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Portfolio of Guo Cheng

Applying for M.arch1 Program University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign work selected from 2010-2013

Contents 01 Twisted Light

Three-dimensional construction 1st year studio/Mar.2010 Instructed by Lecturer Yang Jun

02 Soak in branches Home Space Design May-July.2011 Personal Work

03 Easy Removal,Easy Life Stationary Design Personal work 2010-2013

04 Drawing Scenery Freehand Drawings Personal work 2010-2013

01 Twisted Light

Three-dimensional construction 1st year studio/Mar.2010 Instructed by Lecturer Yang Jun

The task is to design a three-dimensional construction without any limitation on craft or material. Through simple but pithy procedures I create an aesthetic atomosphere which present the ambiguous boundary between the plane and the curve.I also introduce the element of light into the construction.As Louis Isadore Kahn stated:to design space is to design light.Playing a role of formation , transformation and creation, the light bring another ambiguous space into the project.



02 Soak in branches Home space Design May-July.2011 Personal Work

抙 Wood:stretch tree








The WuXing,also known as the Five elements,is defined as a fivefold conceptual scheme in ancient china. Chinese believe that it will not only affect the fate of a person, but also make the universe circulate at the same time.WuXing forms its general pattern based on the exact birth hour.However, the name of a person will somehow influnce the whole pattern,which allows parents to give a meaningful name as a blessed gift to help their children make up for the weak part of their inherent WuXing. My last name,Cheng,which means the luxuriant orange tree(related to the wood element) in Chinese helps me form the basic concept for the House Design project. I conclude that name is an enternal spiritual sustenance because it reflecs of the user’s inner aspiration.While the house, is always known to be a permanet shelter for one’s physical body.The value of support and protection resonates between them.





Generating interaction Overcoming interaction

Since the water element has a gernerating interaction to the wood element,the abstract pattern of water is then introduced to the detailed design based on the skeleton.Variation of the skeleton and the detailed design is interactive.





03 Easy Removal,Easy Life Stationary Design personal work 2010-2013

High-density City

Cramped Cubicle

Traditional Stationary


delete and lower

Peaceful Village



The removal of the rigid limited space could always gain the sense of easy and light-hearted.By analyzing the possible method of removal,I get the idea of the stationary design.

Capacious Space


Post-it Design Students say that they get frustrated and anxious when they write down all the items need to be down on the post-it based on a credible investigation.So I redesign the post-it by introducing the removal method,by which they can peel off an entry when they finish one particular thing. CRAMMED,ANXIOUS, and EVENTUALLY UNDONE 1000-meter training Masterplan! Deepen it! Give a call to Professor Yu. Watercolour time Read Epicure ,chapter 2-5 Historical Reservation Thesis Watercolour group-discussing Find some textures for 3:00p.m 2203 model,make comparisons Attend the meeting at 5F,BuildingC. Complete sectionsof Project 1 Think about Museum exhibiton of the lanscape pop art design, core around it. volunteer applying.

What Traditonal POST-IT BRING US

Eraser Envelope Design Eraser is an frequently-used item in achitecture student’s life,we always come to a dilemma as to cut or just throw away the envelope when the eraser needs to be used further.By introducing the easy-removal mode,the new design envelope is sure to bring much convenience. Original eraser Cut the envelope ?

get time wasted

or Just throw it away?

get soiled eraser

Being used



A new easy-removal envelope

smart and clean




thin plastic film adhensive back


common writing paper

Peel-off it when you need


04 Drawing Scenery

Freehand Drawings Personal work 2010-2013

Always taking my pen as my singular camera, I have recorded a great number of splendid buildings on the way. Both the wooden-structure Chinese pavillion and gardens of southern yangtze selected in this page transfer a sense of hamonious intergration into their surrounding environment as well as a exquiste aesthetic feeling.

River-watching Pavillion,Chengdu Rotring isograph 0.1mm,2011


Humble Administrator’s Garden,Suzhou Rotring isograph 0.1mm,2012


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