homes. Judy can visit you at home by appointment to show you what’s available and provide a no obligation quotation with a free measuring service. She’s also going to be Soar Valley Life’s resident expert, sharing her passion and knowledge with a curtains, shutters and blinds feature in each edition... so watch this space!

Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds and Shutters For expert advice and a free, local ‘At Home’ measuring service Contact Judy Andrews Telephone 01509 650832 Mobile 0788 1681556

Sports Massage therapy & taping techniques Athletic & Kinesiology Taping Many kinds of sports injuries can benefit from the application of tape or bandage by offering protection and support exactly where it’s needed. This is achieved by your therapist understanding the nature of your injury, its location and how best to augment the surrounding soft tissue, muscles and ligaments. Benefits include: • • • • •

Protection from further injury Limiting unwanted movement Beneficial compression to areas of swelling Affording confidence during functional activity Aiding lymphatic drainage

0ne to one treatment room available at - Fosse Fitness, Syston - RECRO, Sileby - home visits and treatments for sports clubs – pre and post match sessions by arrangement.

Steve Hillyer - 07860 608550 Email:

Find us on

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Fowler Electrical & Alarms Ltd

Alarm Specialists

Full alarm systems Alarm servicing Alarm upgrades Fault finding Emergency response Security lighting FOWLER ELECTRICAL & ALARMS LTD

Burton Rd, Sileby, Leicestershire

01509 816465 07753 612340 ®

Best equipped gym in the Soar Valley Free parking on Station/Tesco Car park

7 – 11 Brook Street, Sileby LE12 7RF 0773 338 5187 9 til 9 Mon to Thurs, 9 – 7 Fri, 10 – 6 Sat, 10 – 1 Sun

New Clothes Agency in Birstall

Closed Monday, open Tuesday - Saturday 9.30-4.00pm

Recently opened clothes agency selling Designer & 'top end' High street labels which are brand new & pre-loved. 77 Sibson Road, Birstall, Leicester LE4 4DX pop in to see the fabulous range of clothes & accessories at fantastic prices, look forward to seeing you very soon. email address:

phone: 0116 267 5408

Receive 40% back on your top quality ladies, mens and children's clothing & accessories.


DOCTORS ■ Virus Problems ■ Hardware Problems ■ PC/Laptop Running Slow ■ Internet Freezing ■ Upgrades & Advice ■ Apple Mac Repairs Friendly Local Engineers Microsoft Qualified NO Call Out Charge

01509 833 188 Friendly service at affordable prices !

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Quiz - Review of of thethe YearYear Review Answers on page 46

1. In January 2012, a cruise ship called the Costa Concordia partially sank after hitting a rock off the coast of which country? 2. Of all the national football teams taking part in Euro 2012, which one was making their European Championship debut? 3. Whose knighthood, awarded in 2004 for services to banking, was annulled in February 2012? 4. Which famous person gave birth to a baby girl, called Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012? 5. The 2012 Summer Olympics became the first at which every sport included female competitors due to women competing for the first time in events in which sport? 6. What nationality is Felix Baumgartner, who, in October 2012, became the first skydiver to travel faster than the speed of sound? 7. With the real first names of John Thomas, which famous sportsman died in March 2012? 8. What was the name of the dog that danced to victory with Ashleigh in the 2012 series of Britain’s Got Talent? 9. In June 2012, which novel by E.L. James became the fastest adult paperback novel ever to sell one million print copies? 10. What was the title of the song written by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber in 2012 to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

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Do what you will - unless you don’t... Make a will that is! Because if you don’t make a will an order of probate will decide what happens to your property and assets when you die. For the loved ones you leave behind it means your assets cannot be transferred until a court decides who is legally entitled to receive them. This can take time, months even years if there is a challenge, and legal costs can eat away the legacy you leave – remember Dickens tale, ‘Bleak House’? The case of Jarndyce versus Jarndyce dragged on through generations until the entire estate was devoured by legal costs.

to come and visit you, is it? This is where In Home Legal Services can help... Chris Thomas and her local team are trained and experienced specialists in wills and estate planning who consult with you in your own home. Backed up by national head office legal and administration resources they are able to provide all you need to prepare your will at a much lower cost than has been previously possible. “Our clients get the best of all worlds. Our own solicitor draws up each will, based upon our consultation visits, to ensure that our clients wishes can be carried out as efficiently as possible when the time comes,” says Chris. “On a first visit we explore possibilities and specific assets in the estate, explaining how these might be protected in the event of any change of circumstances sometime in the future. We return a few weeks later with the will document, go through it with the client to ensure it is correct and then it is signed and witnessed. The will can be added to or changed at any time in the future properly and legally.” I noticed that underneath the main heading on the front page of the In Home Legal Services brochure are the following words: “Probably the most thoughtful thing you could ever do for those you love” After all is said and done, your Will is the last thing you’ll say and do... Best if it’s done properly then! Call Chris Thomas on 01509 507 334

By making a will you decide what happens to what is yours and with timely guidance and advice it’s possible to reduce or eliminate inheritance tax and protect your home and assets from fees should you need care later on in life. Many of us put off making a will; naturally no-one wishes to dwell upon thoughts of their own demise and of course circumstances change. But having a will in place can give peace of mind – it’s one less thing to be concerned about and can always be altered or added to if necessary. Some may think it costs too much, it involves solicitors and finding one close to where you live is not so easy. Then, at a hundred pounds plus per hour, it’s not practical for them

Not Made Your Will Yet? Does this worry you? “Your children may NOT inherit yourhome or your hard earned savings... But the Government or others could!!” Care Fees, Inheritance Tax, Huge Legal Fees etc. Devastates thousands of families unnecessarily

We come to you!

With the “Right” Will and advice you can help ensure the maximum possible goes to those you love!!!

WILLS-TRUST-PROBATE LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY For a Home Visit or a Brochure Call Your Local Consultants Mrs Chris Thomas, Mrs Pam Draycott or Mr Wayne Cooper

01509 507334 / 08450 568571 In-Home Legal Services Shepshed, Leics

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MJ JOINERY Local Carpenter

Yoga Classes

Well established classes run by qualified tutor.

