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The importance of color in

Why should you care about your brand colors? Exciting




Studies have shown that a products color influences up to 80 percent of a customers purchasing decision



33% Use BLUE

A study of the world’s top 100 brands analyzed each brand’s logo

Its does not cost a lot to choose a company color, but making the wrong decision could cost your company in the long run

Use TEXT only

13% Use YELLOW 29% Use RED 35% Use BLACK









Use more than 2 colors

85% Of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why the buy a particular product


Percentage of shoppers that base their opinion of a website of overall design alone



15% Other

85% Color

Percentage of shoppers that did not return to Online shopping because of the design

Myths Color Can Be Kind Of Disgusting We All Have Similar Taste In Colors We Perceive Colors Differently Color Affects Our Depth Perception Color Affects Our Judgment

Here are a few of the more bizarre places we’re historically got our colors from: the charred remains of dead bodies, the urine of cows that have been fed mango leaves, insect blood, and sea slug tears. Studies have shown that regardless of gender, nationality, or culture, we all order our preference of colors in a predictable order, with only a small amount of variation. In his book Elements of Color, Johannes Itten tells us we each have our own “subjective color palette”, and that we are able to see more shades of colors that are within our subject palette than those that are not. We perceive warm colors as being closer to us, and cool colors as farther away. If I were to get you to pick up two boxes, one red and one blue, that were exactly the same weight, you would believe that the red box was heavier than the blue one.

Infographic on the importance of Color  
Infographic on the importance of Color  

This infographic was a school project and it wa so much fun!