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WHAT’s the LATEST Informational Text (student produced ezine featuring original feature articles)

Let’s Get Ready for Sunday Night! Who could possibly go to the super bowl in 2014?

Some believe that the Seahawks and the Broncos will be the ones going to the super bowl in 2014 because of the records they both obtained. However, only the play-offs will determine who goes. For right now, here are the top 10 teams in the running for going to the super bowl: 1.) Seattle Seahawks with 11 wins and two loses. And have clinched a wild card

positions. 2.) Denver Bronco with a season of 11 wins and one lost and has successfully beaten

the undefeated Kanas City Chiefs. 3.) Carolina Panthers with a record of nine wins and three lost. 4.) Kanas city Chiefs with a record that similar to the Carolina Panthers nine wins and

three lost. 5.) New England Patriots with a nine win and three lost season right now. 6.) New Orleans Saints nine wins and three lost 7.) Cincinnati Bengals eight wins and four lost. 8.) Indianapolis colts’ eight wins and four lost. 9.) San Francisco 49ers eight wins and four lost. 10.) Dallas Cowboys seven wins and six lost.

Now the question is which one of these teams will go to the super bowl? Will it be the Broncos, New England…Dallas? Guess we’ll find out February 2, 2014.

written by Ashton Pugh (Fall 2013)

Violence Among Teens Violence among teens nowadays is getting out of control. Kids are out here killing kids, and that isn’t right. The reason I chose to write about violence among teens is because I lost one of my friends due to the violence out here in the world. My friend Treyshawn was shot in the head on April 7, 2013. Everybody used to call him “Sunny or SunnyBoy” because he was very light-skinned.

Another reason I wrote this article is because of the death of the beautiful, intelligent and talented Ms. Hadiya Pendleton. She was a 15-year-old girl from Chicago who was shot in the back and killed while standing with friends at Harsh Park in Chicago. Hadiya had just finished her final exams at King College Prep High School and must have been feeling good. Another fact that makes this killing tragic is that Hadiya had just performed for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. First Lady Michelle Obama came back to Chicago to attend Ms. Pendleton’s funeral. As you may know, the Obamas used to live in Chicago – just one mile away from where Hadiya Pendleton was murdered, if fact. Two suspects – both under the age of 21 - were arrested and charged with this crime. They told police that they weren’t even trying to shoot Hadiya. Apparently they mistakenly thought that Hadiya and her friends were members of a rival gang. But the fact remains that they did kill her. And the fact remains that even though they were caught and arrested, Hadiya is dead. A mistake and an arrest does not bring this young lady back to her family and friends. Hadiya Pendleton’s life – like too many others’ - was cut short due to teen violence. The world is so cruel nowadays. Only the future will tell if it changes or remains the same. written by Astarte’ Simms Fall 2013

Drop-Out Prevention in Richland School District One Olympia learning Center is an alternative school to middle and high school students. OLC is providing a path way for high school students to earn a high school diploma. Reducing the districts dropout rate and ensuring that middle and high school student have varies of support service. Richland One Middle College provides educational service for adult according to the purpose set forth in the work force. A medical fragile and severally mentally physical disabled student from ages 3-21 who require a structured educational environment. Evening School Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 2:00 - 8:30 p.m. The Evening High School is designed to serve students aged 16-20, interested in obtaining a high school diploma; but, due to life circumstances, are unable to attend school during the day. The operational timeframe enables students to hold a job, meet family obligations and, upon meeting the requirements, graduate from high school. Personal Opinion To be honest, high school drop-out is not acceptable to me. I say that because we can all make it. Even though there is stress, struggle, and complication in our daily lives. by Chadajah James

The BEST Fast Food Places Ever wonder why fast food Restaurants are so popular? Fast food is popular because it’s fast, convenient and inexpensive. Let’s take a lot at the best variety… McDonalds: • Founded May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, California. • Founder(s): Richard and Maurice McDonald. • •

Famous for: Hamburgers.

Number of locations: 34,000+

Papa John’s: •

Founded: October 2, 1984 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Founder(s): John Schnatter (CEO)

Famous for: Pizza

Number of locations: 4,000+ Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Founded: 1930 in North Corbin, Kentucky

Founder(s): Harland Sanders

Famous for: Chicken

Number of locations: 18,000+

Taco Bell: •

Founded: March 21, 1962 in Downey California.