All levels of experience catered for. New members of all abilities welcome! Even if you have never experienced Yoga before please come and join us – Yoga is fun! Learn a new skill. Improve your posture. Be energised. Experience relaxation techniques. Work on good basic breathing. Acquire a tool to manage the everyday stresses of life.

20 Years Experience

No job too large or too small ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Doors fitted or altered (inside/outside) Kitchens fitted Wooden windows replaced or repaired Laminate or wood floors laid Dado/picture rails fitted Skirting boards fitted Glazing


Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm at the Memorial Hall on Leicester Road.

All types of property maintenance undertaken, including electrics & plumbing by fully qualifed workmen

Call Michael on 07754 892 842 or 07568 164 585 Email: Cossington Road, Sileby

Woodhouse Eaves

Wednesdays from 7 to 9pm at St. Paul’s School on Meadow Road.

Want to find out more?

My name is Moira – call me on 0116 230 2402 Mobile 07802 728 871 Email:

• Independent care home and sheltered accommodation on separate sites • Not for Profit Charity run by board of local trustees • Person Centred care • Assisted independent care 1-2-1 tuition with a

• Dementia registered • Daily and weekly activities and trips

01509 266605 44 Westfield Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3QL

Teaching learners to experienced drivers requiring additional training/refresher course. Eco and independent driving Driving Standards Agency (*DSA) approved using Client Centred Learning techniques (*CCL)

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Thinking of moving home? Whether you’re thinking of selling or renting your property,

Martin & Co can help you. Trust a national brand with over 180 offices nationwide to help you move!

FREE Market Appraisals, Great advertising exposure including & Loughborough Echo, Unbeatable value!

Offices opening soon in Loughborough and Mountsorrel


FAB Fitness Book your Free introductory class today and get your personal FABtransformation started call Mairi on 07889 255702






06:30-07:15 KETTLERCISE Scout Hut 09:15-10:10 FABilates 10:30-11:30 FABbaby booties fitness Barrow Scout Hut

09:15 -10:10 KETTLERCISE Scout Hut

09:30-10:30 Pilates Gold 10:45 -11:45 Pilates Gold For FAB over 60’s Scout Hut

18:00-18:55 FABilates Methodist Church Hall

18:00-18:55 KETTLERCISE Adult & 14+ Humphrey Perkins

18:00-18:55 FABilates Methodist Church Hall

19:05 – 19:50 Kettlercise Methodist Church Hall

19:00-19:55 KETTLERCISE Adult & 14+ Humphrey Perkins

19:00-19:55 FABilates Methodist Church Hall

20:10 – 21:05 FABilates Methodist Church Hall

20:15-21:10 FABilates Humphrey Perkins

20:00-20:55 KETTLERCISE Adult & 14+ Methodist Church Hall

09:15-10:10 KETTLERCISE 10:30-11:30 FABbaby booties fitness Barrow Scout Hut

SUNDAY 09:00-09:55 KETTLERCISE 14+ Barrow upon Soar

Registered Office: FABfitness Ltd 63 Fosse Way, Syston, Leicester LE7 1NF Registered in England & Wales 7325037

The East Midlands First Independent Natural Juice Therapist As a fully Trained Natural Juice Therapist I will teach you to redress your personal health issues using the magnificent health properties of nature and their finest juices. By flushing the body with freshly extracted fruits and vegetable juices that are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and more, balance will be restored and you will be on the journey to achieve optimum health and vibrancy. If you would like to know the how, the what and the why of all things Juicy then come along to make your own mind up and join us on the 9th February 10-12 at the Methodist Church Hall, Barrow upon Soar. Tickets only £25:00 and this includes a free take home book, lots of juice tasting and an opportunity to win a brand new Phillips Juicer and start up pack.

Lets get FABulicious together!

Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

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transform yourself

Transform yourself with

FAB Fitness Call us now to book your personal transformation 07889 255702 www.fab-ďŹ


in association with


it’s whats on the inside that counts

sage g in our hands maswe llbein your


baby booties fitness

for FAB mums on

the go!


transform yourself

Personal Training

Functional Performance & Therapy

FAGold B fitness


Running free to make a difference

Class by class: What you can expect Kettlercise: Kettlercise is a non impact exercise program using kettlebells from 2kilos +,

that has been designed to shape and sculpt the body for rapid fat loss without the look of huge, bulky muscles. It’s fun, super quick and super effective! Kettlercise is a complete overall total body workout, which ensures you receive an aerobic, endurance, and strength workout in one hit, turning your body into a FABfat burning machine

FABilates: our own special blend of Pilates, Biomechanics Coaching, Faster Functional

Fitness and Freestyle Fitness Yoga. We have taken all our learning over the last 8 years and blended the different disciplines to bring you the best possible class for body and mind. FABilates will complement all that you do, and will be adapted to your personal circumstances including pre and post natal.

FAB baby booties: allows you to bring your baby to these FAB classes designed to help

you regain your body confidence after pregnancy. Classes are outside and mix cardio and resistance work to improve your fitness and help you safely and confidently lose those post baby inches. We will also be introducing the FooFoo Fun Box - easy, effective pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy, post natal and never too late natal - to the East Midlands this year

FAB Pilates Gold: a unique class designed for those of us who would like to keep

moving more freely and appreciate a class designed with the needs of the much loved and well travelled bodies in mind. A class for all the golden boys and girls out there.

FABtransformation: a 4 step programme with no rules and 9 simple tools that you can

introduce into your life to make a difference to your health and well-being. The programme includes 9 weekly sessions lasting 1 hour, daily motivational tips , quotes and inspiration, 6 free classes, a FABilicious cook book, access to a secret Facebook page where you can ask all the questions you need to keep you moving forwards. The programme is designed to Free your mind, Activate your taste buds and Be body confident. I will only work with 6 people at a time to ensure you get the personal attention and support you need to transform YOUR life. Programmes run throughout the year. Please check the web site for details.

