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Excerpt from The Art of Soap, a new book featuring the inspiring work and stories of 24 handmade soap artisans.

Coming September, 2010 Published by Soapylove速 49

Silvia Victory Indulgence by SV Soaps Nampa, Idaho, USA



I started dabbling in soap making in 1996 with

but mostly from my love of baking and

my mom. We bought every book we could find

painting. I try to combine both passions into

on natural soap making and started

fun and fabulous looking soaps.

experimenting. From that point on I was hooked. Soap making is definitely my passion .

I am always striving to learn new techniques

Yes, I admit I am addicted to soap. It is so

and come up with fun designs. I have so many

satisfying to make something that is good for

notebooks and scraps of paper with soap

your skin, the environment, and has a bit of

drawings on them. One might wonder how

artistic flair.

many pictures of soap one person could draw, well I must tell you it is a lot. My 5 year old

I love to put a lot of creativity into each batch I

son even draws pictures of soap now and tapes

make. I constantly get asked what inspires my

his work to my studio walls.

soap designs. I get inspiration from everything,



“I get inspiration from everything, but mostly from my love of baking and painting.�




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Excerpt from The Art of Soap  

Take a peek into the most beautiful book to hit soap crafting. Featuring the stunning work of 24 distinctive soap artisans from around the w...

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