Founder(s): Glen Bell

Famous for: Tacos

Number of locations: 6,400+ Firehouse Subs: • Founded: 1994 • Founder(s): Don Fox • Famous for: Subs • Number of locations: 700+

By Chelyn Chinn

“Hey you! Yes you! I can help you get her! If you want her, you’ll have to keep on reading!” Guys, did you ever wonder how to ask out the girl of your dreams? If so, I’m here for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the girl of your dreams, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way: −

Compliment her but DON’T overdo it

Let her know you like her

Always give her your attention

Challenge her; females love a challenge

Always dress to impress

Clean up your act: We don’t like disrespect

Be a friend to her

Make her laugh


25 interesting facts about us! (Girls) 1.

We love personalities (and bodies!)


When we cry, we want you to comfort us


Don’t call us ‘sexy’. Call us beautiful


We dress to impress YOU


We think about guys 24/7


We want a cute nickname from you


We don’t mean to, but we play hard to get


We HATE hearing about perverted things


Respect is EVERYTHING to us


Make us feel special (We love it!)


No Brainer: You need outstanding hygiene


Pull us by the waist, we LOVE IT


Be sentimental, we’ll remember it forever


We love someone with confidence


Girls love it when you say their name




We will love it if you show us off to your friends


We love eye contact


We like when you tell us what you’re thinking


When we say no, we MEAN it


If you’re thinking about her let her know. She’ll blush like crazy


Either you accept us the way we are, or we don’t want you to accept us at all


We like to be flattered at all times


Don’t be too serious


Act silly, we love silly behavior

PS: All you ever need to do is BE YOU! Conclusion: So, now that you have these interesting facts, go get her! You’ve wasted enough time already! If you follow my simple steps, you’ll be able to get your girl in no time.

Written by Kylee Muniz

Richie Parker Richie Parker was born without arms. Even though he doesn’t have arms, he DOES have a “can-do attitude” for accomplishing a widerange of tasks, including opening a refrigerator door to creating a system to help him drive a car. Growing up, Richie’s parents taught him that he was just like other people and he did what normal people did throughout his entire life. Richie graduated from Clemson University and he earned an internship at the Hendricks Motorsports. To get the job done, Richie work on cars with his feet. He was supposed to be working there for 10 months but he ended up staying and making a career at the company as a chassis and body component designer. That’s because the cars he works on have won races and his boss was just so impressed. Richie says that he can do anything that everybody else can do - nothing can stop him. He is normal just like everybody was. written by Malaysia Ancrum

Mass Suicide at Jonestown November 18, 1978 was a day that will forever live in infamy, for on this day, 909 men, women, and children took their own lives by the command of their pastor, Jim Jones. Jim Jones, a rather paranoid pastor, invited his congregation to move with him to Guyana where he promised they would build a socialist utopia. However, life on the island was not the paradise the congregation was promised as they worked long days were harshly punished if they questioned Jones’ power. Passports were taken from them, letters home were censored and it was required for members to attend lengthy late night meetings. Jim Jones’ became addicted to drugs and his mental health declined, forcing Temple members to perform mock suicide drills. On November 17th, U.S congressman Leo Ryan traveled to Jonestown for investigation. Everything seemed well, but as Ryan prepared for departure, Temple members approached and asked him to take them out of Guyana. Jim Jones was heated at the attempts and one of his followers attacked Leo Ryan with a knife. Ryan escaped unharmed, but Jones wanted him killed. Ryan was murdered while boarding his plane. The next day, Jim Jones ordered all of the Temple members to gather for the mass suicide. The children were killed first. Mixes of poison and fruit juice were dropped down their throats, then the adults lined up to do the same. The next day, officials arrived in Jonestown and found the hundreds of bodies. Some Temple members escaped while the suicides took place. written by Tianna Rawlinson

Trendy, No Spendy

White V-


$5.00 Harem Black and white polka dot pants with red bow- $14.00 Red combat boots- $50.00 Red blazer- $12.00 Gold Charm Bracelet- $24.82 Gold and silver Necklace with Bow$30.00 White handbag- $10.00 Gold hoop earrings- $2.84

Orange V-neck$6.00 Baggy ripped jeans$16.00 Tribal sweater- $20.00

Orange and gold flats- $12.00 Tribal Necklace- $9.00 Gold Hoop earrings- $3.00

Article by Natalie Thompson

The Best Fashion Outfits for Teenage Girls Wondering what to wear? For a fashion-forward look that's also cozy and comfortable (in other words, a look that's perfect for the holiday weekend) pair a turtleneck sweater with a leather. Now day’s females have their own fashion. (The picture to the right on the top she expressing her superman half cut shirt. The picture to the left shows that your fashion could be different from other people.)