Sarah Houghton’s Testimonial:

For the last three years, following the birth of my son I had found it impossible to lose the additional baby weight gained. I believed my diet was reasonably healthy and that the root cause of the problem was my inability to engage in high impact sport due to a back problem. Previous main stream diets that had worked were no longer effective and as a result I struggled to even lose a pound of weight in three years. Upon the return from my holiday this summer I decided that I needed to make a more fundamental change and therefore contacted Mairi (more out of hope rather than anticipation) to understand if she felt there was anything she could do to help ease my back in order to increase my exercise levels. Upon receipt of Mairi’s first response I knew I had done the right thing, she seemed to understand my situation immediately and already had some constructive suggestions. I was surprised that Mairi focused so heavily on the nutrition but diligently completed my first weeks food diaries. Following an extremely thorough first session, Mairi sent me home with a single tailored stretching exercise to do, and a whole new outlook on food, I felt excited but still a bit apprehensive that without more intense exercise I would still struggle to lose weight, therefore I was amazed to find that during my first week not only did I lose weight but within days my energy levels were increased too, a very welcome bonus to a busy working mum. I won’t focus too much on the process I followed as the great thing about Mairi and Dan’s approach is it is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the client. For me this involved stretching, massage, nutrition and personal training sessions. After a few weeks I had my first circuit training session with Mairi which was followed up a few weeks later by an hour long resistance training session with Dan, and was amazed at what I managed to achieve, this gave my confidence such a boost. As the 12 weeks progressed the weight fell off, my energy levels were greatly increased, I was exercising regularly, and I was back in my favourite pre-pregnancy jeans. For the first time in my adult life I now have a guilt free diet where I can eat what I want, the difference being what I want has changed. I cannot thank Mairi and Dan enough for their support, and had they told me at the outset that three months later I’d be attending Kettlercise I would never have believed them, but I am and am thoroughly enjoying it.

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Richard Watson Professional Painter and Decorator All aspects of decorating work carried out from internal to external

Quality service with a professional finish • Free Estimates • No VAT For a full personal service call

T: 01509 815753 M: 07880 754011 Sileby Based

For appointments call or text: Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

07884493809 •

New Help For Sufferers of Tinnitus

As part of Tinnitus Awareness week, Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre are pleased to introduce ZEN2GO – a new tinnitus management device from Widex. It is estimated that 250 million people worldwide suffer from tinnitus, commonly described as ringing or buzzing noises heard from within the head. More than half of those with tinnitus don’t do anything about it despite the impact it can have on day to day life. ZEN2GO is a unique device that plays random, soothing harmonic tones designed to help users relax, reduce their stress and manage the effects of tinnitus. If you would like to know more about this new system then please call in to our Open Session on Friday 8th February between 10.00am and 2.30pm when an expert from Widex will be on hand to demonstrate and explain the features to you. For further information please contact us for friendly and professional advice. Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Ltd, 5 Stadon Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7AY Telephone: 0116 236 6633 or email

Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

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Walking Devil’s Elbow 4 1/2 Miles

2 1/4 Hours

Use the unmarked parking area on the south side of the A6006 between Zouch and the A6, no facilities.

1 Cross carefully over the busy A6006 and go through the narrow gate opposite, bear right and cross the footbridge over Zouch Cut.

2 Continue straight on along the field edge with the hedge to the left, through the wide gap ahead. Carry on up the wider farm track and join Pasture Lane to the T-junction in Sutton Bonington village.

3 Turn left to where the road swings right and keep straight on along Soar Lane to the signpost at the kissing gate on the left.

4 Go through, bear right over the field and go through two more kissing gates; continue up the fenced path and go through the gate at the end. Keep direction across this field which may be under cultivation although a path should be well marked within any crop. Step over the stile/ footbridge and continue ahead on the left hand field edge and the enclosed path to the River Soar.

5 Turn left and follow the tow path,keeping the river to the right, past Devil’s Elbow and bear left with the embankment at Zouch Cut to the footbridge at point 1. Turn right, back to the parking area and your vehicle.

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Want to sell or simply add value to your property?

A garden design can add up to 15% to your property valuation and 100% to your quality family time.. 34 Greenhill Road, Knighton before...

34 Greenhill Road, Knighton after...

We guarantee you’ll love what we do or you don’t pay “Small landscapes did a fantastic job turning our dream garden into a reality. Jeff, Barry and the team were thoroughly professional and a joy to work with. The garden has become a great space for the family and we found out it's added about 15% to the value of our property which was a wonderful surprise. We couldn't be happier with it and would recommend Small Landscapes to anybody!” Matt and Rachael Vallis 34 Greenhill Road, Knighton

Call Now on

0116 2100 760

Meltongate House, 1282A Melton Road, Syston Leics. LE7 2HD


Take care of the countryside. Your leisure is someone’s livelihood

Close gates - Start no fires -Keep away from livestock and animals Do not stray from marked paths - Take litter home - Do not damage walls, hedgerows or fences Cross only at stiles or gates - Protect plants, trees and wildlife - Keep dogs on leads - Respect crops, machinery and rural property - Do not contaminate water - Although not essential we recommend good walking boots - During hot weather take something to drink on the way - All walks can easily be negoti- ated by an averagely fit person - The routes have been recently walked and surveyed, changes can however occur, please follow any signed diversions - Some paths cross fields which are under cultivation - All distances and times are approximate - The maps give an accurate portrayal of the area, but scale has however been sacrificed in some cases for the sake of clarity and to fit restrictions of page size - Walking Close To have taken every care in the research and production of this guide but cannot be held responsible for the safety of anyone using them - During very wet weather, parts of these walks may become impassable through flooding, check before starting out. - Stiles and rights of way can get overgrown during the summer - folding secateurs are a useful addition to a walker’s rucksack. Our walks our compiled by Clive Brown who holds the copyright to them. Clive’s website is www.walkingcloseto. com where you can order any of his 74 walking guides. You can email him directly with any comments you may have at, or, of course you can get in touch with us here:

