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TAYA CHAINS COME IN MANY COLORS, ALL OF THEM GREEN “The chain is the most important part of a bicycle. Continuous pedaling produces the sound of a rolling chain, which is the music of childhood memories,” opines Jill Wu, vice marketing manager of Taya Chain. Taya tends to view the industry a bit poetically. In recent years, the chain manufacturer has worked to make chain manufacturing a much more environmentally friendly process, to complement the benefits of cycling. Although a chain is mostly made of recyclable steel, its coating can be environmentally harmful.

Released in 2010, the Super Single-alpha won a 2010 Eurobike award and a 2011 Taiwan Excellence Award. The company has special events planned throughout the show as well.  AZ


VOX POP The ‘Unshakable’ Bicycle Business: How has the Japan earthquake affected your company? MEGUMI KIMURA CYCLEUROPE JAPAN TOKYO, JAPAN The great majority of people in northeastern Japan drive as a means of transportation, so the cycling population is comparatively small. The major bicycle sales are from the west of Tokyo, where the earthquake impact was not significant. However, the earthquake has severely affected Japanese transportation. The train wasn’t working on schedule, so I drove to Narita airport yesterday. Bicycle sales are skyrocketing because of the disruption of mass transportation. JONATHAN NUNAN BIKESPORTZ IMPORTS BRAESIDE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

Eight years ago, Taya Chain established its own plating and coating companies so it could vertically integrate its production process. Its chains are 100 percent made in Taiwan.

I predict that the Japanese yen will be devalued because of the earthquake. The consequence is that high-end Japanese bicycle parts will get more competitive. Our company distributes a dozen bicycle brands, and I believe more consumers will purchase premium Japanese parts. As far as I know, this earthquake caused severe damage and I’m concerned that small bike companies cannot survive.

It also developed what it calls Greener Surface Treatment (GST), which is a more environmentally friendly method of protecting the chain against rust while making it stylish. Taya also applies GST to the chain links and screws for anti-rust protection throughout. The company will again show its Super Single-alpha chain, a single-speed chain for e-bikes and internal hubs.


Taya’s double award-winning chain, the Super Single-alpha.

TOMOYUKI HATTORI (RIGHT) KONDO MACHINE CORPORATION AICHI PREFECTURE, JAPAN I just flew from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. I came to the Taipei Cycle Show in search of rims and quick release systems. With Japan’s transportation systems in chaos, the logistics of [distributing] bicycle parts were also affected. On the other hand, Japanese people are cycling due to the train shutdowns. DAVID GUZIK TREK BICYCLE CORP. WATERLOO, WISCONSIN, U.S.A. Japan is strong in electric bike technology. The earthquake will affect the IC and battery supply business, so it will affect the global e-bike market. Trek focuses on high-end racing bike sales, which the earthquake will only slightly impact. NIXON HUANG GIANT MFG CO. TAICHUNG, TAIWAN In the long run, the earthquake will increase the Japanese cycling population. I predict that commuter bikes sales will rise, but high-end racing bike sales will slightly decline. EUGENIA CHAN ASHIMA, LTD. CHANGHUA, TAIWAN Our parts are mainly exported to the United States and Europe. We do not sell in Japan. The Japanese bicycle industry has a solid manufacturing foundation, so for a foreign parts brands it is not easy to break into the Japanese market. Therefore this earthquake will have little impact on the global bike industry.  AZ

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2011/03/17 - Show Day 2