Body: Create an outfit that explains YOU. That’s mean go to any store and buy what you feel is right, comfortable, real and just you. Like Nicki Minaj said “True confidence leaves no room for jealousy”. When you know you’re great, you have no need to hate on someone else fashion, but worrying about yours. Even Marilyn Monroe said “Your clothes should be tight show you’re a woman but, lose enough to show that you’re a lady. They are trying to say that fashion done make you, you make your fashion yourself. Interesting Details • • • • • •

Country Girl

Tank top, Jean Jacket, Gray, White Jordan, Camo legging, Gray Beanie.

( Shade hat and Shirt, cross earring , with shorts and Jordan ( Flight Jordan))

Hoody (the weeknd hoody) converse shoes (black) faded pants, with a messy bun. College Jacket , baggy hammer time pants, with some flight Jordan ( pink and black)

Crop top (flowers) classic jegging (black) with some cow girls boots with your hair down. Conclusion:

Fashion is your creation that you express. So what is your fashion that you would like to show or feel like you need to express?

This outfit on the right relates to teenagers because she has her own style.

Written by Quintera Green



Do you need braces? Well, join the club…I am already sporting my mouth of metal. Here are some facts, figures and other useful information as you enter the world of BRACES!!!


When you first get your braces tightened, your gums hurt because the braces or in my case the rubber bands were pulling my teeth together to close all the space.

After my first year of having braces, the orthodontist gave me rubber bands to hook on a top tooth and the bottom. The rubber band helps my jaw move.

You should also floss every day and night after you eat while you have braces.

Statistics: •

According to statistics, about four million people wear braces. 25% of those people are adults. Most braces are worn about 18 to 30 months.

$ Cost of Braces $ 1. Metal Braces (traditional braces): $3,500-6,000

2. Ceramic Braces: $4,000-6,500 3. Lingual Braces: $8,000-10,000 4. Invisalign: $3,500-6,000


Metal braces Pro: Cost less than clear ones

Metal braces Con: They take a while to get used to and some of your food is still limited.

Ceramic braces Pro: They are very strong and generally do not stain.

Ceramic braces Con: They cost more.

Lingual braces Pro: They are hidden from view.

Lingual braces Con: They are harder to move your teeth.

Invisalign braces Pro: No wires or brackets inside of your mouth.

Invisalign braces Con: You have to get a new aligner every 2 weeks.

Process: 1. First, I scheduled an appointment with the orthodontist to look at my teeth. 2. The orthodontist took X-rays and figured out what was wrong 3. We talked to a specialist and she gave me a list of things of what to do and what not to

do 4. My mom made the first payment and she bought me a special toothbrush that I don’t

use anymore 5. Then we scheduled the appointment to get my braces put on 6. Next, I came Back and got the braces put on 7. Now, I’m riding my last year out. Written by Tiqurria Mealing

EMINEM Eminem is my favorite rapper of all time because he talks about real life situations and throughout his music/ albums.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph Missouri, (U.S). Around the age of 14, he began rapping with his friend Mike Ruby, and later on started sneaking in to Osborn High School with his friend and fellow rapper Proof, for lunch room freestyle battles. Over the years as he became popular He was Ranked by one of the Greatest artist of all time, by different magazines such as Rolling Stone which ranked him 82nd on its list of the 100 greatest artist of all time and Declared him to be the king of hip-hop. In all, he sold more than 80 million albums and over 120 million singles worldwide. After releasing his infinite album in (1996), Eminem was raised to mainstream popularity in 1999 with the release of his second album the Slim Shady LP which helped him win a Grammy Award for the best Rap album. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) and The Eminem Show( 2002), were worldwide successes, and each earned the US Diamond certification in sales. Both albums also won Best Rap Grammy award, which made Eminem the first rapper to win a Grammy for the three consecutive LPs which was followed by Encore in 2004, another critical and commercial progressive album. Later he went on a hiatus tour in 2005, Released Relapse in 2009 and Recovery in 2010 which was named the Best-selling album of 2010 (worldwide) , which became Eminem’s second album, after The Eminem Show, to become an internationally best-selling album of its year. Eminem won Grammy awards for both of his albums Relapse and Recovery which gave him a total of 13 Grammy awards in his career. By Mekhi Toatley

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