Gareth Hudson MCFHP MAFHP

Foot Health Professional Visiting Practice For all your foot care needs in the comfort of your own home: + Nails + Corns + Calluses + Ingrown toenails + Fungal infections + Diabetic foot care Registered Member Of The British Association Of Foot Health Professionals

Tel: 01509 844461 Mobile: 07896 945156 Email:

Visit for details of advertising rates

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Short Story - The Resolution “Interested in my New Year’s resolution?” Clive asked his daughter as they were eating dinner one evening. “Mmm”, said Jenny. “I’ve decided to start going to your Zumba class, so I can spend more time with you”. The statement was rewarded with a sudden clatter of cutlery. “But you can’t!” she exclaimed. For weeks now Jenny had been going to Zumba. At first Clive had not given it a thought until he accidentally read one of her text messages: ‘Expecting you at 7.30 tonight. Don’t be late, I’m seeing another girl at 8.30. Brian’. Clive hated snooping on his daughter. Yet even though she was now eighteen, she was always going to be his little girl. So who was this Brian? It didn’t sound like a young man’s name, which worried Clive. What worried him more was the cocky tone of the message. And could his lovely, bright Jenny fall for a bloke who had a string of girls on the go? Something was making her lie about where she was going and Clive was determined to find out what, even if he had to call her bluff.

“Thank you, ladies and gentleman,” the instructor announced. “And well done to our two new members”. Everyone in the room turned and looked at Jenny and Clive. By the horrified expression on Jenny’s face Clive realised the truth - this was Jenny’s first Zumba class as well. They had an uncomfortable walk to the car park. Finally Jenny cleared her throat, “Okay Dad, you’ve caught me out,” she confessed. “The truth is I’ve been going to kickboxing classes”.

“Why can’t I come to Zumba darling?” Clive asked sweetly. He braced himself for a full confession.

“Kickboxing!” Clive exclaimed, imagining all sorts of horrible things.

“Because you’ll be completely embarrassing,” Jenny muttered.

“Before you go mental, it’s not dangerous, it’s...” Jenny searched for the right word, “...disciplined”.

And this was how, two evenings later, Clive found himself the only man in a freezing church hall full of ladies wearing leggings.

Clive wished he could believe her. At least at Zumba no one got hurt, well apart from all the ladies he’d trodden on that evening.

“Let’s stick near the back,” he whispered to Jenny. There followed, as Jenny predicted, a completely embarrassing hour of squatting, wiggling, skipping, arm waving and accidentally poking people in the eye. Before the warm up had even finished Clive resolved never to doubt his daughter again.

“Come and watch me Dad, before you make up your mind. I’m good at it”. She hugged his arm. “You did say you wanted to spend more time with me”.

When everyone in the room turned left Clive stumbled right. When they sashayed forward he staggered back. He had never inadvertently patted so many ladies’ bottoms in his life. He felt like a bowling ball careering through a room full of skittles. Then he completely misjudged a lunge and fell hands first against the large chest of a lady wearing a pink tee-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘The Fun Starts Here’.

Clive felt himself soften, but he still had one big question. “So who’s this Brian?” Jenny looked surprised. “Brian’s the instructor.” She sounded suspicious, “How do you know about him?” Clive decided now was a good time to change the subject, “Shall we get some chips?” He patted his stomach. “All that Zumba has made me hungry”.

The hour could not end soon enough.

“The fun starts here!” Jenny giggled and gave him a hug. Clive pulled his sternest face.

Finally the music stopped.

“We shall never speak of that incident again”.

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Food tastes better from a clean oven! Doesn’t your oven deserve a spring clean too? Let us restore your oven to near showroom condition!

ent, agem ifestyle t Man L Weigh and Active le t L oss vailab ls Weigh rograms a a P 20 Me 2 for lly Buster 8 £ e B Only y a e!! e 10 d on th Challeng


Get your oven professionally cleaned

from £38

10% senior citizen discount

• Professional oven cleaning • 100% biodegradable materials • Local, friendly service • We also clean hobs, microwaves, extractors & even BBQs! Call now for a free quotation

07969 135210 or 0800 043 7861 Offer price based on single residential oven with average use. This advert must be produced to qualify.

Need a

Chimney Sweep? ChimneyDoc! Your Local Sweep

Open fires, wood burners & solid fuel stoves. Payment Plans available! See website for details We Can Also:

Cut out and keep me!

Supply & Fit Bird Guards & Chimney Cowls and re-point chimneys

Clear Guttering & downpipes restore white uPVC back to new-look

Call Mark the Chimneydoc now

T: 01509 881479 M: 07830 345800 email

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From Little Ninjas… Stealth – cautious or surreptitious action or movement… so says the Oxford English dictionary definition and that probably underpins the teaching of Leicestershire’s premier martial arts classes at Stealth Academy Wayne Radford, Stealth’s class leader in the Charnwood region says, “We teach four main martial arts – Karate: Empty handed self defence Krav: Israeli military self protection Kabdu: Creative displays with padded weaponry Kata: Sequence/dance But more importantly in every class and at each level of proficiency we champion the 8 disciplines which are fundamental in all martial arts fulfilment: balance, co-ordination, focus, discipline, control, teamwork, memory and fitness. As the student begins to master these, transformation commences; probably the most important focus is fitness and it is this that each class member will see, feel and take away from each attendance. It is fantastic to witness the Little Ninjas (3 to 5 year-old pre-school children) growing in confidence, showing control and co-ordination, working as a team and becoming more able week by week. From there they will progress to the 6 to 12 year-old classes and eventually to teens and adults. All classes have age specific curricular and although we stretch our students

we make sure everyone is kept safe and within their own individual capabilities.” For the first time Stealth classes are now available in the Soar Valley - all start from £3.00 per class and as an opening special offer all first time students receive a full martial arts uniform and first belt – worth £49.00! Stealth Academy has just been awarded entry into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, a coveted accolade only the very best martial arts organisations in the country attain. Stealth’s founder and Sensei, Craig Smith, spoke of their history and future plans: “We started classes in Coalville eight years ago and moved into our HQ on Brunel Way five years ago. There are more than 300 students attending weekly classes there and over 100 now in our Barwell (Hinkley) operation. We know there’s a huge potential in the Charnwood area and later this year we hope to open on the Leicestershire border at Castle Donington.” Looks like with the right care and attention mighty oaks from little Ninjas grow - or should I say, balance, co-ordination, focus, discipline...

