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Bro. John Brekeen gave his personal testimony about how he was a onetime dope smoking madman and how the Lord Jesus Christ radically SAVED and DELIVERED him from living a life of wasted days and wasted nights. His life is a true testimony to the saving power of the Lord to heal and deliver souls from bondage to alcohol, dope, drugs and fornication. Now he severs the Lord in the ministry of open air preaching as he seeks to save souls from a devil’s Hell. Bro. John also preached, held a banner, witnessed one on one and passed out tracts on the Vegas strip. He is redeeming the time that he once spent in sin…it was a pleasure to meet Bro. John, since the time that the Lord saved him he has been to Mardi Gras and several big events including the country music awards in Nashville. The Lord has thrust John into the ministry with a fire burning in his soul to see others liberated from lives of bondage to sin and death. Bro.Greg gave his personal testimony of how he was radically SAVED and DELIVERED from the cult of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Wow! Now Bro. Greg is no longer going door to door spreading the lies of this manmade cult, he has been delivered from bondage to a false religion of works based salvation. He now serves the SAVIOR, the God of the KJV Bible and he takes the message of salvation to the streets of Las Vegas with Bro. Jim Webber on a regular basis. Bro. Greg has been called out of the tombs much like the man possessed of devils in Luke 8: 26 And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes, which is over against Galilee. 27 And when he went forth to land, there met him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time, and ware no clothes, neither abode in any house, but in the tombs. 28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.

Bro. Petar brought a message on the freedoms we enjoy in America relative to the extremely limited freedom of speech in European countries. It was encouraging to listen to the perspective he brought because we all sometimes feel like we have it pretty bad at times when the local police shut us down or ask us to relocate from our preaching location. So, we have here a unique view of the current status of our freedoms and liberties on the public sidewalks and college campuses across the land. If you have time to watch the video you should do so, it’s available online at:

No, this is not a police car…this is the top of Bro.Phil’s preaching van. What we have here is a full set of all weather loud speakers through which Bro. Phil can PREACH the Gospel across America! He not only preached on this high tech system but played a variety of Christian music as he drove around the Las Vegas Strip. Talk about getting someone’s attention…this is a totally new take on drive by preaching!

In addition to traveling the country preaching as he goes Bro. Phil has formed a small team of dedicated young men who share the same vision for reaching the lost with the life saving Gospel of our Lord and Savior. He brought several of these young men to the conference and they were able to preach alongside Bible Jim and Bro. Ruben on the Vegas Strip. It was encouraging to see the Lord raising up the next generation of young men who have a burden for souls and the public proclamation of the Gospel.

Bro. Phil brought a message on modern day idolatry and how the world has been successful in marketing idols in every possible way imaginable. Sports idols, music idols, Hollywood idols and Corporate idols…clothing, accessories, food brands and video games are all parts of a larger picture of modern day idolatry. People become trapped in a mindset of identification with their idols. They take on a false persona and self image when they identify with and identify themselves by these graven images. Bro. Phil testified to his own personal battles with idolatry and identification with Canada’s favorite sport…Hockey. He brought along his Wayne Gretzky hockey jersey and testified to the level of commitment he once had to hockey and the hero’s of the game. He is a repentant sports idolater…he told us how he planned on burning the Gretzky hockey jersey and how this would cause many people including his own family and friends to have a fit…they would even consider him crazy for doing such a thing but he is convinced that the Lord has so greatly delivered him from bondage to sports idolatry that making a show of his dedication to the Lord in the burning of this coveted jersey will shake many people to their core and help others to see or realize their own lack of commitment to Christ and His Kingdom.

Bro. Josiah brought a message on the topic of the Islamic Antichrist. Who would have guessed that the Islamic Antichrist is the returning King of Kings Himself? Yes, the sad fact of the matter is that the Muslim’s have so perverted the Biblical message that their false religion teaches them to make war against the King of Kings when He returns in Glory. The Muslim religion teaches them that the One we know as the Risen Savior is actually the “Antichrist” and that their “savior” the Mahdi will make war against this One and spread the man made perversion of 700 AD all across the globe through worldwide conquest. Talk about a demonically inspired text and religion…Islam could not be more opposed to Christianity than it is…So, this message really served to enlighten us as to the notions and propositions brought forward by Islam concerning the end times scenario. The fact is that the current president of Iran stood on the floor of the UN and announced that he expects the Mahdi to be revealed soon and that Iran as a nation will do whatever it can to speed his coming… Bro. Josiah also preached alongside the rest of the brethren on the Vegas Strip, he rebuked many loose women for their immodesty and immorality. Bro. Josiah spent a significant amount of time dealing with questions from passersby that had stopped to watch and listen to the preaching of the Word. He engaged many people in one-on-one conversations and also preached on the Truth Horn to the crowds of Vegas Revelers on the Strip. Many people stopped to watch the water show and heard a message of repentance as they gathered to view the display.


Open Air preaching conference in Las Vegas