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we’d just sit and talk with each other. It mad made for a nice home.”

We Are Family W Bor in Cincinnati, OH and raised in Born Fo Fort Mitchell, KY, Rebecca has plenty of very happy memories of playing wi with her five sisters and two brothers. Th They’d make up games, like jumping th through the car windows, which th they’d call “Dukes Of Hazard.” At the ro root of the contentment was a stable yyet fun-loving foundation created by h her parents. “I feel really fortunate because my p parents were always interested in our lives. We communicated. They never tried to intervene in our lives. It was more like they would just try to be there as sounding boards and for advice. At the time, you don’t really realize how much yo you’re going to appreciate it until you’re older. We all felt special. Even though I was the baby, I was never that favored because there were just too many of us. My mom couldn’t favor any one of us. I have a sister that’s a year and a half older and one that’s two and a half years older. We were, like, bam, bam, bam! All three of us were toddlers at the same time, so it was pretty crazy for her.” Rebecca has learned a lot from her parents. Near the top of the list—to have a great sense of humor and not to take things to seriously. “My mom is a really strong woman. She’s got a great attitude about everything. I’ve learned what’s important, and that’s our health and happiness. My dad always taught us things like, taking the initiative and not waiting for people to ask you to do things. He taught us to leave things better than the way we found them. Clean it up, fix it up and make it look better for the next person that comes along. Like, we’d go on the beach and my father would say, ‘Girls! Girls! Pick that up! And pick that up! Now the next person on the beach will find it so pretty and clean.’ They instilled to always be honest. We’d try and come up with excuses for things and they’d say it’s always easier to be honest. I really am very lucky.”

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