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Charnwood Maintenance With Christmas over a lot of us are looking forward to spring and all that that brings. However, there will probably be a few cold snaps yet to come so be prepared and with all the water we have had recently there maybe one or two things you should check. INSIDE · Don’t forget to check indoors for signs of existing leaks. Look at the ceilings for discoloration or water damage, and examine windows for peeling paint and caulk. If the paint or caulk is peeling up, re-seal and re-paint to ensure water doesn’t find its way in. · Inspect your plumbing to ensure there are no signs of leaks or corrosion. Flexible supply hoses, like those found on washing machines and dishwashers, should be examined annually for cracks or bulges. · Check toilet tanks for floats and fill valves. These need to be replaced as soon as there’s a problem because they waste water and can fail catastrophically causing serious water damage. · Check your tumble dryer vent and clean out the exhaust duct. This can be a leading cause of fire. · Check your smoke detectors. This should be done twice a year. Change the batteries at least once a year. · Think about de-cluttering ready for a spring clean or re-decoration OUTSIDE · Check for loose or leaky gutters. Make sure downspouts drain away from the foundation and are clear and free of debris/leaves. · Clear away old crops from the greenhouse, including grow bags,

they can harbour hibernating insects and their eggs. Spread the grow bag compost on the soil as a soil conditioner. · After a frost try to stay off the grass. Treading on the lawn in frosty conditions can damage the grass. · Refirm the roots of any shrubs that may have been lifted by frost. · Switch outside water taps off at the mains and leave the outside tap open, draining any water, so the pipes don’t freeze. · Put out feeders for birds, not forgetting fresh water. Encouraging birds into the garden will help reduce the number of insects and slugs. · Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Cover shrubs that are likely to be damaged by frost with garden fleece, sacking or an old light blanket. · On a dry still day rake up fallen leaves, don’t put them on the compost heap, as leaves break down in a cold process, whereas a traditional compost heap breaks organic matter down in a warm/ hot process. Put them into a leaf composter, or make leafmould. · Now that you are not using it, get the lawn mower serviced to make sure it is ready for summer use. Clean equipment and sharp cutting blades will make life easier later in the year. · If you have any decorative plant pots that aren’t frostproof, empty them of all soil and store them in the shed, greenhouse or garage. · With less daylight houseplants will require less feeding and watering. However as the temperature drops outside the central heating goes on and the temperature in the house tends to go up. Ensure your houseplants don’t dry out. Top tips supplied by Dave Walters of Charnwood Maintenance

“The Expert One Stop Shop for all your planned and emergency home, garden and property maintenance.” Contact: ELECTRICAL PAT TESTING






t 01509 414417 m 07707 583044 Charnwood Maintenance Services The Ark Centre, Meadow Lane Industrial Estate, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 1JP Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

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Specialists in Family Law


Simple, straightforward advice when you need it most

• Divorce & Separation • Co-habitation Agreements • Pre-Nuptial Agreements • Same Sex Partnerships Fixed Fees available for most matters

0116 255 48 55

• Adoption • Children Issues • Qualified Mediator • Qualified Collaborative Lawyer

3 & 5 Welford Road, Leicester LE2 7AD www



01509 414 169


• Re-wires • Fuse Board Upgrades • Extra Sockets & Lighting • New Builds & Extensions • Inspection & Testing • Garden & Security Lighting • Electric Showers • Burglar Alarms


For a FREE quote: M: 07970 893250 T: 0116 2303166 Saxon Drive, Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7SR

Soar Valley Aerials Digital TV Aerials Supplied & Fitted • Free quotations • Repairs & Upgrades • Extra Points • Satellite Systems Fitted • Competitive Rates • Free to view Specialist

Telephone: 01509 409 509 Mobile: 07968 204 967

Page 34 Advertise in Soar Valley Life from £21 per month plus VAT

JOIN FOR FREE* Start losing weight today

“I went from a size 18 to a 10


in 6 months!”


Member Alison, 43.

Skincare & Beauty Salon

Follow us on

Eden Skincare & Beauty Salon offers an extensive range of advanced skincare and body essential beauty treatments. Owner and highly qualified Beauty Consultant, Holly Smart and her unique team of therapists offer 18 years of experience, bringing their clients only the very best in the beauty industry.

MONDAY Quorn Village Hall 64 Leicester Road, Quorn, LE12 8BB 09:30 - 11:00 am


Charnwood College (Burleigh College) Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, LE11 4SQ 6:30 - 8:00 pm (Zumba® Fitness)

TUESDAY Rawlins Community College, Loughborough Rd, Quorn, LE12 8DY 5:30 - 7:00 pm 7:00 - 8:15 pm (Zumba® Fitness) THURSDAY Quorn Village Hall, 64 Leicester Road, Quorn, LE12 8BB 09:30 - 11:00 am


£50 off all semi permanent make-up (Micropigmentation) and facial fillers

inCludeS free PaCk

*New members only. Valid until 21/03/2013. Class price: £6.25. Bring voucher to claim.

