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Called the Tubeless-Radial tire, the 700 X 22C road tire is foldable, built with 120 TPI and can handle a maximum pressure of 125 psi (8.5 bar). The Tubeless-Radial uses the company’s new dual compound with an additional nano structure, which Maxxis says increases wearing resistance by 30 percent and has a low rolling resistance. Because it is a radial tire, the company said the Tubeless-Radial should have superior cornering ability. Hutchinson brought the first bicycle tubeless tire to market in 1997, and the first road tubeless in 2006. The company has since been joined by other manufacturers, including Maxxis, which introduced its road

tubeless in 2010. Radial tires are standard on cars, but they’ve never taken off in cycling because they are said to feel too floppy from side to side. Panasonic mass produced a radial tire for a Miyata touring bike in 1980, and later for the Jamis Gentry in 1985. In 2009, Maxxis reintroduced radial technology to bicycle tires with its Radiale-22c and 23c designs. The new tire is said to avoid the pitfalls of the earlier Panasonic designs.

Tubular models Of course, Maxxis is presenting several more traditional tires as well at its Taipei booth, including models based on its new “Seam-



less Tubular Technology.” The Campione is a racing-oriented tubular with 120 TPI, while the more sport-oriented Forza tubular has 60 TPI. Maxxis’ seamless carcass technology allows a perfect match between the tire and rim. The new dual compound yields long wear and a low rolling resistance. Maxxis is also debuting a new multipurpose road tire, the M3D, designed for racing, sport and training. The foldable 700x23C tire has 120 TPI and weighs 200 grams (7 ounces). It can be inflated up to 130 psi (9 bar). Maxxis delivers the M3D with a new tread pattern and side threads in nine colors.

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Maxxis’ Tubeless-Radial uses the company’s new dual compound with an additional nano structure.


MAXXIS MARRIES RADIAL WITH TUBELESS FOR NEW TIRE LINE Taiwan tire manufacturer Maxxis is debuting a new bicycle tire technology at the Taipei Cycle Show that marries tubeless technology with a radial tire.



TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW OFFER The first 50 customers at O-Synce’s Taipei Show stand will get a free Macro PC-Interface. This PC interface M1101 fits any O-Synce Macro Series cyclo meter. It allows users to download training data to O-Synce’s Traininglab training software for documentation and analysis. O-Synce customers can benefit from training plans through the company’s partner platform, So, while the Traininglab software helps you analyze your results, trainingsplan. com provides an individual schedule.

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2011/03/17 - Show Day 2