36 King Street, Sileby, Leicestershire LE12 7NA

01509 812999

Call Sally on 01162 392 880 sally.eastham@

General Knowledge Crossword 1





Across 1 London borough associated with the Houses of Parliament (11) 8 Candied plant stalks used to flavour cakes and trifles (8) 9 Biblical first man (4) 10 Blue ___, flag indicating a ship is ready to sail (5) 11 Domestic fowl (7) 13 Picture painted on a plaster wall (6) 15 Garment worn by both men and women in the South Pacific (6) 17 Port city in Washington, USA (7) 19 Curry dish cooked and served in a flat-bottomed metal pot (5) 22 Animal associated with the star sign Taurus (4) 23 Wife of an earl (8) 24 Tall perennial plant from South America, having silvery plumes (6,5)

6 7




11 12









21 23 ©



Down 2 Premium Bonds computer (5) 3 Greek hero who slew the Minotaur (7) 4 Goddess of the rainbow (4) 5 Marine creature (8) 6 Electronic message (5)

7 12 14 16 18

Network of rabbit burrows (6) Size of paper (8) Type of monkey, macaque (6) Nuclear plant (7) Gene Pitney song, Twentyfour Hours from ___ (5)

20 Long pointed teeth specialised for fighting or digging (5) 21 Partially opened flowers (4)

Answers on page 46

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Recipe - Chocolate Pecan Pie If you have a bowlful of nuts left over from Christmas then why not make this classic American favourite with a British twist – simply replace half the pecan nuts with walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. Serve with a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt or whipped cream. 1. To make the pastry, sift the flour into a bowl and add the diced butter. Using your fingertips, rub the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the egg and water and mix to a crumbly dough. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently until smooth. Wrap and chill the pastry for 20 minutes. 2. Roll the pastry out on a lightly floured surface and use to line a 25cm round deep metal pie tin (or a loose-based fluted flan tin). Crimp the pastry edge with your fingers and prick the base all over with a fork. Chill for 30 minutes. 3. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6 and place a baking sheet in the oven to heat. To make the filling, melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Remove from the heat and stir in the golden syrup, maple syrup and sugar then whisk in the beaten eggs. Chop half the nuts and stir into the mixture. 4. Gently pour the mixture into the pastry case and sprinkle over the rest of the nuts (roughly chopping the hazelnuts and Brazil nuts, if using). Slide the pie tin onto the preheated baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 180C/350F/ Gas 4 and bake for a further 25-30 minutes until the filling has set and the pastry is crisp and golden. Serve warm or cold.

Chocolate Pecan Pie For the pastry: • 225g plain flour • 100g butter, diced • 1 medium egg, beaten with 2 tbsp cold water For the filling: • 100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces • 50g butter, diced • 75g golden syrup • 4 tbsp maple syrup • 75g caster sugar • 4 medium eggs, beaten • 175g pecan nuts (or a mixture of pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts) Serves 8 Ready in 11⁄2 hours plus chilling

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Reader’s Recipes Ginger Nut Roll

One packet ginger nut biscuits ½ pint double cream whipped into soft peaks A shallow dish of sherry If possible use a rectangular shaped plate Place a good spoonful of whipped cream onto your plate Dip a ginger biscuit into the sherry, spread some cream on one side and stand the biscuit on its edge in the cream on the plate Repeat this until you have a nice log of alternating cream and biscuit with enough cream left to cover

No Bake Easy Cheesecake

You will need a 7” to 8” tin with a push-up base or a spring-clip. Or, as this freezes well, you can divide it into foil or plastic food containers with lids About 100gms digestive biscuits – crushed with a rolling pin 50gms demarara sugar 50gms melted butter Mix the biscuit crumbs into the melted butter and demarara sugar; press firmly into the base of your container and chill in the fridge 400gm soft cheese 100gm icing sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 300ml double cream - whipped

(Be careful not to soak the biscuits – just dip quickly in and out of the sherry) Cover the whole log with the remainder of the cream and decorate; you could use grated chocolate, chopped nuts or fruit. Chill in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours To serve – cut the log diagonally to produce a striped dessert Submitted by Pat Bishop of Sileby

Mix together the soft cheese and icing sugar Add the vanilla essence Fold the whipped cream into the cheese mixture Spread over the chilled biscuit base and chill again

Suggestions: Leave plain or just before serving decorate with fruit or grated chocolate. Cherry pie filling makes a great topping! Use ginger biscuits as an alternative base. Submitted by Pat Bishop of Sileby

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WIN a Ragdale Experience Day for two just by liking Soar Valley Life’s Facebook page!

at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa (worth £168)

Good Spa Guide Awards 2012 - Best UK Destination Spa. Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice 2012 - Listed in Top 25 Relaxation/Spa Hotels in UK. Mumsnet Best Spa in the UK 2012 Great for a girls day out. The Spa Traveller Readers’ Awards 2011 - Best UK Spa. Spa Finder Readers’ Choice Awards 2011 - Favourite UK Spa. Zest’s Best Spa 2011 - Best for Great Value. Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards 2011 - Runner Up Favourite UK Spa Retreat. Good Spa Guide - Five Bubbles. Sunday Times Travel Magazine Readers’ Awards 2011 - Runner Up Favourite UK Spa

You and a friend could spend a relaxing day at Ragdale Hall on a Ragdale Experience Day to include:

How to Enter

Light lunch in the Verandah Bar. Plus use of all of Ragdale’s facilities including the multimillion pound Thermal Spa featuring candle pool, indoor/outdoor waterfall and a series of heat experiences, two further pools, including whirlpool bath and cascade, gym, exercise classes and outdoor facilities.

If you are not the lucky winner, then maybe a Ragdale Hall gift voucher would be the perfect Christmas present. Available in monetary amounts from £25 or for days or overnight breaks, they are the ideal Christmas gift.

The winner will be drawn at random from all ‘likers’ on our Facebook page by February 15th 2013.

If you have not already done so go to and simply click on the thumbs-up sign to register your ‘like’

All vouchers are valid for a year from the day of purchase and are dispatched upon receipt of full payment. To make a purchase or for further information contact Voucher Sales on 01664 433030 or visit our website on

Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa Ragdale Village, Nr Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3PB Tel: 01664 434831

MOSS SOLICITORS LLP County Law Firm of the Year 2010 & 2008

01509 217770

80-81 Woodgate, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2XE

Buying and Selling – the Jargon Explained We appreciate that buying and selling property is a major transaction and can be quite daunting. Our team of specialists understand that their role is more than just the legal aspects of the transaction and take you through the process step by step to get you moving within your desired time scales Freehold – refers to permanent ownership of property unless a new sale is agreed. This is not time sensitive Leasehold – refers to a property where a purchaser can only buy the right to use the land/property for a given amount of time Land Registry office copies – this is obtained by your conveyancing provider early in the process from the Land Registry. This public document outlines who owns property and what matters are relevant Searches – These may include Local Authority, Drainage & Water, Chancel, Environmental, Flooding and Coal Mining. These searches are ordered by your conveyancing team in order to gain more information about the property Contract – this is the legal document which sets out all the information regarding the transaction including the property details, seller and buyer, price and any special conditions

Transfer deed – a document that legally transfers the property into the name of the buyer. It must be signed by the parties in the presence of a witness Covenant – obligations and restrictions, known as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ covenants respectively, that can be attached to a property for example, obligations requiring you to maintain something within your boundary or restrictions preventing you from specified actions Stamp duty – buyers pay stamp duty based on the purchase price of the property in question to HMRC. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) - provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices awarded by the Law Society. Firms who are approved through the scheme protocol such as Moss Solicitors LLP have to demonstrate good practice management standards and adherence to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures. If you would like further information on the above or require an estimate of cost, please contact: Michelle Chapman Tel: 01509 635466 Rachel Skinner Tel : 01509 635447 Hayley Tennant Tel: 01509 635461

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Introducing our new writer... Phillip Mark McGough Born and bred on the Nottinghamshire shores of the River Trent, studied law at Nottingham University and has a passion for good literature, beer and company. More of his writing can be seen on our website at and on Facebook at Phillip Mark McGough

Last year is dead, begin afresh... Just after Christmas, like most people, I subcontracted January to a paving company trading under the name of Good Intentions - their reputation for shoddy workmanship and unfulfilled promises notwithstanding. So, one week into the New Year, I have neither joined a gym, quit the fags, abandoned the booze, written the Great British Novel nor saved the planet from near-certain catastrophe. However, I have got some walking in and a trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve near Beeston, Nottinghamshire over the first weekend of 2013 was, appropriately, the backdrop to a whole litany of firsts: the first time I’ve seen a weasel in the wild – scurrying back and forth across an obviously habitual path between an old barn and the kitchen garden of an adjacent cottage; the first time I’ve seen a kingfisher this early in the season - a little multi-faceted gem pledged in surety of a summer yet to come; and, no less noteworthy for this sometime birdwatcher, the first time I’ve seen an Egyptian goose. Oh, and did I mention the waxwings? Any amount of them robbing berries from the trees. I was so excited about this (I’m a man of simple pleasures) that I actually rang several people to tell them the good news - to be met with varying degrees of interest and comprehension. When I told my mother- no birdwatcher- “We’ve got waxwings here!” she queried: “Is it contagious?” They are irregular and irruptive winter visitors from Scandinavia, I counselled, gravely. She was of course none the wiser. Later in the day a quite spectacular sunset over the Trent and the reserve’s ponds and lagoons was superintended by the ubiquitous silhouette of Ratcliffe-on- Soar Power Station, which you can see from just about everywhere in this little overlapping corner of the East Midlands, where Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire meet and mingle their rivers and streams. What I always find odd about the power station is that it in no way intrudes upon or otherwise interrupts the landscape. It should do, but it doesn’t. It sits very well in the environment,

Sunset over Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station from Attenborough Nature reserve

always has, perhaps something to do with its brutal scale, its fiery outline - which almost gives it the feel of something that came up from the earth without the help of men. All very William Blake, perhaps not quite dark and satanic (this is Ratcliffe we’re talking about) but certainly dark and romantic in certain shades of twilight - much like myself. It occurred to me on the way back to the car park - my best thinking is done on the way back to car parks - that it had been a day of early promises, early resolutions so to speak; albeit, unlike the resolutions of men, these would not be broken. Nature is the ultimate promise fulfilled, we might say. I know that spring will soon be here, because Nature tells us that it will be so, and we can take her at her word. Aside from the kingfisher already mentioned, more than one tree at Attenborough was in blossom, and there was a fair amount of gorse in the hedgerows, as plentiful and as yellow as if it were already April. So although my own resolutions may be broken, I’m reminded that I can make them again. We can always begin again, Nature says. As Larkin - in a rare spasm of optimism- had it of this time of year (well, give or take a few months, blame global warming if you want): Yet still the unresting castles thresh in full-grown thickness every May. Last year is dead, they seem to say, begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

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Good choice of rugs always available in store

Spot the Difference? This one is easy though…

Listening to Stuart Simpson, owner of SJS carpet cleaning, makes you realise there’s a lot more to this, and to Stuart, than is at first obvious. He is a true professional, and I guess that’s a trait he’s always had.

He played football in his youth and got paid for it, until injury stopped his progress, but not before he’d played against a young George Best just a week before George made his debut for Manchester United! From football - via tennis, playing the New Zealand number 2 in the semi-final of the North of England Championships, Stuart went into teaching, his major subject being P.E. With a long-held ambition to have his own business, about twenty years ago he bought a franchise with Rainbow International, the commercial restoration specialists. After building that up to one of the top three national businesses he sold the franchise five years ago and started SJS; since then he has concentrated on the domestic market closer to his home in Barrow upon Soar.



But there’s a sparkle in his eye and enthusiasm in his voice when he talks about the jobs he’s done recently. Showing me his portfolio which he takes to each new enquiry he says, “Look at this one - most people would think it was too far gone! All it needed was a bit of the SJS know-how, an hour or so of applied professional cleaning and there’s the result.” You can check out more of Stuart’s amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos by going to and searching for Stuart Simpson or The Professional Carpet Cleaner. He also showed me a before and after sample of carpet and it’s the fresh, clean smell of the restored carpet that I recall now - they say that one’s sense of smell triggers the most powerful of our memories…

It says on his advert “Call Stuart for FREE ADVICE” so, hoping to catch him out, I asked him what I could do about red wine spilt on a white carpet. “The first rule of cleaning anything from fabrics is this: if the stain is water-based all it needs is cold water. Get some clean towels, pour cold water on stain, fold towel into a square and place on stain - now stand on towel and dance! The twist is the best. Repeat until stain has disappeared. Easy, really!” But, as I said, I think there really is a lot more to it than this…



   

Re-Wires Fuse board upgrades Extra sockets & lights PAT testing

   

Alarm systems BT & TV points Aerial upgrades Low energy lighting TEL: 01509 816465 or 07753612340 Page 42 Visit for details of advertising rates

Spot Ten Differences Answers on Page 46

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For how to play go to


manufacture and


of kitchens, bedrooms & fitted furniture

For free quotations call

01509 816391 07875 64 0074 Unit 2a Manor Drive, Sileby, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 7RZ

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Anything of interest you’d like to see in the next issue? Call 01509 813 125 or email

Get ready to feel great and look fantastic! LighterLife gives you everything you need to change the way you look and feel this summer. You’ll receive regular support from your LighterLife group and weight management counsellor. Combined with nutritious soups, shakes and bars, we’ll help you lose weight and keep it off. For a FREE Initial Consultation, call:

Debbie Ford, Loughborough

01509 234433 Manda Mootien LighterLife client

ie coun No calor

Food prices on the increase? Not ours! Because of the poor weather conditions during 2012, food prices are set to soar during 2013. However, at LighterLife our prices are remaining the same! When you join a LighterLife Programme, all your nutritional needs each week are taken care of and the price is flexible to suit your budget with Programmes starting at just £52.80 per week. Plus, new to 2013, most people will not need to seek their GP’s approval to join! Included in your weekly cost is not only 100% of the nutrition your body needs - delivered in the form of easy to prepare soups, shakes, bars and meals - but also a full hour of group

ting. N

Free Init ial Consult ations every W ednesday . Groups re-open ing weekly

o ha n g. N i h c t ts wa o poin

. s sl e

lighten up with

counselling with myself, a trained Counsellor, in small select same-sex groups; we can explore the reasons why you use food as you do and work with you to create a new mindset about the place food plays in your life which will enable you to keep the weight off once you have completed the Programme. Also included in the Programme is education about nutrition, how to calculate the right portion size for your body and which foods are best for your body once you return to food. LighterLife is the intelligent way to lose weight and keep it off. Give me a call to make a free, no obligation initial appointment and find out more. Debbie Ford, 01509 234433 or email

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The Queen Victoria Syston

76 High Street, Syston LE7 1GQ 0116 260 5750

Great Value Deals

Lunchtime Carvery

Tuesday to Saturday 12noon - 2.00pm 2 for £10

Steak Night

Saturday 6pm - 8.30pm 2 steaks & bottle of wine £17.95*

Pie Night

Tuesdays 6pm - 8.30pm 2 for £13

Early Bird Specials – Tuesday to Friday – Special Menu – 2 Meals for a tenner

Sizzler Night

Wednesdays 6pm - 8.30pm 2 sizzlers & bottle of wine £20.00*

Evening Carvery Special

Thursdays 6pm - 8.30pm Full Carvery 2 for £15

Fish & Chip Night

Fridays 6pm - 8.30pm 2 for £13

Sunday Carvery

Available 12 noon til 3pm Adults £8.75 Children £5.25 includes free ice cream

* specific wines see full menu for choice

General Knowledge Crossword Answers Across: 1 Westminster, 8 Angelica, 9 Adam, 10 Peter, 11 Poultry, 13 Fresco, 15 Sarong, 17 Seattle, 19 Balti, 22 Bull, 23 Countess, 24 Pampas grass

Down: 2 Ernie, 3 Theseus, 4 Iris, 5 Seahorse, 6 Email, 7 Warren, 12 Foolscap, 14 Rhesus, 16 Reactor, 18 Tulsa, 20 Tusks, 21 Buds.

Spot the Difference Answers

1. Bed Sheet Colour 2. Patient’s Chin 3. Pens in doctor’s pocket 4. Finger missing 5. Book Title 6. Teeth 7. Tie pattern 8. Eyebrow missing 9. Buttons 10. Back of bed

Sudoku Solution

Review of the Year Quiz Answers 1. Italy 2. Ukraine 3. Fred Goodwin’s 4. Beyonce 5. Boxing 6. Austrian 7. Jocky Wilson 8. Pudsey 9. Fifty Shades of Grey 10. Sing

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Your own exclusive wedding celebration aboard "The Wedding Belle" First class dining in luxury Pullman carriages steam hauled through Leicestershire’s finest countryside.

For further information on our wedding packages, please see or call 01509 632323

Stunning redevelopment at Soar Valley Leisure Centre

NOW COMPLETE NO CONTRACT and * E E F G IN IN JO O N Now open... • NEW studio • NEW health suite relocated to ground floor • NEW-look reception with extended pool viewing • 25m pool


• Crèche • Sports hall

Day Pass†

• Outdoor pitches • Refreshed gym

• Refreshed changing rooms

Text WOW1 to 88882^ or present this advert at reception to book your tria l.

Call 01162 375 267, pop in and see us or visit

*Offer limited to first 200 customers. Ends 31st January 2013. †Appointment must be booked before using facility. One per person. Valid for studio, pool & gym only. Full terms and conditions at ^Standard network rates apply.

Your Charnwood Leisure Centres are brought to you by Charnwood Borough Council in partnership with Fusion – an experienced sport and leisure management organisation. As a registered charity, Fusion continually reinvests to improve the sport & leisure offer in your community.

in partnership with

Soar Valley Life January 2013  

Community magazine and business directory for the Soar Valley/Charnwood area of Leicestershire delivered to 14,500 homes and businesses ever...

Soar Valley Life January 2013  

Community magazine and business directory for the Soar Valley/Charnwood area of Leicestershire delivered to 14,500 homes and businesses ever...